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A female administrator, somehow strangely sympathized, and gave the keys to a separate house.
The hot summer was in full swing, the more pleasant it was to feel the light coolness of the evening sea.
I went to the water to swim, in the slightly cool waters of the Baltic.
He threw off his shorts, T-shirt and underpants, I, with the delight of a naked body, walked forward to meet the pleasant breeze and the gentle shallow water of the bay.
Before that, in the twilight, and even naked, I couldn’t swim, and it brought me very hard, even the cool water could not cool my quickly rising boyfriend.
Suddenly, out of the darkness, two girls ran past me screaming, spraying a bunch of sprays.
The water was knee-deep, and it was possible to reach the depth only after 200m, and it was only possible to hide “our affairs” by sinking into the water.
Seeing “what is on me” – they, as if on cue, turned around and began to pour water on me.
It seems fun and embarrassing to get up – the sea and dusk, replaced the pants.
According to my reaction, it was obvious that I was accepting this game, although it was very embarrassing for me to get acquainted in this way.
Unlike me, they were in swimsuits, and therefore an advantage in their favor.
For a few minutes we exchanged jokes.
Marika, the more mischievous of them, began grabbing my hands, trying to lift me up.
One she could not cope, but together with Angela they succeeded.
So they got acquainted not only with me, but also with my “baby”, when they had enough strength to keep me in the air. Webcam big squirt.

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