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Slavka groans, so he still no one sucked.
I throw his legs on my shoulders and, having lubricated the member, gently enter my ass.
– Just do not cum in me, I want to drink your sperm – asks Glory.
And I already fuck him as the last road whore.
He jerks himself by closing his eyes.
A few more movements and I will explode like an atomic bomb.
Stop again.
Smoke break
We lie in some blissful languor fucked, but not satisfied.
Simultaneously extinguish cigarettes.
I want to drink.
Slava goes to the kitchen for juice.
I don’t want to wait, I’m going after him.
In the kitchen I find this picture: Slavka bent down – pulls out the juice from the refrigerator.
His ass is calling me.
I’m pushing him to go.
And this does not surprise him.
He podmahivaet me, opening the box of juice.
– Peach, my favorite – will you? – Wash me.
Slava takes juice in her mouth and sings me.
I suck dick again or rather say dick, and I want more and more.
We move into the room, without stopping caresses, lie down on the sofa.
We settle in the pose 69, our mouths synchronously suck each other.
Eggs are about to break, mutual orgasm is already close: I swallow deeper and deeper, Slava does not lag behind, our bodies are entwined in one single, in some cocoon, surrounded by a single nirvana passion.

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His jet fires first, hits the sky, fills my mouth with hot, tart, pleasant and sticky sperm.
I quickly swallow, knowing that now there will be a second even bigger salvo.
The taste of the seed in my throat causes a backlash, and now my jet, almost without interruption, rushes into my lover’s mouth as if from a fire hose.
Slava drinks greedily, but a small trickle of sperm rolls down his face.
I finish and finish.
For so long I have not had it yet.
We fell silent in this position, Thinking everyone about his own, and by the way,

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the ambassador of such sex has no strength to think.
What’s next?????
I woke up from an obscure noise coming from the yard.
But when I looked out into the yard, I did not find anyone there.
Then it became clear that the noise is heard from the house of Catherine.
I came closer and clearly heard a female moan.
Coming right up to the door, I saw through the slit, as my two friends from two ends, one in the mouth and the other in the vagina, stretch Katya, and she mumbles something inarticulate.
I was ripe in time for the climax, a beautiful female body was cramping in the hands of my friends.
Her breasts, white compared to tanned skin, swung from side to side over the bed.
All three finished simultaneously.
The members entered into it by the balls and I immediately believed Constantine.
More guys do not know what she loves in the ass, I thought, and found it best to hide in his house.
Ten minutes later, my eagles drew themselves, both were breathing heavily and sweat was streaming down their foreheads.
– Some kind of you after bathing sweaty, I joked.
This was followed by the story of Cyril, I bring it without cuts: When we woke up with Alexei on the beach, then no one but us was already there.
We quickly swam and went home for breakfast.
You were rolling around and sleeping in the house, and Catherine was bothering over the stove. Italian hidden cam sex.

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