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There was an elderly Asian behind the counter.
He smiled at us when we entered.
I think he was just glad to see new people.
Judging by the location of the store – there have never been a lot of customers.
Daisy ran to the glass and began to choose ice cream.
I was just about to ask Daisy what she would be when there was a loud noise at the door, as if someone had broken into the store.
A woman in the corner screamed and, when I turned around, I saw how she grabbed her 6-year-old daughter on her chest.
The fat man jumped up from his chair and widened his eyes.
Looking back, I saw behind my wife and daughter four people who broke into the store with stockings on their faces and pistols in their hands.
Even with these stockings, it was clear that all four were African-Americans.
One of them shouted: – Everyone stand! Do not move! Gloria and Christie froze in their tracks, unable to move.
Four attackers scattered across the hall, waving their arms.
These guys were not any youngsters going to their first business.
They felt considerable experience of such attacks.
– Everything on the floor, face down! This is your concern, Jackie Chan! – He pointed to an elderly Asian.
No one doubted the seriousness of their intentions and they all simultaneously fell to the floor.
I heard my little girl whimper and whine, and Gloria said softly: “Shh, sweetie.”
it will all be over soon.
– Dad, what’s going on? – Daisy’s voice came from behind me.
One of the thieves hit me on the side and growled: “Tell her to shut up!” “Quiet, just quiet, Daisy.”

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They just want money, and then they leave – I replied.
Daisy was silent.
I think she understood the seriousness of the situation.
One thief walked around the counter and opened the cashier.
The other three walked slowly around the hall, waving their arms.
I think they just wanted to morally crush us.
One of them said in a quiet, calm voice: – That’s right, no one needs to be a hero, then no one will suffer.
When they turned out the cashier, I heard: – What is this !? What the hell is that !? Hey old man, where is all the money !? Asian in broken English began to babble: – Everything, everything, that’s all.
– Heck! Heck! Heck! – The most important of them hit my hand on the counter.
There was a small pause.
Then the old man screamed painfully.
I think the leader kicked him.
– How many? – asked one of the attackers.
– Thirty damn bucks! Lord Jesus! I bet he has a whole mattress full of money.
There was an awkward silence.
The leader thought.
– All sit down! Quickly! – finally he commanded.
We all obediently sat on the floor.
For a few moments, we looked at each other.
I saw only horror in the eyes of each of us.
The leader carefully watched us.
All of us, except for the fat man, were dressed only in swimsuits and swimming trunks.
I also had a bag with some money, my wallet and car keys.
It seems that the leader realized the aimlessness of his attack on the store.
He aimed the weapon first at me, and then at the fat man: – Quickly empty your pockets.
What have you got

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there? I unhooked my bag and handed it to him.
I saw how the fat man nervously searched his pockets and laid everything on the floor.
“Take off your watch,” the leader pointed at the fat man’s wrists.
With a speed surprising for his plump handles, the fat man took off his watch and put it in a pile.
It was obvious from the face of the leader that he was disappointed with his prey.
– Lord, even if there are 100 bucks here – this is good! It was not worth even spending time to go here.
He looked at each of us, as if thinking: – Do you know what guys? Chaturbate cam chat.

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