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Hello reader! I am Julia, you have already written my story “Private Julia”.
And so, about what happened at the test site, the officers learned, I was sent to a madhouse house.
They checked me to the commission from the army.
And here I, with the help of the heads of the doctor Alina Albertovna, began to earn a little denyushki.

Upon arrival at the hospital, I was first placed in the soldiers’ ward, there were all kinds of drug addicts, and mowers, they tried to rape me.
Then she transferred me to a woman’s one, since I took my whole suitcase with women’s clothes.
In this chamber lay quite normal and beautiful women, as it turned out very rich.
They were treated for depression, nervous breakdowns, incognito.
I behaved like a woman, began to let go of hair.
And then in one of the late autumn evenings, when Alina Albertovna was on duty, everyone had already gone to bed, she called me to the ordinance room.
I began to ask me about the case history, and then I asked, but I saw a woman’s letter, (baby sling), I was embarrassed and said no, but I really want it to appear to me.

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Then she sat on the sofa spread her legs, the panties were already removed, offered to look at her pussy, for closer, I stood rooted to the spot at that moment, one thing to suck the male member and the other, the female writing that was beautifully shaved.
I got down on my knees and started kissing her gently, Alina started moaning, I started to work with my tongue, she asked me to lick her point, I did it with pleasure.
After that, she asked how about men, I said I did not mind.
She called and the senior nurse Artem came, we started to suck at him together, and then he entered me, in two months my butt was already strained, and it hurt me a little like the first time.
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