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walked along the path between the bushes and the windows, and yes, this is their apartment.
in the evening I was still getting dark when I came to the balcony, I waited for that guy to come again to do a dirty wet business.
waited a long time, but no one appeared.
for some reason it upset me terribly.
For several days in a row I waited in the evening for a similar action, but no one came.

A friend once noticed that I was in a bad mood, and I told her that I was fixated on this.
I want to look again and that’s it.
she said little chtoli drocherov, ask someone from the familiar shy virgins to do it for you.
but I wanted it to be so that the object did not know that I was watching him.
and then I was visited by one idea.
I went to several intimate dating sites, wrote an advertisement, allegedly I am the woman from the first floor, looking for a man who would watch my sex with her husband.
a bunch of perverts unsubscribed then, but from my town there was no one.
The right person was found in a month and a half.

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wrote that he likes to spy.
Well, I answer, come in the evening to such an address, to such and such windows.
closer to midnight.
and watch from the bushes.
and do not hang out, I do not want my husband to suspect something.
and I will just be aware that you are there and I will be fine.
I spent the second half of the day on the balcony, as I knew that the drocher would go and find out the situation first.
I didn’t know who it would be, on the site he was nameless, just numbers and nicknames that say nothing.
I also did not ask for a photo.
and he did not ask mine, which is strange.
so I knew neither the age nor how the person would look.
At about five o’clock in the evening I drew attention to some Caucasian, he wandered aimlessly around the yard, all the time looking around.
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It was quiet here, only the voices and laughter of people walking through the park could be heard slightly.
Hands unceremoniously slid over her body.
They gently started up and down, clasping the waist with one hand, bringing her breasts to distraction by wrapping their hips in their hips.
She continued to hold the burger and looking around, if there were any extra eyes.
But the feeling of being caught excited her more and more.
His breathing was intermittent, his movement caused trembling in his whole body from the anticipation of even greater pleasure.
His fingers, fluttering, went down, reaching the bottom, his fingers penetrated her, she was already wet, the other hand was still squeezing her chest, he pressed her closer to her, she felt resisting hardness.
He gently caressed her clitoris, periodically deeper and deeper into her finger.
She put the food on the bench, wiped the sauce and grabbed a cool wooden surface, as her limp body was about to collapse, under the pressure of his movements.
She found the strength to turn around and eagerly dug into a passionate kiss.
Her hands were stroking the bulging part of his pants, easily unzipping his pants, felt his flesh alive, shook his head once more around the sides, there were no extra eyes, he forcefully lowered her on his haunches, giving her the courage to do what she wanted to.

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She paused for a moment in indecision, and he helped her there.
He took her head and his lips closed on his penis, he felt how hot and wet his mouth was drawing him into himself.
Silently groaning from pleasure, he entered into it with force, plunged deeply, held her nape, she, choking from lack of air.
He sharply lifted her and turned her back again.
She leaned on the back of the bench, she was still someone sees them, the desire to feel it inside was stronger.
He lifted her dress and bare her ass, hands stroking the elastic little buttocks, the breeze added fuel to the fire, he entered it with greed and force into it, and his finger, meanwhile, began to knead the tightly compressed hole at the same pace.
With a whisper in his ear said: – Relax your ass. Pulling a finger out, thrusting her mouth out of her ass, she licked her finger without a protest, sucking her finger a little, wetting her abundantly with saliva, without ceasing to fuck her, introduced her finger again and

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began to knead her butt, she squeezed a groan, hard breathing from excitement.
Grasping her buttocks slightly raised, the hole widened a little, He came out of it.
Feeling how his hard head was pushing the edges of her butt, she let out a quiet cry of pain, but the head slipped with ease, and the cry turned into a quiet moan of pleasure.
With more force and passion he fucked her in this park, the sun was no longer visible, the voices were still heard from afar, the quiet creak of the bench and his breath sounded in her music of pleasure. Sexy hairy models.

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How did he know? – All of you women are the same.
You dream that you would have torn off well! With these words, he entered into me.
I twitched, the gag drowned out all sounds.
“You are not a virgin anymore.”
– The warrior froze for a moment.
I felt that my body was tense, like a taut string.
The man leaned forward and began to move in powerful pushes.
From his movements through the body like waves diverged.
His cock pierced through me.
I moaned through the gag, buried my head in the ground.
Warrior slowed the rhythm.
Now his movements were teasing.
– Here is your true purpose, – he grabbed my hair and pulled, forcing to bend, – To be stretched on the penis, – leaning over, he nipped at my ear.
– Come on, bitch, podmhivay.
I felt that I was moving towards him in such a way, shamelessly wagging my ass.
Now I really looked like a bitch, on all fours, substituting myself attached to a man behind me.
The warrior slapped me on the bottom.
– Hurry, whore! I screamed.
The man pushed me forward and I fell on my stomach.
Now his every movement was felt a thousand times stronger.
His dick moved in me, filling it out entirely.
The warrior stuck his hand and I involuntarily moved to him.
His dick hammered me without stopping for a minute, and my hand delivered a pleasure previously unknown.
A few more movements and a hot liquid spilled inside me.

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The warrior went limp, pinning me to the ground.
The man got off me and walked away, adjusting his clothes.
I watched him, unable to rise.
The body was still burning.
The warrior awoke his desire in him, but did not satisfy him.
From frustration I wanted to cry.
The man threw me a raincoat and sat in the same place.
Fumbled in the bag, strung meat on sticks, put them over the fire.
I watched him with tears in my eyes.
Gag he never pulled out.
Some time has passed.
Warrior periodically turned the meat.
I fumbled in place, but it did not get any easier.
Burning with shame, I screamed.
No reaction.
I rumbled more.
The warrior turned as if he had just heard.
– Do you want to say something? –

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he asked.
Angrily looking at him, I nodded.
The man took out the gag.
I looked at him gloomily.
– How dare you do this to me! The man pretended to be about to put the gag back in place.
I looked at him, frightened.
– Do not.
The warrior raised his eyebrows.
I licked my lips.
Swollen nipples were visible through the fabric of the cloak.
He could not help but guess my condition.
I looked at him plaintively.
Let him take the first step! The man was silent.
– You are welcome.
– I whispered.
– What? Does he not understand? I’m all wet, my body is on fire.
– You.
The man waited patiently.
I sobbed and lowered my head.
Cuddling up to his thigh.
There was a pause.
Then the man put his hand on my head.
“Please,” I whispered, “Help me!” The warrior dropped the weapon belt.
He was not going to untie my hands.
– Do you want me to take you? He asked calmly.
I nodded.
– Well.
Then work with your mouth, – his cock was opposite my lips.
I instinctively recoiled, but then opened my lips and gently touched the head.
The man grabbed my hair guiding.
– Go ahead.
I closed my eyes and tried to swallow as deep as possible.
This went on for a while. Lesbian webcam clips.

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He glanced at Harry: he was looking at the same stand and with a stunned look, he understood the fact that Hermione had sucked him off.
Ron saw Harry’s member bulging through his pants and almost knocked his friend off with a spell – but he realized that his member was also a stake.
Meanwhile, their girls were surrounded on all sides: Hermione obediently sat on top of Veyzi, spread her labia and stretched her fingers with a squishy squish on her penis.
Beside in the same way Ginny saddled Harper.
Avery and Zabini stood behind them; Hermione and Ginny habitually spread her butt with her fingers, exposing the wrinkled anuses.
Harry himself did not immediately notice that fingering his embarked member.
Realizing what he was doing, Harry looked scared at his friend, but Ron himself was already stroking his riser through his pants.
In all eyes, Ron looked where his girlfriend and younger sister jumped with wet vaginas on Slytherin’s risers and groaned when two more penises were pushed through their narrow sphincters into their canals. Free online adult chat sites.

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Almost silently, this couple arrives at the State Bank.
Naum releases the car and after a while they change to a taxi.
Only here, Naum reports that he missed his racha very much and that they were already waiting for them in the sauna.
– You are crazy.
After all, I am married, – Raim’s lover’s ardor cools

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the heat of her lover.
– So what? – Quietly parries the fictitious refusal of Naum, – you and I were already in this sauna more than once.
– There were, I do not argue.
And, honestly, I do not regret it.
Even on Friday we could have succeeded at corporate events, but you left me.
In short, you lost me.
– You know that you did not quit.
I was taken away from a corporate party by a wife.
You know my wife.
– I know.
You have a wife, and I have a husband.
And if he finds out? – Do not know.
Here I am no less your risk.
– This is your business, and my circumstances have changed and I can no longer lead a similar way of life.
I already have a fully grown son.
Only after uttering the last phrase did Raisa herself understand her true meaning.
The son has really grown up and can now be a great lover, who is always there.
She doesn’t need to explain anything to anyone when they are alone at home with her son.
– What does the son have to do with it? And what circumstances could there be? After all, we are already waiting.
And then, what our employees will think, if we fly headlong to the State Bank, let go of the car with a hint of a long delay in the bank, while we ourselves almost immediately go back.

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– I have already told you that it will not bring all this to good and now I don’t need it at all.
– Well, well, Rachek, let it be the last time.
I ask you.
Just begging.
After all, we still need to “kill” somewhere for three hours.
– Okay, I agree.
But, this is really the last time and not in the sauna.
– And where? “We are going to my dacha,” Raisa knew well what she was doing.
For the last time, Naum could have videotaped in the sauna.
Previously, he did not do this, for he knew that Raisa was his man.
Now could.
And she is helpless in her country house.
– What is the cottage? After all, we are waiting in the sauna.
Everything is ready there.
– At the dacha, I also prepare everything for you at its best.
Agree, either for the last time and in the country, or never.
There was no choice and the car turned in the direction of the dacha village.
Raisa honestly performed the role of mistress for the last time, anticipating any desire of Nahum, who remembers for a long time this really their last meeting.
Tired, but pleased Raisa appeared at home by fifteen o’clock.
_____ Already for dinner, Tanya was at home, and Misha still had two lessons.
However, from the last lesson he escaped, because he was impatient to be near such a small and at the same time so reasonable sister.
At home, Tanya, as usual after school, did her homework and Misha gladly helped her this time with arithmetic.
Then they decided to take a break and both went to the bathroom.
There they splashed merrily.
They especially liked to wash each other.
Out of the bathroom, the guys, without dressing, slipped into Tanya’s room.
This room was very close to the bathroom.
Misha immediately pulled the girl’s head to his dick, but Tanya asked first to caress her clitoris, as her mother did yesterday.
Misha lay on his back, and the little sister, kneeling at his head, leaned over his penis and took him in his mouth.
Mikhail’s tongue immediately felt a small clitoris between girl’s legs.
Tanya quickly “started”, but she still did not know what an orgasm is. Black sex video online.

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And the dump, it is from all over the market carry boxes there, and garbage.
There the press stands, here they sometimes help the peasants unload this cardboard.
– BUT.
Well then, let’s go? – I pushed the button of a window regulator, and through the trimmed glass I looked at the two Mordovorot with clubs at the gate.
– Let’s go to.
There are just my friends today in the shift.
We got out of the car, I closed the doors and followed Mitka, who had already approached two guards at the gate.
They were talking to each other about something, all the time, looking at me and the jeep.
– Yes, everything is fine Vit! – spoke Mitya with a chubby security guard, from whom he was cool to be “fresh”.
This is this little brother eldest.
– he pointed to me.
If we don’t find, his daddy will tear off everything! You understand, worried parents.
– Mit, well, if someone sees you from the authorities? You know I have a problem, then there will be.
– the guard broke.
– Yes, enough for you Vitek! What bosses at this time ?! We go back and everything.
– smiled Mitya.
He examined me once more, and looking at his watch said: – Ok.
Let’s just in fifteen minutes here already.
– Everything is as it should be, Vit! Do not worry! – said Mitya, and pulling my sleeve went into the gate.
– Thank.
– I turned to the guard when we passed by.
Walking along the containers equipped for the outlets, I said to Mitya: “Well, you and the fox pancake.”
– Yes, what is there.
– smiled Mitya.
He just wanted to dissolve us on the bubble.
– Yes.
Everyone turns as they can, ”I said.
To each his own.
After going through the entire market, we actually went to a small fenced dump.
In the very corner, a canopy stood at the fence, illuminated by a weak light bulb, which was pulled by a wire to a nearby hangar.

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There were knocks and hissing from the hangar.
I immediately realized that the press was working there.
Under the canopy sat a few people.
When we got closer, I saw three boys in dirty clothes, and a pair of homeless-looking men.
– Oh hello Mityay! – said one of the boys.
Why are you suddenly looking at night? – Hello Igor, – Mitya greeted him.
Did you see Mishka here today? – he asked.
– How not seen? Saw, of course.
Yesterday he was here in the morning today.
With this still freak.
Well, how is it.
With Denis.
Here, he said.
I also wanted to take off my jacket.
– he laughed.
But Bear said he did not.
Then they ran away.
Mitya suddenly jumped up to me, and shouted – Yang! Do not! Nooooo !!!!!! I felt the blood approaching my head, pushed him aside, and going up to the boy raised him

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by the breast above the ground and said: “What did you say the flash mob is small ?! – Hey! Let go of the baby! – in a stray language one of the men pronounced.
– Sit down! – I shouted to him.
Mitka, snatching the boy out of my hands, did not give him a big hit on his head, and said: “What are you doing !?” Totally crazy crazy! This, by the way, is his brother.
Come running from here until something happened! But he was already roaring with fear.
The men got up from the table, and came up to me: – Why are you spreading this arms here ?! – said one and tried to slap me in the face.
I caught his fist, abruptly twisted my arm back, and kicking his leg on the shin sat on his knees: – If you don’t shut your fucker right now, I’ll break it at best.
Do you understand the goat? – I said releasing his hand.
– Guys! – shouted Mitya.
Enough for you! This is Denis’s brother! He is looking for him.
Stop it! The one whom I let go, crawled away on all fours to the side, and rubbing his foot, said: “A little foot did not break the fuck !!!” Well, it is necessary to warn ebent! – Business cards are over.
So I do not warn you.
And you don’t really scatter your bitches next time, ”I told him.
The boy I lifted up, ran into that very hole about which Mitya told me, and the second man approached Mitya and said: – They left at seven o’clock.
There are no them here.
Get out of here.
– Thank you uncle, Kohl.
said Mitya, shaking his hand.
– Let’s go Jan from here, Mitka told me.
Once again I looked at the two boys, who were sitting at a table under a canopy with open mouths, and at a homeless-looking guy who was shaking off his pants.
– What are you so immediately his hammers then ?! – Mitka told me while we were walking.
– Lawlessness fucking! Webcam sexy live free.

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Hurry, whore! Now jerk it off! – ?! – Led cam forward back, yes more gentle, more gentle! Completely disconnected from reality, Kate, kneeling, in some stockings, first with one, and then with both hands, caressed a member of the guard.
From non-existence, she almost immediately knocked out a new order.
– Kiss him! Yes, not Gennady, and his bolt! So, and now tongue lick it on the bridle, very well, more, more, go on. 1 Since you make concessions with a salary, you will have to raise your qualification in fire order.
Well, what, not scary? Now wrap his lips and gently suck, just do not bite! Katya never did this even with her boyfriend, sweet Dima, with whom she lost her innocence only six months ago after four years of dating.
And here she sucked a member in a brothel completely unfamiliar and quite beastly guard.
The summer heat has done its job – the dignity of Gennady and his neighborhood fragrantly smelt of sweat and something else unfamiliar and teasing.
And, despite all the horror and despair that gripped her, Katyusha began to experience some kind of strange excitement.
The girl is very modest, brought up in strict rules, she had a peculiar painful interest in sex and venal love.
No, she never intended to do this herself, but to listen about it, read, see on the screen.
And here she does what even half an hour ago was a complete taboo for her.
Suddenly arousal increased dramatically.
Zoya Alexandrovna approached the girl, who was passionate about the first blowjob in her life, from behind, sat down and started to gently and skillfully caress her defenseless vagina with her hand.

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Katie’s chest began to heave often-often, breathing now intercepted not only from a member, swiftly swelling in her mouth and striving down the throat, but also from a sneaking orgasm.
And everything that happens diligently fixed Webcam.
– So, Katya, like this, like, already leaking? Stop sucking this blockhead for nothing.
It’s time to make money! Get up, take your panties and bra, put on! No, not so, we will issue boobs, the client must see your wonderful nipples in all its glory.
On, drink a glass of brandy and go! Katya, who did not understand anything, drank the “glass of wine” brought up (in fact, it was a hefty glass, filled up to half) and, reeling, went, drawing her Zoya tightly holding her elbow.
– It can not be, it’s not me, I dream about it, – only it was spinning in her head – Nothing, I’ll work a couple of weeks, and then decide it myself, I don’t like it – the way to the tablecloth! – the hostess cooed Katya.
In the next room, near the improvised bar, a noisy handful of half-dressed make-up girls crowded.
Seeing Zoe, they fell silent and looked in her direction.
– Girls, take the new one! Her name is Kate.
Following them, Gennady tumbled in with some two solid uncles.
Zoe reacted with lightning speed.
– Girls, build, customers come.
And before

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the eyes of a completely stiffened Katya, the girls really depicted some sort of rank.
As they say, sock to sock, nipple to nipple.
There the two girls dragged Katya too.
After the departure of Julian, who explained to him what this place was, he walked home in a very badly arranged room back and forth, sighing thoughtfully, feeling swept away.
From a sailor, he first turned into a slave, whose lord seduced him as best he could, severely punishing him for resistance.
And then it suddenly buys the very same bitch.
“Okay,” Dee smiled derisively.
– And you will imagine that I fuck you with them? Mmmm.
I did it even with the merchant Honore, because it was created specifically for male bitches, – nadoviv head dildo on wet swollen lips, Di entered them into the current hole: – Aaaa! I feel his every wreath in me! Aaaa! Having introduced the dildo deeper, she exhausted herself with it, having arched her back and moving her hips.
Looking at this, Dom really presented how Dee fucked him with a dildo and unexpectedly kicked his dick stronger. Best porn videos online watch.

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Go home, for example.
“That is our strength, that the power of suggestion can act at a distance.”
If someone inspired something, then this order will never be able to break.
This applies to both people and my girls.
You yourself can soon feel it.
– Anyway, a lot of incomprehensible.
And where are your models waiting for a client? – Learn over time.
Not all at once.
Any more questions? Oh, how many! – Shevchenko laughed.
– Doctor, why can you read my thoughts, and I do not.
Others, even dolls, I can see the thoughts.
“For God’s sake, don’t call girls dolls.”
They are models, supermodels.
As for thoughts, your gift is just starting to show itself.
And it must be developed.
I already ate this dog.
Now even with people it is not interesting to communicate.
Okay, leave your questions for later and read this.
Shevchenko handed him a beautifully designed booklet with a chic model on the cover.
“Girls to relax.
In our agency are presented various types of girls.
Many of them have diverse interests and are not regular participants in the field of escort services: these are models, students of prestigious universities, actresses, so communication with them leaves a pleasant impression of a romantic date. Online porn hindi movie.

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They will not.
The prince married Cinderella when she began to act like a princess, at least one evening.
And not when she sat and endlessly picked the grain.
So with Tatiana.
Low self-esteem and unwillingness to be a “prostitute in bed” – only classic and timid attempts at oral sex (according to my grandmother’s wise expression – the wife should be a chef in the kitchen and a prostitute in bed) beaten off quite normal men.
And all those “freaks” of which she found on the back streets of our region and the Internet were not at all good not only as husbands, but also in more or less regular partners.
With this all I decided to fight my own way.
Sexual emancipation and satisfaction leads to increased self-esteem.
The general attitude is improving, which is beginning to reflect on everyday affairs.

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The realization that you need not only the “Crank” and the village “Upyrsk”, but also gives yourself an interesting young man confidence in communicating with potential and adequate candidates for long-term relationships.
I decided to somehow continue our meetings.
Four days have passed.
How are you? Her voice rang in the telephone.
I work.
As usual in the office.
May I come? Come if you want.
And what happened? Nothing serious, I’ll tell you at the meeting.
Puzzled by this short talk, I continued to work.
An hour later, the bell rang, announcing Tatianin’s arrival, and we moved into the car.
Drive off somewhere in the parking lot.
She said.
No problem.
Here is a small street with a hedge fit? And, having received a satisfactory answer, we moved.
So what is the matter, I asked?

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Instead of answering, Tanya approached me and dug into her lips with a greedy kiss.
Her hand stretched between my legs and sank on my pants in the place where my cock was already gaining strength.
– Can? She looked questioningly.
Having received my tacit consent, Tatyana began to clumsily unfasten the belt on my trousers and pull them down.
She also timidly finished with her underpants, she picked up my long-standing member and began to lightly move her hands over the bare head.
I must say that the gentle dry friction gives a lot of pleasure.
In the meantime, my interlocutor dropped below, kneeling in her seat and slowly spread her mouth over my dick.
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She is in no doubt.
Immediately after the commemoration, she frantically left cosmetics in her purse and left for the station.
With her enough.
She no longer wants to have anything to do with these cattle.
Since then, Benjamin Mikhailovich never met Nastya again and did not suspect that his beautiful daughter was growing up, who did not know about her father.
Only dying, Anastasia.
tell her the story of her sinful love for her father.
The love that she takes with her to the grave.
Nastya continued to love him until her death, but she could not forgive him for the death of her brother.
Lyubov Viktorovna, came to him to complain about her husband.
Becoming the first secretary of the district committee, Alexei Vitorgin, completely unbelted.
Almost openly lives with a new mistress Ignatieva, which he made the head of the passport office.
Listening to her with emphasized attention, Pavlov grinned inwardly.
Adultery flourished in the district committee.
Even the Lord God himself will not understand who is sleeping with whom, although all without exception are married or married.
He himself adores women.
By the way, she is nothing.
Although there was an expression of hopelessness on her face, she remained a beautiful woman.
And you did not try to punish him with the same weapon? – Suddenly thinking that he could play on their odds in their favor, he asked.
This is how? – Not understanding his hint, she asked, puzzled.
Also change him.
Men, as you must understand, are also often very jealous.
Hearing about your adultery, he will come to its senses, and then return to the family.
I did not think about this option, although there is something in it.
Only with whom will I cheat on him? Maybe with you? – She even smiled at this assumption.

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With me? Um
Perhaps with me.
For your sake, I am willing to take the risk and incur his wrath.
Good lord Yes, what anger ?! You have no idea what a rag it is! I am amazed how he only managed to become the first person in our area? This is a completely spineless creature.
Although he is really jealous and the method proposed by you may work.
What a news! – Joyfully exclaimed to himself Veniamin Mikhailovich.
If this definition of her husband corresponds to reality, then to eliminate him from this high post, it will not be too difficult for him.
Veniamin Mikhailovich! I hope you are not seriously offering me yourself? And my treason can not be real? – embarrassed blushing, she asked.
Of course, I did not offer myself to you, but if you need my help, I will willingly help you.
As for your betrayal of him, it is impossible to imitate.
You really should change it.
Really, otherwise he will not believe you.
Upon learning that you have got a lover, he will start following you and then it will become clear that this is a complete bluff.
He will only laugh at you and will continue to meet with Natalia Alekseevna.
I heard, Ignatieff, seriously grabbed him, – he scared, – and persuades him to divorce you.
She really wants to be the wife of the first secretary of the district party committee.
The face of a young woman covered with pallor.
She was furious.
This slug can decide to divorce her and then what she will do without having a diploma or any serious education.
Okay, I agree.
to meet with you, – she uttered with difficulty, completely not imagining herself and Pavlova in the same bed.
Yes, naked.
Lyubov Viktorovna.
So can we not put it on the back burner and start right now? – He insinuatingly asked, predatoryly looking at her seductive figure.
How?! Right now?! – Almost with horror she asked, not expecting such a rapid development of events.
Of course.
You will know for sure if you are capable of changing him and you will not have to break your head for long.
Make up your mind while I am ready to help you.
But I do not know.
Absolutely no idea how you and I are.
How we will be with you.
– Looking helplessly at him, she muttered distractedly.
He realized that if he did not squeeze her, he would not take off her panties, she would never dare to change her mattress to her husband.
It’s one thing to change him theoretically, and completely different, to go to bed with someone.
I see that you are very timid and do not decide

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on an act for anything, – he rose from the table, he said.
– Let me help you. Mature hidden cam xxx.

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But then an even stronger act began to take place – this very high school girl, who had driven Michael the rod, whispered something in his ear, and he rather smiled.
Michael got up from his chair and this girl fell into it, as I later learned, her name is Anna.
Michael got something out of his backpack, it turned out to be syringes.
I immediately thought that everyone was pumping up drugs, but, thank God, I carried it. We all live together porn.

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This is also an unexplored feeling in some way excited by its singularity and novelty.
Kneeling down in front of Rustam, who was sitting in the chair — the guys had distributed pairs — and taking his erect penis into her mouth, she was excited by the awareness of the situation she was in.
Licking and sucking on his head, Olga was pleased to realize that this subordination gets her worse than any stimulant. Sex hd live video.

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Closed her eyes.
The cozy cabin of the car seemed temporary, but surprisingly a safe haven.
She even collected her thoughts and began to think where to go now.
Home to return was definitely scary.
To Mom? Even worse.
Yes, and you never know what is known to the man who followed on her heels.
Maybe he found out all the details about her long ago: where she lives, where she works, with whom she is friends.
You can, of course, to fill up with a girlfriend overnight.
Not the fact that Irka will be very happy, but will not refuse.
And then? Then we pushed the familiar cop or the guards at work, with whom she spoke quite friendly.
They themselves said: “Well, you, if anything, please.”
Now it has come, it is clear that this is “if that”.
Have to, probably, to Irka.
Having made her decision, she opened her eyes.
And I saw that there are no city lights around.
But she was all in her decision and didn’t pay much attention to this: Maybe they are in a new area or near some park.
-You know, I decided where to go.
Koltsovskaya, 35, please.
Go to my girlfriend! – for some reason she added, as if emphasizing how she is adventurous.
The driver seemed to nod his head, but nothing happened.
– Where are we? she asked.
– We’re going.
She asked to ride.
And I need a plan – somehow the driver answered her rudely.
And I was all admiring, she thought to herself.
Like, a real man, saved from a maniac, taken to the ends of the earth.
Normal uncooked bombed.
Probably, and will tear off now at an exorbitant price.
And I still showed him my money. Arab teen webcam porn.

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But the meeting is not canceled.
Hello diary sorry for not writing for a long time.
So I had a great weekend.

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total rest, bliss and excitement.
I still slept with them.
Oh, how wonderful it was.
I’ll start in order.
She came to his wife, they already laid a table with Stepa.
Martini, caviar everything, everything.
We sat chatted drinking.
They are so cool even when both.
Stepan somewhere went out and Zhenya started kissing me to caress, I was afraid and worried about how it would all begin.
It began as not expected and not familiar, like that.
Zhenya unzipped my blouse and stroked her chest with her second hand, hugs and kisses.
And then my legs are spreading, and taking off her tights.
So not familiar.
Feeling as if top and bottom are not dependent.
But when Styopa started kissing me there, I had already forgotten about all propriety and habits.
After some time, h was already sitting naked, only the skirt was on the belt.
They got up completely undressed, I also threw off the skirt.
And here I again fell into confusion.
I sat and in front of me stood two men completely naked with members sticking out of excitement.

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I got lost.
They have such beautiful bodies.
Yes, the segments are also not what even not very much.
I didn’t know where to start.
I took them in my hands and I don’t know what to do, but I know how.
And then it went.
I was both above and below, I felt so small compared to them.
They spun me twirling.
I had sex with Zhenya and Styopa watched and vice versa and together.
During these two days I drank so much of their liquid, probably two years in advance.
The morning began with the fact that they brought me coffee in bed, and again we had fun, I danced a striptease for them.
Then they danced to me.
We fooled around, played cards for desire.
Have sex in the bath.
I was like QUEEN.
They did everything for me.
Mashke told all she already squeaked with pleasure.
Today, again, they arranged with Masha a bachelorette party, and ended up having fun with her in bed again.
Masha said she wanted to try it with Zhenya, and with Steve too.
But from the beginning, we want the three of us, she and Zhenya.
I liked the idea.
Moreover, we recently had a three-time sex with them all the time, twice a week.
Yes, and so separately, I calmly studied with Stepa.
Mashkin offered the idea to his wife.
What was worth proving he took it with a bang.
We decided to try this weekend.
Today, Zhenya gave me an anal-vaginal vibrator that told me not to miss him.
I was offended from the beginning, but when we tried it, it turned out that it was not even that.
Well, Masha, well, a goat.
When she came to Zhenka, she saw him at all for the first time.
And in an hour we were all three of us, naked and in bed.
It is interesting that I did not have jealousy at first, I somehow thought that I would be jealous. Live sex scene in a show.

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I suspected that this was due to the vertigo that had just been experienced and the mysterious voice “behind the scenes”.
The worst thing is that I have long wanted to write, and the sharp tickling prevented me from enduring the urge that was

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growing with every second.
“Wipe your testicles well,” Olga Larisa asked, “The boys are usually the dirtiest there.”
Covered with goose bumps from the next touch of a cold napkin, I could not resist and began to write.
– Oh! – Surprised burst Oli.
– What a surprise! – Larissa grinned, – Lift him his pip.
Yeah, just like that, to send a trickle of gauze under the booty.
– I thought only babies are engaged in such things.
– Biennial, as you can see, too.
Both babysitters giggled softly.
I wanted to fall under the ground with shame.
– Did you do it on purpose? – Olga turned to me a little offended tone, – Look, I was splashed with a half-arm.
“We have enough spare gowns,” said Larisa.
“And why are boys so fond of letting fountains on a changing table?” – Olga smiled, – And at the most inappropriate moment when wiping between the legs.
– Or you smear with a children’s cream, – Larissa added.
“I don’t know the sale,” thought Olya, “Are the napkins too cold?” Listen, and maybe the kids have such a reaction to tickling? – I also thought about it.
The next second, I felt another dizziness – and the phrase “Not a bad idea.”
Olya and Larisa didn’t react to the “voice over” in any way – it seems I was the only one who heard him.
– It remains only to anoint children’s cream, – said Olga, picking up a blue tube.

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Larisa still held my legs up and Olya squeezed a drop of cream onto her index finger and began to tickle them between my buttocks.
I startled, frightened, feeling how she unceremoniously dug a finger into my hole.
– What is better cocoa? – Larissa asked with a laugh.
– Aha, – Olga giggled, quickly pulling my finger out of my ass.
Having squeezed out a new portion of cream on her fingertips, Olya started smearing my scrotum.
The tickling was so unbearable that I instantly became covered in goose bumps.
– Poor boy, – Olga regretted me, – So afraid of tickling.
“Somehow she will survive,” Larissa grinned. “And I advise you not to stand directly in front of him, but to move a little to one side.”
– In case of a piss? – Olya giggled and the next moment I, unable to endure a sharp urge, splashed a thin stream from my pussy.
Unlike last time, the urge was much stronger, but the worst thing – it appeared quite suddenly, without warning – in response to the painful tickling.
I have never experienced anything like this in my life.
It only remained to be wondered whether my second “fountain of surprises” was a normal reaction of a two-year-old child to tickling or whether this world had its own order — established by a mysterious female director who owned voice-overs.
– Sasha! – Olga looked displeased at me.
– I warned you, Olka! – Larissa laughed.
– What’s up with him today? – Olya continued jokingly resenting, looking at a new wet spot on a dressing gown, – I found entertainment for myself! My cheeks were burning with shame.
I just wanted to disappear: to fall under the ground, to evaporate, to become invisible – but not to lie in front of them in this humiliating position – on their backs with their legs turned upside down.
Of course, my former “infantilist” fantasies did not even remotely resemble what was happening in this terrible world.
What I will wear after smearing baby cream, I did not recognize, because again dizzy and darkened in the eyes.
This time the discomfort lasted for a long time and led to a complete change of scenery.
I stood on the sandy beach of a large lake.
– Sasha! – A pretty young woman touched my sleeve.
According to the new “memories” loaded in me, she was my mom.
My virtual age has also changed – now I was 5 years old. Webcam anal compilation.

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Although they were not very big beat, but just fit in his hands.
And with two fingers he was holding nipples.
He said INTO if you press or nip one nipple of the breast, then I need to slow down, if the other nipple of the breast, then you need to press the accelerator.
Since the third pedal he was not.
She was automatic.
Ie, the speeds were switched automatically.
So I started learning.
He pressed one breast, then another.
So I had to slow down, then click on the accelerator.
And yet this beautiful member at the bottom, he almost always moved.
In short, I did not go far, since I could not have retained more.
My body was trembling, I don `t know what I was doing.
He then pulled one nipple, then another.
And I had to slow down and load the accelerator again. Livejasmin chat free.

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Everything hurts like.
What did you do all day yesterday? I now will not get a month.
I blushed.
Indeed, if this is all I really didn’t dream about, then I’m also carried away.
Even too much.
Sitting on the edge of his bed, I automatically pulled up a dressing gown and thought.
I thought for a long time.
From this state I was led out by a little strange cough of Sasha.
Not understanding, I looked at him questioningly.
He smiled at something and somehow winked conspiratorially.
The next moment, it dawned on me that I automatically, through a blanket, squeezed his stiffened member.
I screamed, jumped, and.
Sashkin howl seemed to make the windows shudder.
It can be seen, so far, I was so out of date that I didn’t even jump up to unclench my fist.
Blushing deeply, I was late to open my fingers.
Sasha grabbed his groin, and the evil hissed: – Well, I you conductive.
Without waiting for further developments, I rushed into the corridor, from there to the bathroom – I had to be alone.
Fragrant foam calmed me down a bit.
Finally, I collected my thoughts, and critically dismantled the situation.
Well, since it happened, then we must live with it.
Nothing too terrible happened yesterday.
Well, Sasha half fell to me, so what? Is it possible to call it lapling, if I did not feel anything, and he was me at that moment? He pawed himself.
Just think you saw me.
I saw him too.
And also paw.
So, it is still unknown minuses here more or pluses.
So my thoughts smoothly jumped on the events of yesterday.
I remembered a hard and hot dick, remembered the sensations in his hand, and the sensations that had been experienced while pondering him.
My hand automatically slipped across my chest, squeezing a hardened nipple between my fingers.

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The other hand slid along the belly, the middle finger pressed down on the swollen lips, deftly slid between them, and began to stroke the clitoris with habitual movements.
Yesterday’s sensations still clearly emerged in my memory, and I was all immersed in the comparison of sensations.
Yesterday and today.
Male and female.
The sweet languor in a hot wave spread over the body, melting me like wax on a hot frying pan.
Heart beat in the chest with such force that on the surface of the water, there were noticeable waves.
The falling foam pleasantly cooled the chest and shoulders, the bursting bubbles tickled the nipples, causing them to strain even more.
Closing my eyes, I quietly moaned from sensations piercing the whole body.
Breathing all increased.
I felt the first signs of an approaching orgasm.
A little bit more.
A second before my body shook the first spasm, someone’s hand, breaking through a thin white foam, dived under the water and pressed my lips, finger and clitoris.
I opened my eyes wide and saw a pretty smiling Sashkino face.
The next moment, I began to beat the convulsion of such an orgasm, which I have not yet experienced in my

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It seemed to me that I died hundreds of times and was born.
Flew up to the stars and the stone fell down.
I hovered and at the same time was speeding forward, backward, up, down.
In all possible directions and parties.
It seems I even screamed from the thrill of acute enjoyment.
It seemed to last forever.
And eternity shrank in a second.
– You sprayed all over me – Sasha smiled when I finally came to my senses and got a little breath.
His hand still stroked me under the water.
When I tried to weakly push away his hand, he blushed, but did not remove his hand.
– Come on.
I have already seen everything there and touched everything.
Like you, by the way.
What is now hiding and shy? The blood hit me in the face.
On the one hand I was wildly ashamed, but on the other I understood that he was right about something.
Besides, I was wildly pleased to feel his hand.
And wildly wanted to touch his dick again.
– But this is impossible! – I decided to make another awkward attempt, rather to calm my conscience.
– We’re brother and sister.
It’s forbidden! This is incest! Sasha thought for a second, bit his lip, then, finding the answer, brightened: – Incest, this would be if you and I just did it! And we turned into each other.
Maybe even turn! Therefore, this is not incest but onanism! After all, now, we can say that I am you, and you are me! Amature teen sex webcam.

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I was hot with a dick, a member is standing, but I pretend that everything is fine.
She puts on a dress, and he says: “I think you are a little small.
Now I will bring more.
“And leaves.
And I have her dress in my hands.
I think, “What if I leave now?” It takes about three minutes, it is not.
I say to Ira “Listen, while you measure it here, half an hour will pass, let me go and see for myself a t-shirt.”
She says, “What are you, wait, this one is coming back, and I am alone in this form.”
I say, “Lord, yes, he sees such a hundred pieces each day.
Do not worry”.
And I leave, not allowing her to come to her senses, and in her hand a dress.
Vizhe, an agitated seller is running with a dress.
I tell him: “Listen, you measure it, pick it up to like it, I’ll leave now.”
He understood everything, went on, and I stepped aside, my heart was beating, I began to follow the entrance to the van.
Five minutes there is nothing, then I see, just two young guys go in there (sellers can also be seen, the same Caucasians), and immediately go out, stop and start looking quietly at the half-open door.
Then I slowly walk up to the van, I also look in, and I see that a completely okhuevshy Caucasian fucks my wife with cancer by right moving my panties to the side.
She sweeps, her eyes are closed, her mouth is open, her hair is disheveled – I see, she will finish soon.

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I didn’t go away on my own, prompted me to the nearest outhouse (I’m sure it says on the wall: “Russian women love our Caucasian members”
I ran out, walked for about ten minutes, I look, my wife is looking for me, but she herself is also not entirely her own, ruddy, and embarrassed, in a new dress (he presented it to her).
I approached her, I looked, these young guys are standing, they show me and Iru with their fingers, they say something excitedly.
I pretended that nothing happened, I say, “why are you so long,” and she told me “where have you been?” I turned the conversation to another topic, and only at home I told her that I had seen everything.
She didn’t hide and afterwards confessed to me that, after shaping her, the swimming instructor (there is a pool nearby) fucked her constantly after tanning.
Here, I think, what she shaves her pussy all the time, clothes the best clothes, etc. for shaping! “And also,” he says, “once a young plumber came, and I went naked to the balcony to sunbathe, he saw me, and I fucked him.
You yourself are to blame – you didn’t fuck me for three days.
“I, after finding out it sawed her all day, everything turned upside down.
Now, when she leaves on shaping, I always watch her to be sexy, and I myself masturbate, I know that her instructor is pyalit.
This is how

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my eyes opened our trip to the market in Luzhniki for clothes.
Hard week came to an end.
I returned from a business trip.
Peter met the calm weather, but it was pretty cool.
I asked the driver who met me to stop at the store – my wife went to Moscow to visit relatives, I had to buy something for dinner.
As he approached the house, he noticed that the lights were on in the windows.
Everything is clear – the mother-in-law came to feed the canary in our absence. Private amateur porn videos.

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And diligently suck it, helping myself with both hands.
And also: will he fuck me? And his friends? Will there be? Together!? Or (quietly), – even three of us ?? And all sorts of thoughts that I do not remember now.
But, at the same time, I managed to watch with one eye the trinity on the bed.
They changed positions.
They did use the capabilities of the human (female) body, discovering all the new places of penetration into it.
They slightly turned around, and I SEEN how Mishkin’s long term disappears in Vika’s ass.
And then it appears! And when this long dick disappears in my girlfriend, the girlfriend wheezes like strangled.
And sweaty bodies continue to squish, eggs, in tact with body movements, make wet slaps.
And the rhythm increases.
And in my mouth I have a wonderful Seryozhkin segment, it swells up when I run my hand down the trunk, tightening my thin skin and sitting my head all the way.
– Pulses.
The testicles tightened and hardened.
The head is smooth – smooth! And taste, of course! – Completely different taste.
The taste of a new man and the taste of a new life for me.
It is a pity, now I can not transfer those emotions, those feelings.
Rather, I can not convey all the sensations.
And shame from the shamelessness of the fact that I suck a member of a stranger to me a man and do it with other strangers who fuck with me a girl with whom I myself had sex a day ago.
And the wild desire to swallow foreign, forbidden sperm, the taste of which I tasted so well at night in a tent.
And the envy of Vika, who can so easily let in at the same time two men and receive SUCH pleasure from it.
And envy Seryoga that he has such a beautiful wife who can afford to have fun with other men with him.
A lot of everything.
And then Vika suddenly screamed and, immediately, her cry choked, turned into a growl, which was picked up by one of the men.

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And suddenly the whole monogonous kunstkamera on the bed jerked convulsively, as if a current was passed through them, moaned three voices and growled.
I don’t know what I did, but Seryoga joined the orgasm company and poured his seed into my mouth.
However, not watered much.
I was waiting for more.
But it was still funny, not at all like Dimon, and I gladly sucked and swallowed everything.
Here! Well? – On the beach, is it time for me to advance? Or you can not wait to read the sequel? OK! – I continue.
After a synchronous end, the tusovka was somehow quickly blown away.
Seryoga left my mouth, leaving sticky sperm on his teeth, and flopped down on the bed.
Mishan, having shot himself off, rolled off Vika and lounged on his back, with his still-standing member looking at the ceiling.
Only sweaty Vika, panting and stooping, continued to sit on Vitalik.
Although, everyone was breathing heavily.
Even me.
And I did not finish! And I was somehow a little hurt by this.
Then, with a quiet smack of wickedness, a scion of Vitalikov fell out.
And I began to watch as streams of sperm flow from my girlfriend.
It’s funny – they flowed in time with her breath! That flowed, then did not flow, when Vikiny holes slightly compressed.
At that moment I really wanted to see that the juice of two men also flowed out of me.
And also, that at this moment someone, even a man, even a woman, would watch how these juices flow from me.
And gently smeared them with my finger across my folds.
These are vicious thoughts.
Then I remembered my coffee, drank it in one gulp, wished the company good morning and left on their way, not paying attention to Seryogina for languid persuasion.
– Dudki! Either they want me

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, or – bye.
Come home.
There is something to think about and what to do.
I send myself into the shower.
I do not have time to properly clean myself, as my faithful get into my shower with a thief.
We wash together.
While we are washing, I think that I wash off not Dimonov’s sperm, but Dimon thinks that I wash off sea salt.
Dimona, it seems, has a sexual attitude.
I – not very.
At least on him.
Get out of the shower, trying to plan the day, as he wrote.
– He did not get enough sleep and offers to stay at home, but I slept, but did not finish, so I do not want to stay at home.
We come to a compromise, and I go to the beach, looking in, on the way, to the cafe.
By the time I returned to the beach, the people came to life. Live sex masturbation.

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