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I felt pain, which was replaced by pleasure.
After him, a cork entered the canal, which did not allow sperm to flow out, which was already fairly full in the ass.
I moaned very loudly.
– You flow like a bitch) – Mom started telling me.
In the meantime, having played enough with my nipples, she made me drink 2 tablets of VIAgra.
– And why is that? I asked quietly.
– Shut up, slave.
How do you think, how many times will you finish today, and also anally?)) I shut up.
Then my mother pulled out a stun gun, put out the minimum energy and began to chill me at them in the most painful places.
After 15 minutes, I was shaking the weight from the shock therapy.
While my mother carried out electrical procedures with me, Karina did not waste her time.
She took out her pump and began her procedures with my dick.
To say that I was pleased – nothing to say.
I was bursting from orgasm.
– Mrs. Karina, I’ll finish now! – I shouted.
– Well, try it, my dear.
She took off the pump and took my dick in her mouth.
After 2 minutes of active pump, I finished.
It was probably the biggest orgasm in my life.
After that, Karina and her mother pulled the plug and vibrator out of my anus.
I exhaled – Early rejoice, asshole) – smiling, said mother.
My dick was wearing the pump again, Karina was wearing a strapon, and my mother sat on my face.
The window was open and her bushy red hair was developing in the wind.
Mom moaned hard.
Then they changed.
Mom fucked more like a friend and a friend, Karina moaned even louder.
When Karina got off my face, my mother pulled a strap-on out of my anus and put a vibrator in there again.
I protested, but they did not care.
Mom took off the pump and began to suck my dick, Karina, meanwhile, passionately kissed me.
When I finished 3 times, they changed.

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Karina slowly nadrachila, but my mother kissed steeper, licking tongue my mouth.

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When I finished again, Karina pulled out a vibrator and, together with my mother, pulled me off from the table in an almost unconscious state and dragged me to the shower.
It came to the evening.
There was a smile on the face of all three.
At night, I was in for a surprise, but that’s another story.
To be continued.
The attack went exactly as planned.
The ground units of the “blue” vigilantly turned in the direction of the impact of the infantry, the missile turrets worked out their targets clearly, the tanks unloaded the guns together, but: It was only a diversionary maneuver.
The rocket turret takes a little less than three seconds to recharge.
Tank – one and a half.
That was enough.
The “red” aircraft bombed the missile perimeter of the base with three bomber ships (the time for self-recovery of the turret was three minutes, with the help of an engineer — forty-seven seconds), and the MLRS link boldly blued the “blue” armor while the tanks were distracted by an infantry unit.
The second missile strike was left from the tanks only by the smoking bodies, and two super-heavy six-tracked “mammoth” “red”, accurate shots of huge twin guns, demolishing two of the seven missile towers to the base, broke into the base.
After this, there was no point in resisting for the Blues.
The power units fell first, de-energizing the remaining towers, it was the turn of the tank factory, then the barracks, and then the headquarters.
– This is, of course, not a state record, but you have almost half an hour at all! – Wasteful resources – nodded Dick.
– I build a base as they do – with security perimeter.
You didn’t bother with this, but immediately riveted the army.
Therefore, you and aviation, and heavy machinery.
The enemy concentrates on defense, and she eats more resources during construction.
– It’s like that.
But the main thing is not this: what? – Helen, slyly flashed her teeth.
– Well, everything seems to be.
– Dick scratched his head.
– Well, how are you going to speak at the championship, when you can not analyze your actions, eh? – Helen angrily pulled her chestnut bangs.
– You are thirteen, next year you should already be playing in another league, and you don’t have such elementary background as hot keys! I’m not talking about macros: Are you going to sit in “anonymous”? Not a single prize fund so you will not break! “You are tearing off:” Dick snapped, “and you and I are in the same class.”
– That’s it.
– Helen spun on a chair and turned to face Dick.
– You are no worse than you can count and count – we both have “A” 1 in mathematics, you have a good reaction: but you act only with a mouse! Online sexting sites.

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