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“Sweet, sweet, sweet, sweet milk dairy,” said Bear.
His hand squished in Masha’s wet shame, massaging her in a circle.
This unbearable massage was getting faster and hotter, and Masha felt a wave of physical heat boiling in her, spreading all over her body, all the nerves and veins.
Nu, nu? – the Bear Masha was lisping, suddenly stopping caresses.
He took his hands on her cheeks and peered into her eyes, burning Masha, like a laser.
One of his hands was in thick Masha’s juices, like in honey, and stuck to her cheek.
Masha froze on the verge of an orgasm, sadistically interrupted, and breathed heavily, as if rushing from Zakopteyev to St. Petersburg on foot.
Well? Do you want to continue? Do you want my furry? Not too late.
I’m not a rapist.
Everything is voluntary.
Get dressed, go if you want.
Do you want Do you want to ??? I count to three.
– The bear pressed his nose against Masha’s nose, writhing to her like a child, – Two and a half.
Two with a quarter of iiii.
Suddenly he deftly grabbed her back and under her knees, lifted – and took her in his arms, blurting out at the same time – Three! His exclamation coincided with the scream of the stunned Masha, who was hanging in his arms.
– Everything, doll Masha, now it’s late.
Now my turn.
Now we will be hot.
BUT? Fearfully? Straaaaashno? – He teased her, carrying to bed.
– Like this.
and legs apart, ”he murmured, gently putting Masha, who was stunned by the desire and by the fact that she was treated so skillfully and powerfully.
He crawled to her, shaking a huge cock.
but suddenly he bent down and slyly winked at Masha.
– Medku would, –

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he said, fitting his mouth to her genitals.
– Lead love the Vedas! He murmured, sucking into her bud, swollen with sweetness, like ripe persimmon.
Masha screamed in surprise – and after a minute, she fought and rolled on the bed, dying from the current that had pierced her body.

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“What do you.
what are you doing
aaaaaououou! ”she cried; all the nerves of her mouth gaped and sparkled like bare wires, and the womb swelled with moisture, burning like a living sun.
This caress enveloped Masha with such crazy sweetness that an orgasm, huge, generous, wet, poured out of her, spattered like a geyser, filled it with rainbow molasses, lit sweet blue sparks in her body – and little by little, dripped from her, freeing the body from the heat.
and only then did Masha realize the shocks that shook her from below.
She did not notice when he opened it, did not understand when she became a woman; there was only shock from the orgasm, from the pain and from the fact that it is already fucked, fucked really, right here, now.
“Here it is,” she thought; “That’s done.
Lord! ”These were not even thoughts, but shadows, fragments of thoughts, charred.
sexually agony like scraps of paper in the fireplace.
The orgasm shook in her somewhere near the exit, swelling with new juices, – and Masha already felt in herself firm, demanding, she felt how she was bursting with it, kindling scratching pain and desire.
Mmmmmmmmmm !.
– she rushed, turning away a face from lips of the Bear.
“Naked, naked, naked! fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck ”, – pounded in her head; suddenly she felt scary and squeamish, as if she was stuck in a cobweb.
but everything was washed away by a new wave of sweets, and Masha melted in two sweet pools – in the mouth, filled with the soft tongue of the Bear, and in the bosom, stretched by his huge member.
Now she felt it in herself: it was painful, unusual — and in a new way well, painfully well and sweetly.
BUT! BUT! BUT! BUT! – She groaned, shuddering under the pressure of the Bear.
He suddenly tightly squeezed her breasts, pulled her nipples to himself, like the reins – and Masha was pierced by a new lightning of hot pain, shifting down to where her unloved womb was burning and screaming.
– Yyyyyyyyy! – Masha howled, pouring out with lava, and choked in a new orgasm, bending her like a vine.
It was painful, cruel, dazzling – and it seemed to her that the body was ripped from the inside with fiery claws, tearing it into pieces of burning, boiling moisture.
Oooh! With the introduction of you! – The bear hugged the limping Masha, rubbing the sperm on her stomach.
– With the premiere, doll Masha, my fluffy! How old are you? Seventeen? Yyyyy.
– Masha moaned, unable to answer him.
Here you go.
You are an adult, doll Masha, you are now a real adult woman.
and you are sweet as marmalade.
Or as Russian gingerbread.
With honey.
You have honey hair.
And you flow honey.
You are a sweet honey doll !. Sex cam in public.

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