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In response, a team of law enforcement forces was sent to arrest the storming demonstrators and put them in jail, in this case on a swing, there are more places and they will not be able to turn them over.
The security forces of the mountain order, represented by two men, seized the hooligans and cheering girls in their arms, carried them to the place of detention, and the court continued its work under the mischievous and very witty cries of misbehaving swaying on a swing. Mia khalifa porn video online.

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While she could be engaged in embroidery, and I watch her beautiful face, which brings me pleasure already more aesthetic than erotic.
Half of my life connected with poetry was indifferently rejected by N.
The other half remained – love, in which the thrill of sensations disappeared, and therefore passion gave way to tenderness.
But only in the thrill of sensation, we find ecstasy.
I, proud of my fame as a lover, no less than with poetic fame, I did not find a place in my family life for my career.
I witnessed my vanity with her beauty, kindness, and innocence.
But innocence gradually became coquetry, kindness became sentimentality, and beauty became habitual for me and therefore imperceptible.
Only when everyone admires the beauty of N.
, I feel pride, which, alas, is increasingly turning into jealousy.
For the first time in my hectic life, I began to fall asleep and wake up with the same woman day after day.
The sweetness of novelty always quickly lost its charm for me, and I, without thinking, changed my mistresses or added to one another.
I regretfully understood that it was not fitting for a married person to do that.
The difference between a wife and a mistress is that my wife and I go to bed without lust.
That is why marriage is holy, that lust is gradually being supplanted from it, and relations become either friendly or indifferent, and often hostile.
Then the naked body is no longer considered a sin, because it does not lead to temptation.
Sometimes I experienced peace, quiet joy, looking innocently at my Madonna (after all, this is the only way to look at Madonna).

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Lust became a small part of our lives, for the most part was our cohabitation, full of worries and trifles; cohabitation, seducing passion.

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unpardonably, but inevitably I began to be taken for granted.
I looked at the dagger, peacefully hanging on the wall, and thought that I no longer see the “love battle”, nor feel the smell of hot blood.
There is no better place to indulge my passion in watching other people’s pleasures.
Is not this the most striking example of humanity, when someone else’s pleasure causes me to enjoy not less strong pleasure?
If you see the grief of a stranger to you, then the sympathy you feel cannot be compared in strength with the feelings of the sufferer.
So in the joy of success in the service field: the person who achieved them, will be much happier than the outsider well-wisher who had heard of these successes.
But when we see other people’s love pleasures, they not only cause pleasure in us, but our pleasure is not weaker, and sometimes stronger than the pleasure of participation.
I am convinced that in the world there is no more beautiful picture than the kind of fucking diving and emerging from the pussy.
And you can see it in all eyes only by watching from the side.
When you fuck yourself and step back to look at a miracle, you always see the sight from above – not to see how your eggs crawl along her crotch.
You can, of course, trick with mirrors, but this is not it.
In addition, when you fuck, you are too passionate about the feelings of dick and can not fully surrender to the sight.
Therefore, as a spectacle, I am more worried about someone else’s dick, entering his pussy than my own.
No wonder the ancient Romans demanded not bread and pleasures, bread and circuses.
My passion for shows prepared me an acquaintance, which can now turn into my death.
Sofia Astafyevna has a special room, in the wall of which a peephole is made.
It is allowed to look for a special fee.
Random customers go to this room, frequent guests can occupy the next room and watch the action.
That evening I took with me Nina, the craftswoman.
I put her on my knees in front of me, and she knew what to do and knew perfectly.
While Nina was zealous, I clung to the peephole, and saw Lisa, jumping on some “stallion”.
The girls were trained, being in the viewing room, to unfold the working part to the eye, and put a candlestick next to it.
I saw Lisa’s pale ass with a pink pimple on her left buttock.
She bent over her guest, and her cunt with the cock sliding in it sparkled.
Whenever the dick got out of her pussy to dive deeper again, he pulled out a fringe of shiny red entrails.
Plunging, he shoved them back into the depths. Webcam first time squirt.

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Slightly removing me, she threw off her robe, all that was under him, pantyhose, and remained in her bra, who could not hide her big breasts and shorts.
Then she pulled them off.
I want you to lick my ass.
With these words, she knelt on the couch and bent down.
She moved her little knees, took a comfortable position, clasped the buttocks with her hands and pushed them away.
As enchanted, I looked at her anus, heavily overgrown with black hair.
Under the black sprout just below looked huge labia.
It was noticeable that she cut off the intimate hairstyle with scissors.
On the hips, the hair was shaved, a thick, black, smooth triangle was formed above the pussy.
But scissors obviously did not reach the ass.
Lick, well.
I do not know when Aunt Tanya was in the shower, but obviously not in the last half hour.

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She leaned back toward my face, and my mouth found itself in a shaggy, fragrant, fat ass.
I stuck out the tongue and licked my anus through my hair.
BUT! – Zanyla Tanya.
– BUT!!! With the tip of my tongue, I licked her anus, Aunt Tanya accompanied my every movement with a powerful cry.
Her hands squeezed her large breasts with force, her bra parted under her pressure, and her breasts hung loosely downwards.
Lick it! Lick !! Lick !!! And I licked, and she screamed and pulled her tits.
Her orgasm was stormy, she screamed, twitched, howled, and crumpled her breasts so that I was afraid, she would tear them off.
What was my surprise when after that she wanted more.
Lie down on the couch on the back.
Get down, honey.
I silently settled down and saw how Aunt Tanya perched on me back to me and my face covered with a huge juicy crotch.

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“If only I didn’t crush!” – a thought flashed through my mind.
But Aunt Tanya knew how to measure the pressure with the rhythm.
Moderately pressing me down, she crawled over my face, then substituting the clit for caress, but sitting down on her nose with her ass, but catching her chin with her vagina.
My entire face was wet from her discharge.
She crawled and screamed, crawled and screamed.
And her second orgasm was even stronger than the first.
In convulsions, she pressed my mouth with her vagina, I felt the strongest contractions of her muscles, to the beat of her moans.
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And we have already returned.”
I waited some time until Dima finished, I kindly put my mouth up.
Spent some time to clean up.
When I came to the kitchen, Sasha and Dima were stealing pizza for a couple, Zhenya was busy with drinks.
The girls already undressed when I entered.
I spent about a minute to kiss a brunette.
Judging by the taste, he and Sasha licked well before calling us.
We had a snack, had some rest, but obviously we didn’t want to disperse to everyone.
I decided to continue the party, so I just stood up and poked a member on Zhenya’s cheek.
She first looked at me in misunderstandings, but then Dima’s dick poked into her, and didn’t like it.
She liked the attention, she sucked me and then Dima, nadrachivaya both of us.
Sasha at this time looked at us and masturbated.
Then she settled on the table, legs apart in front of Zhenya.
Dima went to the free mouth of Sasha.
To lick her friend, Wife had to bend down, exposing her ass, too appetizing looking.
I first habitually licked it, then, after spending another condom, I started to enter it.

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looked at me over her shoulder in surprise, I just slapped her hard on her ass, they say, the hour of reckoning has come.
I fucked Eugene slowly so that she should enjoy the movements of the dick in the ass, feeling the sweet pain.
In this position, we stayed for quite a long time, then Dima turned Sasha around and put a member in her pussy.
Zhenya looked at me again, but I just slapped her on the ass again, I wanted to fuck her for a long time, torturing me with slow movements.
The girl resigned to the fact that her ass will be completely insured, so she settled herself more comfortably on the table and began to suck with Sasha.
I became somewhat sharper, each time with the force of piercing the flesh of Zhenya ass.
The guys decided to reshuffle again: Sasha turned around to his wife’s ass, and she had no choice but to lick the hole of her friend.

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Sasha brazenly pressed the brunette’s face to her ass so that she did not mess around, I continued to slowly fuck Zhenya’s ass, I felt like Dimin’s cock was knocking at me from behind again.
This time, he did not turn on the compressor mode and continued to move with me, so that I could almost feel what sensations I was giving Gene.
For a long time to continue this sex when you fuck yourself, and fuck you, it is very difficult, but, to my surprise, I held on.
Dima has already come out of me to finish in Sasha’s mouth, then I started to pummel my ass’s tormentor very, very quickly.
She moaned in pain, but I knew that she was very pleased.
I stayed for as long as I could, then I let down what was left on her back, from where my sperm was picked up by the omnipresent Sasha.
While the girls started playing tongues, I admired the result of my work: Eugene’s hole was all red and could not close in any way.
I gently caressed her fingers, soothing.
I was allowed to stay overnight in order to continue even tomorrow, I, of course, agreed, although I understood that I could hardly sleep.
We spent the whole day having sex and a short rest, in the evening all the holes (except for the Dimin, of course, he didn’t like that) sweetly ached.
Unfortunately, then this trio either fell apart, or something else happened, and I could not manage to contact them again.
The number to which I called, arranging a meeting, did not answer at all, so that somehow everything turned out to be offensive, I still want to.
In the hour of a hot spring sunset on Leningradsky Prospekt, in the area of ??the Aeroport metro station in Moscow, two citizens appeared.
The first of them – about forty years old, dressed in a gray summer suit – was stocky, of medium height, dark-haired, with a bald back, and his neatly shaved face was decorated with impressive glasses.
The second – a thin, reddish, young man was in a heavenly color shirt, worn jeans and white colors.
The first was the editor-in-chief of a thick art magazine, and his companion is an aspiring writer who has unsuccessfully tried to publish a series of his detective stories for a year now.
It was clear that the two were already tipsy.
In addition, in the hands of the young was a package, in which two bottles of brandy were clearly visible.
Five minutes later, they took the elevator to the sixth floor.
The writer took a key out of his pocket and, obligingly saying “now, now”, opened the door of his apartment to the editor.
“Meet Michal Ivanitch, this is my wife Natasha,” leaning slightly, enviously, Sasha (that was the name of our writer) presented his slender, blond wife. Online english inset reality sex kino com.

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The owner of the house, Oleg, greeted us and carefully found us places where we could stay.
I noticed how a young guy gave me a rating look.
Somewhere for half an hour we just chatted, drank and ate.
Pleasant music played, Arthur sitting next to me (an older couple) kissed his wife and invited Inna (a young girl) to a slow dance.
The situation was becoming more liberated.
Olga suggested that everyone go to dance. She took Arthur-Lena’s wife by the hand and they went to the center of the room.
Sasha, that same young guy, also took me by the hand and gently put his arm around my waist and led for Olga.
I was very excited by this closeness to him, he was a little shy and kept his hands on my waist, I so wanted him to lower them below.
Arthur was already gently kissing Sasha’s friend, Anya, and his hand was already tightly clutching her ass in dark leggings.
Sasha, at the same time, was looking at this pair, and his hands went down, he pulled me to him and I felt a hard knob on his pants poking into my stomach.
I did not wait for his initiative, and dug my lips into his, he answered me with a passionate kiss.
He squeezed my buttocks harder, so I caught my breath, how long I waited for it.

Events developed quickly, when I again turned to face Anya, she was already on her knees sucking Arthur, he had a very thick dick, so that Ani’s little handle barely closed on it and she had to open her mouth wide to place .
She rhythmically moved her head, tightly squeezing a member with one hand, the second massaged Arthur’s eggs.

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I didn’t want to be left behind them, I sat Sasha on the sofa and quickly pulled off the jeans that had already been stretched out, along with my underpants.
He caught my admiring glance at his big dick, about 20 centimeters in length, it widened at the base, and the head was relatively small, I could not wait to catch it in my mouth.
I thoroughly licked up the droplets of grease, took his dick in my hand and began to lick the eggs, dropping a little lower to his anus, after a few movements, I touched his tongue again then, and not continuing to jerk him focused entirely on his ass.
He closed his eyes and moaned from bliss.
I passed to his penis, took his head in his mouth and played with her tongue.
I was still fully dressed,

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my pussy was all burning with excitement, and my panties were soaked through.
I just could not tear my lips from this handsome man to take off my jeans.
Meanwhile, Anya and Arthur moved closer to us, at arm’s length.
He put her on cancer, so she clapped her hands on the back of the sofa and began to gently insert her unit into her hot pussy.
I noticed a tube of grease next to them, and Arthur greased Anya’s anus with her thumb.
I could not bear it any longer, quickly began to get rid of the clothes, Sasha helped me with this, I pushed him back onto the sofa, straddled him and screwed his dick into my wet hole, when his first centimeter entered me, it began to darken in my eyes, I pressed her tits tight to his face and sank lower and lower, I was not ashamed to scream with might and main.
Finally, my pubis touched his, his healthy dick was completely in me only from this one thought I could finish.
Obomlev from pleasure, I began to move my ass rhythmically, I felt how the walls of my vagina expand under the pressure of Sasha’s penis.
The moans of Anya that I heard from the outside grew louder, and looked at them, and to my amazement I discovered that Arthur was already fucking Anya in the ass.
In general, at first I doubted that such a thick cock would fit Anya in the pussy, and then he had her in the ass, and she was also waving it to him. Secret hidden camera sex videos.

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Here? (Mom timidly feeling her stomach) – Yes, it pulls here, but it hurts just below.
– Well, well, Mr. patient.
Then I ask you to lie down.
I lay on my back and completely threw off the blanket, completely forgetting that the member was petrified in the morning strut.
Mom looked from the belly to the groin for a second and continued to inspect.
– Let’s see what you have below it hurts.

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She lowered her pants with me so that the crimson head looked out.
– God, what a huge one.
It’s clear why it hurts here.
I suppose to lie down.
Then she gently took my balls in her hand and lifted them to inspect the base of the penis.
– Hmm.
I can not consider.
It was still very early and the room was rather dark.
– Let me turn on the light while you roll over on your stomach and stand on all fours. I interrogated my eyes and didn’t believe my ears, which she only confirmed.
– Come on, come on.
Simulator – Here! So much better and everything is immediately visible, now we will quickly put you on your feet and collect you to college.
She came up behind me and started looking at something there, holding me by the thigh with one hand.
After that, she came very close to my dangling dick and grabbed him with her second hand and began to turn it left and right.
– Blah.
Not seen not a damn thing! (she swore) – I think I know how to look at you better.
– Maaaa, come on.
Already it does not seem to hurt, let me get dressed and we will go.
I’ll be late for my studies.

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– Well, no, really, suddenly there you have something serious, now I need to make sure that my baby is completely healthy.
Then she ousted me from the bed with the movement of her hand and lay herself in my place, only with her head down and back.
– Come on, stand up again as it stood, only so that my head was between your legs, I will inspect everything there as it should.
From this sentence, my dick twitched from excessive stress.
I threw my leg over my mother’s head and knelt down, and with my hands I rested on the bed.
Looking down, I asked: – Well, is that better? Everything is seen? “Much better, I’ll make a couple of experiments and make a diagnosis! I felt like my cock twitched and touched my mother’s nose and lips, while she was trying to see something in my bags at that time.
Her warm breath quickened and I felt it on my crotch.
I also felt a drop of grease coming out of the head, which is now dropping directly on my mother.
Trying to get out, she squeezed her hand tightly.
– Stand, I have not finished! A drop of grease leaked out and began to slowly reach over to my mother’s face, a long thread.
Mom, not paying attention, carefully inspected the groin and the sticky substance touched her corner of the lips.
She just rubbed her sponge with two fingers, and notice licked them, said: – Well, I understand everything, it seems you pulled the member’s muscle. She tried not to touch him, but when this happened, the goosebumps ran down her back and her whole body trembled.
Then she grabbed my dick right at the root and started waving it right in front of her face.
– So it does not hurt? (She asked) – No, in my opinion everything was gone (I tried to get out of an awkward position) Then she moved a little closer and started to lash her cheeks and cheekbones with my dick.
– And so? – Maaaa, so a little bit sick.
– Well, well, it means that the edema is not big, in another hour the other will fall.
Deftly, in an instant, she climbed out from under me, while the member proleosil along her entire face leaving a wet mark on her forehead, cheeks and lips, it began to seem to me that she does it on purpose and that she likes it. Best sex ever free online.

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and I, my reader, thoughtfully listening attentively to the infinitely freedom-loving intonations of their disinterested voices, tried to remember everything, where and when I heard it.
or maybe read.
and – remembered! “Destroy homosexuals, and fascism will disappear,” called the family and therefore infinitely truthful newspapers and other magazines, and in the meantime in the German Reich homosexuals were already destroyed, and none other than Fascists did it: Mr. Stalin, like Comrade Hitler, not without success used prejudices and other phobias against sexual minorities to expand their personal domination.
n-yes! such unbanal arithmetic: in order to strengthen his own, that is, personal and even personal, power, Comrade Hitler in the now distant thousand nine hundred and thirty fourth year ordered to shoot over a thousand opponents in the party led by Ernst Rem, the leader of attack aircraft, who was for this

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very firing goal pre-arrested on the “night of the long knives” of the thirtieth june of the same thousand nine hundred and thirty-fourth year right in bed, where he, the leader of attack aircraft and at the same time competitor Comrade Git EPA, caressed his chauffeur.
By the way, about competitors: there was nothing exclusive in the discovery of the above-mentioned gentlemen and even comrades, because for a long time all those selflessly public and other little-known people who need it are well and for certain known that, playing on sexual fears and prejudices, it is easiest to discredit the political the enemy – this method was well known already in Byzantium and even in the eleventh century, where pederasty became the crime of those who could not be blamed for any other crime.

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and it also happened that the cards, a little marked, were the one who was the first to take the initiative – publicly announced the beginning of the company to eradicate any sexual fraud, and the logic here was simple, but among the poorly educated masses it was completely passable: who would shout first “hold the thief!”, that means, he himself is not a thief.
Well, that is, not sodomite, if we talk in relation to our blue and even the lunar theme.
“Death to sodomites!”
how come And then we, the reader, do not know, as already ours — not Byzantine — comrade Peter, aka the First, aka the Great.
By the way, if we are already talking about this delicate topic: other non-party historians claim that the first sexual mentor of the future Peter the Great – following the example of the great Caesar – was Franz Lefort, the admiral and the Swiss seeker of all sorts of different adventures in general.
Russia, fuck, bearded – the ringing is crimson, and Peter’s accession to sex was straightforwardly Greek – European.
you ask, reader: what does Peter have to do with it? But with it: this same Lefort, a Swiss goose, picked up the boy Alexashka Menshikov on the street, who was selling on this very street not only with pies, but also with his young ass.
Well, of course, why did he, Lefort, pick up our Sanya-nagolibil.
and now, having made his way with Sanina’s ass, he, that is, this Lefort of Switzerland, gave way to the boy to young Peter, who gave Alexashka the official title of a sleeping-sleeping bed – the person serving the king in the bedroom.
then from this sleeping bag, which traded its backside and pies on the street, the first drinking buddy and the right hand of Peter the Great came out – Field Marshal and Highness Prince Alexander Menshikov, but this, again, is all to the word.
in the essence: in the years of the youngsters, having played enough and even nehilo having taken a nap with his friend, Sanya Menshikov, this very Peter, he is the First and even the Great, suddenly bam – and in the year seventeen sixteen sixteen introduced punishment into the Military Charter for all sorts of rear games: “if someone defiles the young man, or the husband and husband cheers.
“and although, let’s say honestly, from a more enlightened and therefore more sophisticated in this respect Europe in our country, that is, in Russia, at the stake for this very” Sodom Sin “they did not burn the kids, and the punishment for them, the boys were wrong, was invented only bodily, but nonetheless. Indian desi sex online.

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After that, I opened the tap and the water began to rapidly enter the intestines of his wife.
“Oh, Step, it hurts me, shakes the stomach!”, The wife groaned already in about half a minute.
“Be patient, Light, and breathe deeply through your mouth!”
I looked at the Esmarkh mug and saw that water had already flowed out of it.
“Okay, Light!”, I said and turned off the tap on the hose, “that’s enough for you, sit down on the toilet and go vysyatis!”.

The girl jumped up like a bullet, pulled the tip out of her ass and crashed down onto the nearby unitas.
Well, finally, the long awaited hour has come when I see my mother-in-law naked.
I walked into the room, the mother-in-law was sitting on the couch and looked at the floor stupidly, I quietly said to her, “Well, let’s get down to work”, and she said that she was very afraid.
I reassured her and putting her to my lap pulled up her robe and pulled down her panties.
I squeezed one portion of Vaseline onto my finger.
The mother-in-law did not shrink and I easily opened her buttocks.

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Smearing a little more around the anus, I slowly inserted a finger a couple of centimeters into the hole.
– Oh! It hurts, it hurts! – screamed the patient and arched.
-Mama! Do not invent! Nothing hurts! You scare yourself.
You have to pull yourself together.
Well, everything seems to be ready let’s go to the bathroom – I said and went to the bathroom.
There, my wife was preparing everything for mother. and then on the elbows and lowered her head “Great, Mom, well done! Raise your ass a little bit higher!”, I said.
Then I hung an Esmarkh mug on a hook, which was about 1 m above the floor, on which the mother-in-law stood, spread her buttocks with her left hand, and with her right hand gently inserted the enema tip into her anus.
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Because he will have nowhere to go.
Vera Vasilyevna thought of everything.
And on the very first lap she threw in an excellent student Lenya, picking on some nonsense.
Come to me for a re-take, ”she snapped,“ the day after tomorrow, the fifth pair.
Good, – he answered.
He was not upset at all, Vera Vasilyevna concluded, looking at his serene face.
It’s for the best.
On the appointed day, Vera Vasilyevna made a suggestion for a long time, trying to look younger and more beautiful.
She dressed herself in a rather frank red dress – it would be indecent to show up in the water at the university, but she thought of everything — she would send someone out of the register, and then bring her to the dean’s office already in her coat.
Undress in the audience, since there was a scarf with a hanger.

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Vera Vasilyevna looked at herself in the mirror.
And she’s still nothing! And then she noticed a strange carnivorous gleam in her eyes and thought that she already wanted to squeeze the trembling young body in her arms and force him to fuck, fuck, fuck.
In university.
In the audience.
Although sex in a public place – and even in this! After that, it will not be a shame in the library.
Lyonya, as always, came last in his manner.
He took a ticket and sat down at the last desk to get ready.
Vera Vasilievna could barely hear the answering girl — she stared intently at a young boy leaning over a sheet of paper, at his thick golden hair and a distinct Nordic profile.
“In the Third Reich it would be her – she thought, and felt how the forbidden heat spreads somewhere in the abdomen.
– There he would be painted on posters as a standard of Aryan beauty.
“Vera Vasilievna had difficulty tolerating.

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Having bitten her lip, with trembling hands she put the credits on the list of students who had passed, already anticipating how she would pounce on the young Aryan at the last school desk and how she would make him work off credit in kind.
And he does not even suspect anything.
And finally, they were alone in the audience.
Leonid, are you ready? Well, in general, yes.
Well, great.
– Vera Vasilyevna suddenly got up, opened the door and looked out into the corridor – there was no one – the students had already dispersed.
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The girl gasped in surprise and for a second released Cyril’s member from her mouth, but immediately took it back.
Lyosha began to fuck Polina, now not so quickly and hastily, but more smoothly and steadily, stroking the young woman over thick thighs and wide ass.
Fat girl moaned and moaned with pleasure, without ceasing to suck the member of the second boy.
The awareness that two people have it at the same time immediately agitated Polina and gave special urgency to her sensations.
– Change? – in a hoarse voice, Kirill asked Lyosha, who had not yet been in a hot Polinin’s vagina, and Polina felt Lyosha pulling a swollen member out of her.
She stopped sucking, straightened, kneeling, and helpfully she turned to face Lesha, substituting soft, fat ass and thick thighs to Cyril. Chaturbate cams porn.

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On the floor was a uniform of a cavalier guard.
He finished, having planted Lisa so deeply that her cunt was out of sight.
Lisa jumped off him and ran to wash.
Then I saw his face – it was Dantes, who was recently admitted to the Guard and from which all the women went crazy.
We were not presented to each other, but once I pointed to him in the house where the most beautiful women of St. Petersburg gathered.
I stood next to N.
which also saw him for the first time.
And she burst out: “And he is really extraordinarily beautiful!” Blood rushed to my head.
And in the moment when I remembered it, I finished, and Nina swallowed and swallowed.
And suddenly I thought with anger about N.
which, in those rare times when I persuade her to take my cock in her mouth, always chokes, clears her throat and spits out my seed in disgust.
Devilish thought occurred to me – would she spit out his seed? Only one jealous answer appeared to me and threw me into the abyss of hatred: I suppose I would have swallowed without choking, and I also licked my lips.
Going home, I passed through the hall and saw a drunken Dantes with another cavalier guard.
They drank with Lisa and Tamara.
Dantes spoke French and his friend translated.
Liza, noticing me, sent me a kiss, and Dantes turned in my direction and smiled broadly: – I’m betting that you are Pushkin.
“I have no honor,” I said coldly, passing by.
“Oh, let me introduce myself,” he bravely jumped up from the sofa and followed me.
He ran forward, bowed and called himself.
I nodded and went to the front.
He staggered on my heels, staggering.
“I am a new man in Petersburg, and I would like to get closer with you,” he said.
“This is not the most convenient place to meet,” I had to answer.

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– From what? On the contrary.
This house has a rapprochement.

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I stopped and looked at him curiously.
I had no idea how many more puns I would have to hear.
Meanwhile, he continued: “You are a famous poet, but have you ever thought about the greatest poetic phenomenon in nature?” I wondered what he would say, and I hesitated to leave.
– Looking at any woman, I know quite firmly that each of them has a cunt.
Yes, yes, a simple fact, but how much poetry in this unshakable confidence.
After all, only she gives us a goal in behavior with any woman.
Were it not for this confidence, we would be overwhelmed with sorrow, because women in society behave as if they have no pussy.
I could not help smiling from the likeness of our thoughts and told him that when he learned Russian, I would let him read my fairy tale, where the confidence about which he speaks is questioned.
In order not to continue the conversation with this young man, which was unpleasant for me to lead, I quickly said goodbye.
Under other circumstances and with someone else, I would love to enter into an entertaining conversation, but at first glance my heart did not lie to Dantes.
In addition, after marriage, I was even afraid with close friends to discuss the pleasures of fucking and pussy, which was always my favorite topic of conversation.
I understood that a conversation on these topics of a married man involves his wife in them, for any comment will inevitably be taken into her account.
And the wife’s name must be inviolable.
When I began to change N.
I stopped holding back in words: I returned to my favorite topics of conversation, mentioning other women.
But my interlocutors still attributed all N.
what I say.
Now it became clear to me.
But, alas, too late.
Since then, when I meet Dantes in the light, I always catch on him his roguish gaze.
One day, he even dared to wink at me, but when he saw the anger flaring on my face, he no longer decided on such liberty.
Whenever he dances with N.
, I have a feeling that he fucks her – he is too sure that she has a pussy, he is deprived of any romantic doubt.
This thought does not leave me and infuriates me, so I leave the dance hall and turn off my jealousy with the excitement of a gambling game or drag after beauties.
– Wife slut! – added Arthur.
– Yeah: – I no longer had anything to say, I let Karina put on her panties, which I specifically took with me.
Now, though she looked like a whore-bride, but at least her pussy was covered up.
So, the wedding continued in the new room, everything was as usual – the guests drank, ate, had fun, danced, my wife and I had to participate in various competitions, from which I blushed more often than excited. Hentai living sex toy delivery.

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It is necessary to quickly solve everything.
Despite the fact that the family of Ronald Jackson, he was already even close to him, and despite the likelihood of further closer kinship due to the possible engagement of Lenka and his son Bill.
Although Lenka was already friends with another guy, the truth that Victor did not know at all, and he didn’t know Bill very well either. Jav model porn.

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“And now let’s work on your back,” I said ominously, “there is more space on it, there is, where to roam, and I still have forty-four strokes left.”
– Give me a little rest, – Larissa prayed plaintively.
– It will cost extra punches, honey.
“I can’t take it anymore,” she whimpered.
– Then why all this controversy? Carefully trying it on, I struck Larissa a well-adjusted blow.
A whip whistling down on her waist, just above the barely noticeable dimples above her buttocks.
The wife screamed.
I did not experiment any more.
My dick stuck out like a stake, tearing up his pants, and I entered into the usual rhythm, striking one beat per second.
On the sixteenth, Larisa was already screaming in a loud voice, on the twenty-eighth drops of blood appeared on her lovely back.
At thirty-five I made a heroic decision to pardon her.
Unfastening the straps, I threw Larissa, who was moaning, on the bed that had been disassembled.
Taking out a pair of handcuffs from the bedside table, I quickly chained her hands to the grate at the head of the bed and in the blink of an eye I threw off all my clothes.
For a long time I have not experienced such excitement! My count burst into her warm and wet cave and I almost immediately exploded, howling from the sharpest pleasure.
The eruption lasted a very long time: squeezing her thighs tightly and almost tearing off her lovely ripped ass from the sheets, I poured and poured new streams of sperm into it, until I was completely exhausted and did not stick to her warm, weakly trembling breasts.
So we lay for a long time.
Larisa moved under me and her plump lips touched my ear.
– Did you like it, dear? – Yes, – I replied, – I would not mind again to fuck you.
She smiled.
“Only not, okay?” Unfastening the handcuffs, I sent her into the bath, and he changed the sheet, on which blood stains were clearly seen, and carefully wiped the last baptism on the rack with a damp cloth, then removed the handcuffs and the whip and, having prepared vaginal cream and a coil of rope, lay down a blanket.

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The camera was already redirected to the bed, and I turned it on again to record.
Larisa sat in the bathroom for a long time, putting herself in order.
Stepping out completely naked, she walked, as if on a runway, down the corridor to the bedroom.
Stopping at the doorway, she rested her hands on the frame, allowing me to enjoy the curves and roundness of her immaculate figure.
“Today I’ll have to sleep on my stomach,” she said reproachfully.
“Fine,” I replied, and motioned her to me.
She walked over and pulled the blanket over herself, revealing my resurgent cock.
Playfully looking at me, she knelt down and took him in her warm hands.
– You will be gentle with me? she asked, putting her lips straight to the swollen head.
“If I like it,” I answered mercilessly and, pushing back the pillow, showed her the prepared cream and rope.
Larisa opened her mouth and gently wrapped the head of my dick with her lovely lips, then pushed her a little deep, where her nimble tongue took over.
Her hands lay on the base of the penis, one above the other, and gently pulled off the skin to completely release the head.
I closed my eyes to concentrate fully on my sensations, and my missus, moaning slightly from pleasure, continued now with accelerating and slowing circular movements to give me a lot of pleasure.
Then a new thought came to my mind, which I immediately said: “You cannot bring me to orgasm with a mouth, I will take you in the ass.”
It was unfair to Larissa: about twenty minutes ago I was abundantly discharged, and after one orgasm she had never managed to make me cum with her mouth.
But Larisa meekly accepted the rules of the game and even tried to accomplish the impossible.
Her lips increased the pressure, she literally sucked me, and the tongue rushed like a madman.

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Having thrust her long finger into my anus, she tried to stimulate him, which would bring success, had I not had time to finish it.
But my excitement intensified.
Started and Lorochka.
Finally, I gently pushed her aside and took my brilliant aggregate from her saliva from her mouth.
“Lie down on your stomach,” I told her, throwing the blanket to the floor.
She obeyed.
It was scary to look at her back: bright scarlet scars crossed her in all directions. Watch onlinesex videos.

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She took the tip out of the ass, and, as if nothing had happened, went to the toilet.
It was at least three liters, no less, t.

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half of me did not enter.
Sveta sat down on the toilet and asked me to come.
– Come up to me, and bend over with your ass, very much you have it, you like to fuck you with your fingers – if I had a real member – I would love to wear you out.
I bent down and parted the polupopiya.
Immediately I felt the cream on my ass and fingers, pressing it into me.
– This is a relaxing cream, the priest will relax and rest, otherwise there will still be a load on it.
Although you should like it.
Caressing my ass and emptying me, wiping myself, Sveta rose from the toilet.
– Service for service, I passionately kissed you ass – can you do the same? – Turn around, I can, – I didn’t believe my ears – the girl herself asked me to caress her ass for the tongue, and not just, but put my tongue in there.
I read about it, and really wanted to try, it was called anusling.
My mouth approached the anus, Sveta got a little tight, and the anus opened like a flower.
I brought my lips close, as for a kiss, and began to kiss the hole, pushing the tongue inside, and paying tribute to her previous caress, I also began to caress the inner walls of the priests with my tongue.
I was in a very excited state, so it seemed to me that the aroma of vanilla and some tasty oil emanated from her hole.
Sveta moaned ever stronger.
I, remembering her caresses, with some reluctance, pulled away from the ass.
Sveta resolutely got up and left the toilet, calling for herself.

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I sat down on the toilet and tried to stick my fingers in myself – to check how far the hole had gone.
Three of my fingers went to the pope easily.
I got up and went to the bathroom.
In the bath, with my back to me, Sveta stood and screwed something to the tap.
She turned around.
In her hands she had a hose bolted to a tap, and a strapon hung between her legs.
– What do you like? Now I will wash your ass for the last time and it will be clean, and then, ”she licked her lips,“ we will have a lot of fun. ”
Sveta came up to me again and asked to get into the bathroom, and brushing her fingers began to lubricate my ass, fucking her with my fingers.
After the “water procedures” in her ass, she inserted three fingers already, and they moved freely there.
Fingers replaced the long nozzle with holes and deep grooves on it.
A hose connected directly to a regular shower was connected to the nozzle.
Sveta inserted it to the full depth, opened the tap, at first weakly, then stronger and stronger.
I felt the pressure of warm water, and that I could not hold back any longer, told her about it, she grinned, said that I should not hold back.
I stopped suffering and the water began to pour out of the priests.
It was both pleasant and painful.
But Sveta turned off the water and took out the hose from my priests – a jet of water with a whistle escaped from me, and Sveta began to fuck my fingers in the ass until all the water spilled out.
I, exhausted, almost collapsed into the bath.
Sveta helped me out of the bathroom, I rested my hands on the bath so as not to fall, Sveta wrapped her arms around me and I felt her fingers penetrate my burning ass, and something cool brings me relief.
The pain began to calm down, and Sveta did not fail to take advantage of this, her fingers came out of the priests, leaving an emptiness instead, but she was quickly replaced by a strapon, which had previously rested on my buttock, and slipped easily into my ass, replacing my fingers and filling all the free space with me the pope.
– What do you think? Like? See your cock! The member really began to get up, especially when Sveta began to fuck me with a strap-on, increasing the speed and amplitude, sometimes taking the strap-on out of my butt.
– Now we will go to the bedroom with you, straight with a strap-on in your sweet ass, and there I will fuck you very much. Korean live tv porn.

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Two days later, on the way out of school, he was met by his abuser’s elder brother with friends.
No, it could not be called a fight.
They just beat him.
Beat evil in an adult.
But he remembered each of them: He did not say anything to the aunt of the police, who came to his house to find out who had beaten him.
She didn’t really want to know, because the boy he had beaten was the son of the foreman of the factory where his mother worked.
Sitting bandaged at home, he found some kind of book without a cover, in which there were samples of weapons of the ancient Greeks.
He especially liked the sling.
And in the evenings after school, he began to train for a long time in throwing stones and achieved amazing results in this.
Once, on a summer evening, walking through his yard, he saw a company of three guys and a girl.
In the boys he recognized his older brother and his friends who had beaten him, and in the girl he recognized his neighbor on the site, also from a dysfunctional family.
The company saw vodka, and he, hiding, waited in the bushes.
The guys obviously soldered the girl, pouring her much more than herself.
After a while they took her by the arms and led her into the basement of their house.
He sat opposite the door on the street, carefully laid out 4 stones in front of him and waited.
The strip of cloth that replaced his sling was always with him.
After some time, one of the guys went out into the street.
The stone started by a trained hand hit him right in the forehead.
Without a groan, he fell. 3gp sex video play online.

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Listen, you cheated on Andrei.
Remember, you refused him, referring to women’s affairs.
And if he is offended? Hmmm, in the words of the boss there was a reason.
I had to open my mouth and let Andrei go there, already quite large in size.
As a result, I had to pretty much turn on two cockerels.
They alternately visited my mouth and pussy.
I jumped on each one, and lay down under both, and took them from behind, kneeling.
And while I had to constantly suck the one who is currently not courting my pussy.
It ended with the fact that when I was almost exhausted on the boss, Andrei sneak up on me from behind and entered the second unoccupied hole! In general, the little men on this day came off in full! Yes, still, imagine when I put myself in order, feeling like milk coming out of both holes, they poisushukalis, and the boss announced that I don’t have to wear panties, but for that I will have to please them with Andrew when they wish! Several months have passed since then, and I decided to write in order to consult with you girls.
All this time I sleep with three men, during menstruation I have to do blowjob sometimes three times a day.
On the other hand, I get a few orgasms a day.
And I need advice.

When they returned to the hut, Duval’s heart was restless.
Some kind of strange heavy foreboding seized him.
“You guys go slowly, and I will add,” he asked.
“Run, run,” Jim grinned cheerfully, “your girlfriend waited for you.”
From a distance, Serge felt the persistent smell of smoke, and it was not the smell of the hearth. Webcam hard dildo.

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I am waiting for the execution of the sentence imposed on me by my wife! Nearby they stand in a large bucket and get wet long rods.
On the back of the chair there is a wide leather belt with a heavy metal buckle! I am doomed, I patiently wait for a terrible punishment, because my wife so decided.
And the thing is that my wife is a bitch! She’s beautiful.
she has a sporty figure, beautiful and very strong legs, powerful thighs and a stunning ass and beauty, high breasts, but a bitch, there is a bitch.
! I, like an idiot, fell in love with her a year ago and began to seek her hand.
Everyone told me not to go there, even because she was taller than me (she is 175 cm tall.)
, and I have 165) and physically she is stronger than me, because for a long time she was engaged in athletic gymnastics. But, as they say, love is evil.
! And I got my way.
As a result, I first flogged my wife on the morning after the wedding! You see, I did not give her coffee in bed! And then I just decided, while she was still not awake, to quietly smoke in the kitchen, and to dream about my accomplished happiness.
So I spent about twenty minutes.
Suddenly the door to the kitchen abruptly opened my wife and strongly jumped toward me.
She was in a short tunic, without panties, with her hair loose! In her hand she held my leather belt.
folded in two! “Dickhead,” she screamed.
– Are you not understand that I had to immediately give me coffee !!!! “And you dare sit here and fool around.”
well, now you will understand how I will educate you.
!!! With these words, she punched me in the face, then pulled me from the stool to the floor, and then he kicked me in the side, then again, in my stomach! I was shocked by such an attack.
I fell to the floor and did not voluntarily beg her to come to my senses! I tried to get up when I was already on all fours, she deftly jumped to me, and squeezed my head between my legs! Tightened tightly, clasping my neck, his powerful hips! And then he began to fight me with a belt over my bare ass.

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She flogged me about ten minutes, flogging skillfully and very cruel! She paid no attention to my cries, nor to my plea for forgiveness! With each blow, she beat me more and more violently, increasing the rate of whipping! About five minutes after the start of the execution, I felt a lot of moisture on my neck.
, and after a few more minutes, when I already thought that I would die of burning intolerable pain, she suddenly started shaking and squeezed my thighs and head against my thighs so much that I began to lose consciousness.
! I realized that she had experienced a strong orgasm that lasted fifteen twenty seconds !!! Then she opened her thighs, and I collapsed on the floor at her beautiful legs! She with bliss on her face sat on a stool and took a cigarette from a pack, with pleasure she smoked! And I vyporoty and roaring, like a kid punished for misdemeanor, lay at her feet! I was very sick and ashamed at the same time! I was humiliated and destroyed.
! I could not get up, I could not look at her eyes! God, I was just cruelly whipped, my newlywed wife !!!! She whipped me off as an un-obedient boy, and she also enjoyed it so much !!!! I realized that I actually died! I lay and frankly crying.
At this time, she finished smoking and bending down to me quietly put out a cigarette butt on my wet neck, by surprise, I shouted a good foul language.
“Shut up, you creature!” She shouted, “You have no idea what I will do with you for the purpose of upbringing, I will either constill you to death, or I will

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make you a man – !!! With these words, she stood over me !! “Roll onto your back immediately,” she ordered.
I executed the order.
So – as I didn’t want to experience her wrath more on myself! “Now open your mouth wickedly,” she ordered.
I executed the order.
– Now I will do what from now I will always do, I will write to you in your mouth! “And if you miss even a drop, I’m carving you to a pulp!” I could not believe what they heard.
did she really do it, but at that moment, she quickly sat down with her beautiful booty on my face !!! I opened my mouth wider, as I understood that she was not joking about punishment.
She deftly covered my mouth with her pussy and immediately began to write! I did not think about anything except tog, how I could manage to swallow everything! I started to drink her nectar greedily! It lasted all twenty seconds! When she finished I heard.
“Quickly pull me up with your tongue, freak!” I began to lick her crackle vividly, I felt that she was immediately excited. Hidden sex video online mobile.

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Cabins continued to visit until lunchtime.
Everything was repeated in the same sequence.
Only black came again together, put Zoya to the bed and tore off in the ass.
Four hours before arrival, I closed the shop.
Gave Zoe sleep and rest.
I sat with the Italians in a bar and we had a lively discussion of the sea cruise we had.
Everyone, both Italians and foot soldiers, was extremely pleased.
They said that before take off this was not.
The ship moored.
We went to gather.
I collected my things and went to the Zoya cabin.
The picture was what you need.
Zoya, still exhausted, but already awakened fought back from two Greeks.
I realized that ten minutes before arrival, the cleaners entered the cabin.
The picture they saw prompted them to action. Free online classic porn movies.

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At first she moaned a little, but then I realized that she liked it.
I did not turn on the vibro yet, it gave me time to get used to the new sensations, but now the member entered completely and I did a couple of jolts.
Marinka leaned towards me and I understood: It’s time! I turned on the vibro and slowly, but confidently began to tear off her ass.
After 30–40 seconds, she covered her orgasm, she wriggled, screamed, grabbed a pillow with her nails, scratched the sofa upholstery. Webcam sexy.

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“Lord! My prayer reached you, you heard it, and gave me wise advice, sent me on the right path, did not let me make a mistake.
And here I, your faithful slave, irrigate your little creation with tears of happiness, ”Lina happily whispered, sincerely believing that she sent the child to her, like the Virgin Mary used to be, God, as if Oleg really was not here than.
Fathers and stepmother with the advent of the child seemed to be transformed, treated him well, and they changed their attitude to Lina.
And Oleg could not get enough of his son.
He did everything for Lina, for Lina, for the baby, and he could not wait for that moment when it would be possible to adopt, as he said, “for making a girl”.
Not having noticed such jokes behind him before, Lina was amazed.

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Her Oleg, who once a week entered her, as if in a dining room, without joy, without trepidation, of necessity, now waits, cannot wait for this happy moment.
And when this moment came, both of them experienced such divine pleasure, for the sake of which they had to endure that wedding night, and Nelya, and Klava, and Larissa, and Semyon Pavlovich, and even a night in the refrigerating chamber.
All troubles happen always out of time.
I don’t mean a broken heel or a torn stocking.
It goes without saying.
I am talking about large and important things that should not have happened and that cannot be foreseen.
In a completely relaxed state, it falls on you, and bang! – everything, there is no former rest and comfort.
Just awful.
The accident was a complete surprise for me, for the family of Vadik and, of course, for himself.

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And it became quite bad for everyone when we learned how severe the injuries he received.
And he did not drive his motorcycle so fast, and there was enough light, and it didn’t even smell like rain — but even he didn’t tell how he drove into this completed post.
How did I do it ?!
– These were the first words we heard from him in the hospital.
It was the turn to introduce us.
So: Vadik’s mom, for whom I was always a slut, his dad, who often tried to flirt with me, even pinched a couple of times for his ass, and I, myself.
His girlfriend.
Actually, is it ?.
The fact is that we just peacefully agreed to break up a week before the accident.
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