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No, I guessed that since he burns in his mouth, he will burn in his ass.
Absolutely exactly about this, I found out when Nadya, having licked two fingers at once and having thrown them deeper into a bag with seasoning – in one motion, thrust them into my defenseless hole, and began to twist them there, spreading them as far as possible.
It seemed to me that white-hot white scrap was driven there.
Tears splashed out of my eyes, and, grasping the syringe, I flew out to the bathroom.
Three minutes later, when I washed almost the entire pepper, Sveta joined me.

Again smearing the ass someone’s cream, I thought that in this contemplation you should not feel sorry for anyone, because no one will regret me! I smeared my ass for nothing, for the fourth test was an enema.
Before us put on a bucket with soapy water.
And at the opposite end of the chamber – for nothing.
With the help of the same douchers, it was necessary to pump water in oneself, run to the other side, sit over the bucket and let it all out.

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At first I decided: “Why run a hundred times?” And squeezed the syringe behind the syringe into myself, until my tummy swelled like a drum.
With the water burst outward, from the inside everything was itching and burning.
With difficulty, plugging my ass with my hands and still losing water, I reached the bucket, and sat on it for a long time, releasing the water first and then the foam from the soap.
After two flights, she set the optimum rate and finished the exercise three minutes before Svetka.
Nadya, sweating and breathing heavily, hobbled from end to end two more times.
Soap is no longer burned, but the anus from the “hole” has become a “bud.”
The next task was clothespins.
We were again placed in a circle (this time I got Nadia), and at the command of Masha we had to hang up one pin on each opponent.
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