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In the hallway (in the hallway, damn it!), Her closet cousin appeared with a smile in his full face, joyful and looming like a cancer, father, loomed over his shoulder.
Blonde, muscular, in his twenty-three years already a very representative man.
She did not know anything about him, he – about her

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, the relationship was rather conditional, but for some reason they could not tolerate each other.
Now I know who you went to, – mum whispered and pushed her to the guests.
– Vit, what kind of jargon? Now everything will be ready, go wash your hands.
In the shower then go? Have you set up a shower? – Danila ran his eyes over Alice.
“Why then is this dirty one like a mole?” Kill yourself against the wall, ”she said.
Oh, the strawberries are ripe! – He grabbed her by the wrist and snatched the berry out of his mouth with his mouth.
– Mmmm, auntie Paradise, just sugar! Ma-am, this bastard blew me away! – Alice disdainfully wiped her hand on the shorts and shoved in his hands kuzovok.
– Eat, monkey.
Appetite is gone.
Liska! For this day he exhausted her.
Allegedly he helped set the table, but in fact he was looking for a reason to pin up: she had curves and hands, and she put the plugs in the wrong place, and her soup turned out to be liquid.

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Danya, what are you clinging to? – gently indignant mother.
– Alice, by the way, tastes better than my soup, and generally cooks well.
Well then, eating bad? He snorted.
“The bones stick out like an umbrella.”
You soup as a set, in a plate, or immediately splash on your pants? – asked Alice, lowering the poop into the pot.
Oh, I was too skinny at her age, Danil! – mother sighed.
– Nothing, then the meat will increase.
“Yeah,” paped asserted.
– Marry will marry off, become domesticated, stop running and jumping all day, he will be on the farm.
Will be pyshechka, yes, Alice? How come, dad.
Yes, no one will take it! Everyone will think, the hunger of her husband will die.
Why not take? You throw it, Danya.
Behind her, goes alone.
Mama! What mom? I’m talking about Kostya.
So, with your permission, – Alice stood up resolutely, took her plate and left the table.
Liska, and how.
Not lean, mom.
By the way, even Preobrazhensky at Bulgakov talked about conversations at the table and their harm to digestion.
Enjoy your meal.
Do you smoke Alice looked at him contemptuously, straightening over a bed of carrots.
Danila lit a cigarette, leaning his bare shoulder against an apple tree, looking at her with a mocking squint.
What kind of fashion roam shirtless? – She growled, wiping her cheek with her wrist, trying not to smear the ground.
– I ate anabolic and proud of it? Bitch you, Liska, – he snorted.
And you are a maniac.
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