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As soon as Olga spoke these words, Katerina drove into the dining room on a slave, she was dressed in a very short dress, her legs were shod in stylish high-heeled boots, and a diamond tiara was adorned on her chest.
She was very beautiful and majestic.
The sturdy knelt, the Mistress climbed down from him, sat down on a chair and made a compliment to Olga: You look just amazing.
Olya lowered her eyes and thanked Katya: Thank you, Katyusha.
Katya .
ordered to take the slave aside and tie to the bar.
They enjoyed the food, the wine, the service of the slaves.
After drinking a second bottle of wine, Olga moved closer to Kate and put her hand on her thigh, Kate slightly spread her legs.
Olga more boldly began to stroke Catherine’s hips.
Kate is the same and she began to do with Olga.

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They got excited and started kissing each other, their hands began to caress each other, moving closer and closer to the bud of love.
Kate embraced Olya and began to drive her free hand down her back.
Olya didn’t control herself either, and she launched the second hand under her dress and started kneading her ass.
Their passion inflamed with such force that they decided to break away from each other for a minute to go to bed.
Let’s go to my room, – said Katya.
Let’s just go faster, I really want you.
Take the burrows to the basement and lock them up in a cage, you yourself will sleep outside my door, if you need to – call, – the Mrs. instructed slaves.
Call Masha from my room, let him be near you, ”added Catherine Olga.
Entering the room, they immediately rushed to the bed and began to caress each other insanely.

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Throwing off their dresses, they resembled two beautiful tigress.
Katya mainly used the services of slaves, and she used ordinary lesbian love only a few times in her life with her friends.
Now a feeling of euphoria has flooded her, she liked to kiss, caress Olgino’s body.
Olga, on the contrary, was sick of the fact that Katya had previously used only to satisfy her whims.
In rare moments, slaves caressed her, and she liked it very much, but it was very rare.
Now she herself impregnable, proud, haughty Mrs., kissed and caressed her body.
Olga was lying on her back, Katya was on top of her, their breasts touching each other, they were rubbing their perfect bodies with each other, their mouths merged in a deep kiss.
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