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“Are you kidding me?” I cried almost tearfully.
The movement in the crack cheered me up, I was already waiting for this slippery snake to penetrate into me, but the creature was in no hurry, it just looked out of its shelter and froze.
I looked at her for a couple of seconds, and then I tried to grab her, my movements were slow, I wanted to not move, but to get a hefty stick between my legs.
Grabbing the snake, I pulled it up, but my hand slipped.
The serpent crawled closer to my face, and I saw it better.

Previously, it seemed to me that it was smoothly rounded at the end, but now I could see that at the end there were four closed petals that covered the inside.
I took it again, but now pulled down, the petals stretched and slid down, revealing a rounded purple end.
“Like a real member,” flashed through my head, and I pushed my hand a couple of times, then the excitement of my hairy hole took up, I grabbed this member with my lips and started to suck, I licked the head, almost swallowing it, then licked the trunk, each just noticing that the serpent comes out of his refuge further.

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With such caresses, I pulled him out of the hole, and when I showed up sitting, I just fell on my back, releasing this “end” from my mouth.
The snake oriented immediately, he quickly slid over my breasts and was opposite to my hole, which was wet with desire even before him.
The serpent opened the petals, opening the head, and then climbed into me.
I immediately groaned and lay back, grabbed my tits, began to fidget booty on a stone, as on a sheet of silk.
The dick inside squirmed and twitched, just as I needed it, it even seemed to me that he was trying to ram my womb, but it was just thoughts, I lay and enjoyed it until the orgasm covered my head.
And once again I woke up on the stone floor.
Bongacams effy.

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