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Deeply thrusting his fingers inside her, he spreads wide the vestibule of the vagina and briefly admires the opened pink entrance.
Pushes balls inside and massages the pubis.
The fire gradually lights up inside, it speeds up the frictions to get rid of the painful vibrations, but only enhances them.
She stops, but he strikes the crotch, causing her to suffer.
She continues the frictions, he removes her hand from the pubis, she tries to be careful not to disturb the objects hostile in her now.

After waiting until the wave of orgasm, he pulls the hand with a vibrator to her vagina and shallow introduces it.
Adjusting to her moving on it, he makes circular movements with a vibrator in unison, only sometimes slightly pushing into it, forcing the hated balls to deeply stimulate the vaginal walls and uterus.
She pleads for pity for her, she is exhausted, he reasonably notes that, unlike her, he has not yet been discharged.
A quietly buzzing device leaves the hospitable opening, giving it a short respite, and rests against the clitoris.

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He simply holds the device on the bulge, and she, tormented by the frenzy that exhausts her, screams and fights with one hand.
Without letting her fall and release a member of the ass, he squeezes her hand and helps her to complete the final frictions.
The implacable electrical device revolves around the clitoris, smiling slyly, the lover accidentally “misses”, and the device again torments her by pressing on the swollen islet.
Having collected the last strength, a tired girl pinches the man’s testicles with her fingers and sorts them.
She gropes and pushes the lover’s crotch point, and he groans and shakes, dropping the instrument of torture.
Along with him, she groans, having felt the last orgasm.
The balls are taken out, the instruments are discarded, the lovers are asleep.
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Diana bent and moaned even louder than the first.
Angela came up with a crazy thought.
Reaching her finger in the innermost depths of her friend, she suddenly stopped petting.
Diana, who was already close to orgasm, this torture seemed more painful than before.
She looked at Angela and her gaze expressed bewilderment, mixed with resentment and hatred.
Angela said with a mocking smile: And now I want you to caress yourself! You want to finish, right ?.
Diana was confused.
She had never caressed herself before another person.
Especially girls, her friends.
But below the belly burned unbearably.
Diana decided that after all that had happened, there was nothing to lose and hesitantly put her hand into her panties.
No, that will not do.
Take off your panties.
“I want to see this,” came Angela’s voice.
Diana slowly began to panties.
Angela looked impatiently at the gradually revealing pink slit.
Come on, ”Angela cheered up her friend.
To be continued.

My brother’s girlfriend I returned home tired like ten dogs.
Throwing my purse on the nightstand, I went to the kitchen to make myself some coffee.
And suddenly I heard some rustling in my room.
“I didn’t understand!” I was surprised and opened the door.
An oil painting: my younger brother is kissing on my bed with some kind of very taa-aa-aka blonde: tiny, wonderfully folded, with a stunned face.
And the champagne in the glasses bubbling.
And the candles are burning.
And something sort of quietly plays.
Romantic evening with them, damn it.
Only just started, you see, they did not even have time to drink champagne. Big dildo webcam tube.

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At home right from the doorway, mom, very angry, told me that she was thinking of me: – My son is sleeping with his girlfriend’s mother! This is just not heard! Then Olesya arrived. She immediately called me: – George! Do not dare ever come to me and never call! How could you?! You had sex with my mom! You are in my emergency.
Not only in the phone, but in life.
Later I learned that Anastasia had gone to another city.
No, we met her a couple of times.
She did not look unhappy.
Too serious.
At our last meeting, she said: – I am grateful to you! For all.
For our love and the main thing that you pulled me out of the swamp.
For 10 years I was a nobody, but now I feel like a woman.
A real woman! After about 5 years, I met Olesya on the street.
She was no longer angry with me.
She said that her mother married a man younger than her for 8 years in another city.
They already have a baby.
Olesya too.
And she, too, has been married for a long time.
She refused to give the phone number and address of the mother.
– Who knows you? You’re lonely.
You go to her and break her life.
That’s how my first love ended.
Few people know the fact that in the German-occupied territories of Europe and the USSR, from German soldiers were born, according to various estimates, from 700 thousand.
up to 2 million children.

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During the war years, I was taken to the army, I was not at the front, I was able to remain deep in the rear, Germany needed not only brave warriors, but also specialists in control of the occupation territories.
I had at my disposal a rural area with several villages and a collective farm.
There were no more than four thousand local residents, mostly old people, women and children.
On our side there were only ten soldiers and one officer, despite our modest number, we did an excellent job of keeping order in our area.
Being in the steppe area, we did not fear the partisans, raging mainly in the forests, but the fear in the face of the locals did not leave me and my guys until the very end.
It was the first Christmas I met away from home.
I was then 19 years old, the great victories of our army really pleased and inspired me, but nevertheless I was very upset, I had never so long left my home.
The winters of this war, as for evil, were the coldest of all that I remember.
On that day, I was very cold, the cold wind was piercing to the very bones, it was still very far from headquarters.
Without hesitation, I went into someone’s yard and began brazenly knocking on the door with a rifle butt.
Weapons are all afraid, and I always used it when I wanted to profit from something from the locals.
The door

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was opened by a red-cheeked woman of 30–35 years old, she was frightened to see an armed German soldier.
The woman silently went into the house, giving me the opportunity to enter.
In this house there was one single room, there was a stove, a couple of beds, a table with chairs and various utensils.
Most importantly, it was very warm here, if I did not find anything for myself here, at least I would warm up.
Seeing that I was not going to leave so quickly, the woman closed the front door, and in complete confusion, standing still rooted to the spot, continued to look at me. Korean models selling sex caught on hidden cam 17.

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click! “So, and now we continue to undress” – I say, – “the model unzips the bra.
Damn it, five minutes had not passed, and an erotic photo session is already taking place.
“Ivan Ivanovitch was ready, in my opinion, to tear off his pants – but he had to diligently make a solid look.
I say to him: “do not worry, Ivan Ivanovich, I will only take a couple of shots, and then you will seat Dasha, as you need, you will command how the light will be made, and I will not distract you with anything”, and Dasha winks.
Dashka finally got the little devils in her eyes, she picturefully pulled off her bra, folded it, dangling her breasts, then looked inquiringly at me, turned her booty to us and very elegantly and beautifully took off her panties.
All these moments I shot, starting to swell with excitement.
Dasha freed her legs and turned to us naked, waving her panties in her hand.
She was still shy, but the naughty little devil already owned her, and she proudly pulled her breasts with her nipples upright, bulged out her ass, bent her head to the side and let her hair loose – when they stream over her shoulder and chest, you can just die as beautifully and it is agitating.

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Took, then, a spectacular pose, and – “Ivan Ivanovich, where do I go?” Old horseradish, when I got the gift of speech, sat her down wherever I wanted, we set up the lighting for another ten minutes – and the process started.
I silently did my job, but inside I just came up with the high of everything.
And Dasha liked it and excited her, I knew.
But I did not know what revenge the old horse-radish thought up to her.
20 minutes after the beginning of the session, the door opened, and a man entered the office.

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“Ivan Ivanovich, is it possible for you?” Dasha twitched, shrank instinctively.
“Dasha, do not twitch! Petr Petrovich, what did you want?” And Dasha was forced to remain in the same position, while Petr Petrovich, looking at her, was discussing something with Ivan Ivanovitch, who did not stop working.
The dude did not close the door behind him, and some other aunt peeked into the room.
Seeing naked Dasha, she oyknula and closed the door, but Ivan Ivanovich shouted – “Yes, Olga Ivanovna, what did you want?”.
In general, a lot of people were gradually filling the office.
Naked Dasha sat naturally and did not seem to be shy.
I never thought that we would meet in such a situation “- and hides the greasy smile in his mustache.
Wow, artists! – I think.
Dasha smiles at everyone, says – “Hello, excuse me for not getting up – Ivan Ivanitch does not allow me to move.”
There is nothing to do – Ivan Ivanitch has to talk about our project, introduce me.
“Are you Dasha’s husband? You’re lucky, you have such a talented and charming wife,” says Peter Petrovich, a mustache. Sexy women on cam.

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Five minutes, or rather ten, hardly any more.
Ten minutes of complete obscurity.
Ten minutes alone with myself.
And this time was enough for Olga to understand what she was afraid of.
The pictures that arose before her were her fears.
Hidden, hidden.
Olya realized that she was not particularly afraid to publicly pass for a slut.
It was scary, but tolerable.
In the end, she was her.
Maybe not the most lecherous, but in her own eyes the number of her sexual partners only in the last year could easily allow her to call her that way.
The door opened and Nastya entered.
Olga looked at her with fright in her eyes and experienced a slight relief.
The girl returned alone, no one was with her.
And there was no lash in the hands or the leather dress of the “lady”.
But naked Nastya did not return.

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She washed, tweaked the makeup and put on one-set of panties and a bra – made of fine fabric, painted a la “white tiger”, with a black fringe around the edges as thick as a finger.
On her dark skin, it looked amazing.
This underwear did not want to take off, rather I wanted to admire him and the girl in it.
Nastya, shaking her hips, went up to Olya, leaned over and gently, gently kissed her lips.
Thus, a wonderful kiss, playing the tip of the tongue.
And as soon as Olga got into the taste, she slightly forgot about her fears, as Nastya immediately pulled away.
Turned on the TV, located just in front of the shackled Olya, and sat down behind.
Olga did not see Nastya, rather felt her presence.
And it was not up to Anastasia.
On the TV screen flashed the image of a long sofa and a naked couple, fondling on it.

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The man was on top, covered and kissed the girl.
All she could see was her bare chest, a hand that hugged a man, and a leg pressed into the edge of a sofa, in a black knee-high boot on a high platform.
And this sight was this: intimate.
The man did not just kiss the girl, but did it with pleasure and love.
Kissing her slowly, gently, occasionally intertwining tongue with a girl.
Olya had the feeling that she suddenly looked into someone else’s bedroom and found there something she should never have seen.
And she did what almost anyone in her place would do — averted her eyes.
It wasn’t what it was worth to pry: Nastya caught Olga by the hair at the back of the head and forced her to look back at the screen.
– Look! – she whispered in Ole’s ear, burning her with her breath.
– And do not look away for a second! – Nastya let go of Olga’s hair and added: – By the way, her name is Sonia.

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He admitted that so far not even one girl had a bare ass and crotch he didn’t really see.
Valya, in turn, said that she had an older brother, who also had never shown her “pisun” to her.
Because she enjoyed watching Dima pissing in the pot, and did not mind when he watched her doing the same.
So little by little it was evening, the children had dinner, the nurse again measured the temperature in the pope, made the necessary injections.
Baba Dusya took out the pots with urine, not hiding her displeasure with the fact that none of the children during the day had not popped.

“Vika, quickly sit down on the pot and push! And you, Dima, too! If you do not poop, then you can’t avoid an enema!”, She ordered.
“I probably won’t be able to do it myself,” Vika answered wholeheartedly, “put a candle for me, then I can show off.”
And if you want, do an enema right away, I will not mind and resist! ”
“It is commendable that you are so obedient,” answered the nurse, “but still we can start with a candle.
Take your pants off!”.

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Vicka obediently let her pajamas and pants down to her knees, lay down on the bed, turned on her left side, pressed her legs to her stomach and pulled her buttock with her right hand.
The nurse immediately put a glycerin candle in her anus, then told the girl to straighten her legs, turn on her back and began to massage Vicki’s stomach in a clockwise direction.
“I really would like you to poke yourself,” Baba Dusya said, “it’s too painful to torture such an obedient girl as you do with an enema.”
“Come on, what kind of torments are there,” Vick waved her hand.
“No, well, it’s all the same, it’s better to crap yourself,” insisted the nurse.
(The nurses in the hospital are not only injections and enemas, but also loose sex if you know the approach! – approx.
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Beautifully gleaming with the silver scales of their fish tails, they, standing to the waist in the water, shamelessly laughed at him! Laughing with similar smiles on.
similar faces! For, being 18-year-old twin sisters, they had the same waves of long blond hair, large dull blue eye lakes, prominent pointed noses, and plump red lips! – Who you are?! – only exclaimed Vasilis, bashfully closing his hairy hips.
– We are mermaids of this lake! – one of them said with a singing voice, with a descending smile, swimming closer.
– My name is Julia, and her Inna – we are twin sisters! – Mermaids.
– he said, amazedly looking at one, then at another.
– Yes, even the twins.
– And what is your name? – Julia asked, immediately “shooting” lushly-ciliary eyes.
– Me?
Hearing the name, the water maidens exchanged glances and.
sprinkled a new jingle giggle! – Funny name.
– through laughter, said Julia, wrinkling with white sharp teeth.
– Vasi-lis, hee-hee.
– What really is.
He muttered in embarrassment, unwittingly trying to see their girlish breasts hidden behind the wet cobwebs of flowing hair.
– What did you do in our forest? – the voice and another mermaid, like my sister, slyly looking at him.

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– I?! – startled Vasilis.
– I just decided to get some rest, and apparently fell asleep.
Mermaids poured over the forest with a cheerful laugh, and, very much swam up to it! “And you’re pretty handsome for satire.”
– Julia admitted, as if accidentally touching the pale hands of his dark-brown hooves.
– And not bad complicated.
True, Inna? A half-ascent to the next stone, the second mermaid, slyly grinning with a “sharp-toothed” smile, nodded affirmatively.
– Thank.
– more and more embarrassed, he babbled.
– You too, pretty nothing.
Seeing near their wet pale blue bodies, and feeling an unusual blend of smells of flowers, fish and mud, he suddenly became seriously worried! I was excited, but.
did not give the slightest sight! – And what is this with you? – Julia asked, nodding in the direction of his fur, near which also lay the same flute.
– It.
This is fur with Boeoti wine.
– Vasilis answered, looking her straight into the blue murk of big eyes.
– And my flute.
– Flute?! – happily waved tail mermaid.
– Then, please, play us something! – Well I do not know.
I’m a little drunk now and.
– All the same, please play, Vasilis! We are asking, asking, asking! – Okay, girls, I’ll play for you.
– Hooray! Ur-r-ra! Under the exultation

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of the twin mermaids, he took out his flute, put it to her plump lips and, soon, her beautiful sound, poured over the lake with air currents of melancholic melody.
It poured, at once transforming everything around in an even more charming light, harmoniously intertwining with the eternal sounds of the evening forest. Anal fist camgirl.

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they will have to try! And if they themselves can not, then we will help them! True? – I answered her.
– yes, – she happily agreed, and asked: “and who will be the first?” – I do not know.
There will be seen.
In the end, let them decide! – I answered her, inwardly hoping that Vika would be the first.
We left the bathroom, kissed conspirators, dried off, and returned to the living room.
Men were not there.
We found them on the balcony, where they gave birth to their mother, they smoked and discussed something among themselves.
When our wives appeared, Igor and I smoked and discussed the events of the previous night.
Conversation of both of us excited, and I saw that his member (as well as mine was tensed).
I do not remember which of us raised the topic of a sandwich, but it just sounded just moments before they appeared.
Therefore, as soon as they were practically in chorus, they asked hoarsely: “What can our men offer us?” , Igor and I got up and pushing them in the back towards the living room, just hoarsely answered them: “Two men at once!”.
The girls turned pale, then turned red and pushed us without a murmur into the living room to the couch.
Igor and I looked at each other and, without saying a word, looked at Irina.

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– Why am I the first? – she asked reddening.
Tanya internally gathered as a stayer before the finishing jerk, the finger of her right palm slipped into her husband’s anus, not encountering much resistance in his path – Oleg barely noticeably started, but the penetration was customary and expected.
Therefore, he only tried to stretch his wife

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into the smacking mouth even more, but she also habitually kept the pressure of the head already beginning to noticeably pulsate the head of his weapon, ready for the final chord, and continued her crazy suction with ever-increasing speed.
And at that moment, when her thin fingers, caressing the male scrotum, scratched the void, the spouse instantly pulled the finger out of her husband’s anus.
“Your mother:” he almost cried out, standing on tiptoe as high as possible and biting his lips into the blood.
Thick, sperm shots poured into the overworked female mouth, the magic tongue almost stopped in place, as if fearing to inadvertently hurt the orgasmic Oleg.
A warm wave covered the woman with her head, she convulsively squeezed the legs together, tight, to a slight pain in her knees, her thin fingers froze on his scrotum as if she had jumped up and her crotch huddled up.
Male fingers, meanwhile, carefully laid down on the still straining trunk of the discharging penis and with gentle movements they began to produce a noticeably softer tool.
The remnants of the ejaculate sprinkled the sweet depth of the female mouth, Tanya unhurriedly opened her wet lips, tired from the intense blowjob, and Oleg gently, visibly trembling from the touches of the female lips to her suddenly suddenly sensitive head, which had already fired, and pulled out one gun, pulled it out, disease, blown away before your eyes, out. Hidden camera nude women.

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We danced, and I slowly began to unbutton her blouse.
Elena (that was the name of my new girlfriend) did not wear bras, and after a while I already caressed her really amazing breasts.
Rarely meet such a charm, such a form.
Having a little circled in the dance, we stopped and began to caress each other.
Then Lena knelt down and, lifting my skirt, began to kiss my panties.
I was so pleased that I didn’t even notice how they were on the couch, I just felt the tongue of my girlfriend gently gliding over my juicy fruit, and I groaned with pleasure.
My friend acted so skillfully with her tongue that in just a few minutes I fell into the abyss of a burning orgasm.
I woke up lying on the couch, Lena was lying next to me, with her face buried in my chest.
A minute later, she whispered: “Annette, enter me.”
– And went to the closet, where she removed the notorious panties.
“Of course, honey,” I replied, and began to put on my usual outfit.
When I was ready, turning my face to my friend, I noticed some embarrassment, she did not dare to undress completely.
-What happened? – I was surprised.
– You know, Annette, me.
well in general.
forgive me but.
– Well, tell me, – I was even more surprised.
“Maybe you’re still a virgin, like me.”
And are you scared? But.
“No,” a friend interrupted me and abruptly taking off her skirt and panties appeared before me in all its glory.
Between the legs of my girlfriend, I saw a beautiful and resilient member.
Yes Yes Yes.
At first, I kind of lost my head, but, quickly realizing what was the matter, I approached her (him), gently embraced and took in my hand this beautiful creation of nature.

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Apparently, the tension was so strong that immediately hot glow of sperm gushed out of it, flooding both my hand and both legs.
We spent the evening in pure bliss.
Thirteenth Dream In the thirteenth dream.
(I don’t believe then in the number “13”) On a springtime soft evening I was returning from the pool, and as I was approaching the house, I suddenly noticed that someone was “spying” behind me.
A young guy of about twenty-five, tall and handsome, walked right behind me and, as if feeling that I’d run away from him now, has long overtaken me and very politely said: – Annette, do not be afraid of me, I will not do anything bad .
Sorry, maybe I scared you, but I need to talk to you.
“Of course I scared,” I was indignant, “but, looking in his eyes, I realized that this pursuer really wouldn’t do anything bad to me.”
“I apologize,” the guy replied.
– The evening is warm, maybe here in the courtyard and talk? – there was a stranger? – Although here behind your house there is a cozy cafe “Pink Branch”.
I invite you to.
A few minutes later the waiter gave us a menu.
I decided to drink a glass of dry red wine (after the pool – this is an attractive occupation), and my companion, it turns out, was “behind the wheel” and limited to coffee and mineral water.
– I came from another city.
Please do not ask me how I found you.
I promised the man that when I met you I wouldn’t name him.
The only thing I can say is your former classmate and he knows you well and, of course, your address.
– And what brought you to me? – The Internet.
-?! – Yes, yes, do not be surprised! I

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have been watching your site for six months now and I know all your dreams by heart.
I live one dream.
– Which one? – I smiled, interrupted.
– Are you ready to listen to me? – Well, once agreed to go to the cafe, of course.
– At 19 years old, they called me into the army, I got into the construction troops, they are simply called the “construction battalion” by the people.
And there a misfortune happened to me: one night I was picked up by “demob” (this is the name of those who were already preparing for dismissal, t.
old servicemen), they were clearly drunk and forced to make one of the soldiers a real blowjob.
I tried to resist, but I was severely beaten and I “broke down”. Watch live sex free.

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Outwardly, this is no different from a wristwatch; however, instead of a mechanism, there is a button under the safety plate.
It will take back – break the fuse and click.
Refund will occur immediately.
You will find yourself in your apartment in this chair, in which I am sitting now, and Ruslan – in the place where you were at the moment of pressing the button.
If the mother returns, the return will occur without pressing the button, the indicator flashes ten seconds before it.

Clear? – Yes.
– only could mumble Bear.
With hurried movements, he snapped a bracelet on his arm, which turned out to be surprisingly light and strong.
In the meantime, Santa Claus removed a tablet from his bosom, turned it on and made some manipulations that Bear could not make out.
“Now,” he continued, “come closer and look.”
You will need this information for inclusion in the situation.
The bear got up and walked on shaky legs.
On the tablet screen, he saw the very central pool, in which children and adolescents were mostly bustling.

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Moreover, he heard sounds; it seemed that the tablet shows a live broadcast from the water park.
Santa Claus pointed to the image.
– This is the central pool of the water park.
Bear nodded.
The old man’s fingers made a strange movement, highlighting one fragment.
– Here is an artificial waterfall.
Bear knew this place.
Here the water injected with powerful pumps fell from a high reinforced concrete rock directly into the pool.
Periodically, special devices regulate the flow in such a way that the waves emanate from here; skillfully placed stones did not allow these waves to roam all over the basin, but the size of this structure was such that a fairly extensive water area formed along the waterfall, over which waves of impressive size (for the pool) periodically rolled.
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Then we make a protest march! – declared dispersed Marishka.
And she, holding Olga by the shoulders, led her along the path around the pool, shouting loudly the slogans: “Down with corrupt prosecutors!”, “Judge the soap!”, “Witnesses into the water!”, “Ends too into the water!”, “Freedom Che Guevara! ”,“ But pasaran ”and further in the same vein, at the end tightening the“ Internationale ”, distorting the motive and words, but with great enthusiasm. Yoga porn online.

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In the hall there were three people.
The sofa was decomposed, and on it lay three bare bodies.
Mother lay between two men, by whom I recognized Petrovich and one more inconspicuous of those five.
They just lay on the bed and watched TV.
Only Petrovich’s hands stroked his mother’s thighs.
Seeing me, my mother jumped off the couch: “You said you wouldn’t come?” “Ept surprise,” I smiled and bit off a banana.
“My son,” the mother waved to the peasants, lowering her head.
Then the bedroom door opens from there.
taxi nude beauty, with lush black curly hair, both on the head and pubic.
Hands shook up to cover the chest and pubis.
A piece of banana falls from my mouth.
My aunt Lena was a very hot 38 year old thing. Porn live jasmine.

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Closing her eyes, she smiled at her thoughts.
Taking a deep breath, I felt the coolness of the summer wind spreading all over my body.
From a state similar to meditation I was led out by the touch of someone’s hands on my shoulders.
Hands are warm, it can be said that their warmth seemed to me native.
Feeling the breath around my neck, I smiled at my guesses, imagining the face of the man standing behind me. Sexy webcam strip dance.

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I embrace and cover your face, neck, chest with tender grateful kisses.

He drove her to his house for the night, where there were traces of family everywhere.
In a beautifully furnished bedroom, putting her on her back, he settled on top and, hanging over her face, kissed her, then with his lips slid down her body, standing on top of her on all fours.
Leaning on his hands, he kissed and sucked on her protruding nipples, running his tongue around them.

Hugging him, she also kissed his big soft chest.
He slides lower and lower over the pubis and finally closes his lips on the clitoris. Lying on her stomach with her breasts, spreading her legs, he pushes plastic vaginal balls of different weights connected by a cord into her.
Pushing them all the way in, dexterous and movable tongue begins to excite the clitoris, circling around it and pushing it into the muscles of the vagina.
His crotch is above her face, he spreads her legs wider, and a soft folded penis rests against her lips.
Covering the testicles with one hand and the penis with the other, she begins to excite him with her fingers, simultaneously licking the scrotum, taking it into her mouth, sucking.

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Publishing a satisfied rumbling, without tearing the tongue from the clitoris, he pressed her palm onto the pubis, causing the balls to collide and vibrate inside it.
Experiencing intense excitement, it seemed to her that her uterus was burning and growing, filling the entire stomach, which was about to explode.
She wriggled and asked to relieve her of suffering, and remove the objects of torture, and stop exhausting oral caress.
Looking up for a moment from salty from her juices, but such a sweet clitoris, he hoarsely tells her to open her mouth wider and drives a large, hard organ into her throat.
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Masturbation is my own world in which I feel good.
But now, I am forced to open my inner world and it is so humiliating.
Not only that, these jerks so lowered me, so now they subject me to such a sophisticated mockery.
I, a beautiful intelligent young lady, naked and defenseless, broken and humiliated, knelt in front of these tomboy.
And they sat on the chairs and watched me with a smirk. Private big boobs power.

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Chat webcam adult. “Sasha,” Masha answered for me.
“Just a sight for sore eyes,” Ksyusha continued to admire me. “Who dressed him so well?” I love boys in pantyhose.
“The most amazing thing is that Sasha’s is still dry,” Masha giggled.
The girls smiled indulgently.
– And so that the pants remain dry, it’s time to go for a little, – I heard Lena’s voice, – And for the most part, it would not hurt.
Let’s try the purchase.
Lena came up to me and pulled my hand, made me stand up.
“I don’t want to,” I said softly, blushing with shame.
“Whether you like it or not, now I’m going down both small and large,” Lena said, lifting me to the changing table with difficulty, “Nannies with mothers know better when babies are supposed to do this.”
– Not naa-do! – I cried.
– Now let go of the pants! – Lena ordered, hurting my hands painfully, – Are you capricious again? So in front of the guests shame me.
Leaving me without pantyhose, Lena forcibly parted my hands, with which I, as usual, shyly covered my groin.
– Again for your own? – she sighed – Who are you shy here? – Us? – Masha giggled, nodding at her sister with a friend.
– What, no one except mom can you do? – Lena did not let up, – Other adults can also do all the necessary procedures for you.
– Adults! – I said, looking at the nanny offended.
– And who do you think we are? – Lena raised her voice, – Not adults? Chat webcam adult.

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Before him sat and looked straight into the eyes of a confident young man.
Yes, the guy grew up in these incomplete two days.
– Suppose the fact that everything became easy for you.
– But they themselves said that I have an extraordinary gift.
And why he showed up so sharply in me — I don’t even know, ”he smiled, shrugged Alex,“ but your merit was evident in this miracle.
And for that I will be grateful to you for life! Shevchenko’s facial expression softened, and a familiar, good-natured expression appeared on his physiognomy: “I believe in it!” And remember these words.
But I want to warn you right away that everything will be much more complicated in the world.
I admit honestly, all this time I helped you.
Worked with your brain to increase the power of your gift.
And so you believe in yourself.
– So I do not.
– No, you have a gift, of course.
But it was necessary to hold several sessions to strengthen its strength.
– You mean mind tricks with a cup of coffee.
– And this, too, – Sergey Anatolyevich chuckled, – every conversation with me was a session, and your sexual experiments with our employees were a test. Machine webcam porn.

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He wrapped Demenick’s beautiful hair into his fist and rudely and unceremoniously raped him in the mouth.
Given the frenzied rhythm with which he was raped and the fact that the vibrator was already turned on at maximum speed, Demenik could no longer control himself and in any way protect himself from electric shocks.
A feeling of pain mixed with a feeling of pleasure filled Demenika completely.
And his tormentor continued to rape his mouth, with each new impetus going deeper and deeper.
Sometimes he stopped and tightened the belt around Demenik’s neck even more.
After several such breaks, the collar was buttoned so tightly that he had to force his way through to get deeper into Demenik’s throat.
Demenick’s penis and stomach suffered terribly due to the discharges of the current, the sore throat was simply unbearable.
However, it all gave him pleasure.
And he was ready to finish.
But the torturer stopped his torture.
He took out a member of the mouth of Demenika, turned off the vibrator in the pope, de-energized the frame and undid the collar.
Doing this, he inserted the gag back into Demenick’s mouth and fastened it on the back of his head.
The thief approached Demenik from behind and began to gently stroke him on the back.
– You’re doing fine.
Played well.
– with these words, he carefully pulled the vibrator from the priests of his victim.
Demenik could no longer think about anything, he wanted to continue to enjoy.
When his

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tormentor began to pull out a vibrator, Demenik tried to move backwards to plant him again.
– Look, you have not played enough.
It’s good.
For today I have prepared for you one more game.
Only this time I will get pleasure immediately with you.
– Loosening, finally, the rope Demenika, the stranger went into the shadows.

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He was gone for too long.
Demenik began to slowly recover.
His excitement subsided.
He no longer knew whether he wanted his tormentor to return with a new game.
The kidnapper was gone for almost an hour.
For Demenik, this time stretched into eternity.
He was dying of waiting.
He wanted his tormentor back.
Let anything happen.
Than this agonizing wait.
“I hope you didn’t miss me so much,” came the voice, which had already become familiar, from the darkness.
– You know, I had to rest.
Still, these games are so tiring.
– following the voice, a familiar silhouette emerged from the shadows.
This time the kidnapper was completely naked.
– Look, you liked the first toy so much that you didn’t leave her for a second.
Well, don’t worry, the next one, of course, will be a little smaller, but it will give you even more pleasure, perhaps.
– With these words, he pulled the rope, forcing Demenik backwards, retreating from the frame.
When the frame was already in the shadows, the kidnapper stopped.
– Well, this place is perfect for our next game.
He again stepped briefly into the shadows, returning from there with a new collar and a coil of rope.
On the collar was a small ring, through which he immediately missed the rope, then secured this collar around Demenik’s neck.
Then he masked the rope for which Demenik was suspended.
Tired of suffering, Demenik fell to the floor.
The torturer immediately began the ends of the rope, passed through the collar, to the knees, causing Demenik to curl.
Since the ropes were firmly fixed on Demenick’s neck and legs, he could not move at all.
Making sure that the prisoner was completely immobilized, the thief left for a new batch of accessories.
This time, he brought a small machine with switches, from which there were different wires.
Each wire ended in a special nozzle.
The torturer took two of them, ending with metal clothespins and, going up to Demenik, attached them to his nipples.
Then he returned to the device.
This time he took a wire, the end of which served as a thin metal pin, on the sides of which were two small clothespins.
Approaching Demenik, the torturer began to caress his penis with one hand, while gently kissing his victim in the neck and cheek.
As soon as Demenika’s member began to rise, the torturer instantly exposed Demenik’s head and sharply inserted a metal pin into the urethra.
After that, he fixed his position by fastening the clothespins to the foreskin.
The final stage of preparation was the tension of the rope tied to the hands of Demenik, so that he had to get up. Tube sex online.

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I’m 33, divorced.
My husband was 10 years older than me, he traveled a lot around Russia and abroad for work.
I loved him, but our sex life was pretty sluggish.
He rarely appeared at home, and if we were getting to bed, he just ended up in me in the missionary position, and that was all.
Rarely it turned out to come off with him to the fullest, only if we were going somewhere to rest, my husband indulged me with a variety of

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cool postures and in the end a violent orgasm.
In general, I did not know what to do, but at work, in the car, at home, I constantly thought about a member.
She was afraid to change: and especially those who are married and busy were not at work with anyone.
But now for one reason or another I am free, the history of the club “Cervantes” begins from that moment. One fine day, I don’t even know what found me, passed near the sex shop, well, I went in, long shelves filled with vibrators opened their eyes colors and sizes and other toys.
I went to a large vibrator in the form of a natural member, felt the heat at the bottom as soon as I imagined how he slowly slides inside me, expanding my pussy.
Szali girl came, – Hello, help you? “Oh, no thanks.
I’m just looking,” I babbled without even letting her finish the sentence.
I wanted to turn around and leave already, but having thrown one more glance at the vibrator, I decided to take it! At the checkout, the same, sweet girl, caught my eye on her bust in her tight-fitting blouse with a large neckline “A good choice,” she said with a smile.

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I was a little embarrassed – Looks like a real one.
The girl nodded. But there is still no better present.
She probably noticed my sad smile, leaned over the counter to me, so I opened her wonderful bust even more- You know, if you want great sex without commitment, I can tell you, without waiting for my answer to continue, “Not far away there is a club-” Cervantes is “just a bad place, so if you really want a real one, then this is for you, they have their own website, she wrote me his address on a piece of paper, said goodbye and winked at me to help other clients.
After returning home, I was all in anticipation of the upcoming opportunity to try out my new friend, I decided to first go to the site that the girl gave me.
Not that I was interested, I just wanted to warm up a little.
As I expected it was a swingers club, on the very first page they invited couples and girls to join in, after looking at a few more pages I came across a photo gallery, everyone had retouched faces, but what was there was a real hardcore.
Looking through the photos one by one, I did not even notice how my hand dropped between my legs.
I caressed my pussy through my panties and felt like they were a little wet, spreading my legs wider, I picked up the pace, pushed back my panties and my finger plunged into my already well-oiled pussy, I already wanted to undress as soon as I saw a familiar figure, it was that girl from the store, of course, the face was not visible, but I knew that it was she, the same hairstyle, the same figure.
Here I had the opportunity to better see her gorgeous bust, at first she posed for the camera in small thongs, she squeezed her chest, stroked her ass, the back view was generally stunning, she stood with one leg on the sofa looking at the back, giving a pink bud and delicious ass.
I was extremely excited, an hour ago I saw her in the store, and now she is standing and posing in front of me.
in the following photos she was already completely naked with her legs spread apart in front of the camera she showed her pussy playfully sucking on her finger. Bbw webcam huge tits.

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All the “youngsters” of both sexes (except Kitty), including me, were ranked as cancer.
Our pop points were in full power of the boys and girls.
At first they made the “buttons”, played with us in a kind of our hospital.
They took an empty syringe and as if they were doing a shot in the buttock.
You know, it’s very nice.
“Yes, they made a button in the hospital, it is very nice,” Lera said.
-Yes, well, well, it was just the beginning, and still very pleasant. Sex hd hidden cam.

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