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Putting a member to her priest, I pressed a little, the Natushkin anus ring already developed by my tongue, it became easy to expand and my member freely entered into it to the limit.
I started to fuck her in the ass, slapping eggs on her buttocks.
Natasha, her head down limply, stood with cancer, leaning on the heating pipes, and only jerked with her whole body when I planted her penis all the way.
She made no sound.
She was ecstatic.
Having made 50-60 pushes, I pulled Natasha to me and finished it abundantly in the ass.
Pulling a member out of her, I turned her face to me and hugged me and asked: “Well, how are you, little one?”.
“I love you, I am yours, I will die without you,” she whispered, kissing me on the lips.
She cried.
Tears rolled down her cheeks.
Tears of happiness
There was another visit by Syavka, I was lying on my side, Syavka was lying next to me behind, his cock was creeping in my ass, one of his hands was squeezing my chest, the other hand was curved in my mouth and I was sucking it.
“I wonder how many times the Spypear discharged his gun into me, probably more than a hundred in all the time,” I thought sadly, hearing the syvkin sniff right in my ear, so he grabbed the earlobe of my ear with my teeth, I internally shuddered, but mine the hand stroked Syavkin’s ass, in response, Syawka moved his hips more vigorously and I realized that the climax was near.
And so it happened, after a short time he finished in my ass, then we lay silent for a while without moving and he took out the fallen member and said that the Marquis would most likely come tonight.
After seeing Syvka, I began to think about what to wear for the Marquis, of course, in men’s clothes, but I didn’t have it, the strictest of my wardrobe was a closed evening dress, a lilac shade, but with a deep neckline, but nothing to do and I got into it , hardly by the way, since the dress tightly wrapped my figure.

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The Marquis came and I was very happy to see him, I jumped to embrace him, but the Marquis was not himself, disheveled and red, he was angry and offended, walked past me and sat in the chair and shared: – Well, what a creature! Just mega bitch! – Who? What happened? I asked, alarmed.
– Margo! She laughed at me! Everything was a hoax! Only in order for me, to write her an olympiad work, and when she got hers, she made me laugh at her company! How the sucker spread! They all laughed there, and she said that I was a sad

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schmuck and that I was a completely dumb moron that I thought we might have something! She said that even the fattest and most terrible girl would not let me – the Marquis lamented: – Now it’s clear why we only kissed once and she didn’t allow me to touch, even touch! I thought she was embarrassed.
and she.
now everyone in the group laughs at me and a “sad schmuck” has stuck to me! So it sucks, even climb into the noose! What a bastard !! I sympathized with the problems of the Marquis, but Margot treated him ugly with him, but she used him, okay, but why humiliate him in front of everyone, now Marquis’s reputation is simply zero.
– Well, never mind, Marquis, do not pay attention and after a while it will be forgotten, and everything will be hockey! – I comforted Marquis, sat down beside him and patting him on the shoulder.
– All women are bitches! Everything! And beautiful women bitches triple! – Marquis could not calm down in any way, but nevertheless, he spoke out and felt better for him.
“Tell Sally, tell me like a girl.”
– here the Marquis saw my changed face and, thank God, he immediately recovered: – No, you are a guy by itself, I am about something else! In the sense that you now understand girls better.
hmm, by the way, you’re really prettier than Margo.
And looked me up and down, I mixed up under his gaze and blushed a little: – Marquis.
the beginning was me, but he interrupted me: -No, well, really! Margot can’t hold a candle! – and then finally the Marquis saw my embarrassment and clarified: – Well, of course not to you, but to your kind, to your image! The Marquis’s friendly delicacy was gone today, but I understood why, he was really badly punished today, and of course he was angry, extremely offended and annoyed.
– Did you do what we agreed on with you? – I decided to go to my secret.
-What? But not yet, in the work yet, I am writing a Trojan for this system.
But soon it will be ready, Sullivan, and I will pull you out.
At first I was upset, and then I realized that I was soon glad: – Thank you, thank you !! – as I chirped and clapped my hands. Porn hq online.

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My father and mother resisted for a long time, but it was getting worse and worse.
In the evening of the third day I approached them and told them: – I agree to this for the sake of the salvation of my people.
Do not worry about me, because they are not going to kill me.
By their appearance, I realized that they had already come to terms with it.
All day May 9, I was collecting my things and getting ready.
On the morning of May 10, accompanied by guards, I left the city and went to meet my new future.
Near the ruins of the ancient city, about twenty kilometers from our palace, ogres were already waiting for me.
The guards handed them my belongings and galloped back.
I looked after them and for the first time I cried. Clit cam.

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although no, not quite that, for some reason I thought that he really couldn’t wait to stretch his pants, and start masturbating.
he looked like a preoccupied hypersexual teenager, only the look was not a pimply boy, but a maniac.
until the last stop there was not much, almost all the people came out.
and the maniac seems to have calmed down.
I was glad that today is a sunny day, and I was wearing dark glasses, because people may have noticed that I never take my eyes off of him.

Yes, and with him to meet suddenly looks terribly did not want to.
and through the black glasses I looked into his eyes, trying to understand what was going on in his soul.
the day was quite hot, and everyone was sweaty, but he, when snuffling and puffing, was covered with waves of sweat.
the smell did not reach me in some way so badly unpleasant, but to see it was disgusting.
this thick snotty face, baldness, all in a sticky sweat.
when there were a couple of stops to the final, a guy with a girl entered, a couple of years older than me, 17 years old.

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they sat down next to him.
and he, by that time calmed down, was brazenly turning to the girl, looking at her breasts.
and puffed again.
the boy and the girl got up, as if letting him out of the corner where he was sitting.
and he continued to stare at the girl in a trance.
the guy asked him awkwardly if he comes out.
and then it sounded like a shock, he came to his senses, said no, no, and turned to the window.
a few minutes later, I went ahead of everyone out of the minibus at my final stop.
it was scary, suddenly he would follow me.
having gone 30 meters, I turned around, the remaining people left, he went the other way.
and now the story itself.
Sorry for the long digression at the beginning, it has no practical relation to the future.
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Pouring with combustible tears, Rostik silently and guiltily glanced in the direction Vanin’s finger was directed – on the sheet, more precisely, in that place of the sheet about which Rostik blithely wiped his hand at the end of the study, it was clearly noticeable slightly yellowish and quite decent sizing spot.
well, right: there was a lot of this hot liquid, and the stain turned out great.
and again he, around guilty Rostik, had absolutely nothing to say – everything, literally all the evidence was against him, little Rostik! – I wash, – through sobs Rostik promised, – “I wash!” – mimicked Vanya.
– At myself jerking.
got it? – Got it.
I got it.
– little Rostik, nodding his head, could not stifle sobs.
– What did you understand? – Vanya, although he reduced the intensity of exacting severity in his voice, but he was still in the heat of the moment.
– Well! what did you understand? – At home.
I will jerk myself.
– bursting into tears, Rostik standing in front of Vanya in snow-white panties, and Rostik’s shoulders shook uncontrollably.
– And there is nothing to cry! – Vanya felt discomfort and even some emotional discomfort because Rostik was crying, and, in order to end this conversation, he spoke in an edifying tone: – Once again you touch.
And here Vanya said that he did not think at all.
More precisely, he thought to say it, but because of the preliminary non-thoughtfulness of the educational moment, there was a most insidious substitution in the choice of language.
Yes, my highly experienced or, conversely, inexperienced reader! Our great, mighty, truthful and free Russian language is at the same time infinitely rich and multifaceted in its shades and other musical and semantic overtones.

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What did Vanya mean to say? Captured by an unprecedented rise in pedagogy that suddenly appeared, he just wanted to say that he would punish Rostik, and Vanya did not want to say anything more than that! Will punish! But, unwittingly interfering with the educational process, the words from the language of the universal and the language spoken mostly by children of the dusty urban suburbs, Vanya told inconsolably Rostik that he, Vanya, wanted to say to his younger brother, yes, as it turns out, very, very soon , a little not even.
even not at all: – Once again you touch – I fucked you! – said Vanya, a sixteen-year first-year student at a technical college, to his younger brother, Rostik, in a fit of a pedagogical attack.
– Got it? “I fuck you!” – said Vanya.
Of course, Vanya put it figuratively, implying that he will punish Rostik.
Yes, yes, it will punish! And when he, Vanya, said “I fuck you!” – it meant only “I will punish you!”, and nothing more – representatives of the broad masses and other dusty children quite often designate their desire to punish someone, consciously without knowing at all about having sex with a participant in the dialogue.
Consciously – no, not implying.
a – unconsciously? “I fuck you!” So after all, the most courageous and odiously natural representatives of the most dusty urban suburbs say: “I fucked you!” And even Vanya.
Oh, the dark, infinitely dark depths of our subconscious, and – using our great and powerful, truthful and free Russian language, we ourselves sometimes do not understand how he, treacherous, gives us away.
Yes, that’s at least: “Pizda ladies!” – one friend threateningly speaks to his other friend or even just a transitory and generally unfamiliar compatriot, in such a popular and seemingly quite

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understandable way promising to arrange a scuffle, and everyone unequivocally perceives this inconsistent expression as a threat.
and in fact? Isn’t this rather common expression of a verbal and even verbal threat by an unwitting expression of an unconscious desire to get someone’s penis in your anus? Y-yes.
in any case, when in my somewhat reckless and even dissolute youth someone told me this very expression – “I will give you pussy!” – I always clarified, asked again what exactly the speaker meant. Busty spy cam.

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Alexander – somewhere in the zone, I heard that his “cons” were buried.
My grandfather-grandfather died.
And the mother is alive and well, at the moment she is going to her useless mother.
But that’s another story.
Our point is good, the location is in the sense, in the center, in the alleys next to the Patriarch’s.
Nurse, as expected, on Tverskaya stands, directs customers, shows how to drive.
I often take a Vitrina, such as young, slim, we all have such.
Advertising in one word.
And I don’t mind, it’s for me that the most “non-problematic” clients are allowed to pick up, then every second one falls on me.
An hour or two I will stand and drive away by choice.
But: not all carnival.
A week ago, we are standing with the mother, by midnight, it’s time to think about myself.
Then he rolls up, dressed with a needle, sports car, Mitsubishi, like.
-Girl, the best, birthday is mine! Mother pushes me in the side, and he already stared at my chest, a lewd look, how many times have I seen this.
But most of all I did not like that young, with them, students, under the rich daddies, how many of our girls had problems.
And Mamashka already takes money and calms me down: – Look, rich, alone, Moscow rooms, not a thug, what else do you want? She sat up, smoked nervously, but it seemed nothing.
Polite, even smiling, some anecdote told, Igor, they say, is called.
Were in some kind of sleeping area.
The usual thing – a rented apartment in a high-rise building, took the elevator, opens the door.
– Do you really have a birthday? – Come in, I’ll tell you everything now.
I went into the usual iron door, behind it, the door to the lock.
– About birthday – I lied, but there are guests and a gift! And two guys in the hallway from the room, Three pairs of hands clutched – Hooray, The gift arrived! “So, hit, okay, not me first, not me last.
How I felt.

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The main thing – to cope, then we will grieve.
Break out, run – impossible.
Resist – at best beaten.
“- the thoughts pulsate in the brain, for fear of chill on the back.
And I’m already naked, there is nothing to shoot there – a topic, a skirt, panties – one name, the stockings are left true, or I can’t wait so much, or the craving for beauty: Ugh, what nonsense is in my head.
Three members upright.
Igor, apparently, the leader in the company, roughly squeezes his own in my mouth – almost choked, very big.
No, this is no longer a blowjob, this is just fuck in the rock, painfully squeezing his hair, trying to stick as deep as possible.
Well, it happened and that.
Two fascinated looking and pulling my chest.
Next to the sofa, I get up on my knees, spread my legs slightly, but none of them react to this.
Okay, I can handle them, now – Igor.
My hand goes down between my legs and rubs my vagina.
– Oh, you bitch, you like it all !!! – I reached my goal, Igor moved back, and in one motion entered me.
Well, this can not be avoided, I have long learned not to react to any activity of a member in my vagina: Ah, we still shout, – “Get it, bitch! I will beat you everywhere!” Good boy, come on, have it everywhere, but for now I’ll deal with your friends.
One member in the mouth, the other firmly squeeze.
Immediately groaned, think aunt wants you to do more pleasantly: No, they did not guess, you will finish with me now as pretty ones! That’s what I need now and as soon as possible! These members are smaller, and it already looks like a blowjob.
So, rather, rather, in turn, and hand, hand.
So, they already drooled.
Igor didn’t shout from behind, he insistently hammered his dick into me, only slaps of his eggs and moans of this couple could be heard.
It is necessary that they are sure to finish both, a member in his mouth exploded with sperm, his master gasped.
While he is in a stupor, the second member is quickly in his mouth and a new portion of sperm.
Now moan, moan hard and wag your ass.
Yeah, it worked, Igor’s member became even harder, now squeeze the hips a little.
What, you do not want to finish? No, brother, you got there yourself – that’s the jolts, sperm, a lot of warm sperm.
I roll sideways on the sofa.
From cracks immediately begins to ooze,

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so they should, now pour the whole sofa.
ugh, again full of nonsense.
-Where!? – Igor woke up, – Hey, you! Well, fuck her in chorus! Yes, you have finished! Bitch, you want to fool me, will not work !!! – What do you mean, I just can not help myself when there are so many men around: – now the main thing is to pay off the aggression, while I got off pretty easily.
The truth is not worth flattering, so just it will not end.
– She specifically did it! Hidden cam mature sex.

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The dick again wetted in water glistens.
I enter it from behind.
Podmahivaet to meet.
Dawn birds chirp, a gopher sniffs a fishing rod cast on the shore, bushes tremble under our pressure.
Her prizes turn into moans.
Throat is tired.
Yes, and I sort of missed a couple of her mini-orgasms.
Time is over, it no longer exists.
Finally, a large wave rolls, already legs in the water lack of cramp.
She starts screaming too.
Probably coincided.
I barely have time to pull it out and finish it for a long time on her buttocks, lower back, back.
For a couple of weeks has accumulated.
Exhausted, I breathe like a fish on the shore and fall into the water next to the hummock.
She, stretching like a panther, slowly slips off the hummocks and sits in the water nearby.
Hugging, relaxed, smiling stupidly.

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The dawn sun, rising above the trees, shines as if only for us.
For about ten minutes we disconnect from everything that happens.
What is your name? – conquers part of the blood of the upper brain, remembering the rules of a decent.
Mermaid, – my frightening swimmer responds lazily, pressing her cheek against my chest.
– And you? Seal.
the seal does not move.
How does it move? Instead of answering, she takes my farm in her hands and starts gently driving her palm along the trunk.
Hands are warm, small waves splash on eggs, blood treacherously leaves the upper brain again.
She apparently forgets the question, I just feel her warm lips and tongue.
The crown of head starts to twitch rhythmically, it is necessary to move forward a bit, now her crown of head periodically hides me from the sun.

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It seems to me, or my wife, about five years older than this mermaid, doesn’t like anything? It was lucky to marry a frigid woman.
Yes, the brain is capable of thinking without blood.
Listless so episodes.
Gathering with thoughts, I rise from the bush and again put it on a hummock.
She knowingly flexes and begins to rub the clitoris with her palm.
Slowly I enter the shriveled little ring of the anus.
The walls tightly wrap, even her thighs tremble slightly.
Come on! Deeper! – She breaks down to scream, stooping to the limit.
This cry rushes over the river and there will be a bull in me.
It turns out that after the army has not forgotten how to execute orders.
“Sink, squish.”
What is it?
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The manager quite loudly on intercom invited Eleanor.
org) And then, after 2 seconds, a girl fluttered out of the darkness, on the body of which there was only a large mesh, which did not cover anything.
There was a kerchief with a red cross on her head.
She immediately began at the neighbor to unbutton her pants, and immediately a member appeared.
This manipulation was so fast that I didn’t immediately realize that she was already unbuttoning her pants and me, next.
But Faya unceremoniously pushed her away and ordered the manager — I would not tolerate the extra women next to my men.
The manager demanded that the girl retire.
And the next moment, and my dick jumped like a spring from tight pants.
Fayechka immediately dick took the whole member down the throat.
But she didn’t have to catch up with my dick, because she just suddenly freed me from the trousers, but also quickly took off my pants with shorts from one manager and another manager.
The neighbor, meanwhile, took off his trousers and shirt.
Yes, and managers too.
And I, almost dressed family friend, Faya and continued to suck dick.
In the meantime, the frames went on as one of the managers fits, then one eb-machine, then another, and the second manager, meanwhile, lets my famene sperm on my face.
On the very same Fay on the frames of the photo frame it can be seen that only this belt is out of the clothes.
Next, we looked at the exhibits and looked at the photo frame, as there in the pictures she takes in her mouth the fucking machine being strapped in shackles and already with white stockings, and another manager pulls her straight into her pussy.
At the same time, he pulls out anal balls from the Fanzili ass.
The managers themselves are asking Fi to comment on the moment when she gets orgasms.

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But surrounded by four fuckers, she manages this with difficulty, since some of the managers have been fucking her for a long time in a pose of cancer.
Therefore, the second manager, without waiting for an answer, comments that during the three-hour photo session today we took 300 shots and only three times recorded moments of Faiy’s orgasm and four times when we dropped into Faechka ourselves.
It is all 7 items on which this happened to us, and put up as a commodity – LIKE PEOPLE.
Photos flashed on which Faya, either in one corset or in another erotic costume, receives either a living member or a dildo.
And on the frames when Fai has an orgasm the article of that phallus on which she happened and the article of the costume on which it happened is highlighted.
At the same time, one of the managers boasted that it was precisely on these products that an accidental visitor had drunk his sperm literally an hour ago on the skirt of his wife, in which she entered the store.
It will be necessary to build a frame with a little casual visitor on this skirt built into the photo frame – the managers communicated somehow in a business-like manner.
And at the same time, letting my neighbor ask Faye: “As a husband, do you leave this exhibit — the clothes your wife came in to us — let the deparings continue to accumulate on her and the next visitors too?” But at this moment I was fucking my Faechka with cancer.
And the second manager showed me how anal balls come in and out.
This is an amazing sensation – to feel anal balls moving back and forth in a pope with a dick that fucks a woman in pussy.
The manager abruptly pulled anal balls out of Fakechka’s ass, and I immediately began to drop it straight into my pussy.
At the same time, my neighbor joined my wife’s mouth and, following the first one, the manager became another portion of sperm to fill my wife’s mouth.
At the same time, the manager continued his question: well, leave all the clothes of the ladies in our room, even if others watch a photo session and lower it directly onto the skirt.
After all, we will sell more goods in the same way.
Here is the stuck! Everyone has an orgasm, but he is still waiting for answers.
Although the answers so and so fell from the mouth of the neighbor and from the mouth of the Fanzili – YES YES YES !!! Just do not stop, stronger-stronger, still boys.
Let’s quickly insert the next boy, I beg you.
Faster – faster dolby me.
Apparently, Fanzili is blowing the roof off.

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Am I not suitable to give birth to your child? – Natashenka, I’m ashamed to say, but after being wounded, I cannot lie down on you and the member will not rise.
She looked with devoted eyes: – Nothing, I will help you.
Come on, go to bed.
I will do everything myself and sit on top of you, I will not disturb your wounded shoulder.
I lay down.
Even asked to remove the pillow.
When the body lies flat, the wound does not bother at all.
Helen between my legs is located, took a limp member in his hands, rolled it between the palms, stroking it.
So far no effect.
She moved the foreskin, took the head in her mouth and began to stroke her tongue.
The feeling is pleasant.
I feel my jigit move.
While Lena was doing this, I thought.
I remembered when the most likely to get pregnant comes.

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Lena took the head in her mouth and began to stroke her tongue.
– Lena, come off.
Tell me, how many more “dangerous days” do you have? Has let out the risen member from a mouth.
I thought about it.
“Four more days, that’s for sure.”
All right, I think.
In a man, the amount of sperm sufficient for fertilization accumulates in two days.
So Thursday is today and Sunday.
And if you are not lucky, repeat it in a month.
And Natasha did not go under me on Sunday.
Let him caress me till I get stuck.
He stroked Lenochkin tithechku.
She took it as a command to ride me.
It stands on my lap.
The hips are wide apart, the intimate folds of the lower lips protrude between them.
Very much this kind of provoke me.
He put a healthy right hand on her pubis, stroked short hair.
– Sit down – I say.

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She went down and took my jigit to the very bottom.
And I suffered a healthy hand from the pubis to the buttock.
When she rises, I squeeze the buttock.
When down, then let go.
Strongly squeeze, would not instruct her bruises on the ass.
But she probably will not be offended, she will still be proud of such bruises.
A girl uchilochka jumps on me, a child gets herself.
Started backward to move back and forth.
The moan has become, howls even.
And I’m at the limit.
Everything is forgotten, and the wound and pain in the shoulder.
Dzhigit my stake is inside her.
And I shot her all accumulated.
Gave her up, go down a few more times.
Then he grabbed his breast and pulled him tightly to him (and here a bruise can turn out).
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Hoping for an experienced Slavka.
“Well, we will not wear it.
So we put under the blanket, naked.
Come on, help.
“With all possible care, we pulled a blanket and blanket out from under Natasha’s mother.
Then they laid her plump body more comfortably on a wide bed.
“Lay on the side, not on the back.
And then suddenly vomits in a dream.
Drunk! So as not choked vomit.
“- Slavik authoritatively instructed us.
Olga Viktorovna was carefully covered with a blanket.
The cover from the bed was purposely carelessly

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crumpled and slid down on the ottoman at the bedside table.
A blouse, skirt and bra “picturesquely” scattered across the bedroom in pursuit of shoes, pantyhose and panties.
Looked around.
It seems everything – nishtyak.
But suddenly Slavka left the bedroom and returned with a glass and two bottles of champagne.
One was empty and the other half full.
He put the glass and half a bottle on the bedside table right in front of the sleeping woman’s nose.
As they wake up, the first thing they see.
And I put the empty bottle “artistically” on the floor near the table, such as it was accidentally dropped.
“I wake up, I’ll fucking want to get sober.
Her shampuz “old yeast” will fall and it is ready.
She is again under the shofe! You look and will not remember today’s adventures! “- Slavik said with a motivated vivacity.
However, there was no confidence in his voice.
It was clear that he was “pissed off” no less than ours, but he was trying to hold on.
Well, they did everything they could to cover up the traces of the crime.
Turned off the lights and left the bedroom.
Out of fear, again, somehow without saying a word, we all suddenly found ourselves in the kitchen.
They drank more vodka ryumah that would drown the damn fear.
It worked.
It became somehow easier.
It was time to “throw” until Natasha returned home.
When in the evening they were escorting the crowd to the nightclub, the keys remained in the doorway.

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But we will come out, and then how to close the door on the other side without a key? Fortunately for us, one of the locks slammed shut.
Last viewed the entire apartment.
It seems everything is clean.
The room is aired.
Removed from the table.
Dishes washed.
Yes, it’s time to “throw”! Turned off the light in the apartment, went out and quietly slammed the door.
It was already three in the morning.
At the entrance, of course, no one was met.
But they left the entrance one by one and immediately dispersed in different directions.
I’m not far from home.
I wandered through the city and thought: what asshole I am in! Good walk on March 8! Here’s a present for the mother: a drunk 16-year-old son is home in the morning.
With a fingal under the eye that Slavaik put me when he “charged me on the scoreboard.”
My dad is a kind man, but a man with character.
And I was afraid that he would put a fingal under my other eye.
For symmetry.
But all this was utter nonsense, compared with what was waiting for us, if Olga Viktorovna remembers what we did with her and how !!! And yet, in spite of the bitterness and fear in my drunken head, there was a small pleasant thought that I finally finally ended up not in a fist, but in a very hot and slippery hole.
In a supple female body, which lay with her legs apart beneath me! Soft! Chubby! Juicy! Oh, fuck-ah! How the hell!
For a friendly conversation, once in heaven, God and Satan sat, and suddenly they argued, whose feminine ideal Is more beautiful and sweet, whom the best poets sang at the court of heaven, when the spirit of grace flew above them.
God was glad to be the first to present his creation unearthly.
“Look, innocence itself without diapers will now appear.
“- He said Satan, a charming young creature entered – A young, fragile, tender girl, I would even say a child.
A long-legged blonde with gorgeous long hair, A statuette with a slender figure, an elastic chest young, With bottomless, like heaven, with deep, blue eyes, She beckoned to herself like a stream in the heat of her icy water.
Ah, what an ephemeral creation, on it is translucent silk; the Subtlest, which did not cover the beauty of a lovely flower.
She is like a defenseless lamb, and the Devil is like a wolf, He, exposing the virgin beauty, clothes tore off everything from her.
From his rough touch, her body occasionally trembled, Her hands slid over his back, glaring with thin fingers, With lips she sat greedily at the mouth of Satan’s mouth, drawing moisture to Her tongue, sweet, never untouched by boys.
She whispered to him in a voice trembling with excitement and passion: “Oh, innocent and charming maidens, a voluptuous lover! Asian model anal.

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The guys were all exhausted, but still not sobered, so they refused, and I went to Catherine, pretty excited by their story.
I was in some swimming trunks.
She lay naked on the bed in the same position in which the children had left her, in the room there was a thick smell of sperm and sex, and I opened the door wide open and opened the window.
Cool air from the sea flew into the room, and Katerina opened her eyes.
At first, she frightenedly covered her nakedness with her hands, but when she saw my cock sticking out of the trunks, she understood everything and calmly watched what I was going to do with her.
– Katya, can I fuck you in the ass, I asked as gently as possible.
At that time I was already sitting on the bed next to her and stroking her crotch from behind, not forgetting about the anus.
Between her legs she was wet and sticky, her ass was so well oiled, but I didn’t want to be distracted and go for my cream.
Katerina was silent and stroked my cock through swimming trunks, then I threw them off and climbed on top of her.
She appealed otklyachila ass.
Dick entered her hole with a single maha and I jumped on it, then plunging it over the most eggs in the roast inside Katya, then pulling it almost completely.
I grabbed her breasts and squeezed her nipples, she moaned with pleasure, then asked me to lift her ass, so I fucked her with cancer, and talked to me exclusively with these indecent expressions.

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It was so unusual to hear from the mouth of an unfamiliar woman such words that I was even more excited.
I came out of her hole and lifted my ass up to the waist, she spread her legs so that my knees fit between her legs.
– Anton, can you take him completely out of me, and then plant him deeper? Me so husband fuck and I like it a lot.
I imagined what would have happened to my ass if Kostya had fucked me this way today.
I obeyed her will.
The slightly parted hole was located exactly opposite to my dick standing and shining with all kinds of discharge.
I tried, without using my hands, to immediately plant her deeper, and I did it right away.
Then I parted her buttocks with my hands and leaned on a mature woman’s butted ass.
With sweeping movements of the pelvis, I then pushed my dick by the very thing I couldn’t into her widening hole, then completely took it out.
My balls beat on her wet pussy with a sweep, making a squishing loud sound.
– So, like this, fuck me, fuck like this, please, tear up everything there, I love it so much when I get fucked in the ass, she started a pre-orgasmic song.
One hand fumbled along her crotch, massaging her clit and climbing all five into the vagina.
Through the thin partition, I felt like she was even trying to grab my dick, though she didn’t succeed.
I learned to control my orgasm a long time ago, then restraining it, then bringing it closer, so I had to take a few seconds to throw out everything that I had accumulated in her rectum after she had convulsed.
She finished cool, my dick was massaged by her butt all over, she cried for the last time and fell on the bed, shamelessly spreading her legs.
The hole of her ass, ruined by me thoroughly, the size of a five-kopeck coin, pulsed and my sperm flowed from it, one of her palm was tucked halfway into the vagina

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, and the second clutched in the nipple of the right breast with a death grip. Elikababe bongacams.

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She is very hot. ”
I nodded silently.
Looking at the sweet face of my beloved, I got up and walked out of the compartment to the conductor for tea.
When I came back, Ruslan was already sitting next to my wife, they were talking on various topics.
I sat down on the edge, began to observe what was happening.
Ruslan gently placed his rough big hand on the tender foot of my Masha.
They talked about everything: about life, about sexual emancipation, about everything! I listened to all this, I began to get up, but I did not give way to mind.
You know, my Masha was as always good, that I was ready to forgive her for all her adventures.
Looking at her sad tender blue eyes, plump lips, I become helpless.
I want this girl

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to always be good, to get satisfaction, and no difference, from me or from another man.
A few minutes later, the train began to stop at an intermediate stop.
Ruslan said that his friends who are also going to the south should come here.
I was wary.
Ruslan and Shamil went out to meet friends, and I was left alone in that century with my pious.
I hugged her, and she looked into my eyes and kissed her.

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Oh, how nice I was.
My girl, my wife, her lips merged in a single kiss with me, as was good.
I started to caress her, kissed her neck, went down to her chest, undid her bra, licked her big nipples.
Masha breathed deeply, apparently after last night she liked that at least someone else treated her tenderly.
I continued to sink lower and lower, took off her panties, began to lick it between my legs.
This lasted about 5-10 minutes.
Masha began to moan, and I, like a faithful dog, continued.
I liked that I was able to bring pleasure to my girl.
Masha moaned louder and louder.
Her legs squeezed my head, and I worked it with my tongue.
During her screams, Ruslan, Shamil and their friends came to our compartment and stopped by.
They went to meet the neighbors of their close friends.
I moved away from Masha’s crotch, looked at them, Ruslan introduced us: “Say hello, this is Masha, a beautiful girl, and this.
her hubby
Well, you yourself understood. ”
The guys laughed heartily, went into the next compartment.
Ruslan stayed and said: “Well, why are you looking at me? Go on licking your little wife! ”And he sat down next to Masha, began to crumple her breasts, kiss, with his big, sinewy hand he lowered her delicate head between his legs.
Masha understood everything, she opened her mouth and swallowed a large, not yet risen member of Ruslana.
How he was pleased that the blue-eyed girl was sucking on his not-yet-rising member.
He himself controlled the movement of the head of my Masha.
Ruslan just fucked her in a gentle mouth.
In the mouth, which I usually kiss in the mornings and evenings, coming from work. Webcam babe anal.

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Only my muffled groans and slaps of skin against your skin are heard while you bump into my body.
And even after I finish, you do not stop moving in me more and more, rubbing my clit.
I’m twisting under you, trying to shout loudly in ecstasy, giving free rein to emotions.
Through the storm that raged between us, I heard that some man was stubbornly pounding on our door with angry cries and threats, but his voice melted at the very moment when I felt like I was finishing again. Web online teen sex.

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Their relationship with Valera lasted about two years.
Gradually, Luda got used to the size of his penis, and at first Valera had to cook it for a long time.
Over time, the vagina stretched and she was already without fear began to wear a member.
Lovers have tried all positions.
Especially Luda liked the position of “rider”.
She just took her breath away when she herself sat on a vertically standing huge member of her lover.
Pose on all fours, letting her know who was in charge of the bed.
The member burst into the Ludyne’s body and moved in a straight line to the very end of the vagina, and Valera firmly held her hips, or her hair, not allowing her to escape from his blows.
Once Valera tried to enter Ludin in the anus, having previously stretched it with his fingers.
Luda, who had experienced several orgasms before, was unable to resist it.
The head penetrated with difficulty into the intestine and the matter did not get further.
Valery pulled a little member and quickly finished, came out.
But, as it turned out, Luda initiated these actions thoroughly.
She began to deliberately stretch her anus and a month later she offered her lover to try her ass.
Now he was able to penetrate somewhat deeper, but Luda had finished two times.
In general, the daily attempts, stretched and anus girls.
By the way, anal sex Luda liked no less than vaginal.
Only with oral sex did not work.
By nature, Luda’s mouth was small, and Valera’s head was still huge.
The only thing she could do was lick the barrel, like ice cream, and put half of the head in her mouth.
Naturally this did not satisfy the man, but he could not climb deeper.
In general, the lovers stopped there.
However, sometimes Valera pressed the head to Luda’s open mouth and finished inside.

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After two years, the lovers parted.
Valery moved to another place, and then Luda returned to her homeland.
From their relationship left only good memories, but greatly stretched the anus and vagina.
I experienced the strength of their stretch that evening.
The anus was strong, but it was enough to touch his rose, as he opened and swallowed the whole member.
The vagina, after half an hour of fucking, turned into a soft slobbering hole, into which I easily drove my whole palm.
The only thing that I managed to do, unlike Valera, I put a member in Luda’s mouth and ended it almost in the throat.
She moved to our city, so I think there will be more interesting stories with her participation.
In general, we will wait and see.
I do not advise reading this to those who are not yet finished gonzo.
My story will appeal

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only to those whom all already known ideas of relationships (Dominance, Fetish, whip, etc.)
) got and he is looking for a supernova! For those who crave for this revolution! Then I was 16 years old, I was finally zadrochen in the literal sense of the word, even normal porn, even pervert did not insert me.
I knew about masturbation, porn and perversions of almost everything.
I suffered because I could not find the next golden bottom of my satisfaction.
Having gone from masturbation to a picture, then to porn, then to fetish, then to BDSM, then to more rigid things, to talk about which the language does not turn, and back, I acquired the highest taste, but it had a downside – not it was in the world of sexual “sweetness” that I liked.
And I came up with the game.
I was lying on the bed with my little laptop, traveling through the pages of “Learn”, “Contact” and “My World” of different women.
I traveled under the left-hand days.
I chose pretty women aged 27-30 years.
I chose from pretty ones with pretty, slender figures, beautiful feet, which was for me the most important, beautiful strict businessmen.
I liked this type of women.
In general, I am a pronounced fetishist, I believe that a woman can not be considered beautiful if she has just ugly feet or flat feet.
Found girls, I wrote dirty, obscene things on purpose! Ninety percent of the time I was sent or not answered, this is normal.
I only needed those ten percent.
My ultimate dream was to find the one that wrote “I will calculate you and tell your parents what you are doing!” One such phrase introduces me to wild ecstasy.
This is the “extreme”, which I lack for pleasure.
I cannot explain the nature of this, but the fact remains. Transparent bra panty set online shopping india.

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I fell asleep waiting for tomorrow.

Somewhere in Middle-earth.
In short: All Middle-earth fell, Valinor did nothing to destroy the evil.
At this time, Sauron destroyed all remnants of the living and had fun.

A huge pit, square, covered with iron.
Galadriel, Arwen, and Eowyn were put in it.
They had long been sex slaves to orcs, but they were just orgies, this time it was something special.
All three woke up at the same time, they were awakened by the noise emitted by the orcs, they stood on the edge of the pit and yelled and squealed.
There were practically no clothes on them.
On Galadriel hung the remains of her transparent mantle, but now she was all white from sperm and was torn in front of her crotch and chest.
Arwen was wearing a wedding dress at the time she was traveling to Minas Tirith to marry Aragorn.
However, their path was suddenly interrupted by hordes of orcs rushed to their march.
The dress consisted of two parts.
Bottom immediately tore open her slender legs and two holes.
The upper one tore it hung on several threads; one of the breasts was bare, the second all the time popping out from under the remnants of the dress.

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Eowyn was captured on the Pellenor Fields and was there, in full armor.
Now, from that time on, she was almost naked, only a tunic was in her and that was all in holes and, besides, did not hide anything.
All three of them were chained to the walls, their hands could not move away from the head further than 20-30cm.
Suddenly he heard the sound of the Horn – the orcs subsided.
There was a loud and loud voice: he, something shouted and told after three minutes, he, finally, the verse and the forge again boomed.
The orcs immediately dropped their pants and began to masturbate.
All three girls looked at each other in surprise.
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Brother sister porn webcam. It was clear to her voice that she could easily give up slack, or in general for the sake of decency, she pretended to be hymen.
– Go look at Vitalik, and then look at me, and think about which of us wants it more and who among us will appreciate it.
Only after.
how I said it dawned on me that this phrase was quite tough in its essence and could scare Katya off.
But she seemed to decide even before I said this phrase.
She silently went to the bathroom.
After 5 minutes, she went out, looked into the bedroom to make sure once again that Vitalik was still asleep, and went into the kitchen.
She went to the music center and changed the music to a more suitable for something vulgar than romantic.
I noticed that she had already taken off her stockings.
Going to the table, she took a medium sized dildo, went to the center of the kitchen and knelt on the carpet.
Lowering her head and chest to the floor, she lifted her ass up, and I noticed that the point, shining from some kind of lubricant, she had already developed – this is what she did in the bathroom for five minutes. Brother sister porn webcam.

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She opened her eyes and saw her brother.
Standing in front of her with a big standing member.
“Suck him,” he said, grabbing her hair and pulling her head down to his cock.
– No, I do not want, not here, not now.
What if mom comes up here now? Fran tried to pull the hair out of his hands.
– If you are afraid that we will be caught, then you should hurry, and do everything so that I finish quickly.
Speaking, Jim continued to push her head to his cock, he sent his penis from which already began to ooze lubricant to her lips.
“Open your mouth and suck it, bitch, or I’ll stick your head in the toilet and keep it there until you drown, and then tell your mother that you committed suicide.”
Fran moaned and opened her lips.
Jim pushed his cock into her mouth and pressed her head so that he penetrated her throat, Fran with difficulty suppressed the urge to vomit.
Jim pulled out his dick and immediately pushed him back until his sister almost vomited again.
After ten or so movements, the muscles of her throat relaxed, and his large hard member effortlessly entered her mouth completely.
Fran ran down her cheeks from humiliation and shame, but her pussy begged for attention.
Fran felt her pussy getting wet and her juices running down her thigh.
She lowered her right hand down and rubbed the clitoris, which was already large and very sensitive.
The shame and humiliation felt her excited and her hand moved faster and faster until finally her orgasm shook her.

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Jim grabbed her hair and lifted her head up.
Fran just regained consciousness after orgasm, opening her eyes, she was blinded by a flash.
She tried

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to move away from the hard member in her mouth, but her brother again directed her head to the member, he watched her lips stretch as his member entered her mouth.
Jim leaned over her and began to fuck her mouth increasing the pace.
Fran felt his cock in her throat, she rubbed her clit.
Fran finished at the same time with his brother his hard cock pulsed in her throat, splashing sperm into her, and at that moment she finished, only a member in her mouth did not let her scream with pleasure.
Jim pulled his limp cock from her mouth, put on his underpants and headed for the exit.
“Hurry up, Fran, if you don’t want to be late for school,” he said, leaving the bathroom and closing the door behind him.
As the door closed behind him, Fran collapsed across the bath and began to sob.
Jim took the camera with him from the shelf, where he hid her and began to watch photos of his naked sister, sucking his dick while he was walking down the stairs.
When he went to the kitchen, he put the camera in his shirt pocket. “Good morning, mom,” he said cheerfully. “Good morning, dear, where is your sister,” Jim replied, smiling. “For some reason she decided to take a shower this morning. Jim shrugged. and poured himself milk in a bowl of cereal.
She walked to the door – FRAN HURRANTING AND RELAXING.
She shouted, and went up to the table, sat down beside her son.
Jim looked at his mother with interest.
He liked to look at her still elastic ass and her long legs, dressed in a short skirt.
He could only see the bra lace under her white blouse.
Several times he spied on her in the room when she was changing clothes, and saw her completely naked.
Jim knew that her breasts stood firm even without the support of her bra.
– Mom, why don’t I take her to school, then you can take the time.
Jim saw his mother’s sexy red lips relax and smiled.
– Thank you, dear, that you sometimes help me.
Are you sure you won’t be late for your class? Livejasmin support.

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What then, I ask, didn’t do it right away? Sometimes Oleg even regretted that Genka did not linger for ten minutes, but in the end he decided that it would be better to consider that there was nothing and forget everything, especially Katka seemed to have the same opinion.
And now Genka offers to openly swap wives.
Oleg was afraid.
that if everything works out then Katka, under this case, lays out that story to her husband and, which is much worse, Tanke.
However, still with a pitchfork it was written on the water, maybe Genk will sober up and think again tomorrow.
Although Oleg himself still wanted to fuck Katka in the present, slowly, in various poses on a normal bed.
The next day, Genk didn’t make himself known, and Oleg became firmly convinced that his friend had changed his mind.
However, two days later he rang the bell and demanded to meet in the same bar in the evening, vaguely hinting that it was necessary to clarify the details of the “same” contract.
– Well, Olezhek, did not change his mind? – the first thing he began to find out.
– It seems not yet.
That’s just, Gene, I sobered up a little here and now have absolutely no idea how to crank it.
– For this, I called you and.
We will think.
– Let’s think.
– Firstly, Genk sipped his beer – I came to the conclusion that if you just offer them, they would not agree.
My for sure.
– Mine too.
– So, we must not ask, but smoothly bring them to this after the fact.
So that if they come to their senses, it is already too late.

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– It’s obvious.
More specifically? – Well, uh.

it’s harder here.
Maybe get together, wine, candles, dancing.
you’re with mine, I’m with yours.
– No, it will not work.
They will be afraid of each other

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, even if they don’t mind at all.
What is also not a fact.
And in another room to lead away – the same thing, they will not go.
Now, if Katka and I would get drunk and fall asleep, but you wouldn’t.
– Also not an option – Henk frowned.
– Firstly, it is necessary to take care of health, secondly, then you will remain fucked, and then, suddenly, will your Tanka get drunk too? I am only ready to answer for myself.
Gradually from simple options friends moved to more complex, and then to completely fantastic.
Despite this, it was worthwhile for only one of them to suggest how the other immediately smashed his plans to smithereens.
– Then I do not know! – after a couple of hours, Oleg once again snorted – My fantasy has dried up, I can not offer anything more! – So you really offer! – Genka objected. – Olezhek, well, you yourself think, what kind of magic voodoo is here !? Shoot the fantasy! – Yeah, but how did he offer hypnosis himself? – Well yes.
– Slowed down the tone of Genk – This I got excited.
But in general, let’s have a beer and closer to reality.
– Yes, that does not work closer.
– Oleg sighed.
– And I know what I thought now? – Genka sipped from his glass – And why the heck did detailed plans for us? Here, for example, come on a weekend to our cottage! Kebabs there bathhouse.
In the bath it is necessary to undress, beer again.
– already half done.
And there it will be seen.
It will work out – well.
It will not work – then we will continue to think.
– Well, so be it.
– Oleg agreed, who also began to bother with unsuccessful attempts to invent something such – Let’s try.
They decided to try in two weeks.
First I had to bring Genkin’s dacha, which is in a state of permanent repair, into a more or less decent appearance.
Oleg, having stopped several times to help, with a special bias studied the bathhouse, sticking his nose into all corners.
– And here what? – he twitched incomprehensible door in the waiting room.
– Where? Webcam solo porn tube.

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The guy was lying and a girl was sitting over his face and moaning bit his lips and the second guy selflessly jerked himself and the guy who licked the girl after he went to the girl and gave it to her mouth and she sucked him right up to the very eggs and the guy was already shaking from such a movement and when his dick was in her mouth she said something like um-guuuuuuu (guttural sound) and the guy as a 1000 volt jumped back he said something to her and she again began to ugukat holding the dick in her mouth (that I understood it in the past year when I came across one avid miniethistochka which Such sounds brought me to a state of complete out, it was something that is difficult to describe.
) and then the one who licked up got up and asked what was the matter, too, gave her a dick in her mouth and after he got up and the girl swallowed him and just moaned, this guy already shuddered and he was the first to take off all his clothes attached to his bottom the girls began to move rhythmically, and the girl sucked and moaned no longer simply from pleasure.
After a few minutes of intercourse, the threesome changed her position – one guy lay down on the ground and the girl lay on him and they were in the 69 position and the second guy joined the girl’s bottom and began to fuck her periodically giving the guy who licked this girl.
In short, the first guy (who fucked chick) roughly finished half in a teen chick and half in his mouth and sat down with a groan on the ground, while at the same time the second got the chick to orgasm and got in the mouth of the first guy who sat and watched.

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and the chick at this time came up and began to help suck this guy.
And then the guy started to cum in the mouth of the second guy and, having grabbed him by the head, he just began to fuck him in the mouth.

And at this time we realized that they would soon have a rest and we could get caught and slowly dumped from there we rushed home to the chum that nobody had at home.
We went to him and started talking about what we had seen, and quite excited about the offer to try sucking each other in turns so that even if one sucks it nasty, so that the first one who sucks anyway sucks.
in short, we undressed and started jerking each other off (and we were sitting on the couch) and when our members were already quite excited, they decided that it was

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and my chum (let’s call him just Yura.
) bent down to the penis and took it in his mouth and sucked it several times and I felt such a fucking feeling that I could not say anything.
to the question how can I say nothing except that it is fucking and then I.
I said that I promised and should also suck and I bent down and felt some kind of salty smell and at the same time it was very pleasant (it sometimes smelled of my dick when I took it out to jerk off 🙂 it was in full tension and waited for me to take a member in his mouth and then I closed my eyes and bent down and licked it and then immediately swallowed it for the whole (or almost) length, and Yura at that time just shivered from the buzz and at that time I liked how he behaves and how his mouth feels.
After I nodded several times, I asked how it was and Yu said it was very nice and wanted more, but I suggested that we take it in turns.
And we sucked for several minutes with a jack and got great pleasure from each other from the members, but we didn’t finish it in our mouths, as long as we didn’t have semen, only small droplets appeared.
Then I still didn’t really understand what and how easy it was for us to enjoy and like it was that it seems like you have a girlfriend sucking and at that moment I represented exactly the woman kissing my dick. Live sex cam pay by phone.

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I checked the fish, turned it off and led my daughter to go to bed.
I read the next chapter of the next children’s work.
My daughter just fell asleep, as I heard a doorbell.
Looking at the clock, I saw that now only about nine.
Opening the door, I saw my new boss.
– Good evening.
– he said.
– It turned out to be free early, and I immediately come to you.
Do you mind? ”“ No, no, please go straight to the kitchen.
Everything was already set on the table, all that remained was to get the fish out of the oven, which I did.
– Well, everything seems ready.
– I said.
“Not really,” he said, and took a couple of bottles of cognac, wine and champagne from the bag.
– Now the finished composition.
We sat at the table opposite each other, only I had my back to leave the kitchen and the head – with his face. Masters of sex online stream.

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There was a hole in the door for an old key, but it was lost long ago.
“Now the girls will be coming up here” – it burned me.
From this thought, my pisyunchik stood on end.
I can see them all naked.
I got dressed slowly and waited for the moment when the doctors left the hall.
Arrow flew into the back room and stopped – come what may.
I hid in a corner and waited. Webcam multiple orgasm.

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