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Hoping for an experienced Slavka.
“Well, we will not wear it.
So we put under the blanket, naked.
Come on, help.
“With all possible care, we pulled a blanket and blanket out from under Natasha’s mother.
Then they laid her plump body more comfortably on a wide bed.
“Lay on the side, not on the back.
And then suddenly vomits in a dream.
Drunk! So as not choked vomit.
“- Slavik authoritatively instructed us.
Olga Viktorovna was carefully covered with a blanket.
The cover from the bed was purposely carelessly

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crumpled and slid down on the ottoman at the bedside table.
A blouse, skirt and bra “picturesquely” scattered across the bedroom in pursuit of shoes, pantyhose and panties.
Looked around.
It seems everything – nishtyak.
But suddenly Slavka left the bedroom and returned with a glass and two bottles of champagne.
One was empty and the other half full.
He put the glass and half a bottle on the bedside table right in front of the sleeping woman’s nose.
As they wake up, the first thing they see.
And I put the empty bottle “artistically” on the floor near the table, such as it was accidentally dropped.
“I wake up, I’ll fucking want to get sober.
Her shampuz “old yeast” will fall and it is ready.
She is again under the shofe! You look and will not remember today’s adventures! “- Slavik said with a motivated vivacity.
However, there was no confidence in his voice.
It was clear that he was “pissed off” no less than ours, but he was trying to hold on.
Well, they did everything they could to cover up the traces of the crime.
Turned off the lights and left the bedroom.
Out of fear, again, somehow without saying a word, we all suddenly found ourselves in the kitchen.
They drank more vodka ryumah that would drown the damn fear.
It worked.
It became somehow easier.
It was time to “throw” until Natasha returned home.
When in the evening they were escorting the crowd to the nightclub, the keys remained in the doorway.

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But we will come out, and then how to close the door on the other side without a key? Fortunately for us, one of the locks slammed shut.
Last viewed the entire apartment.
It seems everything is clean.
The room is aired.
Removed from the table.
Dishes washed.
Yes, it’s time to “throw”! Turned off the light in the apartment, went out and quietly slammed the door.
It was already three in the morning.
At the entrance, of course, no one was met.
But they left the entrance one by one and immediately dispersed in different directions.
I’m not far from home.
I wandered through the city and thought: what asshole I am in! Good walk on March 8! Here’s a present for the mother: a drunk 16-year-old son is home in the morning.
With a fingal under the eye that Slavaik put me when he “charged me on the scoreboard.”
My dad is a kind man, but a man with character.
And I was afraid that he would put a fingal under my other eye.
For symmetry.
But all this was utter nonsense, compared with what was waiting for us, if Olga Viktorovna remembers what we did with her and how !!! And yet, in spite of the bitterness and fear in my drunken head, there was a small pleasant thought that I finally finally ended up not in a fist, but in a very hot and slippery hole.
In a supple female body, which lay with her legs apart beneath me! Soft! Chubby! Juicy! Oh, fuck-ah! How the hell!
For a friendly conversation, once in heaven, God and Satan sat, and suddenly they argued, whose feminine ideal Is more beautiful and sweet, whom the best poets sang at the court of heaven, when the spirit of grace flew above them.
God was glad to be the first to present his creation unearthly.
“Look, innocence itself without diapers will now appear.
“- He said Satan, a charming young creature entered – A young, fragile, tender girl, I would even say a child.
A long-legged blonde with gorgeous long hair, A statuette with a slender figure, an elastic chest young, With bottomless, like heaven, with deep, blue eyes, She beckoned to herself like a stream in the heat of her icy water.
Ah, what an ephemeral creation, on it is translucent silk; the Subtlest, which did not cover the beauty of a lovely flower.
She is like a defenseless lamb, and the Devil is like a wolf, He, exposing the virgin beauty, clothes tore off everything from her.
From his rough touch, her body occasionally trembled, Her hands slid over his back, glaring with thin fingers, With lips she sat greedily at the mouth of Satan’s mouth, drawing moisture to Her tongue, sweet, never untouched by boys.
She whispered to him in a voice trembling with excitement and passion: “Oh, innocent and charming maidens, a voluptuous lover! Asian model anal.

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