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Their ectoplasmic flesh is able to move from Hell to our world and back.
And your flesh is like human.
– You concluded me in this bag of bones and meat, so as not to leave me a choice ?! – snarled MuDor, heading towards the sorcerer.
He nodded briskly, and a bluish glow began to glow at his fingertips.
– Yes! – shouted the Stygian.
– I foresaw deception! I should have forced you to obey! – It’s mean and low! This is dishonest! “From whom I hear these words,” laughed Samset.
– From a demon? – I’ll tear you up! MuDor swiftly rushed forward.
Lightning struck from the sorcerer’s fingers, merged into one dazzling glittering whip, and with it he smacked the demon across a contorted rage.
MuDor hissed in pain and recoiled.
– Back! Shouted Sumset.
– On knees! But in his voice there was no such imperative tone as in the case of Kulba and Melf.
On the contrary, in the voice and gaze of the Stygian they were filled with fear.
MuDor, even being mortal, possessed much greater stamina and courage than the demons from the seed of which he appeared.
– Do you think that will stop me? – MuDor began to approach the sorcerer again.
– Come on, hit again.
Samset backed away from him, skirting the room.
He began to panic.
He thought that the damned MuDor would be more accommodating.
But he, in addition to stubbornness, also manifested mental instability, an all-destroying rage and was torn from him.
The demon stopped suddenly.
It happened just opposite the stone to which Belit was chained.
MuDor with the noise absorbed the air.
The smell of a young girl excited and beckoned him, gave no rest, distracted from the accursed Stygian.

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– Is it true that having connected with a virgin, I will gain immortality ?! – exclaimed MuDor.
– Can I believe you, sorcerer? “Believe me,” Samset breathed a little smoother.
The conversation began to return to the right direction.
“I need you as a strong ally.”
The spell Ka-Ptem-Khata will do his job.
MuDor stopped and began to think.
Meanwhile, his eyes continued to burn with hatred and wild malice, while his tail beat and twisted, lashing on the floor.
Finally, the demon turned to Belit.
– It seems like there is no choice.
I agree to your terms, sorcerer.
– Then let’s get started! Exclaimed Samset.
– To start the spell Fat-Ptara-Hathan! I’ll take a little bit

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of your soul.
– Begin, and I will be engaged in the beauty.
– No, you will get it after.
– Why don’t we combine these two actions? – asked MuDor.
“As long as you get yours, I’ll warm up the girl a bit before connecting with her.”
“Perhaps this is possible,” numbered Samset.
“But remember, if you violate her virginity before I start reciting the spell Ka-Ptem-Hata, nothing will come of it.”
With frequent breathing, the demon approached the prisoner closely.
– Do not! – shouted Belit, desperately wriggling with her whole body.
– Get away from me, creature! Samset, I beg you, do not let him! “Don’t be silly girl,” the Stygian frowned.
– You like it, although now you oppose.
After connection, a particle of the essence of Mudor will pass into you and you will become a queen-demonessa, a true wife to your husband, and together under my rule you will share power over the world.
Mudor’s clawed fingers, meanwhile, clutched at Belit’s chest.
Leaving bleeding scratches on the tender skin, the demon began to crush greedily and squeeze the girlish charms.
A black, forked tongue slipped from his mouth.
He quickly glided over the nipples of the girl.
– Let me go! Get out! – she squealed.
MuDor’s hands felt her hips, and her tongue stretched and stretched, crawling along her belly.
Here, he reached the groin, slid even lower.
Belit felt this lively disgusting leech on her sexual lips.
The demon’s tongue began to greedily lick them, sliding back and forth along the tight and tender halves of the “sweet peach.”
Meanwhile, Samset approached them and began to monotonously read the spell. Gta sex online.

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