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As on the shelf – come.
Or – that, – with a brutal smile – (Yes, only the legs are nothing.
Although, by the way, to be honest, such a nice pubis.
) Something too look your hurt! Lesbian ?.
Stay away.
(Yes, I suffered in baths from people like you.
) I like my uncle more, And with you – not along the way.
Pry away, for God’s sake.
There are no furrows across the chest.
Do not dive under my skirt Seducer-like a snake, Or a serpent.
Although sponges are wet.
(You have nothing to do with it).
Moisturizes because more.
Sun, sea, gulls cry.
Strippers livestock, What lies before me.
Director of JSC “Baklan”, and now – the director of the company “Detipetr” (not to be confused with the decimeter, DeTiPetr – this is Denis Timofeevich Petrov), when once he was ill, he decided to rest in the neurological department of a sanatorium type of a well-known hospital.
That is, he, generally speaking, is not something to get sick with the flu or some other clap, and so simply tired of life.
That the auditors will go to the company, then the secretary has these things, then “Spartak” began to merge all the games in the Champions League, sheer stresses.

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Denis Kolyan called, that one – Vovan, in short, went to whom it was necessary, collected his belongings, handed over the affairs of the deputy, and went to the “mental hospital.”
Iov Abramovich, head.
Sanatorium department of an exclusive mental hospital, I met a new patient affectionately.
“Natul, we have a seagull!” – he said to the secretary.
“All will be, Job Abramach!” she answered.
At first, Denis was strange that the biblical name of the head.
the ward is pronounced so playfully – in a rough way, but it soon became clear how true that was.
After drinking tea with sweets, Job and the patient went to the ward, where Denis was supposed to stay for two weeks.
Upon entering Denis’s room, he shook slightly to the side, and his eyes clouded over, he wrote it off for some kind of supplement in tea.
In the ward there were two beds, on one lay a magnificent young blonde, the second bed was free.
The girl had a robe, the floors of which were so wide open that her cropped pubis opened to the eyes of those who had entered.
“Great, Margo! This is your roommate, his name is Dan,” said the medic.
“Hello, doctor! What a coincidence, just like Behind

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the Glass -1, I am Margot, he is Dan! Take off your pants, Dan, we will meet you!” – the girl’s exclamations rained down.
“Excuse me, Doc, that is, Yob: that is, excuse me, Iow Abramovich, don’t you have men’s chambers?” – asked astonished Petrov.
“What are you, fagot? Why do you need a male chamber ?!” – Marga soared.
“Easy, Margo,” said the doctor, sitting down in her bed and stroking her ass under the robe, “You see, young man, I have my own concept of treating stress, it comes down to wild sex, that kind of rowing with overplaying. Hidden treasures 2020 online sex.

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But he held on and did not let go, apparently for himself he decided to continue such powerful feelings from my vaginal muscles for a longer time.
Or maybe two dick in one pussy? Yes, let’s do it.
Immediately above me was the second newcomer.
He is without.
problems immediately introduced his dick on top of a member of his partner.
They synchronously enough continued to hammer me.
The second one, just howled with delight, as I pull in their members into myself and apparently already together they could not control themselves.
At once both descents into me and both shouted with delight.
I myself felt that my already endless orgasm began to turn into a continuous multi orgasm.
I felt a half-swoon as if by the second, for the third time my lovely men let me go.
But it seems among these descending, and there was no my macho? So it is: I still twitch with my whole body from a multi orgasm; men scattered around the office, two of whom turn out to be shooting non-stop on a professional camera.
And everyone, it turns out, was waiting for me to start the blowjob of my macho man.
My macho appeared above me, I only had time to lick his head a couple of times, as everyone demanded to make measurements.

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Right next to my face.
Clicked cameras.
Verdict – 27cm.
and 6, 5 cm.

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diameter of a trunk and almost 8 in diameter of a head.
Well, just ka small children, I could barely shove the whole head in my mouth and began to drive the entire length of the trunk with both hands.
Then they decided this: Dick in the pussy – and shake in the mouth.
Thank God, I feel it again in myself.
Only he stuck his dick to me at the very balls, as I once again embraced an orgasm, I squeezed his cock so tightly with my muscles that it seems he soon began to let me down.
But apparently not everything is lowered into the pussy, because when I felt his cock in my mouth at home, he did not fill me with sperm, and so I squeezed a few drops from myself.
But I was happy that I felt it again in myself, I was still sausage-and-sausage, it turned out to be one of the men, I was the first to dress and peck me with a cucumber, and the rest began to diverge.
All four gentlemen left, Timur and Yuri left.
Only Yuri was watching me, as I, all alone in convulsions, poke myself even with a bottle of champagne.
By the edge of my ear I hear Katya’s secretary already completing the washing up.
A solid buzz.
Can you stay overnight or go home? Let’s go home, of course.
I’ll put your envelope in the safe.
Your macho you here 20t.
with the euro presented.
What you spend.
I rushed to check – stunned – a lot of money – wow !!! Buy an apartment, like any married woman, I want to live in a good apartment with my husband and son. Hidden cam wife naked.

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– And the truth, Tan, try.
– Oleg, with a sinking heart, joined him, feeling that this was Genkina’s next attempt within the framework of the basic plan.
Tatyana got up and looked around: – And where is it here?
? – Here it is.
– delighted Genka pulled her into the former storeroom, unobtrusively squinting at the trembling naked chest.
– Here I have a bench, now just lay something.
Putting Tanku on his stomach, he took the butter from the shelf and set to work.
The bench was rather low and he had to bend over but Genka did not complain.
Looking at how his hands were kneading her body, Oleg almost decided that a friend was indeed a professional, but his swollen melts hinted at completely different goals.
– Yes, you do not stand here, go drink a beer.
– he prompted Oleg with Katka in about five minutes.
– It’s a long time, at least half an hour.
When Oleg stepped out the door, he closed it loosely and lingered, peering through the gap. Busty live sex.

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“By the way, Inna Andreevna,” he says, “we need to negotiate a discount in case you end up.”
“Fair enough,” she agrees, and gasps when a new ruthless blow shakes her body, unsophisticatedly open to a man.
The whole world turns upside down, I want not only to agree with all the requirements of the client, but also to do for him as much as possible, what would it require of her.
And when she began to fuck with terrifying force and pressure, Inna Andreevna only moans, stretching her legs as far as possible and helpingfully caving in, putting her breasts under the greedy mouth.
And so it was right – to surrender with all submission to the will of a ruthless man, who not only paid for sex, but also gave the most vivid orgasm in life.
Finally, Ilya, with an animal roar, leans back, pulls out a member, and instantly sperm sperm on the stomach and vagina, opened after rough treatment.
Separate drops of hot thick liquid fall on rapidly heaving breasts, hanging on the nipples.
The seed flows on the sides, on the labia, flowing down on the table.
But Inna Andreevna does not protest – it can also be included in the range of services called “Sexual intercourse”, therefore, she is not in the right to protest if a man wants to end on her body.
She only groans gratefully when Illya rubs her dick slightly on her vagina, rubbing her sperm and her juices on her lips.
Inna Andreevna cleaned herself up, removed the sperm stains on the table, sprinkled perfume on the air, and sat in the chair.
The body was in a pampered languor, and Ilya’s last words were spinning in my head: “I’ll have to wait for the payday, and then I count on you again.

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The boss sat back in her chair, listening to her body.
Last minutes were amazing.
But they turned her on again.
Certainly not like all previous events, but.
Yes, and professional growth in the new field.
she needs to strive to serve Ilya more qualitatively and creatively, and this requires practice.
– Helen, come in, – Inna Andreevna pressed the button.
When the secretary came in, the boss looked at her

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sternly and said: – Ilya Alekseevich Lazugin needs to be discharged a premium of 15 thousand rubles.
No, let it be 25.
Ay, okay, for a flat account – 30 thousand.
Prepare the order as quickly as possible and immediately for my signature.
Notes: 1.
I would be grateful if you rate my story or leave a review, this is very important to me! 2
If you have interesting sexual stories with details that have happened to you or your friends, then please send them to me in a personal
My eyes got used to the darkness and I began to look at my body and enjoy its incredible attractiveness.
“And what can one little pill do with life ?! The day before yesterday I was a transsexual boyfriend, and now I am fucked like an ordinary woman.
“Remembering the white powder and my depraved behavior, I was surprised myself,“ I hope my mother did not have time to pay special attention to me. ”
Opening the closet, I tried to find my boyish clothes “you can’t just shock your dad right away.”
Rummaging properly, I found nothing and decided to wake up my mother, who was quietly lying in about the same shape as me.
“Marrying, what happened? It’s too early, I want to sleep! ”- mom said in a sleepy voice.
“Dad will wake up soon, and you are going to meet him like this?”
Mom looked at herself, felt her hair stuck together from sperm and lifted herself up on the bed.
“You do not know where the clothes in which I came here?”.
Mom smiled – “At night you threw it into the sea with screams!”.
“The bitch is drunk, don’t you remember anything at all?” Said mom half in jest.
“I only remember that I was good with Mohammed, then Zaur, they were in me at the same time.
These memories made my segment rise a bit.
“So what is next?”.
“So what is next.
all in the fog.
“” Then I will tell you – after that, you just blew the roof off, you threw your things into the sea, and started shouting that you would die if you didn’t know what it was to be on Egor’s member. Squirt live porn.

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Although later, thinking calmly, she realized that Kovacs would be the successor.
Lisa had a lot to learn.
Indeed, besides the fact that the teachers stimulated the pupils after the lessons, they had to regularly fulfill their direct duties during work.
In history lessons, Sergievskaya showed educational films, recited poems or put songs about historical events.
Svetlana offered essays with very unconventional and unfamiliar topics, did not force her to teach poetry, but offered to discuss them, although she herself could recite for hours.
And Lisa herself had to find interesting problems with non-standard solutions.
Sometimes she didn’t have any free time at all, so much was spent on preparing for classes.
But all surpassed Olesya.
Three leaders, who tried her caresses, fiercely studied mathematics, looking at the teacher with dedicated eyes.
Lisa foresaw that they would write the final annual exam perfectly, and everyone would have to be promoted again.
Strangely enough, she was in such a perspective without much enthusiasm: she did not care for any of the wards.
On the one hand, it was good: she could relate to them objectively, on the other – badly: she would have to go with someone she didn’t really want to go with.
Liza again appreciated the wisdom of Sergievskaya, who warned her about it after the dedication.
However, she was already completely resigned: man – he is a man.
In addition, all three were already relatively experienced, they didn’t have to explain and show much as the first time, and the fact that two of them, Lisa deprived of virginity, was already listed in her personal book of records.

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With eleventh graders everything was easier, more profitable and.
more boring.
As if meeting with an old lover, with whom not antipathy, but just circumstances.
So it turned out that with all four that she had to encourage, she met during her dedication.
So all of them have already known her as a woman, and there was not even a sense of novelty, but rather nostalgia.
Right from the doorway, they undressed without any frills and got down to business.
They firmly knew that they deserved an award, what this award was, and that they would certainly receive it.
Occasionally Lisa felt like a prostitute who received the money and should work it out.
There were, however, advantages: rarely when she finished with a grade 11 less than three times per night.
Therefore, she spent half the next day in bed, suffering from (or rather enjoying) the aching pain in the perineum, flattened jaws, hickeys and bruises on the most sensitive places, and strained muscles, especially on the thighs and groin.
One of them, Kostya Zhubarov, struck her with stamina and breadth of the repertoire.
She asked who encouraged him last year.
It turned

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out – Svetlana once, and Nadezhda and Alla – as many as three, one of them together.
It became clear that those who had undergone such versatile training would surprise any woman.
And then Gurgen and Volodya wrote a computer program that took second place in the regional competition.
Liza, in truth, was convinced that her role as an informatics teacher in their achievement was small, but they were either sincerely convinced of the opposite, or paid courtesy, or simply had a reason to make love to the teacher, but brought her a bouquet flowers and a box of chocolates.
True, no one had time to put flowers in a vase, and to eat sweets, because after the words of welcome from the boys and congratulations from the teacher, they immediately began to undress her, kiss and feel her at the same time. Webcam teen sex hd.

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Lying with a crimson face in shame, I almost cried from bitter resentment that I was forced to poke at all.
The feeling of complete helplessness that haunted me all week was the worst.
Adults controlled me completely – including such intimate things as walking on small and big things.
“Just popped around a bit,” Sue said.
“It’s really not enough,” Jenny agreed with her. “Come on, Tommy.”
Need to poop more.
Jenny gently poked a foreign object into my hole, instantly making me put a big pile under my booty.
– Wow! – Vicky giggled.
Frightened by the start of a thermometer that had been buried in my ass again, I increased my pile even more and finally gave up, let out a strong jet.
“He also arranged a fountain,” Ashley laughed and all the rest followed. Live on tv porn.

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The legs were also dressed in leather and connected to a corset on the sides of the legs.
All this was done so that the red panties were visible in full detail both in front and behind.
She was wearing velvet gloves (also red), and high-heeled shoes on her legs.
In Shepard from what he saw already eyes on his forehead climbed.
Kelly smiled: Do you like the captain? So you just wanted to show it.
Uh-uh, not bad.
True? – Kelly was delighted – well then let’s start! Kelly slowly approached Shepard, and then began to sway slowly to the beat of the music, wagging her hips.
Her belly quivered slightly.
Then Kelly turned her back to the commander and began to lean, pulling out her elastic round ass.
Shepard felt that his cock began to harden.
Her ass was damn sexy, despite the fact that quite recently a completely different, no less elastic ass was mounted on his penis.
The girl leaned even more and spread her legs slightly.
At the same time Shepard opened the crotch in red panties.
She turned to face him and twisting her hips, threw her hands behind her head, and then slowly grabbed their breasts.
Kelly squeezed them, lightly pinching nipples through leather clothes.
Her palms slid behind her back, and a corset immediately flew to the floor.
Kelly was left alone in leather stockings, panties and gloves on her hands.
Looking Shepard opened, though not large, but still gorgeous, round and elastic breasts with hard, reddish nipples.
The girl began to squat, pushing her knees apart and showing the appetizing tubercle between her legs.
Spreading her legs, Kelly began to rise, slowly rotating her ass to the rhythm of the music.

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A member of Shepard could no longer restrain himself and with might and main rushed to freedom.
Kelly, seeing the large size between Shepard’s legs, licked her lips.
She leaned over and unzipped her stockings completely removed them.
Now she is left in only her panties and high-heeled shoes and velvet gloves.
Dropping unnecessary shoes, she again turned her back to Shepard, moving her ass, began to slowly pull the panties down, gradually exposing the hollow between the buttocks.
As soon as the panties fell to the floor, Kelly turned around again.
Shepard continuously watched the shaved pussy.
Rotating her hips and staring intently at the hillock under his trousers, which had already become enormous, she licked her lips again.
Captain, if you like, why won’t you get him? She asked playfully.
Forgetting everything, Shepard unzipped his pants.
The member jumped out of his pants and froze, for his entire length.
Kelly stared intently as Shepard’s hand slides up and down the trunk.
Turning her back to the commander, the girl leaned forward and spread her legs, so that Shepard could look at her full crotch lips.
Then Kelly went to Shepard and sat down before him not knees and wide-eyed eagerly looked at his instrument.
How huge it is, she smiled, and very tasty indeed.
She leaned forward and kissed his head.
Then she picked up the eggs with one hand, the other she began to move the skin from the trunk, looking like a large drop protruding on the tip of the head.
Kelly licked her and put her tongue around her head, Shepard groaning blissfully.
Having opened her mouth, the girl gradually absorbed the whole gun and began to slide her lips over the penis, her cheeks puffing and falling.
Then she abruptly moved away from Shepard and looked into his eyes.
Captain, do you know what pose 69 is? Of course, – Shepard has already mentally exulted.
Kelly, smiling at him, pushed

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the commander onto the bed.
Then she saddled him, but so all her wet pussy was right above the face of Shepard.
She herself leaned forward and again swallowed a member, trying to swallow it to its full length, and at the same time erotic pochmokivala.
Shepard, too, did not lag behind: with two fingers he parted his big lips, revealing the gleaming, dark pink inner surface, thick, swollen folds and began to lick the hardened clitoris, sometimes penetrating the tongue of the vagina with his tongue. Blonde big boobs cam.

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Her plump lips, which were created especially for me, now licked the uncouth member of Ruslana.
At that time I was licking my girl, but there were strange thoughts in my head: why is someone licking, and someone is fucking, putting his big stake on the face of another married girl.
What did I do wrong in this life? I licked, Masha moaned, and Ruslan continued with his hairy hand to push my wife’s head onto his penis of considerable size with hard pushes.
My wife swallowed him, she was like him, Ruslan, I don’t know if she liked it or not.
After 20 minutes, the guys already familiar to me entered our compartment.
One of them hit my foot on the pope.
Everyone laughed.
And I continued to lick my little wife, because I so wanted her to get pleasure, no one except me would talk so tenderly with her.
The three guys who entered our compartment had already managed to undress.
They took off their panties from which the real male sinewy penises jumped out.
These were the members with a large head, wide, long.
Just at this time I, licking Masha, heard Ruslan’s roars, he took Masha by the head and did not let go, she gasped, and he finished in her mouth.

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Here it is, a real male! Ruslan was holding her, and my gentle Masha, as it seemed to me, would break under the powerful pressure of this man.
But she held on.
She had difficulty breathing

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because of the large amount of sperm that oozed and flew out of Ruslan’s member, like tap water.
All attempts to escape Masha were useless.
org) Ruslan had already used her head with both hands, pleasing his dick.
The roar that I heard was something.
As if the male, a buffalo, spews his seed, getting complete satisfaction.
I even raised my head to look at this presentation.
When finished, Ruslan threw my Masha on the floor and she, exhausted, descended to me.
All the guys sat on the lower shelf, there was absolutely no space left and I was left sitting on the floor.
My Masha was there, I hugged her, and she sat on my lap.
The guys continued to relax, talked, drank, and smoked.
At that time I was still sitting on the floor with my beauty, even though I was fucked in two days very well.
After 30-40 minutes, the guys were excited, one man named Arik pulled out his penis and began to slap them on the face of my wife.
I sat nearby and watched the scene in close proximity.
Occasionally a member of Arica hit my face.
I was silent, sitting on the floor.
For me, there was no place no couch.
A few minutes later, all the guys got their members, and began nadrachivat them.
The men poured me a big glass of vodka.
I realized that I’d rather drink this glass, even though I would feel more relaxed.
Having drunk, I was hit on the head, I sat and did not understand anything.
next time my wife was fucked, she was periodically fucked in the mouth, in the ass, then in the pussy. Free gay sex movies online.

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Well, finished ?.
– finished his wife a monologue.
Alexander wanted to finish off right on the spot, but he squeezed himself out: – So how is our ass faring? “Ha, that’s another story.”
Don’t worry, now (after Jack) you can fuck me in the ass whenever you want.
And not only you.

After Jack, my sweet chocolate hole is nothing scary.
By the way, I got an even more crazy orgasm than from fucking in my pussy.
Only one confuses: I look in the mirror – and it seems that the hole in the priest did not heal after Jack’s shit, and, it seems, the sperm is somewhere deep in me squishing.
“Does it taste like it?”, Alexander asked at random to his wife, languishing from pictures of international sex that stood before him.
– Yes, do not worry about me.
And Jack “redeemed” me in my mouth.
I licked and sucked him once to the last drop.
Oh, I liked it.
In the pussy, I probably will not let Jack finish any more (I don’t want to risk it too much), but to lose weight and get more beautiful I’d rather better suck my chocolate’s breakfast (although it’s black like night).

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“Okay, for three hours I haven’t been fucked, I’ll go to Jack.”
Let my pussy get massaged.
The next two days, while the phone was silent, Alexander constantly mentally returned to the story of his wife, drawing in front of him all sorts of exciting pictures.
: a big black dick enters his Alena’s pussy, comes out twisting all her lips.
But it was believed in half.
He began to think that she had invented everything to tease him.
(You can say that she’s a bash.) Next call: – Hi.
Don’t you miss me? (wife).
Or do you use freedom? – I miss you.
I work.
How about you? How is Jack? Not erased? – Not wiped yet.
Although the sensations start to lose a little sharpness.
– ??? – Some usual rhythm is set: in the morning – a blowjob, in the afternoon – in the pussy (ends there, you have to drink pills), in the evening – in the beach area (so that there are few viewers from afar for warming up, ends up with legs) and before going to sleep – in the ass so as not to forget the “master”.
– So you can say life is in full swing! – And how!

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Olga knew better than Kate all bookkeeping and how to manage a company, she always did all the rough work and thanks to this she knew even the most seemingly meaningless trifles.
Now I need to decide on the cabinet, my little.
Maybe expand it or move to another, – said Olga.
I think that it would be better for you to move to the office of the chief accountant, she has a huge size, she still doesn’t need so much space, and yours for her is just right, she approached me more than once and asked to move somewhere.
In this room there is a storage room in which any trash left over from the old owners is stored, all this can be thrown away and a rest room can be made there, – Katya winked slyly at Olga.
An interesting idea, you will have to go see.
They entered the office of the chief accountant, examined the office, looked into the pantry, which was filled with all sorts of rubbish and rendered their verdict.

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A normal room, just for me, and the dimensions are suitable and storeroom, if you throw out all the garbage is big.
Here you need to make a small repair and everything will be fine and beautiful, ”Katya agreed with her friend.
Alla Alekseevna, you will move to Olga Borisovna’s office, and she, after repairing yours, I think that one day is enough for you to transfer all your things.
Of course, Ekaterina Alekseevna, I will manage today.
They returned to Catherine’s office, she called Lena and gave her instructions: Now you’ll go with Olga Borisovna to her office and what she’s going to show, you’ll take Olga Borisovna temporarily to work in my office, if you want to work, listen to her, like me Go, go about your business, and I will work a little.
Going into her office, Olga said to Lena, in a sharp tone: If you want to continue working in a company, you will have to follow all my instructions accurately and implicitly, I will not tolerate any kind of sloppiness.

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Lena was surprised by the changes that had happened to Olga, she was always so quiet and calm, and today she is scolding her like a guilty schoolgirl.
Even Ekaterina Alekseevna rarely spoke to her in such a tone.
Olga Borisovna, I will try to work so that you do not have any complaints to me.
Olga showed things to carry.
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Karina was wet.
Her husband slept on the other – and this thought is now her great plant! Karina herself took his dick in her hand and put it in her hole.
org) The guy began to move back and forth pushing it.
His hands grabbed Karinins hips, pulled to him.
A member fucked a girl, quite a bit without reaching the uterus.
Karina, in one motion, rolled her sweater up – pressed her chin and snapped her bra clasp from behind.
Her sprawled tits of the second size began to twitch up and down in time with the fuck.
The dance of her boobs was the last straw – the guy stopped, frantically asked: Where to stop? “He is without a stick!” Karina pondered for only a second, and decided – it is so natural! She clung to him, flattening her tits on his torso, whispered in her ear: In me! The guy did not hesitate, grabbed the ass – a couple of times he plunged into it and froze – with powerful jolts filling the girl with seed.
Karina felt the cum of a completely unfamiliar guy spill inside.
Alien seed, filling it, at the same time brought relief to the soul.
Today I will forgive my husband and I will be gentle to him as never before! Then Karina ran home to her husband.

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She remembered that she didn’t even ask the boy’s name, but now it didn’t matter – someone else’s sperm arising from the vagina said one thing – now they are just the same with her husband! She found a way out of the stalemate – now she could forgive her lover!
She darted right under the wheels of his Zhiguli.
The girl was clearly dressed not for the weather: that day

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cold rains poured.
Bad weather, in fact, drove Korobov from the garden.
Thank God, Korobov managed to take the wheel back and did not hit the girl.
Forest animal The girl squatted at the curb, clasping her shoulders, and pounded her teeth.
“Help me,” she whispered.
– They will kill me.
– They? – Korobov asked, looking around, – the place is deaf, not a soul for twenty kilometers.
– Come quickly in the car! – powerfully he commanded.
She humbly laid down in the backseat, curled up.
“Hey, Mowgli,” he asked, including the stove, “and how long have you been roaming the forests?” “Three days,” she replied.
Immediately she sniffed and slept right up to Moscow.
In Moscow, Korobov took her home, laid her on the sofa.
She lifted her eyelids and smiled.
“That’s what, Mowgli,” said Korobov.
– Throw off the rags.
I’ll dial a bath.
Returning five minutes later, he found her standing at the dark window.
Her things stood a small hill next to the sofa.
Not at all embarrassed by nudity, the girl approached Korobov and slowly ran her hand over his cheek.
There was so much simplicity and naturalness in this gesture that Korobov drew her to him and stood there, enjoying the warmth of her body. Model sex free video.

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had to admire such original work.
My wife boasted that the number of holes in the clasp indicates how many times she received orgasms.
I told him myself how many times – and he immediately drew the holes.
Breakfast was ready.
To chat was not when.
I retired to work with a bullet, with pleasure watching how my happy Taberka walk erotically naked through the apartment.
All the same at the end of the day Faya met us at the entrance.
But this time I just burst into embarrassment.
On Faye there was an awesomely frank blouse with such a huge neckline that it was easy to go outside, either the left or the right nipple.
At the same time, the blouse was generally without a single button – it simply shoved under the huge black belt with overlap.
The black belt was a complete copy of the belt that I painted today on the body of my wife.
But then completely unexpected: a red mini-skirt flared.
The skirt rose easily to the breeze.
And on the legs kolgotochki-mesh.
Such a large mesh that only prostitutes can afford.
Equally bright red colored stilettos.
I was leaving work with a whole crowd of my work colleagues.
I was afraid to approach my wife — well, what would they think of me.
So flushed and rose like a pillar.
But then a neighbor flew past me.
And absolutely no one, without hesitating, immediately kissed my wife with a passion for all.
My colleagues at work and appreciated my words of yesterday – that this friend of mine kisses with his wife.
I even felt relieved from my heart – just yesterday everyone thought exactly that way.
Well and, thank God, that this is exactly what I heard.
True, someone put me in an awkward position with such a frank phrase – you, as a friend of this family, introduce me to them – all of a sudden I will fuck her, well, not only will you fuck this lucky wife.

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To what I replied, well, this is, you should ask her husband.
Well, so you and imagine them to me – after all they said yesterday that you are a friend of their family.
Well, ahrenet! At this point, I have a member right and hardened.
I was no longer embarrassed by the thought, but I was excited by the idea of ??presenting such an agitated colleague to my own wife, who is now a hitchhiker;
Without waiting for any reaction from me, this persistent admirer resolutely approached a kissing couple from the back of my spouse and frankly insolently all his body fell in behind her.
And oh my God, my neighbor, somehow decisively opened my Faechka and immediately, like a baton, literally stuck my wife’s swollen lips into the lips of another man.
Faya apparently suggested that I was the one who came up – and also, in a hickey, clung to kissing another man.
In the meantime, my neighbor loudly addressed me: “friend of the family, why are you standing on the sidelines -“ com-tsu-peace, shnell ”.
Here and Faya, at last, took the initiative – pushed the stranger away from her, although she succeeded only because he was at that moment raising her mini-skirt to her waist, t.
did not hold her in his arms.
Practically everyone saw a large mesh of kolgotchek transported, which is really not any panty and no.
But then through the laughter Fi gave a pearl – well, not in my taste, I like this lover and pointed at me with her finger.
And then rushed in my direction.
Everything around her filled with ringing laughter.
The neighbor removed the attack of the excited male from the embrace which my Fayechka had pulled out.
I literally bloomed in gratitude that she immediately whirled me in a waltz dance, throwing my torso back so that both breasts freely showed everyone their nipples and brown halos around excited nipples.
We immediately embraced the three of us.
And so embracing, retired away from the checkpoint.
Such publicity and such relaxedness in the behavior of my wife, who at the same time managed to present herself as the neighbor’s wife, and I couldn’t even imagine me as a friend of their family.
Boys – you are great, that you have so decisively defended your lady.
Well, yes – not at all, you still come naked to the entrance gate – and we will have to beat you even more resolutely.
And we all three neighing.
Looking back, I saw excited eyes of both women and men with whom I work.
All at once it was not where to rush. Live boobs show.

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I was in no hurry and, as if thinking about the questions, deliberately did intervals between questions of different time intervals, so that he could not adapt himself to the slaps.
– Do you like what is happening? – Yes, Master.
– Why? – It excites me that you humiliate me and hurt me, Master.
– Have you tried such things with anyone else? – Only in dreams, Master.
– Was there sex with a man? – Never, Master.

After each blow, the slave shuddered with his whole body and tried to fidget in order to soothe the pain.
Each time the answers were given to him all the more difficult, but he said them louder and louder, and by the end of the execution he was already shouting words through his clenched teeth.
The ass by that time was all in strips, and in places of their crossing the strips swelled in bright red.
Having admired the resulting picture, I realized that from the excitement of that and look to finish in his pants.
– For good behavior, I think I will allow you to taste my sperm! – with these words, I put the belt aside, approached Sergey in front and, unbuttoning my fly, finally released my penis.

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The slave, who until this moment had leaned with his chest on the seat of the chair, had to break away from the support and reach out to my wet and bardovoy head from arousal in a very uncomfortable position, unable to help myself with my hands.
He tried very hard to please and gently clasping his head with his lips began to process it with his tongue, but his back was trembling from the strain and he could not keep his body in a horizontal position.
– Yes, you even can not suck normally! You just have to fuck you in your mouth, since you’re even a stumbler like a jerk! I took him by the ears and proceeded to systematically drive my dick full-length into an obligingly substituted mouth, slapping eggs on the chin.
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“Well, I don’t know:” Margo coquettishly turned her head, dropping her gaze, touching her cute finger with her index finger to her lovely lips, “I came to you to play, and here it is:“ Of course, we will play, ”Brunet pressed her to her, hugging her flexible waist – one does not interfere with one another, right? And it will not hurt us, right? Margo looked interestedly over his shoulder at the bare Anka, who stood with her arms bent over with her hands tied behind her back and in a leather collar.
– And

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this little animal has a pretty face, and she herself is very even: – But Margot is no better than you, – Brunette smiled slyly, interrupting her.
One of his hands moved to Margo’s chest.
“Although you yourself know this very well.”
– Well, let her stay, but after, I’ll take her to me.
There’s just one more place there, ”said Margo capriciously.
– Uh: – The guy in the shirt wanted to say that Anka will need to be returned to the bar, from where she was taken for a while.
But the Shortcut quickly pulled him over by the hand and he stopped talking.
– What? Objections? – Margo looked at them, looking out from behind Brunet.
– No, that you, everything is fine, – Short-cut assured her, – take it to yourself if you like it.
Margo smiled brilliantly again, and Rosly, realizing that the situation was in ruins, opened the door to their living room.
In addition to open heeled shoes and black lace stockings in a large mesh with garters stretching to the belt, there was nothing on it.
With one hand, she held a leash, fastened to the collar of naked Anka, who was kneeling in front of her, with her hands on the floor and her head up, looking at her mistress.
Four men sat in relaxed positions on two sofas nearby and watched the scene.

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The performance promised to be interesting.
“No, well, this is really entertaining,” Margo said, “several men, quite spoiled by women’s attention, brought you here, to the demon’s house, at a certain risk.
As if there is something in you.
Although I can see from your shameless eyes that you are an ordinary whore who only dreams of having her fucked up as the last rubbish.
Margo slowly licked two fingers so that everyone could clearly see.
And holding out her hand, she inserted them into Anka’s mouth, forcing them to suck.
Anka diligently moved her head, tightly clasping her fingers with wet lips and licking them with her tongue.
Her hair, collected in a small tail, swayed in time with the movements.
She raised her ass, standing with cancer and spreading her legs, showing her attractive crotch to men.
“Good dog,” Margot praised her, “starting today, I’ll do your training.”
I want the boys to like you when they use you.
You’re a clever girl, you want that too? Anka’s heart pounded harder, and her breathing quickened.
She nodded her head, looking into Margo’s eyes.
“Okay,” Margo pulled her two fingers out of her mouth and extended her leg, “now suck that.”
Black women’s shoe, consisting of several leather straps tight around the leg of Margot, appeared in front of Anka.
And Anka, without hesitation, took her in her mouth, as far as it was possible, her mouth was quite distorted, trying to clasp the unusual size.
Margot indulgently admired this, slowly put her shoe in his heel on the floor so that the toe remained raised.
And Anka, stretching behind the shoe, resting her hands on her hands, was forced to bow her head to the floor itself, still bending the narrow back and sticking out her beautiful ass.
Continuing to suck on a shoe, putting your mouth on it.
– Well, boys, it’s time for you to play with this stupid little creature, – Margo looked around at the audience and, smiling, stopped at Roslom, who was already starting to get the dick out of her pants.
For one you are Adeline.
For others, the irresistible girl of Hell.
But for me you are a Goddess! Let me myself for you now – nothingness.
You conquered me.
And I am glad to be conquered.
Though I regret now, sometimes.
Especially on those nights when you put me on a chain and, clattering your heels, you go to the place where you and I cannot be.
In the night of colors, luxury and fun.
Then I cling to the wall, and, shivering from cold loneliness, I talk to myself: “Do you remember how we met? It happened on the evening in a St. Porn hidden cam milf.

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There were great difficulties in my life.
The family grew and it turned out that the household was scanty, and I began to need a piece of bread.
I was embarrassed to talk about my situation or to ask someone for help.
One day a friend told me: – Go to the farts for Nawfalbek, and tell about your life, and they will help you.
I gathered my family and went to Ghazni.
Arriving there, I was confused, as I had never been to Ghazni before.
I was completely busy thinking about my family when I saw a mosque on the other side of the street.
I had to take my family there, I myself went, hoping to get something edible for them.
He came to the market, but could not ask for anything.
Frustrated, I didn’t want to do it alone, go back to the household, when I suddenly saw a big crowd on the road.
Perhaps, I thought, they are going to visit someone.
I followed them and got to the palace, which was towering into the sky with towers.
There were four sufas, painted with azure.
An elevation was erected on each of them, and a sixteen-year-old youth was sitting in an armchair next to one of them.
High-ranking officials who came here, took their seats.
It turned out that this young man after the khutba, the preaching of the imam, was elevated to the throne.
Servants served koumiss khans.
Before each set nine dishes with food, and one dish with pure gold.
I saw how, after the end of the meal, people hid the golden dishes in clothes.
I did the same.

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Everyone rose from their seats and began to disperse.
I followed them and was already in the hallway, as one of them said to me: – O Sheikh, do not leave! I was scared and thought: “They probably want to take away my gold.”
I was again introduced to

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the palace.
On four elevations sat four people and that young man, in whose honor they read hutbah.
The young man asked me: – You look like a stranger.
Where are you from and how did you get to this city, how many children do you have? I told them about myself and added that I had arrived in this province, counting on the generosity and mercy of Naufalbekov, and had arranged my family in such and such a mosque.

The chief vizier approached me and took me by the hand and said quietly: “Wait here, take your time and I will tell you about our one custom.”
The masculinity of this man enters the young man with the seed, and the young man becomes a man.
¦ But there is one condition: a man must be a stranger and must never tell anyone that the padishah was lying on his bed.
If at least one woman finds out about this secret, the state of Naufalbek will come to an end, and you will be the first to suffer.
We will notify all members of our large Naufalbek family, consult and then send you to them! The viziers retired, and when I got ready to leave, one of the viziers returned, and told me to bring me spicy and fatty foods and fruits.
I ate a little meal, and in the evening they said to me: – You will go with us to the young Nawfalbek! Expensive carpets, exquisite delicacies, and drinks and aromatic oils prepared for that night awaited me in the room into which I was put.
Looking around, I sat down on the most beautiful carpet, when suddenly a young man, who had already become familiar to me, who had become familiar with the padishah, came in and hesitantly stopped.
He was dressed in ordinary home clothes, short in height, broad-shouldered with the rider’s legs, and the strong-willed face of a man who knows the price of life and death.
He said:
With a hard cock, I slapped several times over the wet lips, put the head to the hole, and Zhanna howled. Webcam gay porn videos.

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It can not be! I am a faithful wife and mother of a wonderful child, like a limp doll on her knees and quietly allowing me to fuck my mouth.
As a podzabornaya fucking! Silently
I was used as a thing to satisfy my animal lust.
I hated myself.
But at the same time, it was clear to me that my mouth is the only salvation of our family.
And I obediently stood with my mouth open, and a member was managing in my mouth.
The chief, meanwhile, strove to crawl into my throat.
From this, I began to flow tears, drool and snot.
The gag reflex also made itself felt.
I began to recover a little and return to reality.
At some point, the movements of the chief became sharper and stronger.
Then he forcefully drove his penis into my throat and froze.
I tried to pull away, but the boss held my head tightly.
After a split second, the cock in my throat twitched.
Sperm dripped down her throat.
This caused nausea.
I coughed, and I vomited sperm and the contents of my stomach.
I swallowed the air like a fish.
The toilet has wet wipes.
Take and dry me a dick.
I silently got up and went to the chief’s private toilet.
When he returned with napkins, he was already sitting in a chair with his pants down.
I went over and silently wiped his dick.
Only now I drew attention to the dignity of my boss.
His penis was rather long, of medium thickness.
The pubis is neatly trimmed and the eggs are shaved.
I gently wiped his penis and shaved eggs.
And you quickly grab! – the chief said, when I started to wipe his balls, – For how long did you get a loan? For two years.
You and I have time to achieve professional skills in your new position.
What position? Your new post is a nipple.
I don’t need regular sex from you.
I need only your beautiful mouth.

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I have long wanted to print it.
Yes, I have long dreamed of fucking you in your mouth.
As soon as I saw your plump lips, he immediately wanted to spend on them a member.
Take a rag and remove your vomit.
For today I forgive you for her.
In the future, I will be fined for vomiting.
For awesome suction award.
So you have something to strive for.
I went for a rag and washed the floor.
Coming out of the office, I immediately went to the toilet.
I was ready to fall through the floor with shame – I had the impression that all the staff were looking at me and knowing what I was doing in the office of my boss.
In the toilet I, first of all, looked at myself in the mirror.
god !!! My lips, already plump, swollen even more.
As if I had plastic surgery.
Horrible! The staff really looked at me and, most likely, they guessed about the origin of the swelling.
I burst into tears.
I was very sad and hurt.
It’s a shame that I could not refuse.
And it hurts because I was used as a prostitute.
I decided to quit tomorrow.
At home, I moved away a bit.
The husband has not come from the search for work.
I fed my son and thought about how I would tell my husband about my dismissal, how we would live on.
? The husband came late.
He had no comforting news.
He said that it is not necessary to lose heart, that everything will be fine, that we will stand.
Then he hugged me and started kissing me on the lips.
it would be better if he did not do it – I immediately remembered how I was raped today in the mouth by the boss.
Tears flowed from his eyes.
Husband noticed.
Began to calm.
If he knew the real reason for these tears.
My husband kissed me, and before my eyes stood a member of my boss, his balls.
I remembered the jolts of the penis in the throat and the taste of sperm.
I was disgusted.
But at that very moment I realized that I had no choice and the member of the chief was a wand magic wand.
I felt sorry for my husband, but I removed him from myself and silently went to bed.
Tomorrow I had to get up early for work.
And I must look sexy.
The chief kept his word.
He promoted me and added me a salary.
I, almost every day, came to the chief and did my job.
He loved me to suck him at the end of the day.
Basically, my duties began with the fact that I licked his sweaty eggs at the beginning.
He liked it very much.
He said: “Well, what, papilla! Go, give me your tongue. ”
After “washing away”, I proceeded to “sperm suction”.
The chief often used similar expressions – pump out the sperm from me, suck my juice, let me down, pour it into the canister. Free online sex girls.

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I sat down closer and took the foundation of one of my eggs: – Now let me fuck her a little.
The boy took the scrotum out of Dasha’s mouth, and I put my egg in it and began to move it.
Volodya at this time put 4 fingers into her vagina and began to roughly move them.
The second hand, he squeezed Dasha’s chest.
His cock was still a stake.
The girl was already wet: the crotch was running out of moisture, stifled moans were heard from her throat.
When I took the egg out of her mouth, the girl, breathing heavily, asked: “Did you teach him all this?”
– Yes I.
Do you like it? Dasha smiled: – Of course! But now let me fuck someone – so want to poorat! Volodya immediately took his hand out of her vagina and sat down between her legs: – Yes, no problem! You will get this as much as you want! And with these words he drove a member into Dasha and, holding her legs, became incredibly strong and sweeping movements to rape the girl.
Dasha moaned loudly.
Looking with delight as the boy fucks the girl, I got out of bed and sat down in a chair – I enjoyed jerking the dick and looked at Volodya with Dasha.
Under the canopy of the branches, near the river, the resting warrior meets the mermaid and enters a battle with her – a battle of love.
Highland was a frontier.
Behind this hilly, speckled rivulets and rivulets, the land ended with the lands affected by this civilization.
Further lay only plains, forests and boundless steppes, inhabited by nomads and sedentary savages.
Several towns and a dozen of trading posts ensured profitable trade with the barbarians, and the Steel Fortress and several smaller outposts made it possible not to be afraid of raids.
Highland flourished.
The aroma of money and adventure attracted many desperate heads.
Sivard and Lingon could be easily attributed to them.
With their victories, this pair of adventurers has already managed to earn some fame in High-Mine.
In local taverns, you could hear stories about how the two of them dealt with the whole gang of robbers, how they defeated the chimera unexpectedly out of their lair and ruined the village, and even that they were ordered by the Vicar Godrik, among other things – found the source of the magical plague and put an end to it.

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Who could tell for sure how much truth in these bikes? Is that the adventurers themselves.
But now they were a little too busy.
Quiet village set up in a calm way.
The sivard, a muscular warrior of thirty years old, had just finished brushing mail in a barrel of sand and, leaving her in the tavern room, went to the river.
He called Lingon with him, but he was recently lucky enough to buy a rare book on the Incarnation Magic, and nothing else interested him at the moment.
With a shrug, the warrior went alone to the river.
It was getting dark.
The sun was

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setting over the horizon, painting the river with purple.
It was warm.
Siward was relaxed, and did not notice that the shortest road from the village to the river began to grow, or that on the way to it he did not meet a single peasant.
Reaching the coast and throwing off his shirt and ports, Siward descended into the water, dived, swam a few meters under water and emerged, sniffing.
Then he swam across the river, climbed out on the overgrown bank and lay down on the carpet of leaves, looking up at the tops of the trees and the dark sky that looked through them.
After a while, turning over, he saw something unusual.
Invisible from the other side, she sat on a willow branch hanging above the water and combed her flowing green hair.
The river maiden was naked and attractive.
Small elastic breasts, narrow camp, perfectly delineated hips, gorgeous ass, and slender, scaly legs.
Sensing the gaze of the warrior, she smiled, showing sharp teeth, and slid off the shore like a snake.
– I am Irille, and you? – Her voice sounded like a silver bell.
Seeing that the warrior who was overwhelmed by her beauty was not able to answer, she quickly approached, sank to her knee, ran her cool fingers over the warrior’s member, then bent over him, licked her forked tongue.
Siward groaned, feeling her fresh breath with his burning scepter of passion.
Another couple of seconds of delay, and the thirsting rod of a man covered the damp ring of lips, behind which was a brisk forked tongue.
From the thrill of sensation warrior groaned.
A beautiful mermaid worked on his penis, delivering an incredible pleasure, with which Siward, caught off guard, was unable to cope.
Some few minutes – and he poured into the beautiful mouth of a mermaid.
She, having waited for the end of the eruption, eroticly licked the remnants of semen from the corners of her sponges with her forked tongue, after which she lay back on the carpet of dry leaves, waiting for her beautiful thighs to wait. Creamy dildo cam.

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Even at the doctors’ reception, I remembered such facts as they clearly spoke of my female nature: I remembered how I would sit like a little boy, play dolls with other girls, never fight, but on the contrary was always offended, by their peers boys, as mothers played the role of a daughter who is busy in the apron and cap, taken from a big doll.
Just got all sorts of analyzes.
And then a week after all the tests I was diagnosed with transsexualism.
Treatment of hormone therapy, followed by surgery, but this is as a young growth, I will go through the process of external feminization.
Mother was clearly depressed.
She then thought she would be right.
– Well, since the doctors said so, then I wash my hands.
But! Finish school as a boy and it is not discussed.
– Ira, but this is 2 years old.
After all, her breasts will grow and shape change.
– Nothing, tits, when they grow up – we tie up with an elastic bandage, above the stretchevy shirt, and forms.
It will wear something spacious, so it does not catch the eye.
– And my opinion is not interesting to anyone? – I showed up.
– Not! Go to your room.
And you Alla, as the initiator of this all.
You will teach her the rules of hygiene,

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manners, you will train your voice, as well as cleaning, washing, cooking food.
I won’t have time for this.
As well as to monitor the intake of hormones, so that everything was clear.
– You got a stepmother.
– and I winked at her.
– Nothing, break through.
She answered.
From the next day, everything began to change.
In my wardrobe began to appear, different girlish things, in addition to underwear, 2 sundresses appeared, 2 pairs of sandals of the 39th size, one stilettos, a new nightgown.
As well as several tops, breeches, tights, two skirts, one mini and one flared, and one very sexy cream-colored dress with a deep neckline on the back.
Different courses with shaping and voice exercises have been ordered on the Internet.

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July came.
I started taking hormones, in parallel I was doing housework, I was learning to cook.
In the evenings, Alla taught me how to do makeup, to walk on heels.
They trained the timbre of the voice, sang and parodied famous singers with a beautiful female voice.
Once even had sex when mom was away.
I made her a kunik and hammered with a vibrator, she fucked me with a dildo, making me a blowjob on the way.
It was agreed that not a word to mother, but it would turn upside down.
Days, weeks, months went by.
Somewhere in the middle of August, I finally felt that my nipples became very sensitive, and the areola became larger in diameter.
I was scared, but Mom and Alla assured me that everything is fine.
But everyone turned to the doctor.
Feeling (it was painful when I felt the nodules under the areola) and after examining me, the doctor said that the process had begun.
And everything is fine.
Also, my skin became smooth, the fat began to be deposited where necessary, namely on the ass, thighs, breasts.
Muscle mass decreased.
Hands and legs became more feminine.
In general, the figure, the female figure began to appear.
She was still barely noticeable, but it was already pleasing.
I have changed and understood that there was no way back.
It seemed to me that every day I am more and more like a girl.
August was coming to an end, and I realized that all these charms would need to be hidden while in school.
The first of September was awful.
It was hot, all the guys were undressing, they took off their jackets while staying in some shirts on their naked bodies.
I couldn’t do this, otherwise everyone would see my growing chest.
It seemed to me that everyone was staring at me and pointing to the back with a finger.
Thank God there were only 4 lessons, then we received textbooks and homes.
For the first time it was hard for me to carry a bunch of textbooks.
Day after day, I began to get used to it.
In the morning school, afternoon and evening various exercises.
So the first half year passed.
In the wardrobe there was an increase in the number of clothes and various linen.
Buying things was not difficult.
Alla or Mom and I went to the store, calmly chose what we liked and went to the fitting room, then one of them paid off at the checkout while I waited outside.
In another store they already bought something fresh, top of the men’s wardrobe.
It seemed the body was changing every day.
The breasts grew very well, back in December they were nylochka sisechki, and in March one can already say almost the first size, with large papillae and a slightly darkened areola in diameter of about.
5 cm
The doctor said that I would be able to count on the chest of the full 3rd size after 2 years, constant hormone therapy, given that heredity has me. Live sex kamera.

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here! Like this! Stop! Stand still! – Mrs said loudly, seeing in the pose of a slave exactly the position from him that she wanted to achieve.
Freeze so slave! And get used to this position! Remember the location of each part of your body! Standing on all fours standing up is exactly like that, okay? – Yes Milady.
– It was a bit unusual and painful.
– That’s nice, my dog.
– smiled mistress, quite looking at the rack of a slave, in which she put him.
– I like that you have plastic and that is how stretching, which is necessary for me! You quickly understand what I need.
I am pleased slave! – Thank you, madam! – Apparently it was her encouragement, as always, a little condescending and stingy, but I had to answer her for anybody.
– You probably want to drink a slave? – She asked.

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– Almost pleadingly I asked.
– Okay.
the rest will do later.
But you remember everything well! – Favorite said the girl.
– Of course, Mrs.
– I quickly agreed, looking impatiently at the milk, which I thought she would allow me to drink now.
I continued to be in the position that Elena had achieved from me.
It was quickly and firmly absorbed in my head, as she wanted.
I stood.
On knees.
namely, that is how her servant should stand before the lady.
The lesson should not be in vain, and Elena should not once again remind of my violations or non-compliance with her rules.
“Okay, slave.”
– sly smiled mrs.
“I see you are really thirsty.”
Then, what happened, well, I didn’t expect it, and it didn’t fit in my head.
A glass with milk was not far from me, and I was already thinking about how I would now be allowed to drink from it.

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but something completely different happened.
The girl came up and lifted her leg dipped her fingers in milk, after which she also raised her foot to the level of my face.
White droplets began to flow down her fingers, dripping back into the glass and onto the floor.
– What is a slave? – Elena barely restrained not to laugh, looking at her dumbfounded slave.
– Did you want to drink? So lick off my feet! That’s how you quench your thirst! – Oh.
– This incomprehensible sound escaped from me.
On the fingers of her legs, there was almost no milk left, and they only glittered.
Bowing my head, and slightly pushing it aside, I pressed my lips to them.
– Well done slave! – Elena smiled.
– But faster, your agility is needed here, I cannot stand for so long, so do everything quickly.

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, she was not going to joke: Well, I’m telling you that I will soon be married and that’s all! The end of free life.
I have the right to finally have a good break? I listened to her.
I was surprised.
But I was glad.
Replied: You have, of course! Let’s go then? We got into the first car, having agreed not to let go of our hands and not to kiss, until we hide from prying eyes, and also we did not decide how best to act in this situation.
Vika openly indicated her intentions for the coming night, but with Liza we had a conversation that I didn’t even know where to start.
Vika advised us to throw a couple kopecks so that we could stand at the entrance while we were up and figure out what was happening.
The girl said that if Liza did not like something, then she would be brought home with comfort.
I had never known before that the kind-hearted Vikulya, adored by all classmates and teachers, could be such a belligerent bitch.
While we were going to the round-the-clock shop, Vika decided to clarify some points.
Clarified that she is not a lesbian and not bi.
Therefore, I asked these topics, in which case, not to raise them at all.
She said she did not mind casting lots, and fuck me in turn with Lisa.
But not with her, and not at the same time with her.
I was discouraged by how vigorously and cynically Vika talked about the upcoming process.
As if the tomatoes on the market chose.
The reality of what was happening was believed with difficulty.

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Everything seemed that at the last moment everything would be an exquisite practical joke.
Hastily typing in the shop of drinks and snacks, we finally drove to the entrance of the seven-story building.
Of all the windows of an apartment building, only one burned – the window of my sister’s apartment.
I paid the taxi driver, threw the money on top, asked to wait.
I explained that I will leave either, and let him go.
Or the dark-haired girl will come out, and she will need to be taken wherever she says.
We went up in the elevator to the sixth floor.
Lisa opened almost immediately, offendedly purred: Well, finally! Did you go through Beijing or what? She and Vika were bowled in fake greetings.
At school, the girls were not hostile, but the girlfriends were never special either.
Always were in a neutral relationship.
Vika continued to go ahead and immediately resolutely got down to business.
She asked, albeit with a smile, but with a dry and openly malicious: Well, Lizka, how are we going to divide the peasant? The brunette was taken aback by such a ramish question.
Zalapotala about the fact that she is not going to divide anyone, does not understand at all what Vika is talking about.
The blonde has finished her: Well, that’s great.
So, Sasha is my today, then do not be offended.
Agree? It was here that Lisa realized that pride is not the topic.
And if something does not suit you, you can bring it home, a taxi stands at the entrance.
If you stay – we will throw a coin.
But this is only for Sasha.
I’m not a prude.
I saw him undressing you all evening with his eyes.
I will not argue, I may have a worse shape than you, but believe me, I will find out how to compensate for this.
Vika skillfully, in a woman’s way, downplayed her merits.
She and Lisa, indeed, had different growths (Lisa was half a head taller) and figures.
Vika was a little less graceful.
Not full or stocky, no.
Just a bigger chest, thick ass, shoulders wider.
But both girls girls, believe me, were just amazing.
They would ask me to choose only one, they would have to burst.
The degree of confrontation increased, and I was silent, baldeya from the new sensation. Livejasmin search.

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