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She is very hot. ”
I nodded silently.
Looking at the sweet face of my beloved, I got up and walked out of the compartment to the conductor for tea.
When I came back, Ruslan was already sitting next to my wife, they were talking on various topics.
I sat down on the edge, began to observe what was happening.
Ruslan gently placed his rough big hand on the tender foot of my Masha.
They talked about everything: about life, about sexual emancipation, about everything! I listened to all this, I began to get up, but I did not give way to mind.
You know, my Masha was as always good, that I was ready to forgive her for all her adventures.
Looking at her sad tender blue eyes, plump lips, I become helpless.
I want this girl

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to always be good, to get satisfaction, and no difference, from me or from another man.
A few minutes later, the train began to stop at an intermediate stop.
Ruslan said that his friends who are also going to the south should come here.
I was wary.
Ruslan and Shamil went out to meet friends, and I was left alone in that century with my pious.
I hugged her, and she looked into my eyes and kissed her.

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Oh, how nice I was.
My girl, my wife, her lips merged in a single kiss with me, as was good.
I started to caress her, kissed her neck, went down to her chest, undid her bra, licked her big nipples.
Masha breathed deeply, apparently after last night she liked that at least someone else treated her tenderly.
I continued to sink lower and lower, took off her panties, began to lick it between my legs.
This lasted about 5-10 minutes.
Masha began to moan, and I, like a faithful dog, continued.
I liked that I was able to bring pleasure to my girl.
Masha moaned louder and louder.
Her legs squeezed my head, and I worked it with my tongue.
During her screams, Ruslan, Shamil and their friends came to our compartment and stopped by.
They went to meet the neighbors of their close friends.
I moved away from Masha’s crotch, looked at them, Ruslan introduced us: “Say hello, this is Masha, a beautiful girl, and this.
her hubby
Well, you yourself understood. ”
The guys laughed heartily, went into the next compartment.
Ruslan stayed and said: “Well, why are you looking at me? Go on licking your little wife! ”And he sat down next to Masha, began to crumple her breasts, kiss, with his big, sinewy hand he lowered her delicate head between his legs.
Masha understood everything, she opened her mouth and swallowed a large, not yet risen member of Ruslana.
How he was pleased that the blue-eyed girl was sucking on his not-yet-rising member.
He himself controlled the movement of the head of my Masha.
Ruslan just fucked her in a gentle mouth.
In the mouth, which I usually kiss in the mornings and evenings, coming from work. Webcam babe anal.

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