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then – forgivable, – said Andrew, expressing his lean humility to Nikita, while his eyes shone with an indestructible laugh.
– And, probably, in your Nezalupinsk one can easily find an inscription like “Death to the motherfuckers!” On some fence. or someone out there “fagot”.
Are there such cave inscriptions in your city Nezalupinsk? Nikita, looking at Andrei, laughed: – Yes.
how do you know? – And why not know.
– Andrew grunted.
why not know here! However, now only those who do not have the Internet write on the fences, that is, they write completely wild Muhosrans on the fences, they are also kozlodoevtsy, they are nezalupchane, and the enlightened gopota shares their complexes in blogs, informs the world about their sexual phobias on their personal pages : “death pidarasam!”.
Dear provincial city – a city in which Gopniks, because of their own anal virginity, aggressively do not like blue ones, calling them in the best traditions of “enlightened conservatism” “motherfuckers” and “fagots”.
so what did you want to say? If you are at night here and there, both orally and anally.
so what? – And then! If I don’t remember anything about it, was it or was it not? Nikita didn’t quite understand why Andrei was talking about some kind of conservatism – Nikita asked his question about the fact of having a sexual novelty in principle – provided that this story is subjectively absent in memory, and lively curiosity was reflected in Nikita’s eyes.

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indeed it was a question! If he, Nikita, does not remember how he fucked in the mouth and in jo.
how he fucked orally and anally, then can such a fuck be perceived as something accomplished – accomplished? He, Nikita, was drunk.
he does not

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remember anything – and therefore he still does not know anything about such sex at the level of his own feelings, that is, in terms of his own perception and personal relationship, he has no idea about such sex as he did not have the slightest idea about such sex until this night.
and it is all the same that there was nothing! And at the same time it was – it really was.
Well, and how in this case it is possible to determine whether it is blue or not? “You said you didn’t know whether you were blue or not.”
who do you think I am? – Nikita, who just confidently spoke to Andrew that he was not blue, stumbled for a second.
– Well, that is, what do you think.
about me – what do you think? If I do not remember anything.
blue or not? Nikita asked about the possibility of his own blueness as if he were asking the same thing about someone else – not about himself.
he asked about it without any tension peculiar to all those for whom this question – the question of sexual orientation – has a burning importance on the stage of sexual identification, and Nikita asked about it calmly, and this alone indicated that the issue of sexual orientation for he, for Nikita, is not a problem. Indian couple live sex.

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