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She, still, not looking up, looked at me.
After a while, I slowly, and gently, began to take off her panties.
Everything happened in such silence that I heard the breath of Vika, Irina and Igor.
But I did not even look in the direction of my wife.
She wag her hips, raised her ass.
Having understood her call, I gently grasped her panties and pulled them down.
When the panties were done, my eyes had a neatly trimmed Vika pussy that captured and attracted me.
Suddenly, she squeezed her legs on the bed, threw off her shirt and stretched out her hands to my pants and unbuttoned the buttons and began to pull them off with me and my underpants.
I helped her, and after a moment, on the couch were two completely naked men: a man and a miniature woman.
I lay down beside me, brought my face close to her, saw her shyly glanced behind me, then closed her eyes, hugged me and pulled me to her.
I found her lips with my lips and began to kiss her.
She immediately responded to my kiss.
When the kiss was over, I wanted to make her happy, and quietly whispered: “I always wanted you as a woman, but I never thought it was possible.”
She kissed me gratefully.
Then she whispered: “they look at us.”
In response, I silently kissed her, she responded to my kiss, and her tongue penetrated into my mouth.
I was lying on her, and her body was tightly pressed into me, and although Vika was much smaller than me, it seemed to me that I was dissolving in her.
I did not react to the hands of Igor, who were ruling in full on my body.
My shirt was already completely unbuttoned, one breast was released from the bra, and the guy’s palm completely captured it.
His right hand, which had long since coped with the zipper of the skirt, penetrated the panties, the fingers tried to penetrate between my legs.
But I unconsciously squeezed my legs tightly, and without taking my eyes off the couple on the couch, I watched the action unfolding before our eyes.

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I saw Vicki look, which she threw in our direction, but was not embarrassed, did not look away and continued to look at them.
Igor slowly pushed me towards the couch, and by the time they were completely undressed, I was standing next to the sofa, putting my feet into it.
Igor, taking advantage of the fact that I had nowhere to move, finally penetrated with my fingers between my legs.
But my panties were constraining his movements, and I still squeezed my legs tightly.
His left hand completely freed my breasts from my bra; moreover, he somehow managed to unbutton him and he fell to the floor.
My breasts swiveled a little under their weight, and froze.
Unlike Vika’s breasts, they didn’t go in different directions, but pressed tightly together.
Without blinking, I watched as the husband caresses another woman,

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as she gives herself to his caresses, and she embraces and caresses him.
Between us there was less than one meter and I, who had never seen live sex from the side, without taking my eyes off, looked at them.
Her husband stopped kissing Vika, rose from her body and looked down.
I saw how his excited member swung and the thread of grease stretched from his head to Vika’s belly.
I was surprised that she did not close her eyes, but on the contrary, having opened them wide, she looked at her husband without stopping, as if she wanted to absorb everything that was happening.
Sergey sat on his knees between Vicki’s legs, and she still looked at him, his cock.
Then, invitingly, she spread her legs and bent them at the knees, silently inviting him.
She whispered something to Sergey, but neither he nor I understood what it was.
But it turns out that Igor understood everything well.
His right hand left my panties, dived into the pocket of his jeans, and he handed Sergey a condom.
Without looking, he took it, ripped the packaging and slowly, without taking his eyes off Vika’s eyes, rolled it over his penis.
She looked at him reassuredly, invitingly spreading her hips.
Suddenly, Igor recoiled from me, I did not react to his movement, continuing to look at the couple on the couch.
And when I felt his hands lay on my thighs, and my fingers, hooking the panties and skirt, pulled them down, I tucked my ass and tummy and at the same time spreading my legs a little, helped him with the movements of his body, dragging them down.
A second later, I stepped over a coward, tangled up on my ankles, sat down on the sofa next to Vika.
I saw how Sergey, having finished putting on a condom, took her by the hips and slightly raised.
His dick poked her crotch a couple of times, from which she flinched and a little painful grimaced. Teen cam dog sex.

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After all: as a “girl,” he wanted to insert Vaska in the ass – isn’t that a shame ?! It was a shame in front of Sanya, – the castle platoon Ivanov called him a brother: he singled out and respected: Valerka too, too, even! – suffered.
It seemed to him all morning that everyone already knew: But Sanya acted as if nothing had happened.
And everything was as usual: the salabon winked at him, the castle platoon shouted loudly: “Company, build below!” Build for breakfast: Everything, as before: Eased slightly from the heart – and suddenly the gray-eyed salabon felt in the soul like Sana for a smile and for the look he, Valerka, is grateful: Sanya is the best of the guys !.
And Valerka gradually began to calm down – after all, he didn’t fuck Vaska him: by God, he didn’t fuck, and he won’t say that Valerka was a motherfucker: he didn’t fuck, Sasha saw and, like before, he now smiled , and – as before! – he Valerke winked: Hope was a little warmer – it became easier for the kid.
– I thought you understand a joke.
And you immediately: immediately, fucking, began to break free, as if I was serious: Sorry, – said the Ulyudov again.
– And: I ask: do not tell anyone about what happened: “” To you: Sanya ordered? – suddenly Valery dawned.
– Sanya? He told you to: so that you apologize? “” He didn’t say, but he asked, “Vaska laughed nervously: Vaska lit up nervously: And Valerka thought: Sanya! Maybe he gave Vaska in the face: he made him: he! – Valerka I felt how easy it was: warmth in the world! What a buzz in the soul that there is a true friend: not these: not Ulyudov: Sanya is here, and he is a grandfather, and a castle platoon, and he will not give offense! Teen bdsm amateur webcam.

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I grabbed a new portion of snow with my hand, then another.
Do you want snow? I’ll give it to you! – NA NA NA! – I said, with a frenzy rubbing snow into my slit.
A powerful orgasm shook my body.
Like this! Yes! I proved to myself that I can’t hurt any frost! After such an extreme raid, now nothing scares me.
Scorning completely the frost, I took off my socks and threw them barefoot to the sides and went to the place where the towel lay.
Standing on a towel, I was wiping from the melted snow.
Steam was coming from my flushed body.
Frost shackled the skin of my body, my muscles, my hands did not obey, my toes and hands froze, and all movements were sluggish and were clumsy.
When I finally got dressed, I crossed the gap in the fence and went home on my stiff legs.
I was filled with pride in myself

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It was a feeling of complete satisfaction.
Then I thought that I wouldn’t have to expect anything more terrible from winter.
– Let’s show Ana how you like legs.
Playfully insistently sounded from her lips.
The word pierced me with an invisible ray of excitement.
From the ears that took these words, the wave passed through the whole body, instantly making the blood rush to the penis and simultaneously to the face, which after a moment became hot, and I felt the fever flared in my whole body.

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Describing these feelings now, I imagined how an armful of dry, red needles ignited with a match, with a bang, a bright flame and a burning heat.
Just as quickly burst out and instantly burned out, the blood drained from my face, but the penis remained firm and the ball of excitement burned me inside.
It was the words that excited me the most, the words spoken not even alone, but in the presence of a stranger, even an unfamiliar person, made me go through an explosion of emotions.
Now, when I am writing these lines, I am extremely excited, excited not in words, excited in the present, so I have to lightly correct an object in my jeans that is very closely there.
But what I felt at that moment was much stronger.
All this happened in some seconds, I stood stunned.
I understood perfectly and represented the meaning of her words.
For her, it was, of course, a game.
It is unlikely that she was just as excited by my passion, she knew how I am excited.
But she did not understand what drives me.
Did I understand myself? Sometimes she called me crazy.
Perhaps, but I did not think so, I just moved towards my emotions.
Anya, who was to witness this strange game, of course, did not understand in those few seconds the full significance of the words spoken to us.
Yes, it sounded somewhat unexpected and unusual, and she took the words as a play on words or something else, I don’t know.
And it is precisely further words and actions that should have revealed to her the true meaning of what sounded in her presence.
– My husband loves my legs – explaining or even more confusing the situation, she said the following words.
– Yes, husband? – He loves my legs very much.
fingers, every finger.
Anya looked at my wife with a smile, but still without a special shadow of embarrassment that she still had to experience.
I was in a state close to an emotional orgasm. Curvy busty models.

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Best porn webcam. She cried.
– Who is a jerk ?! – mumbled drunkard, breaking free from the hands of friends.
– Yes, you should not, Leshka, – said Petrovich, – go sleep it better.
“Let her at least suck him off, or else the kid will be offended,” said the giant mustache.
“I won’t suck him,” the mother objected.
Petrovich bent down to her and whispered in his ear.
I did not hear what he was saying, but mother agreed, they say, okay.
Probably Petrovich promised that if she sucked, they would immediately take the Buyan home.
The men led the bald man to his mother, who was sitting on the bench with her legs.
“She’ll suck you, just don’t touch her,” said Petrovich Lyokha.
– Suck, bitch.
– muttered Lech.
Mother disgustedly took in his hand a sagging, but long member and sent it into her mouth. Best porn webcam.

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Big ones in themselves, they were very large, because they were very widely spaced.
Gray-green, not very light, but some very transparent and therefore luminous, like spring ice on a river, pierced by a sunbeam.
But there was something else in them.
Eyes – a mirror of the soul? Probably the classic was right.
In any case, a reflection of whether a person has a soul or not.
In these eyes, the soul was.
Yes, her eyes immediately made a completely destructive impression on me.
Eyelashes, long and fluffy, like a tree in a winter forest, framed them with dignity.
And above, the brows were bent with absolutely correct wide arcs, which clearly did not know the touch of the tweezers because they were completely unnecessary.
Just some Hollywood, the right word! Actually – it seemed to me that I perceive in this face both the impeccability of the features of Sharon Stone, and the sensuality of Kim Basinger, and the inimitable charm of Michelle Pfeiffer, and the owner of this person was in no way similar to any of these movie stars – absolutely original and therefore even more amazing beauty! Until that moment, I knew for sure that the most beautiful woman I had ever known for all my nearly quarter-century dog-dressing practice – I knew in the sense not only personally, but also in bed – this is Jeanne.

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But that was only until the minute I saw this face.
Yes, but the most important thing – nothing, thank God, absolutely nothing in this face, or in the outlines of an elegant figure did not say,

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simply could not say that I could not stand in front of me, let’s say, not quite a woman.
My heart beat evenly, I thought that just to stare was becoming indecent, and I had already opened my mouth to say something, but then the girl broke the first silence: – Well, hello! Not disappointed? she said with a smile.
The timbre of her voice was also quite feminine, deep and very, very exciting.
– No, no, of course not! – I realized it, smiling at her in response to the most charming of my smiles.
– On the contrary, I am simply delighted, I am.
“That’s fine,” she interrupted me very nicely.
– Then pass, and for the sake of God, excuse me for this kind, dozed off while waiting for you.
“That you, you look beautiful,” I began to grovel, but she already gestured for me to enter the room, having passed by herself first.
A lit up floor lamp with the same boudoir red dim light illuminated the outlines of a small one, to match the entrance hall of the room, the whole situation of which spoke of its very definite purpose.
In the corner of the window, tightly curtained with heavy curtains, were a TV and a VCR, in the opposite – a small coffee table with a cassette and an ashtray on it and two chairs next to it. Xxx public webcam.

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They will fuck until she eats everything, to the last drop.
And they’ll fuck you too until she finishes! ”Jerry looked around at her mother, startled.
Valerie climbed onto the table, and when the other women turned the girl upside down, she sat down over her mouth.
At first she twice loudly and hard fart.
Then she began to growl and push.
Her anus opened more and more and finally, Jerry saw the end of an incredible poop. Big black boobs cam.

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I gently massage it.
Then smoothly and melen finger goes on.
And here she is a treasured wet crack.
From it flows a portion of yesterday’s sperm and female juice.
I was always amazed how her vagina could flow for so long.
She quietly moans and even more pressed in me.
My finger is immersed in wet flesh.
Hot, humid and cramped.
I am filled with desire.
Slowly afraid to wake her, I turn her back.
And spreading her legs start to caress the nipples of her breasts tongue.
They respond with hardness, quiet moans make it clear that she really likes this weasel! My tongue continues to walk on her tiny body, her flat tummy, the navel hollow are not ignored.
All this time she sleeps and smiles in her sleep.
She probably dreams something very pleasant.
But finally I get to the cherished goal.
Smoothly shaved pubis, soft sponges decorated from above with a nimbus of the clitoris.
This is the smell of a beloved woman.
He drives me mad, makes the most primitive instincts awaken.
I slowly stroke her crotch, groaning she instinctively spreads her legs wider.
It makes me, with ecstasy, nestle into her crack.
The tongue begins the dance, with her clitoris, with her genital lips, with her urethral orifice, penetrates deep into her vagina.
I revel in the juices of her pussy, one hand rests on her breast and massages her nipple, the other I caress her buttocks.
My finger again finds her anus, all wet from the flowing discharge, a little massage I insert my finger into her tight ass.
Her moans intensify, she presses my head to her, her body bends.
And she cums with a hoarse moan.
Finally, waking up from an orgasm, she opened her eyes and said: Good morning, darling! Hello! – I smile to her.
It was delicious! I dreamed that I was having sex with a huge bear! Well, the bear is just me! – I kiss her on the lips.
You simply charm! But now I caress you! I lay on my back and Irina settles at my feet.

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And she starts to caress me with her mouth.
Now her tongue was walking through my body.
Finally, sighing happily, she begins to kiss my dick.
Then confidently she swallows my dick.
She generally masterfully masters blowjob.
It is very pleasant to feel her tongue, hot breath and how her hair tickles my stomach.
Her tongue runs along the penis, plays with a hole, completely envelops the head.
Lips tightly squeeze the penis, and hands pleasantly massage the eggs.
I like to feel your cock in your mouth! You are a huge and strong man.
But when I have your dick, I feel like your sovereign.
After all, the most vulnerable part of your body is at my disposal! – Irina confessed to me once.
After a long caress, Irina quietly, gently parted the lips of sex, introduces my penis into her expiring vagina.
This moment is always exciting.
Irina freezes and falls with a hoarse moan on my dick, her vagina takes me in a warm embrace.
She always shaves her little crotch completely, and I can see how her sex lips cover my cock.
Irina begins to slowly ride my dick.
Sometimes in a fit of passion, she scratches my chest with sharp nails.
I feel her inner muscles gently massaging my dick.
I confess that before her I had both girls and women.
But none of them owned their vagina like my little wife.
They simply lay their legs wide apart.
But my favorite is just perfect.
Her narrow vagina takes me up with a tight and tender tube.
Irina relaxes tender muscles when she sits on my penis, and strains when she rises.
This is amazing.
I am sure that not every man can boast of such a wife.
Oh my dear, how big you are! Ltd! – with moans Irina continues to move smoothly and slowly.
Of course you want painfully squeeze into this woman, feel like a member rests on the uterus, but now I’ve left everything to my wife.
I could not stand this torture for a long time.
And hot sperm sprayed into the vagina.
Irina, feeling a sharp stream in herself, groans falling on me.
This moment is always exciting.
I feel her vagina being compressed, sucking the last drop of sperm out of me.
We freeze.
Enjoying the closeness of our bodies.
I put my hands on her warm buttocks and start to caress them.
Her hot breath pleasantly burns my skin, Irina begins to lightly bite my chest.
Loved how good

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to wake up with you! To love you! You are my husband! – she whispers to me words of love.
This is of course good! But you have to get up! – Irina rises and goes to the bathroom.
And more recently, everything seemed different.
It seemed to have something to catch on.
And today: Now it seemed that there are few things in the world, worse than being unnecessary to anyone.
Than aimless life.
3 Some people called to him, said something about what had happened. Sword art online sex hentai.

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Best trans cams. No, once took, do to the end.
I had to continue.
To make it easier for me, my aunt spread her legs apart, and, it seemed to me, a little wider than necessary.
Starting from my knees, I slowly moved my legs up.
Having reached the cowards, I, trying not to touch them, hastily completed the work.
My member by this time unless did not smoke, shamelessly sticking out melting.

I caught myself on the fact that for a long time I had unknowingly pressed myself against my tetiny leg.
– Not-ee, Vova, you fool around – your aunt’s voice rang out – you do it well, so as not to miss it anywhere.
Well, if you want it well, it will be good for you.
After putting caution in myself, I began to smear the cream at the very edge of the panties, sometimes climbing shallowly under them on the buttocks, and sometimes the hand slipped between the legs, feeling elastic lips of the labia under the thin fabric.
– Enough, Vova, enough.
– finally she said – now everything is fine.
And come on and I’ll mess you up? Giving her a tube, I lay down on my stomach, trying to position the protruding member so that it does not interfere too much.

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Aunt also decided to start from the back, but settled down in her own way – having thrown a leg over me, she pressed the crotch to my ass and began to smear.
She did it faster and better than me.
– Turn over.
she said, ending up with the back of my body.
– Maybe we should not? – I asked plaintively.
I didn’t want to lie down on her back with sticking out swimming trunks.
– Maybe I will sunbathe today? – It is necessary! Burn more, I’ll tell your mother? Turn over! Turning over on my back, I looked away at the sky, looking away, looking at the rare clouds passing by.
Without commenting on the swimming trunks standing by the tents, my aunt set to work.
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You will always flow when you see me.
When I smack you, rape you and fuck you with a strapon.
And not only them, the world is full of items that I can shove into your virgin ass.
When you lick my beautiful legs, when you crawl on my knees in front of me and beg you to fuck you.
With these words, she began nadrachivat pussy of Anastasia, pulling Anna by the hair.
Anfisa with one jerk tore off her panties and spat several times with relish.
She brought spitless panties to Anna’s lips.
– Open your mouth creature.
Anna tightly clenched her jaw.
Anfisa pulled her hair hard.
– Open your mouth, you fucking bitch !!! Anastasia did not want to take this filth in her mouth.
Anfisa smiled, – I am not the one who should be resisted.
She squeezed Anastasia’s hair even more tightly and hit her head on the table with all her strength.
A little thought she did it again.
If Anastasia had tried to do something before, now she could do nothing.
Her mouth itself opened slightly and Anfisa shoved in it, as deeply as possible, the slanted panties.
She ran her fingers over the plump lips.
– Suck the creature.
Anastasia had no choice, she began to suck on one finger after another.

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Anfisa souval in their mouth more and more, pulling the delicate tongue.
Already Anna sucked four fingers.
And Anfisa was holding her head by her hair.
The head just hung in Anfisa’s hand.
And sucked.
The tongue carefully slid on each finger.
Removing her slobbery palm from her mouth, Anfisa patted Anna’s cheeks.
– Good bitch.
Dubious compliment did not cause Anna any emotion.
She did not want to put up with her position and gathering strength to escape from the hands of the Mad Beast.
Panties in her mouth prevented her from breathing and excreted a lot of saliva, she flowed out of her mouth, flowed over her lips and chin.
Meanwhile, Anfisa began to penetrate Anna’s pussy, stretching

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Anastasia with her other hand by her hair.
Deeper and deeper.
Centimeter by centimeter.
And the whole palm was already there.
Anfisa began to fuck pussy with all palm.
Anastasia whined in pain.
The redhead beast frantically tugged at the gut of Anna.
Marigolds raked inside the pussy.
The next half hour, she besieged Anna’s pussy.
Then she shoved two hands at once.
Anastasia howled in pain.
Anfisa grabbed Anna by the hair and pulled at herself.
She raised her palm, all in Anna’s juices to her face.
– Lick it all bitch.
Anna began to lick the wet palm that had been inside her.
Her tongue slid between her fingers.
Slid on the nails.
She had to lick both hands.
– Very narrow.
However, we still have a lot of time for your cunt to grow to incredible dimensions.
Anfisa completely let go of Anna.
Exhausted body spread cancer on the table.
The face lay on the puddle of its drool. Premium porn online.

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Me: What’s the difference? Everywhere the same thing.
Only there go naked everywhere.
HE: Generally everywhere !? I: You, as if, fell from the moon! What, on the Internet never read about naturist resorts? HE: Well, it somehow passed me by, Dimych.
That’s why I ask.
Are you not hard to tell? I: Okay.
It’s simple: you take a tour, as usual, you fly, meet, bring, relax.
Everything, as elsewhere.
Only people walk around the hotel, in which the mother gave birth.
HE: And the juicy details? Me: And more specifically? HE: Well, like, – that everybody goes around? I: In the restaurant – in clothes.
The rest – yes.
HE: Cool.
Irka also goes naked? I: Of course! How is she better? Yes, and the point is to fly to the nudists, to walk in clothes!? On the contrary, the buzz, when I flew in, threw off my gear and walk for two weeks without dressing.
HE: Yes? – And in the canteen? I: These are trifles.
In addition, you can eat at beach restaurants, there is no need for clothes.
HE: Damn, funny! Straight so, naked and have lunch? Me: Naked, if it excites you so much.
Pour and look further.
HE: Yes.
I would also like to relax,

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just afraid.

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I: There is no one to be afraid of.
HE: No, I’m not talking about that.
I’m afraid the tower would have tortured me.
Well, I can not not look at naked women! I: So everyone is watching! HE: Yes? And the riser? With an erection how to be !? I: Turned over on his stomach, and all the cases.
Although, many do not care! – It is worth it and worth it.
HE: Yes, I see you, too, periodically, nevermind! Me: What is it? “I’m even excited about my wife, not someone else’s.”
HE: Are strangers not interested in you? And why are you on all the pics or standing or half-standing? I: And maybe I get high on this! – I love it when standing in the fresh air! And my wife likes it.
She constantly pulls me to the end, and that’s the riser.
HE: What, with all straight !? – Masturbates !? Me: Why jerks, definitely? Just touching.
She likes it when I have! HE: Yes, damn it! I’m behind the times.
And how do people react? I: Why people? There are people like me there.
Some come to the beach especially to masturbate on someone else’s chicks.
HE: For all!? I: Zaladil !! – It happens that with all.
Well, at different resorts has its own rules.
In Greece, for example, not a damn, there is a complete jerking off.
See for yourself.
HE: Stunned! Are you all fotkali? How is it possible at all to be photographed? Me: Well, as you can see, we have photos from everywhere! The main thing is that the people do not get into the frame, but they can also take a fotik.
HE: Listen, Dimych, but here you are together.
– This is how they shot? I: Yes, how!? – You approach a neighbor on the beach and ask him to press a button. Cam hub cc sex.

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Madam well trained Tanya and she did everything to show herself.
She always stood with her legs wide apart so that it was convenient to pull her hands on her lips and feel the entrance to her pussy, her hands were always behind her back, but so that they were busy slave holding them on her buttocks and when she was approached she diligently moved them apart access to the back hole of his body, and always invitingly open mouth beckoned men.
Small sponges were stretched so much that they could be hooked to different places on the belt and sip chaining allowed the girl to give a different shape to the “heart” of her pussy.
On the inner thigh of the girl, an additional tattoo also appeared, in the form of a male member, which will now enter her bottomless cunt. Korean webcam big tits.

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We were there.
Pour it.
I poured and remembered how they returned home that time.
(I already described this in one of my stories.
But I will describe in more detail. Returning from work late in the evening, I did not find my wife at home, and in the kitchen there were 2 empty champagne bottles, 1 vodka and 4 glasses! Then my heart sank, I went to the stairs and for a long time called the neighbor at the door, but no one opened me.
I did not sleep all night, waited for her, staring out the window, and by the morning I finally waited.
Somewhere around 5 o’clock in the morning a taxi arrived at our front door.
Two guys and a neighbor came out of it.
Judging by the way she wobbly, she was really drunk.
Then they opened the back door of the car, and my wife literally fell out of it.
The guys barely managed to catch her in her arms and then out of the car she was just unloaded as a bag of potatoes.
She was dragged under the arms to the porch, then the guys got out, got into a taxi and drove away.
I went to the elevator and waited.
When the doors opened, a horrifying picture opened up to me: drunken Ira, who was barely able to stand on her feet, tried to hold my wife, who was drunk, simply snapped at me and kept trying to crawl along the wall of the elevator to the dirty floor!
I’ve never seen her like this !!! I called her.
She looked at me with a sightless glassy look, without even realizing who I was.
But Irka saw me.

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She looked at me with muddy drunken eyes, tried to smile and say something.
Instead, she swung and released Lena from her hands.
That, having lost its only support, naturally, immediately fell out of the elevator and collapsed on the floor.
Realizing what she had done, Irka

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tried to correct her mistake and stooped to pick up Lena from the floor.
But the amount of drunk affected, it swayed strongly, and she barely kept her feet, leaning her hands on the wall.
So I had to raise my little drunk wife myself.
I barely lifted her off the floor and lifted her to her feet, leaning her back against the wall.
But even in this position she could not stand on her own and all the time she strove to sit back down on the floor, so I had to keep her upright.
Lenka looked just awful: her clothes were all crumpled.
The skirt was worn backwards, the jacket was half tucked into the skirt, half full and not fastened with just one button, so you could see a side-bodied bra that fell out of one breast.
Lipstick mixed with sperm was spread all over her face, her hair was also all wet from sperm.
From her just smelled fumes and the sharp smell of someone else’s sperm.
Where have you been! – I screamed at my wife and shook her properly in a fit of rage seized me.
She came to herself for a while, opened her eyes, and with difficulty focused her eyes on me.
It seems that she even recognized me because she tried to say something, but could not, but only burst out drunkenly and let her spit.
It was completely useless to talk with her further in this state, and I dragged her home.
Irka, having seen that I was engaged in Lenka, considered her mission to deliver the drunken friend to her house as completed and hobbled to her.
Holding the wall with both hands so as not to fall, she reached her door and began to rummage through her purse in search of a key.
Oddly enough, she found it.
After a few minutes of fussing, she managed to insert the key into the lock and open the door.
Yes, that’s what experience means! Irke is not the first time to return home in this state, and the autopilot worked for her perfectly. Video chat xxx live.

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The guys rather quickly washed off the sticky remnants of the cream and more and more helped Tanya to wash, which was more like a poorly concealed attempt to get directly acquainted with the structure of the female body.
At first, Tanya helped the guys, mostly Vita, to get used to the new role, directing the movements of their hands, and when everything began to pass more naturally, she began to caress their strong muscular bodies more and more often below the belt.
When there was clearly nothing to wash off and the caress began to take on a frank character, the whole trio moved to the center of the bathroom and the guys began to take turns kissing Tanya, caressing her chest, thallium and thigh, until really daring to take on more candid caress.
Tanya, responding to their kisses with her characteristic passion, immediately began to pay attention to their strong penises.
Naturally, soon, dropping to her knees, she took turns taking the guys guys into her mouth, each time increasing the depth and rhythm more and more.
Feeling their growing passion, Tanya abruptly stood up and, embracing Cyril and Vitya, carried them both with them to our bedroom.

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A little dazed from what he saw, I see that my girl now looks completely satisfied.
her skirt suit.
as if to say less.
“a little dented.”
her jacket lies next to me – she threw it to me when

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she was fucked in two holes.
skirt pulled up to the waist.
bra still in place.
but the panties.
they are of such form.
that you can push aside strongly on the ass.
and it won’t hurt.
I bought her in my time in Germany in a sex shop, very elastic.
The finger enters into his crack, full of sperm.
pulls back.
and licks it.
(Get yourself a Russian virtual lover-davalku! – good advice) I get up from my chair.
I never finished.
just some kind of creepy overexcitation.
but never finished.
walk over to her.
I see her labia reddened.
they are very stressed.
I substitute the head of the penis to its heart and with a sweep I enter into its flesh.
how wet inside.
after each frictions.
A little alien sperm comes out of her vagina.
I never experienced such a thrill of having sex with my beloved.
even when you first made love to her.
I can not long and convulse finish in it.
“Darling, did you like it?” – says Ksyusha.
(He put his wife under the other and was satisfied! – approx.
) I seem to be speechless.
I do not say a word.
and stupidly lean back on the couch.
Such is the beginning of the working day.
How could this happen – I do not understand.
In every woman an insatiable female slumbers for the time being.
although sure that she loves me.
but today there was an inexplicable event that completely reversed our sexual life with Ksyusha.
What events will follow this – find out later. Porn actress model.

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She saw her mother, completely naked.
Her legs, tied to the legs of the table, stood on the floor.
Carrie’s belly was lying on the table, and her hands were tied to his front legs.
The woman, who was standing behind her, inserted a thick artificial penis into it.
Carrie was wearing a bandage and her mouth was gagged.
“Do you know what this woman does to your mom?” Judy asked in a whisper. Real brother sister sex webcam.

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The class.
– The son began to knead mom’s ass, as well as at night it hurts and powerfully.
– Did you have anal sex? Ira remembered all the lessons about anal sex, all the workouts in the bathroom that made her go through the puppeteer.
Although she did not want this now: – Yes, son.
Your dad and I practiced it.
– Lied Ira – But you have not yet been to.
you understand? – In the pussy? From the word “cunt” through the body of Ira ran a shiver.
Hearing it from my son was like a slap in the face.
– Not!.
That is, yes.
Yes Yes Yes! Take me in.
pussy! – Will it hurt your ass? – Ignoring my mother continued Sasha.
– Highly! – I have never tried in the ass.
I want to go there! Say what to do.
– Okay, let’s go to my room.
I have anal lubrication.
Ira rose, feeling a member pressed to her.
All she thought about was the consequences.
With her fate she resigned.
But son, his sexual addiction.
They must be changing before her eyes.
What he could dream of in thoughts until his death, but never afford.
What he wouldn’t have thought of before.
All this will now become available for him and with time ordinary.
What he will expect in the future from girls of his own age, from those with whom he falls in love or even marries.
Only now did Ira understand what she could turn her son into.
She pushed away from her son and quickly went out into the corridor.
– I’m in the bathroom, get ready.
Wait for me in the bedroom.
In the bathroom, Ira grabbed a mobile.
Closing the door behind her, she began to speak into the void.
– At the cost of the life of one son YOU break my eldest.
Me, me, me.
I can not.
– Ira fell to her knees and wept.

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The telephone rang.
– Hello.
– You play with the devil.
Do you understand this? – I’m ready for anything! Only children.
Do not trap them.
I’m ready for anything.
– In the tube there was a woman crying.
– You will be sold into sexually slavery.
Somewhere east.
Twenty men a day at least.
Until your very death, plus you will probably be put on drugs

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And you will never again return and see your homeland and sons.
You will die a couple of years from the drugs in some brothel.
– Will you cure the younger one? Do not touch Sasha? I agree.
I agree on everything! Just take me away now! Do not let this happen.
“Cry into the phone again.”
On the other side of the tube, the puppeteer looked at the monitors.
Ira was hysterical.
Through the sobs came the pleas.
On the other hand, Sasha was pressing his ear.
His lust is gone.
He even began shyly covering his nakedness with his hands, as if embarrassed by this.
On his face was remorse.
He did not hear the conversation in the bathroom.
He heard only her howl.
– I like what I see.
– I heard it on the phone.
– I have not seen this before.
After a pause, the voice continued.
– You are free.
I will continue to observe how your relationship will develop.
But you are free from all my orders.
Now I am interested in this.
And do not worry, I will fulfill my obligations under the contract.
– Thank you – Yele squeezed Ira.
Having received approval from his ward, he began to push her buttocks wider and wider in order to better see the diamond star.
Gradually, he began to rub and massage the mysterious place next to her, which was hidden under these buns.
Rubbing his deep hollow with his palms, he instinctively strove to touch the well-desired, pink hole.
Then again taking the bowl of oil, he sent a thin stream to the place where the two hemispheres converged.
Having plunged his palm edge between them, he began to drive the bud with a knife, cutting deeper and deeper into her buttocks.
His movements became longer and longer with each approach, and the little finger almost reached the upper arch of the labia.
Under the influence of his slippery and this gentle palm, the anus unwittingly began to relax, absorbing the viscous nectar of lavender.
Having tasted pleasant feelings, he was ready to submit to any whims of an experienced massage therapist, who all annoyed and annoyed sawed a woman into two halves. Turkish webcam porn.

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From this I began to moan, getting orgasms one by one.
The lubricant flowed so abundantly that a speck formed on the water.
Feelings increased when another slippery tentacle began to rub my secret hole, smoothly plunging into it.
I felt so good that I jerked in my spasms.
The sounds of the squish, my moans and moans of this creature turned me on even more.
It seemed to me that I, too, become a monster, a sexually-anxious monster, to whom everything was little and little sex.
And now four tentacles moved rhythmically, three in me and one fussed over the clitoris.
The next three tentacles ran into my chest, one rubbed between my beautiful breasts with pink nipples, which grew like bumps, and two more just worked on my chest.
Twisting their breasts, they rubbed my nipples in a circular, back and forth and all sorts of eights and curls.
I was all in sex, I soared without any thoughts.
Now nothing besides me and my tentacles was in my head.
It was the highest euphoria and I wanted more.
And then several tentacles began to penetrate into me, two in the mouth already three in the ass and four in the vagina.
I already lost count of how much buzz I received today.
And that’s it! I began to feel that the tentacles began to swell.
It became very painful and not at all pleasant, especially when some gray liquid filled me with fountains.
Taking out one tentacles, the creature picked me up by others.
I was bleeding the whole of this strange sperm, exhausted, I lost consciousness.
I woke up from the noise of the surf on the coast of some island, completely naked and in some strange, dried-up crap.
I was not immediately remembered.
But when I remembered what happened, I jumped from a sandy beach.
I began to go there – back, not understanding how I was here and in general, where am I? I found my clothes a little further away from me.

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Most importantly, the panties remained intact! It even made me laugh somehow.
She pulled on her pants, put on a ragged shirt, one name remained of her trousers, put on her rubber boots, got up from the sand, turned around and.
The black people, in some sort of feathers of skinning and foliage, flew at me from the natives.
I screamed, fought back – did not help.
And then it all started again.
Flew my “clothes”, shoes.
They pawed me by the nipples, stuck their tongues wherever possible and impossible.
Then followed their members.
They were absolutely not small, the smallest was about 30 cm.
But after the fact that today or yesterday, in general, it does not matter what happened, I was no longer scary.
I had to endure and this, despite the fact that everything was terribly sick.
I jerked off their huge cocks with my hands, doing two to the natives immediately.
Below me and behind me fussed two more.
They did not move legibly fast, and most importantly,

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they all tried to shove their ogrigaty as deep as possible into my mouth, vagina and anus.
At first it was very painful for me, the tears flowed on their own, but then again I began to get orgasms.
The natives fussed around me, arguing in their own language, who was next and what place would I have.
But I did not care, the main thing was to have fun.
I was already full of sperm and tired, as I heard the shots of some machine gun and shouts in my native language: – Let’s go away !!!.
Scum dirty !! Adeline, is it really you ?! Dear Mends, I’m glad to see you! He took me in his arms and carried him somewhere.
On the way, he asked me about my “voyage”: How did you get here, Adeline ?! I do not know.
What about the capsule? Something went wrong? What’s the matter? I do not know, something broke the elluminator and the program got off.
I remember how I covered a hole with my back so that the water did not get inside, and how the capsule began to fall to the bottom.
nothing else.
I deliberately lied to him.
I decided to leave it to my secret, so that no one dares to call me crazy.
When I recovered, I learned that some of the team managed to escape the lifeboats.
On these boats they got to this island.
Here they settled down.
Among them were four men including my now Mends and three women.
What happened next? You will soon find out.
The pastry shop belongs to my sister.
She is not there now and I have to watch how things are going. Hot lesbian porn online.

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And that’s all.
HE: So you are worth it! I: So what? As a rule, the neighbor, by the time we ask him to take a picture, is also worth it.
We are not asking for anyone.
HE: So he gets up on your wife !! I: Igor, you now also have my Irku, if you have not noticed yet.
So what!? Should I fight with you? Or on my wife, no one can not get up? HE: I have one thing.
I: Yes, there is no difference, Igor.
Especially when you deliberately sunbathe on a nudist beach with your wife.
Some go there to sunbathe naked, others – to look at these naked.
And everyone understands this.
Those who are not ready to understand, do not go

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And that’s all.
HE: Well, I just thought that there must be jealousy, perhaps, some kind.
I: If there was jealousy, we would not be nudists, Igor.
HE: Well, – I understood.
But with the photos I did not understand.
Are you asking you to take a picture, right? Complete strangers? I: Exactly.
– Men, as a rule.
HE: And here someone shot you too, right !? Me: Right.
What is confusing you? What is my wife holding me by the balls? HE: Well, that is what confuses me.
Doesn’t it bother you at all that a stranger looks at you, and even takes pictures when you are pawing each other !? I: We do not “paw each other”, but caress, by the way! A little bit.

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HE: But with a stranger! Me: So this is funny, my friend! Irka is holding me by the balls, and the person who is shooting us at this time, dreams of her holding him so.
– Got it? HE: No.
Not understood.
Maybe I’m stupid !? And on this photo? Me: And what bothers you about her? At first, Irka touched me, now I am her.
How else can we convey this in photos? HE: Yes, no, – only an outsider bothers me.
He sees it all.
How do you grab her boobs! And what does he think about it? Me: He thinks that he needs to be in my place.
That he himself, with pleasure, squeezed Irkin’s chest.
What else should he think? We are pleased, he too.
We still have photos for memory, he has – pleasant impressions from what he saw.
You, by the way – too.
HE: Yes, there is no talk about me! I something that !! I: Then sit, enjoy.
Here again, Silver Bor has gone.
HE: Good there with you.
Maybe pour? I: Sure.
HE: Seryoga again! – Does he live there or something, on your beach? Why is he hugging Irka !? I: Well, I wanted to hug, and hugs.
HE: And who shoots? I: I
HE: And you calmly shoot, as someone hugs your naked wife !? Me: Well, this is not “someone”, but Seryoga, by the way, is your friend too.
And I don’t see the difference whether my wife is dressed or not dressed when one of my friends hugs her.
HE: You want to say that if I, for example, climb a hug to your Irka, will you not mind? I: And when are you going to crawl to her with hugs? – Now !? HE: She is not here now, how can I get to her? Free online games of sex.

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For some time, Anya was in a stupor.
Did she not know whether to tell him the truth that she was from another world or to lie? Believe the truth? But he immediately see through a lie, just catching it on not knowing the world around it.
Under his gaze did not want to lie, I wanted to obey him so that he would protect and protect.
The skin went goosebumps.
Taking herself in hand, Nastya told him that she was born in another world, after death she was already in it.
He listened carefully and invited to the fire.
Anya timidly approached, covering her vagina with her palm, and her hand over her chest.
He, with a very serious air, offered a hand so that she sat down leaning on him.
Slowly, Nastya accepted his offer.
The fur on his leg was pleasant to the touch, and his muscles were stiff.
She sat in a lotus position (practiced yoga), not because of convenience, but to make an impression.
Stretched her arms to the fire.
The Wolfman threw wood and brushwood, after which he sat with his back to Nastya and his face in a dark forest.
The rain poured down in buckets, but the thick crowns of tall trees let only the spray of water to the ground, evaporated from the heat of the fire not reaching its skin.
The stormy wind bent the trees.
Lightning flashed.
A second later, deafening thunder rumbled.
Nastya flinched strongly, but did not cry out.
After a short silence she asked: What is your name? – he started and looked over his shoulder, said: There is no habit among the people to ask for the names of ashhulay.

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I’m from another world! There are no nations at all except people! And we consider it impolite not to ask for names.
those who have helped.
So, what’s your name? And who are these.
Sorry, did not remember.
– Wolfman turned and stared with his piercing eyes.

She warmed between her legs.
“What do I want this animal !?” – a thought flashed through the girl’s head.
She was confused.
After a moment, he said:
Ashhulay means enslaved by the empire.
Human empire.
– slowly turned back and added, looking at the wall of trees, – My name is Act.
Hi, and my Nastya! – he did not answer, only nodded his head.
Nastya did not spread about enslavement.
She asked with hopelessness in her voice: “Is there no clothes or no bed?” Having received a negative answer, she took a deep breath.
It was uncomfortable, the face was warmed by the flame, and the wind was chilling by the back, fine rubbish unpleasantly pricked.
Having sat like this for about an hour, Nastya was tired and lay down near the fire, curled up with shrimp.
I closed my eyes and wished good

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night to Atka.
He thanked and wished the same.
Nastya was shivering from the cold, twisting and turning this way and that, for about an hour and a half, until, hugging her from behind, she sat down on Atku.
Nastya twitched, but he explained: “It will be so warm.” Reassured, she finally dozed off in the ring of his hands.
His fur pleasantly caressed his skin.
Surprisingly, it smelled of something like moss, wool and something else bestial, elusive, from which he wanted him to press even more strongly to his chest.
Nastya woke up at night, feeling the Atle’s hand in a dream lay on her chest.
The fire burned out, only smoldering coals, unfortunately, the storm continued to run amok, the wind still bent the tops of the trees, but not so much as at the beginning.
The water dust settled on her, giving rise to flocks of running goosebumps.
Nastya wanted to gently remove his hand from her chest, but realized that he was not sleeping: she was breathing heavily and fidgeting with her legs. Livejasmin credits gratis hack generator tool.

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What he felt now is impossible, simply impossible to describe!
But somehow I didn’t want to miss this opportunity.
Or rather I wanted to run and fuck with the whole world! Where to begin?.
Well, of course, from the cherished dream !.
Andrew drove to the airfield, and quietly sneaked into a cargo plane.
In time, they took off.
Andrei entered the cabin.
The two pilots were clearly surprised by the presence of an outsider.
But they were just surprised, and in no way were scared.
Andrei noticed this, and glorious pilots swooped up in his eyes.
I heard a mat.
Clearly addressed to him.
But Andrew did not hear that.
He considered the pilots.
And he was lucky, both were – super! Luxury handsome men !! Andrei with great difficulty touched both of them, and in no time they changed their anger to mercy.
Oh, and not just mercy.
Together, with double strength, with the force of two powerful males, they piled on Andrei, and easily broke off his clothes.
“Brave” pulled out their members.
One touched the head of his penis to a member of a partner.
And they easily lifted Andrew and immediately planted on two members.
All three of them even managed to kiss somehow at the same time.
The pilots lifted Andrew and impaled.
Andrew moaned.
“Yes Yes!” – was heard.
“Yes!” With moans, shaking their bodies, the pilots began to finish inside Andrei.
And Andrew – never touching his cock with his hands – began to cum hard.
No hands! His cock vibrated and shot cum.

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“Aaaaaaaaaaaa !!!”.
For so violent sex, everyone even forgot that they were not in the room or in the park.
they are on the plane.
“Under sexual hypnosis,” the pilots forgot to turn on the autopilot, and unfortunately, the plane.
“kissed” the ground.
When Andrei opened his eyes, he realized that he had hit.
in hell! Strange place.
No, there were no boilers and hellish flames.
But then there were “strange” men.
Or rather the assistants of Satan.
They were like ordinary men.
Or rather, as very, very “smart men”: beautiful, tanned bodies.
Beautiful breasts, strong male legs and arms.
Many had unusually attractive “triangular silhouettes”; some had thin waists and broad, very broad shoulders.
Someone was completely naked; and someone had tied short towels on a belt; and these towels gave over sexuality to their masters.
Oh, how very, very much wanted to look.
One thing was different.
But if you forget about the horns, you could decide that Andrew went to heaven.
“Devils” were lustful.
Around Andrew quickly “grew up” gangbang.
Someone sucked his balls, someone jumped on his penis.
Someone finished sperm on his chest, someone on his face.
After a while, having enjoyed a hot and passionate company, Andrew decided to take a walk and look around.
On the way, he met a man from the bar.
This time they chatted more friendly.
As if everything that happens is in the order of things.
Met Andrew and the “main fucker.”
It was a prominent cable! Very prominent !! He had huge horns; stern, manly face.
There was a ring in each

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And it is better to say: on the mega-ring.
It seemed that he had removed them from the massive doors of hell (although Andrei had not seen them, but he thought that now the doors were exactly without “handles”).
The rings were larger than the fist; and thicker than a finger! But perhaps the true dignity of the “main fucker” was not these rings.
And his – CH L EN! Now he was standing !.
But he always stood !! MEMBER was probably half a meter long! Or more.
And the thickness.
and the thickness – it seems that this is not possible to accept.
Not possible! Real live sex porn.

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She pushed us apart and inserted it into Sasha’s pussy.
With her she did not stand on ceremony, as with me, drove as deeply as possible.
Sasha’s legs were twitching from her movements, and it was the last thing to continue to caress, unless, of course, you want to knock out your teeth.
Dima began to play the language with Sasha, but I joined up with Zhenya from behind, entering the beat with her movements.
I have not recovered from an orgasm yet, so I began to massage her soft breasts, caressing the tongue of her ears.
For a while the brunette continued to watch her girlfriend fuck, but then she turned to me and began to furiously suck with me.
We changed positions several times: My wife wanted to fuck Sasha and a dog, and so that she jumped on a strap-on, Dima and I rushed around these gurias, enhancing their enjoyment of each other.
At the end of the girl was tired, Zhenya pulled out the day from Sasha’s broken-down hole, and her friends disappeared into the bath.
Out of the corner of my eye, I noticed that Dima was already standing, he clearly wanted to continue and looked at the girls who were hiding in incomprehensible ways.
I woke up when he poked a member in my mouth.
I sat down in front of him and opened his lips, Dima put his cock in me, grabbed his head with his hands and started fucking me.
I do not know what pleasure he got from this, I really couldn’t even caress his tongue.
Although, perhaps, in this way, he simply maintained an erection before the arrival of one of the girls, without risking cumming.
Dima has already managed to fairly process my mouth when Sasha came in and said that Zhenya wants me to join her.
I let the penis out of my mouth, the girl took my place, but I went to the bath.
Eugene, it seems, was going to punish me severely for what I finished at the wrong time.
She sat in a large bath filled with water, told me to sit across from her.

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At first she demanded that I lick her legs.
For me, Wife was only a pleasure for me – I liked this girl very much.
She then let me caress her, then brazenly shoved the legs into my mouth.
Then she demanded to lick her ass again.
I continued to sit in my place, and Zhenya got more comfortable in front of my face.
Her position was amazing, her buttocks were completely moved apart, and I had nowhere to go except to lick the waiting ring of the anus.
It was a bit of a strayer, the girls seem to have a lot of fun without us.
I decided that the ass in the bathroom was clean enough, so I not only licked around the hole, but also penetrated into Eugene, judging by the moans, she liked it.
Finally, she decided that was enough for me.
I took out a condom, I sat on the edge of the bath, she pulled a rubber band on my penis and sat down on top.
For all the time we fucked, she did not break our kiss.
Because of her insistence, I risked moving back to the bathroom.
Sasha came to us, but Zhenya asked her not to interfere.
When I was ready to finish, Zhenya got off me, pulled off a condom and swallowed a member, allowing me to cum in her mouth.
I was even a little hurt

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that I poured all the supplies on my stomach then, now I would fill my entire mouth with sperm.
But she seemed pleased, swallowed everything that I released into her and left the bathroom.
Sasha and Dima were resting in the room.
The guy said that it would not be bad to have a bite to eat (we were already fucking a decent time), and in the fridge it was almost empty.
We decided to throw off a little and send the girls for groceries, they themselves volunteered.
When the girls left, Dima gathered in the shower, called me with him.
I understood what it meant, but I still had nothing to do.
While he was washing, I was able, finally, to suck him normally, without his adorable sex in the mouth.
I licked the head, sucked it, bit it slightly, sank down the trunk to the testicles, came back again, swallowed its cock, then started to suck it frantically.
Dima suggested I have sex in the bathroom, I was not against it.
He sent the shower a little to the side, so as not to disturb us, I settled on the opposite end.
My ass has not yet moved away from Eugene’s strap-on and took Dima’s cock with constant pain from every movement.
I liked it, pictures from porn films appeared before my eyes, the blissful faces of girls when they tore at their butts.
The members were huge, and they asked for more and more.
I was in the same position, so I asked Dima the same.
He pounded his cock to the very depth, moving faster and faster, his ass was burning, and I was euphoric.
Sasha glanced over to us: “Oh, you are fucking again? Lesbian latin amateur watch webcam.

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