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She began to move the pelvis back and forth, fucking mom in her mouth with a rubber member.
She put her hands to her mother on the back of her head and began to push her head towards her.
At this moment, Anton almost finished, but he wanted to wait until his mother and grandmother finished again.
So he let go of his dick and closed his eyes for a second.
Opening his eyes, he again clung to the gap and heard Grandma’s voice.
“You suck fine, slut.
And now it’s time to fuck you.
Do you want it ? Do you want me to fuck you with this healthy dick? “” Yes, Mom, please.
I’m all burning.
Please fuck me. ”
“Oh well.
Go to the shelf and get up cancer.
Like this.
Now spread your cunt with your hands, it will be hard for me to stick such a thick dick into you. ”
“Oh yes, mommy, he’s really very fat, but I want him.”
With these words, mother, putting her head on the shelf, stretched her arms back, and grabbing her buttocks with both palms, pulled them to the sides, pushing her crotch apart.
Anton, unfortunately, saw little.
It was gloomy in the bath, and my mother was half a turn to him.
But grandma, probably, everything was perfectly visible.
“Oh, what a little cunt you have.
You will have to try to take this dick in yourself, “she said.
Anton again let go of his penis and closed his eyes, struggling with the approaching orgasm.
Elizaveta Sergeevna drew a member over her daughter’s vagina, put a thick head on the entrance and slightly pressed.
Then stronger, stronger.
Katya groaned.
The fingers gripped the butt apart even more tightly. Lesbian online erotica.

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