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Droplets of blood protruded from his wounds.
“So you son of a bitch.”
Forgiveness ask.
– shouted L-sky to Vasily.
– Barin, father.
I’m not guilty.
He is on the logs that yesterday’s storm had run away.
– – Not guilty !!! You are not guilty !!! – The voice of L-sky was booming like rumblings of a storm.
– Well, well, if you do not want in a good way, you will have to not only punish you.
– L-sky signaled the groom and he grinned wryly began to untie Basil.
– Barin is not necessary.
I ask you to petition.
– Screamed Basil scared, but it was too late.
The stable attendants dropped Vysiliya on the floor, having previously tightly twisted his hands with a rope.
L-sky ordered all the vodka to

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be poured, and he himself first took up the glass.
I looked at the excited guests and I suddenly remembered a book illustration of the Roman amphitheater, the gladiators and the faces of the audience like those of these guests.
The children tried to stop him, but were immediately torn off.
The groom’s assistant kicked the hem of her dress and tied it at the waist with a belt.
Elena could not close their private parts with her hands and the guests sitting at the table could consider her strong round buttocks as much as possible.
The stableman turned her face to the guests and a black triangle of pubis opened to the eyes of those present.
The men sitting at the end of the table stood up to see better what was happening.
Elena, like her husband, who had not been hired before, was laid on a bench.

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The groom stomped his hand along the buttock, forcing the woman to sob.
However, he did not begin to pull off the beginning of the flogging, and after a few minutes, Elena was writhing under the blows of the whip.
Some guests jumped from their seats.
Landowner K approached the groom and took the whip with his own hand several times lashed the woman over the battered buttocks.
The beginning of the fun was made.
L-sky did not hinder the guests.
However, he did not like such scenes and left the living room under the specious excuse.
Catherine Lvovna, on the contrary, approached the bench with a whipped unhappy victim.
The landowner K whispered something to the groom and soon he began to untie the straps with which the woman’s legs were tied to the bench.
The rest of the belts he left in place.
At his command, the assistants spread his legs Elena.
She tried to resist, but could not do anything.
The men, anticipating an interesting sight, crowded at the feet of the victim.
With the handle of the whip, the stableman parted Elena’s shameful lips, giving plenty to admire her pink slit.
Then he slowly began to inject the handle.
A rough tree entering a dry lye caused Elena severe pain.
She turned her back, but the handle already entered it by almost a third and her movements only added pleasure to the audience.
Perhaps the groom would soon break everything inside her, but then suddenly K came up and stopped the groom’s hand.
All who knew the landowner were amazed how he exchanged.
Before his oily eyes burned with devilish excitement.
Shaking hands, he unbuttoned his pants and pulling out his hardened impressive member lay on Helen.
With a habitual movement, he directed the head to the woman’s anus and, under a cheering of cheers from the guests, with a sharp movement drove him to the full length.
This was the last straw of the overflowing patience already utterly excited guests.
Catherine Lvovna, rejecting any shame, launched a palm into the groom’s pants, and he was overwhelmed with joy at this turn of events and began to knead her mistress’s chest. Naomi campbell naked.

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