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Alexander – somewhere in the zone, I heard that his “cons” were buried.
My grandfather-grandfather died.
And the mother is alive and well, at the moment she is going to her useless mother.
But that’s another story.
Our point is good, the location is in the sense, in the center, in the alleys next to the Patriarch’s.
Nurse, as expected, on Tverskaya stands, directs customers, shows how to drive.
I often take a Vitrina, such as young, slim, we all have such.
Advertising in one word.
And I don’t mind, it’s for me that the most “non-problematic” clients are allowed to pick up, then every second one falls on me.
An hour or two I will stand and drive away by choice.
But: not all carnival.
A week ago, we are standing with the mother, by midnight, it’s time to think about myself.
Then he rolls up, dressed with a needle, sports car, Mitsubishi, like.
-Girl, the best, birthday is mine! Mother pushes me in the side, and he already stared at my chest, a lewd look, how many times have I seen this.
But most of all I did not like that young, with them, students, under the rich daddies, how many of our girls had problems.
And Mamashka already takes money and calms me down: – Look, rich, alone, Moscow rooms, not a thug, what else do you want? She sat up, smoked nervously, but it seemed nothing.
Polite, even smiling, some anecdote told, Igor, they say, is called.
Were in some kind of sleeping area.
The usual thing – a rented apartment in a high-rise building, took the elevator, opens the door.
– Do you really have a birthday? – Come in, I’ll tell you everything now.
I went into the usual iron door, behind it, the door to the lock.
– About birthday – I lied, but there are guests and a gift! And two guys in the hallway from the room, Three pairs of hands clutched – Hooray, The gift arrived! “So, hit, okay, not me first, not me last.
How I felt.

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The main thing – to cope, then we will grieve.
Break out, run – impossible.
Resist – at best beaten.
“- the thoughts pulsate in the brain, for fear of chill on the back.
And I’m already naked, there is nothing to shoot there – a topic, a skirt, panties – one name, the stockings are left true, or I can’t wait so much, or the craving for beauty: Ugh, what nonsense is in my head.
Three members upright.
Igor, apparently, the leader in the company, roughly squeezes his own in my mouth – almost choked, very big.
No, this is no longer a blowjob, this is just fuck in the rock, painfully squeezing his hair, trying to stick as deep as possible.
Well, it happened and that.
Two fascinated looking and pulling my chest.
Next to the sofa, I get up on my knees, spread my legs slightly, but none of them react to this.
Okay, I can handle them, now – Igor.
My hand goes down between my legs and rubs my vagina.
– Oh, you bitch, you like it all !!! – I reached my goal, Igor moved back, and in one motion entered me.
Well, this can not be avoided, I have long learned not to react to any activity of a member in my vagina: Ah, we still shout, – “Get it, bitch! I will beat you everywhere!” Good boy, come on, have it everywhere, but for now I’ll deal with your friends.
One member in the mouth, the other firmly squeeze.
Immediately groaned, think aunt wants you to do more pleasantly: No, they did not guess, you will finish with me now as pretty ones! That’s what I need now and as soon as possible! These members are smaller, and it already looks like a blowjob.
So, rather, rather, in turn, and hand, hand.
So, they already drooled.
Igor didn’t shout from behind, he insistently hammered his dick into me, only slaps of his eggs and moans of this couple could be heard.
It is necessary that they are sure to finish both, a member in his mouth exploded with sperm, his master gasped.
While he is in a stupor, the second member is quickly in his mouth and a new portion of sperm.
Now moan, moan hard and wag your ass.
Yeah, it worked, Igor’s member became even harder, now squeeze the hips a little.
What, you do not want to finish? No, brother, you got there yourself – that’s the jolts, sperm, a lot of warm sperm.
I roll sideways on the sofa.
From cracks immediately begins to ooze,

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so they should, now pour the whole sofa.
ugh, again full of nonsense.
-Where!? – Igor woke up, – Hey, you! Well, fuck her in chorus! Yes, you have finished! Bitch, you want to fool me, will not work !!! – What do you mean, I just can not help myself when there are so many men around: – now the main thing is to pay off the aggression, while I got off pretty easily.
The truth is not worth flattering, so just it will not end.
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