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But, once having given her consent to the experiment, she seemed to have cut off her own way back.
“Listen,” her husband purred in a sweet voice, in an elegant female ear. And how do you look at the fact that while you are going to blow your partner, will I use you from behind? – Do not even think about it! – Tanya snorted indignantly.
– Yes, you do not think, I do not ask in the ass: I would use you between the legs, as you like, polished your narrow, like a girl’s vagina, while you are busy sucking: – he added insinuatingly.
“We agreed,” the wife sighed wearily in response to his claims, although comparing her really tight vagina with a girlfriend was undoubtedly pleasant to her – at the first meeting only suction:
Lucy opened

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not immediately.
I gave the bouquet to Ole and called again.
Finally, steps were heard behind the door, the lock clicked and the door opened.
A frightened little face of Lucy looked out at the crack.
However, when she saw us, she smiled and opened the door, letting us in.
Although, of course, I must admit that she looked stunning – in a white bra, white stockings and white shoes.

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There was nothing more on it, and the only black triangular spot immediately caught the eye.
– Happy Birthday! – Olya and I shouted in chorus and handed her a bouquet.
Lucy flushed.
– Oh thank you! – She said – you are sorry, I’ll get dressed.
I’m just here.
“Nothing, nothing,” I said hastily, “all my own.”
Olya quietly pinched my leg.
Sometimes she likes to pretend that she is jealous of me.
I pretended to feel nothing, stepped forward and kissed Luce on the cheek.
And he felt a familiar taste on her cheek.
(Virtual sex! Video chat with swingers, lesbian couples! – good advice) – Have you already started with Vadik? – I said offended.
Lucy penitently shrugged her hands.
– What? – Olga asked suspiciously, went up to Luce, stood on tiptoe and sniffed her cheek.
“Of course,” she said offendedly, “How could you?” We have agreed! We honestly suffered.
Olya licked Lucy’s cheek, which was thickly smeared with fresh sperm.
Olya looked thoughtful.
“Strange,” she said, “this is not Vadik.”
I know his taste very well.
Now it was my turn to pinch her ass.
Olya screamed and dismissed me.
“Have you made a lover?” She asked Lucy.
“I’m not guilty,” said Lucy. “Come on, I’ll show you to him.”
We took off our shoes and finally went into the room.
The first thing we saw was Vadik, who was sitting in a chair with a glass of whiskey in his hand.
Opposite him on the couch lay a boy of about sixteen, in a T-shirt, but without pants that lay on the floor.
We captured a snippet from the conversation.
Rather, of course, the monologue of Vadik.
– First of all, a man should take care of the pleasure of a woman.
He must do whatever she wants. Milf busty webcam.

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Although not woke up.
He waves his book toward those sitting by the wall.
Came up to the peasants that sit on chairs.
– Hurry up! Rather! If you do not free your hand, then at least do not allow yourself to hit the book.
Do you understand? – Oh, what they do.
I never do that.
And mouth and hands.
And then it is smeared on the head.
How much.
These convulsed, wheezing and growling. Online film sex and the city 2.

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In the mouth So ask.
Sergey Anatolyevich fuck me in pussy.
And please.
You are welcome.
Sergei fell in behind and drove a member into the girl’s vagina until it stops.
The member wrapped her arms around pleasant warmth and it seems that Serega even felt the uterus.
Marina groaned.
Sergei began to move at first intensively but then slowly, under him was Natasha’s head, which looked at it with all eyes and moving was not very comfortable.
Andrew put a pillow under the ass and gave a member in the mouth of Marina.
Marina from the movement of the penis was on the verge of consciousness but even so tried to suck.
Andrew, for convenience, threw her legs on her back.
Seryoga continued frictions.
Suddenly someone shouted: aaaaa, aaaaaaa, aaaaaaaa.
It was Natasha.
From the spectacle in front of her eyes, she ended again and again.
Having understood this, Sergey finished.
However, he began, with even more frenzy, to hollow Marina’s pussy.
And, and, and, Marina, too, ended violently.
Uffff! Get up girls wash out.
Marina attacked the member of Andrew.
She helped herself with her dicky hands and after a minute Andrew also finished.
A few minutes the whole company came all the.
Then Andrey got up.
Get up girl che laid out.
Did you like Natasha? – Sergey asked – and you still did not want.
I liked Sergey Anatolvich having adopted the style of Marina, Natasha said.
In general podmyvatsya and home, continue tomorrow.
I smiled.
Do you believe in friendship between a man and a woman? I did not believe in it, or rather, my entire previous experience of communicating with men of different ages, religions and weight categories was inexorable: there are no miracles in the world.
I was the leader of our yard company in my youth, a sort of queen bee in a hive.
Ah, youth, youth.
Sweet apples from foreign gardens, songs with a guitar, endless parts of “fool”.

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I enjoyed my role, with difficulty transferring the invasion of other “females” to the territory, which I rightly considered my own.
This is an innocent ecstasy of its power, not painted for the time being with carnal languor.
The boys were harder, they sooner or later became victims of my twilight beauty and strange charm.
Blonde braid to the waist, singing in the choir, craving for solitary walks in the rain — this was all new to him, so I lost friends one by one: they confessed their love or started doing stupid things and communication came to an end.
Years passed, but nothing changed, the place of my young pages was occupied by fellow students at the institute, then colleagues and managers at work.
In a word, I made my conclusions and just tried to keep all men aside – not to be disappointed.
So everything would probably continue if it were not for Sasha.
Alexander entered my life casually – becoming the next colleague in the next office.
Oh, how many drunks we had with him, how much beer was drunk for football matches and boxing fights! And what an excellent shopping companion he was.
Stuck with me in the fitting rooms, gave advice in choosing clothes, talked about his victories on the love front, wrote down porn, repaired a computer, chatted heart

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to heart.
We were like Siamese twins, spent a lot of time together and I was just happy for such a friend! Sometimes Yulia, a talker and a gossip, the lady of clothes and the queen of nightclubs, squeezed into our company.
It was not bad with her either, but still “not that.”
Therefore, I kept Julia away from our intimate gatherings, but on a short leash, because she was indispensable as a companion to a disco, where we ran all the time.
One day Sasha joined us.
The evening was a success, we danced till you drop, and when we got together to call a taxi, as it turned out, we all went to sleep the whole crowd to Sasha – it was close and really wanted to sleep.
While I was washing off in the shower, the guys managed to snore, I sneaked through the dark into the bedroom, where I shared a bed with Julia, and Sanya lay in a room on the couch – very gentlemanly.
I passed out instantly, I did not even have time to dry my hair, and even began to see some sort of erotic dream – in it someone excitedly snuffled in my ear, rubbing a tense limb on my ass.
Then the stranger’s hand grabbed my waist, went down below and slipped into the panties.
I groaned and woke up with my own moan.
And the dream went on.
Oh god This is Sasha! Puffs behind my back and tries to pull off my pants! The dormancy was blown away like a wind, the heart was pounding and the brain was beating in the skull with a wounded bird. Camera bonga.

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And she was ready to swear that they were heard from under the stone slabs that laid the floor.
Belit leaned over and shouted, “Hey, can you hear me ?!” Voices with
– Um.
– Mmm.
It was 2011 then, when I already met a girl, in the autumn last year the old guard quit and a 26-year-old girl took his place, she herself was a lovely, lovely appearance and also studied at the Tomsk Institute! Then Shakhmatov gave me a task to instruct her, and I showed the whole workshop, I tied Rita to the chain and instructed her myself, the most interesting thing was that after that I invited her to tea to show the candy! And during the conversations it turned out that she also read Dale Carnegie.
I drank tea with her and escorted her to the workshop! The next day I talked to her in her room, unlike the former caretaker, she was not such a bore, and it was pleasant to talk with her, it turned out, so that we had common interests! I even had a desire to invite to the Youth Club! On the next duty I did not go to work, but ran, I wanted to tell her a lot! Then one day she once asked me for help, I agreed, and helped pull out some things, really got dirty! She offered me a shower with her, I went into the shower then in the shop, except for her, no one was there! I undressed, turned on the shower, it was hot immediately it was clear that it was heated! I began to wash, and then I felt that someone’s hands began to massage my back, since I had shampoo on my head, I did not realize what was happening.
When I realized what was happening, it was too late, my dick began to rise! I felt him swell, then I was completely taken aback when it turned out that she was also naked! I turned to her and saw her without clothes and was numb.

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With her right hand, she took my dick, and began to jerk him off, I stood as if paralyzed! A wave of pleasure ran through my body, and then a jet of sperm came out of my dick! Having finished this, she left, and for another five minutes I stood and digested the situation, my heart was pounding wildly! At night I could not sleep, in front of me was her image! When I went home, I decided to go to her, but she left before me! The next duty, she invited me to wash with her, I did not refuse, I wanted to try again.
When I came to her, she opened the door for me and I went up to her room, there we talked on various topics, after the conversation, she got up and told me, follow me! I went after her, undressed and went into the shower, after that she gave me a shampoo and asked her to wash the back.
I started to wash, then she asked to wash down, and so I went below the waist, my cock was already standing, I even had to kneel down.
She turned to me, and I saw her vagina from the closest distance.
She gave me a washcloth and asked to wash it, I began to rub, while lathering my hands I began to wash it by hand (without a washcloth), she moaned.
Then I asked to put my fingers in there, and I did it.
She moaned, I then amplified, then slowed down the pace, then, pulling out my fingers, I began to lick her vagina! This situation demolished the tower to me to the fullest and then I felt that she had finished.
After that, she became and said, you will wash yourself, come to me, but don’t do it with us.
I quickly washed and went to her, my cock stood with a stake, she poured me tea, and we drank tea and talked about something, I could not think of anything as her! Then she tells me the conversation, I liked it so much how you did it, do it again

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, and I started licking her pussy again, my cock wound up to its fullest.
After that, she interrupted me, stood up before me on my knees and began to suck dick! Then she stopped and gave me a condom, I put it on and my cock went into the vagina, I continued to do it for 15 minutes, then, accelerating, then slowing down the pace! Women having live sex.

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A powerful stream of the most delicious urine that I had just tried splashed into my throat.
I drank a lot of urine in the school bathroom, but it was mostly male and nasty, or completely tasteless to my peers.
But Mary’s piss is just something! Slightly brackish of a pleasant shade of light beer, not that the guys – like a dark beer, tart, bitter, dark in color. Anal sex caught on camera.

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On that and decided.
We went to the hotel.
About 30 minutes later I suggested that Zoe come to me for a minute to agree on one important issue.
She came.
I smoked on the balcony.
He said that in a minute I would finish smoking and go.
And while you open the laptop and download our contract.
For some reason, when I entered the room, it did not surprise me.
Zoe sat red and without blinking looked at the screen.
Still, such a revelation.
I had a screensaver though.
A close up of a zoino’s face with a huge black dick in his mouth.
I took the initiative in my hands, while warm.
-I think that with your help we will be able to improve the terms of the contract.
And you will do everything for it.
Yes, I can change the screensaver with great stories every day for a year. Girls watching live sex.

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Andrei indifferently mumbled: “Busy.”
– I do not like water.
At once to business, – the persistent man told.
“Busy,” repeated Andrei.
– So, I chose you.
Why? You are familiar with one person.
This man is not easy.
I would even say – special.
Andrei threw up his eyes and took a sip of vodka.
– This case is very interested in me, so I am here.
The case is unusual.
Andrei was going to change seats, but the man grabbed his arm.
Grabbed with such force that Andrew was even surprised.
– I have a business proposal for you.
I can fulfill your every desire.
– the man did not have time to finish, as Andrew interrupted him: – And you, what a fairy or a goldfish to be a patron of the arts? – No, I’m Lucifer.
“Then, I am Joan of Arc!” Piss off !! – Hot.
It’s good.
The man took out a notebook, and said: “I propose a deal.”
And Roma is yours.
Andrew instantly lost his “arrogance”, and only now looked into the eyes of impudent.
Not like a madman.
Definitely not.
– Well.
– Andrew squeezed out.
– Sign it, and any desire is yours! – Yeah, blood certificate of sale of the soul.
– Why bled.
It’s all tales.
But the definition of “certificate” I liked.
Here is a pen, a regular pen.
Andrew was ready for anything now, if only this interlocutor had evaporated.
In addition, do not even have to dirty his “fists” about him.
One zagibulina – and the eccentric will leave.
Andrei took a pen and put a cross under the small text.
– Satisfied? – Too easy.
It’s a pity.

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Not interested.
True, sorry.
So your wish? Almost angry Andrew blurted out: – Sex with any man to whom I touch! And as soon as Andrew closed his mouth, the annoying man, and his notebook, and his pen, disappeared.
Just like that.
One and no! “Yes, that’s enough for today,” Andrew said out loud, pushing the glass of vodka away from himself.
He got up and went to the toilet.
Opening the door, he saw naked Roma standing in the middle of the toilet.
In his arms he held a sleeping red hare.
Roma sobbed “to blast.”
What he saw so shocked Andrew that he lost consciousness.
The void began to take on some meaning.
Thoughts appeared.
They got confused, broke off and came to one: “Why, actually, asleep? Why did the rabbit in his arms sleep?
After all, he could be.
Andrei began to open his eyes.
Consciousness has returned.
He began to look around.
Where is he?!.
Yes, he is lying in a strange bed! Naked!!.
on his left, he is embraced by a naked young man, on his right, by a naked man.
“The night was stormy.
“- Andrew thought.
Carefully, so as not to wake the sleeping, Andrew stood up.
Got dressed.

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was good outside! Fresh gentle wind.
It is very good here.
Andrew went through the park.
An impressive guy was walking towards him.
He really liked Andrew.
Remembering yesterday’s “dream”, Andrei specially touched the one passing by.
The boy stopped, looked at him with eyes full of endless lust.
Hand touched the hair of Andrei and.
easily pulled to him; and kissed! “It can’t be true!” “It can not be that” yesterday “- it was true !!” Right here, in the park, having lost shame and last modesty, the stranger hugged and kissed Andrew.
He “diverged” more and more.
And now the hand of a stranger in the pants of Andrew, caressing his pouring member.
Under such a bold onslaught, Andrew quickly lost his head.
He eagerly began to respond to caresses; pulled off his pants with a guy.
And with both hands he grabbed a hard, hot barrel.
They caressed each other, as if there was no one in the park.
As if it was their very last time.
After mutual rapid ejaculation, the guy went on, and Andrew sat on the bench. How to watch sex videos online.

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Dilya grinned and got cancer.

-Mayka! Do not! I feel better! I do not want! Let’s wait for Mom to come.
Maya dragged her brother by the hand to the white door with a green cross.
She understood perfectly well that if mother comes, she will not be allowed to participate in the treatment of the sick, and so she hastened to do everything herself.

The brother fought back weakly, realizing that now her sister had gained the desired power over him and it would be impossible to stop her.
Shame awaited him.
The white door opened and Alex found himself in a hateful room.
How many times he had experienced this humiliation here, but only his mother had watched it before, and now.
She is only 12, she is only 6 years older! She, the girl, wants to see him naked.
but nothing can be done.
Maya was already stripping her brother.
Here she took the gum of his pants.
they slowly slid down to their knees and fell to the floor.
Gently slapping her bare ass with her hand, Maya pushed her brother toward a huge object, similar to the letter “H”.

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Alex, resigned to his position, went back to the letter and stood, spreading his legs and raising up his hands.
Clamps made of translucent plastic and securely fixed the limbs and body of the child.
Opposite of them, the camera and manipulators moved out of the cylinder that was iridescent with crystal screens.
Began the usual examination of Automatic Medic.
Maya typed something on the keyboard and the manipulators approached the boy’s stomach.
Feeling the belly from all sides, AM turned the panel to which Alex was attached 180 degrees so that the boy turned blue to the camera.
Plastic “hands” pushed Alex’s buttocks and the small probe slid easily into his anus.
At this time, the female voice muttered: “Alex Vaskovits, born in 2561.
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What do you need, leave me alone! Guys, do not, I live here, leave me alone! I ask you to! – I whined.
Again, the language did not foolishly obey me.
Of course, leave! Yes she is drunk! What’s your name? I am Roma, and this is Lyokha.
I rushed to jump out of their arms, but could not, they firmly clamped me, and one of them grabbed me by the hair.
I screamed, he turned me to face and squeezed my cheeks.
They also smelled of alcohol and tobacco.
Where are you in a hurry, whoop, so early in the night? Has the call arrived? Ambulance at home for lonely men? – He continued to squeeze my cheeks.
The second hand, he pawed my ass.
Lyokha was already kneading my pussy.
Please do not, ”I said in a trembling voice.
Why not? What are you doing, tselochka something, in stockings without panties! – He gave me a slap in the face.

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I screamed in sharp pain, and he immediately squeezed my chest.
– You are a prostitute! Guys, I’m not a prostitute, – I ached again, – I was raped all night! And we are not men, or something.
And we hunt! One more, one less! In short, come with us.
In a quick way.
You will not kick, and we will not do anything bad to you.
Lyokha won, from the very evening the woman wants me almost fucked! – They neigh, grabbed my arms from both sides and dragged me upstairs.
– Come on, it doesn’t hurt! We went up to the fifth floor, and near the open door, from where the music was heard, I tried to escape, pulled my hand and shouted: Help, rape! Oh you whore, I told you not yell, – shouted Roma and slapped a slap in the face, so I fell.
Frightened, I began to ask not to beat me, tried to get up and run away again, but one of the bastards pulled out a knife and brought it to my face.

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And now you will do everything that we say, – said Lech and put a cold knife blade to his neck.
A shiver ran down my back when I imagined what they could do to me.
I obediently nod my head.
– Serve us to the fullest and just pikny – kill.
And you will filon, cut your face! – He added and came first.
My kind of aroused the guys, and the members have them sticking out of his pants with might and main.
Kneeling, I unbuttoned my jeans Alexey, and took his excited penis in my hand.
I started jerking off with one hand and massaging his eggs with the other.
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Toy couple in love.
Quite young, but such depraved.
– Can I have her in the ass – he asked.
– Yes, Zaya, yes.
Irina closed her eyes.

The young man spat on his fingers, put them in the ass of a woman.
Then introduced a member.
Irina mumbled.
It was a little painful.
But she soon got used to it.
– Love you.
And I you – moaning couple.
First finished girl.
Then her boyfriend.
Straight into Irina’s gut.
Rising, they returned to the table.
Irina fell to the floor.
She played enough.
How humiliating and nice.
Then she took a few more times.
She oral pleaded adult woman.
Irina thought it was all a dream.
She is extremely tired.
It was past midnight when they were led to the stable.
Wet, obekdivshihsya, fucked cows.
Animal people.
Irina smiled.
She never had such an adventure.
Jeanne and Max brought them to the sand and the cows did not hesitate to write anything.
In her stall, Irina immediately disconnected.
She dreamed of cows, members, naked people.
In the morning they were woken by Max.
Each cow in turn, he drove into the shower.

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There just poured warm water from a hose.
Irina flowed.
How she liked to be an animal.
After a shower, they were taken to the lawn.
After the toilet, Jeanne milked them.
Irina smiled.
She was happy.
In the afternoon Serzh came to them.
He thanked the cows for a wonderful evening.
Invited to visit the “Polesie” After his departure, Jeanne once again milked the cows.
They sunbathed a little more and were taken to the stable.
– It’s time to return to the people, my cows – announced Joan.
Together with Max, they freed the cows from the “hoof”.
Irina barely stood up.
What would happen if she had been in Polesie for a week? Unlearning to walk? The women were led into a room with lockers.
Irina got dressed.
Again the minibus.
And here she is at home.
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So I planned to appear before the “boy”, the meeting with which was scheduled for ten at night.
From nine o’clock I began to prepare.
Prepared condoms, lubrication, washed the ass several times.
Began to be painted.
At half-past nine the doorbell rang.
“A bit early” – flashed through my head, but I could not even think that there would be someone other than a “boy”, and therefore.
immediately opened the door.
Uncle Vova was on the threshold.
First time: continued.
silence lasted a few seconds.
My heart flew out of the pool, thoughts of exposure filled my head.
Having not agreed the begun phrase he looked at me and all that he could say further was: “so, so, so”.
I thought what would happen if he told his parents.
scary to imagine.
Moreover, on this he will not stop and, in the end, he will know half the district about my changing clothes.
On the first floor heard the steps of a lady.
Heart pounding even more.
It was necessary to act, it was necessary to do something.
Do not show yourself as a female attire to the rest of the inhabitants of our porch.
– Can we go in? – I said in a shaky voice.
– What for? – Let’s talk.
– About what? I already see everything.
– And you tell everyone everything? – I can tell, but I can not tell.
– he smiled.
It was clear that he figured what was happening and was thinking how to take advantage of my position.
Honestly, he was a man who knows how to keep secrets, but only in cases where it is beneficial to him.
Uncle Vova at that moment was divorced from his second wife.
He worked as a truck driver, and, after almost every flight, you could hear his stories about how he used the services of girls standing on the sidelines. Hot private porn.

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But there is one nuance – paradoxically it sounds – I am a man of high moral principles.
You can certainly seduce a live girl and so that she will forget about everything later.
But in no case can you make her an eternal slave.
Every living girl was created by God and Mrs. Nature.
She’s someone’s daughter, sister, mother, after all.
This is holy, man! – Sergey Anatolyevich made a pause, as if focusing attention on this phrase, – And in order not to introduce myself into a big sin, I created the technology for the production of biological robots.
It may be more expensive than to make a prostitute out of a living girl, even a very elite one.
But everything pays off, and I feel not at all the lord of the world, but just a puppeteer.
My girls can not bring any evil, unless a little in order to defend.
– But they also feel? “They don’t feel anything, man.”
Tears, shame, laughter, other emotions – this is really available to them, then within the framework of the program I introduced.
– They can grow old? – No, they are eternal girls and they practically do not change. Sex photo maker online.

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she stood in front of him with cancer, parted her buttocks.
Andrew immediately began to lick the entire crotch of Anna.
Anna began to moan with pleasure.
Andrew is just the plant.
After a couple of minutes of caress, Anna walked away, and said: – Let me caress you, do you want? – Yeah, come on, breathing out of pleasure, Andrew said.
Anna knelt, taking a fist member, sent it into her mouth.
At first, she herself sucked her son, and then stopped, took out a member from the mouth and said: – Come on, fuck me in the mouth.
She again took a member in her mouth, and Andrew immediately began moving up and down, as if to fuck her in the mouth.
And soon, having finished her mouth, and on the face, with her hot, thick white sperm, Anino splashed her face.
– Uhh, how cool, well, sit down, take a break.

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Anna said.
Andrew sat in the chair, and quietly podrachivaya his member said quietly: – This is something, this is super.
fuuh great frolic.
– Yeah, really cool.
They lay down on the bed, and silently looked at the ceiling.
Anna wiped her face and turned to Andrew.
– Want to undermine? – And you? Did Andrei answer the question? – Yes, after that it is necessary to undermine, let’s go.
They took the things necessary for the shower, and went to the bathhouse, which Andrew flooded in advance.
In the dressing-room, Andrew, with his member who had sat down and cooled down, began to pester Anna, which made him stand up again.
It cost Anna to turn away, or to bend down, as Andrey already crawled a member by Anna’s crotch.
She did not like it, at first, and she silently moved away from him.
– Andrei, well, everything !!

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Let’s wash and go to sleep !! – Mom, I want to !! – What do you want, asked Anna.
– How what, you.
Andrew, do not, please !! Well, he just started to flirt with her.
Either pats on the pope, then he takes them by the chest, then he starts to crawl with his dick.
– Andrey, that’s enough !! I’m your mom !! – Well, you already sucked me, I want.
mmm how to tell you.
– Fuck, just say so, interrupted Anna.
– Well yes.
blushing slightly answered Andrew.
Anna, having washed herself and dried out, sat next to Andrey, and said: “Well, don’t, Andryush, you licked me, I sucked you, you even finished on me.
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Then Pavel Nikolayevich came back into the kitchen, but he was already fully dressed and carrying a shirt in his hand to his partner.
“I made my bed there just in case,” he said briskly.
– That’s what it means.
Traces are swept! – said my spouse in a half-drunk voice, – Or maybe Oleg honestly tell me, how did you use me here in his absence? “Why complicate the situation,” answered Pavel Nikolayevich calmly, pouring out tea to all those present.
– He already suspects you of all mortal sins, I mean that story with the driver.
– Managed means my hubby enlighten you here on my account, I look, – Katya smiled, – But only he himself knows nothing.
I didn’t have anything with the driver either then or after, but what the story really was was that I’ll tell you now, since it all happened anyway.
In general, it was a year ago, when Oleg and I were huddled together in a hostel.
They celebrated the birthday of one of his colleagues, I remember when I danced with his boss, with Andrei Sergeyevich, and he, in a drunken affair, began to whisper in my ear that they say if I want Oleg to be given an apartment as an intern, I must be love him and everything.
I didn’t sleep that night, I thought about it all, but in the morning I decided to take leave from my work and went straight to Andrei Sergeyevich, went into the office and began to explain confusedly that I supposedly agreed.
He looked at me in surprise and said: “Undress!” , I blundered slightly and said: “What is right here?” , and he nods his head.

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Well, I undressed, I stand, I tremble like a bath leaf, I burn with shame, and Andrei Sergeevich comes up to me, starts to paw, sets me down on the table, spread his fly and go.
Here, Mishka Topolev collapses into the office (they forgot to lock the door), who is sitting next to Oleg in the department, his friend.
His mouth opened, he widened his eyes and stands as if rooted to the spot, well, Andrei Sergeyevich had to explain himself, he suggested to him that also means me.
Well, here I am, as they say, started up with a half-turn, I don’t know what, maybe because the situation

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was unusual (two men have me together), or maybe because of my Oleg sitting behind the wall near his drawing board this time.
I whisper to them: “My dear, relatives still want!” , but they shot out once and everybody, put me on the back of my bed and escaped unnoticed, and I’m all burning.
I went to Sidorych, I think: “I will take moonshine and drink it with grief!”
I come, and he is in his barn on the workbench making something, he saw me and said: “Wait here, I will carry it out now.”
He came out means, but I do not know what is going on with me, I already have at least some guy.
Undressed right there, lay on the workbench, I caress myself.
Sidorych came back, saw me like this and immediately to the point.
I am ashamed on the one hand, he is my father’s good, but on the other I can’t do anything with myself.
Finished under him, I apologize for the details, right on the workbench.
I have never experienced anything like this by the sharpness of sensations.
He didn’t take money from me for half a liter then, but I didn’t drink it then, brought it home and kept it until today, I didn’t even open it for housewarming.
I almost went crazy, listening to this whole monstrous story, but my member stood like a sentry at the mausoleum.
“Something Oleg has disappeared somewhere,” said Pavel Nikolayevich thoughtfully.
“I think everything, I can tell him the whole truth about that incident and about today,” my husband continued her reasoning.
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The boys every time they saw my mother remembered her with a kind word, but they licked, she looked as if she would give her a compliment if possible, she only smiled in response, which warmed the memories of that martno-night party even more.
Timurmur kept running around and changing the women, where did he just get them? Probably already in the second round.
The boys were joking, so that at least wrote down already conquered.
Autumn came.
One morning, Timur called me and said that I needed to talk.
We met with him after an hour in the cafe.
Vladik damn I have relatives here came to visit with Azerbaijan, with them three brothers, it is necessary to treat well, dear guests after all.
– began Timurka.
Well, what’s the problem in the sauna and the grub and the girls more, I wondered.
What kind of girls, you listen, you need to get acquainted with normal girls, but the bros in Russian only know how to swear, in order to get to know this will not work out, what a gift, and to treat prostitutes is somehow not good, undignified.
I really want to treat, as real people explained Timur.
And what do you need to borrow money, I have a bit there, I will not give up a problem, thinking that the question has been solved, I answered.
What money, money I will give you myself.
I want Valentina Alexandrovna us with the brothers for the evening, to treat them to a real Russian woman, I told the brothers about her, they are waiting now, do not let him down, he pleaded.
No, she does not agree, even talk about it will not, and certainly will not go anywhere.
She was worried about her last time, as you did, and here strangers, and not from Russia, you understand the dead number.

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– I said soothingly at Timur.
Yes, no need to go anywhere, tell me when to come, we will come, and there you know me, she will be pleased, and he will be assured of me even after me.
Yes, yes, I believe you, everything will be fine, well, I will try, I said.
We sat for an hour more chatted about nothing and dispersed.
Saturday has come.
Father as always rushed to fishing.
I gave the sister money and sent it away, saying

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that friends would come so that they would not be confused here.
Mom had a rest in her day off, rested.
I suddenly asked if she had any periods.
No, she answered in surprise.
I said that I just care, which surprised her even more.
I phoned Timur and somewhere in half an hour Timur and his three brothers came to me, with a package and flowers, two years for twenty and one years so twenty-five.
I spread them in the kitchen, they got food, wine.
I set the table.
I walked gently, pushing my mother, saying that we have guests and that they ask the hostess to greet, treat and give flowers.
Mom smiled got up said she would tidy herself up and now she will come, I went to the table.
Five to ten minutes later, a mother appeared at home, as befits a hostess, but slightly made up and with beautifully gathered hair in a ponytail.
And she was surprised, strangers were sitting at the table, and even from the Caucasus.
These are my brothers, Timur said and introduced everyone to each other.
And this is for you, he gave mother flowers.
And what at home, would go somewhere, mother said with shy flowers.
We told you directly to Timur’s mother.
Mom immediately realized that they want from her, and obstinately.
No Timur is out of the question, I do not agree.
– as mum cut off.
Yes, we do not force you, you sit down with us, drink wine, sit, please us with your beauty, softened Timur.
Okay, now only flowers in a vase I will put, mother answered seriously.
She sat with us, we sat and joked about Timur’s brothers who vied to talk with my mother and could not, as they did not know Russian.
They drank wine, ate.
So little by little everyone relaxed and cheered up, mom even started to flirt a little before the men.
Someone under the table put her hand on her knee. Blonde webcam masturbation.

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Justice, finally, on my side! – he solemnly announces and begins to pull the skirt off her hips.
But this is not so easy to do.
The skirt is not removed.
Isn’t it too early, young man? The thing, as I see it, is not so simple.
And without any help here you can hardly manage.
I catch the word.
Yes, I see no other way out for myself.
Judging by your irrepressible onslaught, you will pull me off anyway.
Yes, that’s just to tear it, if you do not guess in the end, that she was removed.
over the head.
So I have to step over shyness and pride.
You see, what I am pliable, docile.
I see and is ready to show no less.
I allow you to take up my pants: unbutton the belt and fly to make sure that they, unlike your skirt, will immediately be on the floor.
No, save me from it.
It will probably be more convenient for you to do it yourself.

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If you please! One, two, three, four, five, – the bunny went out for a walk !.
Oh god, are there still pants? Pants? One, two, three, – wipe your eyes! Where are they? There, on the floor.
Good good! Come on, I’ll go clean it all up in the closet.
Wait for me here.
Hope you come back without a skirt? Hope, hope.
Just do not freeze! Sign up with something.
A little later, Sasha returns to the kitchen.
And, in order to hide her embarrassment, she tries to behave like a cafe girl.
Well, how do you find me? She asks, stopping in the doorway and pulling on the cord of the electrical switch.
Kanunnikov, not hiding the amazement that could have been taken for admiration, stares at her, which appeared before him in the light of a lit kitchen lamp: in a black combination shading the whiteness of the shoulders and arms, in black stockings; one arm is bent at the elbow with the palm turned up at chest level, the other on the thigh, slightly raising the hem, so that you can see a narrow white strip between it and the stocking.

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With a loud cry, Leonid jumps up from the chair and rushes toward her.
But she turns off the light and in the darkness that has suddenly come, somehow unexpectedly gracefully and easily for her rather complete figure eludes his embrace and heads for his place at the table.
Sit down, Lenechka.
Why did you turn off the lights? You know, I still somehow not on my own.
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At home, he was already kept nothing, and in the capital he hoped to at least earn.
Although Alex had no concrete offers of employment.
He lived in Moscow, his great-uncle, whom he saw only a couple of times.
Telegin hoped for his help.
After all, a relative in Moscow is already a success.
But Alex did not even hope for happiness in his personal life.
Yes, and did not believe in love.
Now he was driving in an empty compartment (for some reason there were no vacant seats on the reserved seat) and he was tugging over a cup of tea, which the elderly unsmiling conductor brought a duty service.
Alex, in moments of sad thoughts, didn’t even wonder why at the height of the holiday season his car, knocking along the rails, was practically empty.
At least, in three near-compartment passengers were not observed.
But he was a journalist, and quite persistent.
But personal “hammered” all professionalism.
– Good evening! The voice came out in silence with a slight hoarse.
Alexander turned his head and saw in the doorway a short, graying man, gazing inquiringly at the young man.
– Good – Alex hastily said hello, trying to smile affably. Exclusive 82 nude cam.

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And Tauriel lost all the royal dignity, howling from the pain in the twisted tail, but trying to enter into a bargaining with me.
“Let me go, a full handful of women’s rubies as a ransom.”
– No, – I say, – I will fuck you every day.
Now you are not a queen, but my concubine, you will give birth to bastards from me.
Or do you prefer to get into a brothel, where a dozen trolls or gnomes will fuck you every day.
And if you will be koben, I will feed you to the giants, your royal teles will be very tasty to them.
The Queen Tauriel sees and a graphic illustration of my words.
her friends are standing with cancer, the hunters in their asses are planted by starved members, and the elves only groan and squeal.
I really do not want the queen of the forest such a fate, and she began to bargain with me.
“Let me go, I will give for myself a ransom of five elfies.”
“Not five, but ten,” I answer her and begin to twist the tail more strongly.
– Ten many, I agree to give seven: OH! Painfully! “Fifteen,” I say cruelly, and you will still bargain, raise the ransom to twenty.
“Okay, just don’t twist your tail so hard, otherwise I can’t call girls.”
I loosened my grip, but a little – it is not enough that she planned.
Tauriel whistled, meowed, clapped her hands, and fifteen elf calves appeared on the Green Mound.

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– Do you love me? “The queen asks them.”
– Love, order us.
– they answer.
– Agree to surrender to this person in exchange for my freedom? – We agree: – answered all, but with some hesitance.
It was my finest hour.
I did not expect such a rich production.
But heifers are still in their belts, and therefore they are free and dangerous for me.
Command them.
– Everyone stand in a row.
Now take off your panties and throw them at my feet.
With tears, they took off and threw their liberty signs in a heap, covered their red clits with their hands.
– Now turned his back and his hands on his knees, ass put.
Now you will cut the tails.
My hunters understand the discipline – they abandoned them to fuck their elves, grabbed knives and began to cut off their tails.
Their moan and cry sounded like the best music to me.
Now there is something to pay for working with the giants, to arrange a brothel for the dwarves and goblins.
I let go of the tail of the forest queen, I take two steps back and (as a precaution!) Take a whip in my hand – there is little that she conceived.
But the elven queen Tauriel rushed to escape.
Only at the border of the forest thicket stopped and shook my fist.
I drive on my farm as many as nineteen elves.
Fifteen flat as board girls and four milk cows.
There will be daily medicated milk for me, and it will be for my vagabond hunters so that they will not die from local diseases.
Part of the hunters sent for prey taken from the hobbits.
GREAT DRAIN On the farm, the giants are finishing the job, leaving only the tyn from the logs around the farm to finish

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As they saw my prey, immediately hurried.
“tomorrow, master, we will finish the work, prepare the payment.”
Goblins, that they looked after the giants, remind me.
“five giants worked, it means that five calves of elves should be given to them to be eaten. Hidden cam sex com.

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On the one hand, it is an alien creature, which very recently caused her great pain.
And in general, she does not know what it is, what to do about it.
He must be afraid, and she is afraid.
But, on the other hand, it flows like a bitch from the fact that he inserted his own stem into it.
Mind desperately struggled in it with the body.
And in the end, the dam of fear and reason cracked.
Liz put her hands on the body of the “flower” and rocked her hips slightly.
She was afraid to provoke his anger, so she tried to move carefully.
However, there was no pain.
She rocked her hips again, then again, entering the rhythm.
Each forward-backward movement caused a hot wave of pleasure in her body, and these waves were getting stronger and stronger with each movement.
A few minutes later the scope of her movements was so strong that she had to cling to the edge of the bed so as not to fall.
The moans of

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pleasure burst from her throats a long time ago, she threw her head back and finally screamed in ecstasy.
Liz’s body arched, she scraped her hands over the sheet and, finally, went limp, dropping her breast to the edge of the bed.
Somewhere in a minute, when the awareness of the surrounding reality returned to her, she felt in his head his question: “Do you enjoy this?” Of course! Of course she enjoys! That is an absurd creature, how can you not enjoy this mad orgasm? She gently got off the “stem” and lay on the bed on her side, looking at this strange organism with emphasis.

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“Do what I will order, and there will be a lot of pleasure.
Listen to me and it will hurt! ”Appeared in her head.
Liz held out her hand to his body and stroked the leaves, the tuber.
Now, at least, she is not afraid of him.
After all, it can be fun.
Ghon The result of this day not only surprised Ghona, but also forced him to reconsider his approach to exploring the planet.
Theoretical studies of the whole day and its unexpected finale enabled the intelligence officer to conclude that it is possible to control the aborigines not only with the help of pain, but also with the help of pleasant sensations.
At least, after the female reached the highest peak of pleasure on it – he no longer felt aggression from her.
Yes, her active movement somewhat prevented the removal of information from the controller, but on the other hand, she sat on him, she did not have to be forced.
The next day showed the correctness of his guesswork.
The female herself, without any compulsion, prepared food for him and herself only in order to sit back on his “stem” in the morning.
Then, for some reason, she slapped him with her lips (who would understand these Aborigines) and ran off to work.
He no longer needed to order – she herself performed the duty work on the ranch and ran to him somewhere at lunch only in order to, again, having rode on it, to receive new instructions.
When, according to his order, she jumped at the computer, she herself took the initiative: “Let me show you something!” On the computer screen, pictures of naked intertwined bodies, smeared with sperm of people, male genitals in female vaginas, mouths began to change at a breakneck speed and anus. Sex public hidden camera.

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The one that stood on the left was already quite mature young woman – and an attractive woman! The dark green silk of the dress on his chest was sticking out forward, outlining unambiguous forms – and the matter was clearly not only in the impressive volume of the lungs inherent in all dwarves.
Pleasant facial features, moderately plump lips and broad hips complemented the picture.
“What representative gentlemen have honored us with their attention,” the younger one began with a bow.
– Surely such handsome men can only be from a noble house.
– Of course they are from a noble house! – cut her first.
– This is the hero of the day, the winner of the Trials, Prince Edukan! – with these words, she, too, bowed in an elegant bow.
The warlord Orzammar nodded casually.
– And your companion, my lord? – asked the youngest.
“Is he also from the high-born house of Edukan?” “Sir Burn,” said the bodyguard.
“But not of the noble ladies.”
Caste warriors.
– Warriors? – embarrassed the girl, biting her lip.
– It’s a pity.
so cute.
Not as you, Your Highness, however, she immediately switched to the prince.
– Why did you give my origin? – finally opened lips Edukan.
“These are noble hunters, lord,” said Gorim quietly.
– Use your art in bed to get pregnant from a noble one.
The son will inherit the father’s caste, and they will be able to live in a noble home, raising a child.
Edukan heard about this.
In general, he was little interested in the affairs of the mob – he so rarely visited the quarters where the lower castes lived – but since he piled all the palace maids in the bed, he has become bored in the palace.

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This cute chick could be exactly what he needs.
“Yes, your highness,” the elder smiled slyly, “we are precisely those who are called noble hunters.”
I am Mardi, and this is Taly.
Your friend said everything correctly, especially as regards art in bed.
I am capable of much, and you will not be disappointed, I promise.
– protesting exclaimed Tali.
– I spoke to him first! “Tali, honey,” Mardi cooed, “the prince needs a woman, not a girl.”
Do not worry, you will surely find someone.
So what, your highness? Will you do me the honor? Edukan looked at Mardi again, appreciatively.
In the name of the Perfect, such a body is

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not simply abandoned! “You will come to me,” he nodded.
“Then I will wait in your chambers after the ceremony,” Mardi bowed again.
Straightening, she saw only her back in the mail, moving away in the same measured step.
“Quite a lot can happen in a few hours,” Prince Edukan thought darkly.
Here at least today.
He managed to win on trials, spent a couple of tedious hours at the ceremony, took communion of court intrigues.
and found out that the older brother is going to kill him.
No, he never built illusions about the precious brother, but there was still hope that he would somehow have had enough of a blow from the lack of air during the next angry tirade.
And now I have to get down to business myself.
This is in addition to being in battle tomorrow.
There was no sadness.
Entering his own chambers, the warlord Orzammar grunted in irritation, pulled the gauntlet from his hand and threw it at the corner of the room.
With a plaintive jingle, the crystal bowl on the table shattered into shards.
There was a startled cry.
Edukan looked up.
Well, of course.
That same girl he picked up today in the Azmaz halls.
However, someone who picked up, if you remember the type of her occupation? Mardi was reclining on the bed, leaning on the headboard.
Her entire wardrobe was a semitransparent nightdress to mid-thigh.
The noble hunter put her elbows on the headboard, so that with such a pose her impressive breasts stood out unambiguously.
However, even what was visible through the neckline was enough to excite the imagination.
Quickly overcoming the fear caused by the impetuous and inhospitable appearance of the prince, Mardi smiled: – My lord decided to honor me with attention? Make live porn.

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