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And our half-child-semi-mature military “service” began to flow.
In the morning – exercise, breakfast, then work in the field, and in the evening war games, drill, sporting events, shower and sleep.
Summer heat drove crazy, the only salvation from it was swimming in a local lake.
Days flowed sluggishly and uniformly.
Every day, each “fighter” was assigned the task of weeding and clearing two long rows of weeds.
These rows were long, 200, 300 meters each, and under the scorching sun it took 4, 4.5 hours to work them out.
It was pure punishment, and only schoolchildren could be forced to work on “bare” enthusiasm, “volunteer work”, that is, for free.
Once, finishing the last row, I saw Lesha next to me, who with frenzy tore and threw down the weary grass, wishing to finish the daily norm as soon as possible.
We began to complain about a difficult share.
Having finished weeding, both fell down to the ground, without feeling back.
The body ached from fatigue, the legs and arms were cotton.
We lay happy with the realization that we had completed the hated work earlier than others and we have 30-40 minutes of complete freedom.
It so

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happened that we were 200-250 meters ahead of everyone else.
Catching their breath and recovering a little, they began to chat, vividly commenting on what was happening.
“Now I’d like to drink some water and take a dip in the lake, otherwise I’m not strong enough,” I said.
After these words, Alex handed me his oval flask of water.
– On, drink.
Taking a few sips, I returned the flask and thanked a friend.
– Listen, all of us are still picking, and we are already resting.
Just a class! Now there would be a sofa here together with Zhanna, she would have rubbed her back, and she would have taken it in her mouth, ”Lech said.
I rolled with laughter.
We nervously laughed, holding on to our stomachs, laughed and could not calm down for a long time.

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Physical fatigue through laughter gradually disappeared.
The fact is that Zhanna is our classmate, an unusually unsympathetic girl, a student with whom no one wanted to sit at the same desk because of her nasty, unbalanced nature.
She was never talked about seriously and always used her name for the most ridiculous and piquant situations.
It was normal, because there are pets and outcasts in any class.
– Zhanna is in town now.
I would not refuse a massage either.
Listen, let’s remember each other’s backs, this is a worldly thing, ”I said.
– Lets do it.
With these words, I threw off my jacket and laid it on the ground.
Alex was the first to lie on her, took off his shirt and put my back to me.
I began to massage his shoulders and lower back with the benefit of such an experience I already had.
The first seconds Leshka moaned, snuffled and groaned like an old grandfather.
But gradually the pain went away, my back came to life, was poured by force, my hands deftly flexed my muscles.
After rubbing followed by acupressure.
Then they changed places.
Fifteen minutes later our backs were already in perfect order, the mood was excellent.
Alex got up, stretched, and suddenly I noticed that his pants were sticking out.
Against the backdrop of a lean, lanky body, it looked a little ridiculous.
Lesch did not notice what was happening.
Apparently spilled over the body languor did its job, and his penis reacted to stimulation of the back.
“What have you got?”
Do you have something? – I asked.
– As you can see, he honestly confessed, it is worth it, apparently it was in vain that we started a massage.
– Why is it in vain, isn’t it easier to have a back? – Well, why, very much so.
“And I felt better too,” I said.
– And does he often react to your massage? – Yes, nobody did it to me.
– Yes, well, that can not be.
Do you think your back never went numb? – Yes, how many times it went numb, but it did not reach the massage.
“Now there would be Jeanne here, bend with the crustacean and grind,” added Lech.
“Well, go and call her, maybe he will come,” I said reluctantly.
– Want to see it? – View.
Well, show me if you want? – Yes, I do not mind, look at.
Just sit down, do not shine above the bushes.
With these words, Lesha looked around and, making sure that no one sees him except for me, he pulled off his pants, and then the pants.
Elastic member jumped free and rocked.
It was a cropped, straight lengthwise member with a small head.
He made a good impression on me.
the testicles were pressed to the penis, and the hair around the pubis was neatly trimmed.
– Beautiful you, Lech.
How much is in it? – Sixteen and a half.
– Can I touch him? – Touch it. Milf squirting on webcam.

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Somewhere in forty minutes, cover me dinner, after serving me at dinner, continue to clean up further.
Accompanied by Olga, the Mrs. went to the pool, having a large amount of swimming, taking a shower, Catherine went to the dining room, where the table was already served.
After dinner, she watched TV, Olga at this time delivered oral sex to her, first she licked her crotch, and then her ass.
Mistress loved when they caressed her anus, she was very pleased to feel the tongue of a slave penetrated deep in the ass.
Satisfied with caresses, Mrs. went to bed, and Olga ordered: Go, help your girlfriends clean up.
Olya was very offended by the fact that Katya sent her to help slaves, and did not leave her in her room.
Catherine herself appointed her eldest among the slaves.

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And despite the fact that the Mistress punished her with them, the slaves were afraid of Olga very much.
When the Lady was not at home, she disposed of slaves, as if she was their real Mistress.
She, as she could, humiliated them, beat, but lightly, so as not to leave traces.
She so intimidated the slaves, if they, one of them, reported to the Lady about her antics, she would make the slaves regret that they were born into the world.
At the very beginning, Lizka somehow told Catherine that Olga, without her permission, had punished her, to which Catherine replied, it meant it was, for which she ordered Olga to place her in the basement, where she was tortured alternately for a whole week now Olga, then Katya, especially lyutovala Olga.
This was a good lesson for all the other slaves.

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Olga came to the slaves who cleaned the house and told them that if Mrs. asked in the morning, she would help to take part in the cleaning so that they answered that she was cleaning with them, and went herself, lay down on the sofa in the living room.
Olya was lying on the sofa and thought it was time to change her life.
In the morning she decided to talk to Catherine not as a slave, but as a person.
For the first time during the whole time Olga was a slave, she decided to take this step.
She did not want to be a slave anymore, but simply to become Katya’s assistant.
And she realized that the time had come to carry out her plan, which had already matured in her head for a long time.
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And so, one of the young people began his story.
Together with two Christian brothers, I owned a large settlement in the province of Herat.
Day and night they thought how to select the half of the village belonging to me.
Thirty thousand dinars of pure gold they offered to me, but I did not agree.
Once I went hunting.
The Christian brothers arranged a treat in my honor in that village.
When we sat down to enjoy the hookah, the musicians began to play the old harragj motive.
The young dancers came out and started performing the dance.
In this dance was passion, love, struggle.
There were eight boys and they disappeared one by one, as if defeated in the fight, until two of them remained.
These two danced sparkingly in translucent robes, shimmering in a unique color, their arms and bodies were naked and attracted the looks of mature men.
Through the translucent yellow clothes, the outlines of their love tools were guessed.
The dance ended unexpectedly, the young men fell and froze, the music stopped, none of the two won, the two dancer guys lay in complete silence.
On their bare backs with henna were written letters.
I looked with delight at the dancers! My eye was caught by one of the brothers, he immediately ordered the guys to appear before me.
They jumped up, ran up to me, kissed my hands, and fell down.
I began to examine their backs, trying to understand the meaning of the inscription.
I was alone with the young men, truly they were beautiful and adept in love, but, having satisfied my lust, I felt disappointed and again saw the inscription.

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Well, you will have the gold and silver of the whole world, friends, power, the most beautiful beauties and skillful lovers – so what? Anyway, it’s nothing.
¦ Friends really liked this instructive story.
But I will tell on the condition that you try to learn a lesson for yourself.

“Tell, listen,” his fellow travelers encouraged him.
Once in a good mood, I walked past the castle of Omar beni Yusuf.
Opposite the castle was a house.
It was very hot, I undressed and began to swim.
My body rested under the cool streams of the house, enjoying the coolness and freedom.
And in the castle, Omar was visited by Asker-Bashi Niez, the most powerful commander-in-chief of the Khanate, there was no such strong war in the whole world.
He rested on the roof of the castle, after another victory over the infidels, and the enemies of the padishah Omar, he suddenly saw me and not one, but one hundred hearts fell in love with me, but, like a true proud warrior, showed no appearance.
From the roof he threw an apple.

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It fell beside me, I raised it to my haunches and began to eat, all the while looking at the roof of the palace.
I saw a small door, behind it stood this strong and invincible warrior.
He was in a simple dressing gown, but how much power and greatness was in his eyes! I was captivated by his imperious gaze, the movement of his thick eyebrows, blood began to boil in me, and I passionately wanted sinful intimacy with the hero and the winner of hordes of infidels.
I stood up and stood dazed for a while, and when I woke up, Niezbay continued to stand in the same place, smiled and stroked his mustache and beard with his right hand, and left his robe, or rather that robe, under which is what makes a man valuable, in the eyes of people.
He did not understand then that I was ready to surrender, besides, I was without clothes, and I was very embarrassed by the feelings overwhelming me.
I covered my genital organ with my hand.
As if the roar of thunder sounded his velvet voice: – What is your name, young man? Webcam nude young captures.

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So think! Nothing is required of you, just not to show persistence and initiative ”! But Tatyana, regardless of the prospect of being subjected to group sex, replied: “I cannot, I will not do that, I will just quit.
“But this option did not suit him at all.
He nodded at the Mordovorot and turned on the camera again.
A pair of strong hands, again threw Tanya on the table, but put it on his back this time.
Tanya was forced to look at how her legs were moved apart and between them a man was attached with a already bare and rearing member.

He was smaller in size than He, but much larger.
The girl had never seen such volumes, and therefore was seriously afraid of the consequences of his invasion.
She began to twitch and escape and shout: “No, no, no! Stop! ”
He gestured to stop Mordovorot, when the head of the member was already plunged into her hole.
“So? Are we working? ”He asked.
Tanya, being in animal fear from the upcoming violence, anyway, she found the strength in herself and answered with a refusal, hissing: “No!” And He immediately gave a sign, and a thick pin entered her body, with pain pushing the walls of the vagina.

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This is certainly not a deprivation of virginity, but it was painful.
And then the tremors began.
Mordovorot, clearly devoid of any moral principles and principles, received pleasure from the act itself, actively moving its core in her body.
Tania’s body, which was detented after the first act, responded with gratitude to the repetition.
Orgasm came just as quickly and with the same force.
Tanya no longer felt her legs and lips.
Mordovorot inserted his penis deeper and began to cum, snarling something not in Russian.
He did not have time to pull out a member expiring by sperm, as his place was taken by the second one, jerking him to turn Tanya on her stomach, spreading her buttocks with her hands and spitting relishly on her anus.
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These were the happiest moments of my life.
Until that unfortunate day, which at one stroke destroyed my whole life, came.
I remember this day as clearly as if it happened yesterday.
It was a hot spring day, and my mother and I went on bikes to the mountains.
Despite the fact that we knew the forest far and wide, somehow we drove onto a path that we had never been to before. Bongacams red.

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Almost immediately after this finished and the guy whose Luda sucked off! She swallowed almost everything, only a few drops spilled on her chin and dropped on her chest.
I decided to step up and discover my presence! For some reason, Lil’ka was most scared! The rest of the guys quickly faded.
The company remained – I, Lyudka, Anton, and Lilka.
I just said with a smile to Lilke so that she would take with her all the things of Lyudmila, except for her cloak, and carried her away, I would later take them away.
Then I say: “Guys, let’s go to a restaurant, where in a week will we celebrate?” Luda wore boots and a raincoat, but I asked her to fasten on only two buttons, so that her legs and small, beautiful breasts could be seen.
Together we went to a restaurant, since it was not far away.
Anton and Lyudmila sat down at the bar, and I went to the toilet.
When I left, I saw that Anton, climbing under the floor of his raincoat, put his hand on the shaven Ludkin pubis, and the bartender with bulging eyes was watching them, giving them a menu.
I came closer and saw how Anton, taking a drop of sperm from Lyudkin’s breast, in front of the bartender’s eyes, began to rub this drop into her nipple.
Ludka, pretending to study the menu, licked Anton’s finger with a smile! I sat down next to me and asked for a hundred grams of cognac, looking to the right, I saw that Anton was hugging my Ludka by the bare waist, and his fingers caress her clitoris.
Teasing the bartender, Luda completely unbuttoned her raincoat and said: “Oh, sorry, I must have dirty the chair!” At the same time she widely spread legs, showing her pussy with sperm flowing from there! The bartender with a smile handed Anton a napkin, with which he began to wipe the high chair and, for one wet Lyudkin’s hips! Then I said: “We will have a wedding here in a week – This is our witness! I would like to just look at your restaurant!” It was necessary to see how the face of the bartender stretched out! The evening was great, the service was top notch! And it’s not worth talking about the wedding – in a week all the employees of the restaurant met us at the door with a huge cake, class!

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Recently I heard one interesting phrase: at a certain age, a woman has a moment when she is ruled by a man’s penis.
And I remembered the most interesting incident that occurred in our family life.
Our close friends knew that we have some kind of experience in swing, my wife told them about it with pleasure when they spent the night with us.
But she did not dare to offer them joint sex in pairs.
Everything as always fell on my shoulders, and I must say that this duty gave me pleasure.
On one of the summer days, my friends and I rested on a beautiful forest lake, hidden from prying eyes, as it seemed to me then.
It was a great warm summer day, the sun was shining brightly, there was complete calm on the lake and in the rays of the sun the water played with blue light.
I had a camera with me to capture the beauty and divinity of the nature around us.
The smell of pine, spruce and kebabs cooked on coals excited us.
My wife and friend’s wife, bathed in the lake and lay on the beach to sunbathe, exposing to the goal.
The appearance of beautiful female bodies excited us with a friend so that our members who had risen in swimming trunks no longer fit and climbed out.
After drinking a glass of vodka with him, he suddenly blushing told me: “I like your wife so much that I cannot and really want her.”
I answered him that I did not object, but he would seduce her himself, and I would divert the attention of his wife.
A friend got up and called the girls to try the kebab and a little drink.
The girls got up from the bedding and without dressing went towards us.
Going to the fire, my wife said: “Look girlfriend, kebabs are gotoay,” and added a glance at our rebellious members, “and the boys seem to be too.”
The girls squatted at the table laid for dinner and I saw how their pussies opened and life-giving moisture oozed from the pink lips of their vaginas.
I realized that girls are ready for sex.
After eating all the kebabs and drinking a fair amount of alcohol, we laughed, told incredible stories and anecdotes.
And then, suddenly, my wife said: – A friend, and you know

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how my husband does a good massage.
Want to try? To which the wife of a friend just nodded her head.
She was lying on her back and, without waiting for my invitation, she turned over on her stomach.
I sat down closer to her and began stroking her back, shoulders, lower back and hips with gentle movements. Watch online porn movies full.

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“I don’t care about you,” Savostina said with a grin. “Let’s see,” Martha smiled in reply.
Schulke ran into the room, and stretched out along the line, something reported to Marta.
– Someone was not taken to the commandant’s office – Marina Lena quietly translated.
Martha, standing, looking at Luda, then walked over to the table in the corner of the cell and sat down and gave him some order.
Schulke stretched out and snapped her heels, nodded, and left the cell.
– They will punish – said Lena – Who! ?? – Marina quietly screamed back.
– Yes, not us, calm down. The girls were silent, March was sitting at the table, looking at the wall, on which were hung tools for torture.
After 15 minutes, two escorts entered the room and brought five women and one girl, about 14 years old.
They were placed along the wall, facing the wall.
Hands behind head, feet shoulder width apart.
Schulke and Vasily came in.
The German woman put some papers on the table in front of Martha.
Martha, got up, said something to the guards, and those, clicking his heels, left.
“Well, they did it wrong, the bitches are dirty,” Martha said, passing along the prisoners standing by the wall — we will bring up.
– What is the name – asked the German, sticking a cane, which was in her hands, in the back of the girl.
“Katya Zhukova,” the girl answered quietly.
Martha went to the table and pulled one sheet out of the pile.
– Come to me, Kate – she called the girl.
The girl came up.
Martha raised her chin with her cane and looked into her eyes.
– Do you steal? – No, that you, Frau officer, never, slandered me – the girl began to cry.
– It is good that you do not steal, and who slandered? – Martha asked.
The girl showed a hand on a full black-haired woman, 40 years old, standing against the wall.
“She, a frau officer, steals a damn gypsy herself, and dumped me,” the girl said with a confident voice.

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– Ah, even so – Martha continued with a smile – well, this is very bad.
“Vasily,” Martha said, “on her shop,” and pointed the gypsy with her cane.
The woman fell to her knees, clasped the legs of a German woman, and wail at the beginning.
– My dear, golden, mine, I did not steal, I saw how this small umyknula bag of your officer, I told the truth, my dear, for what? – the woman begged.
Vasily and Schulke approached the gypsy, lifted her from the floor and dragged her to the shop.
The bench was exactly the same as in the upper chamber.
Within a few minutes, the gypsy lay on her clouded, loose and tied.
– Well, Katya, so you say that a gypsy is lying? – Martha turned to the girl.
“Yes, yes,” Katya answered quickly.
“Take the whip and punish her for it,” Martha continued.
The girl, extremely rarely agreed, and taking the whip from the hands of Schulke, approached the gypsy.
– How can you? – the woman shouted – you are a little bitch, you are a thief !!! The last words were drowned out by the ringing whip sound that struck the woman’s buttocks and her cry.
Katya, with a rare frenzy flogging a gypsy.
She beat on the back, buttocks and thighs.
The woman screamed, shouting curses at the girl and pleading for Martha.
Five minutes later, when the entire back of the woman’s buttocks and thighs were covered with many red, swollen stripes, Martha stopped the execution.
“So you are telling the truth,” she bent over the face of a howling woman.
– Yes, pretty, yes, dear – lamented woman.
– Vasily, ask you, yes, through the heels – Martha said

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, with a smile.
She, as usual, approached the victim’s feet, sniffed them, and nodded her head to Vasily.
The executioner took a rubber stick and began to beat the gypsy hard on the heels.
The woman screamed loudly, and squirmed as far as the shop allowed her.
Every five blows, Martha stopped Basil and addressed the woman with a question.
That lies or not.
The gypsy replied that she was not lying and that the bit was not deserved.
After 25 blows, the woman was untied and she slid to the floor.
She got on her knees and, sobbing, rubbing with her hands the broken ass and broken heels.
“And now Katyusha is there,” Martha pointed out with a cane on the bench.
Kate began to yell and rest, but Schulke and Vasily took her to the bench for a couple of minutes and tied her completely naked.
Martha said something to Schulke and she took a rubber stick and began to beat Katina’s feet, after they had been sniffed and stroked by a German woman.
The girl squealed like a pig.
Lena and Marina, watched everything that happens from their corner.
Already accustomed to such scenes, they did not react as painfully as the first time. Hairy nude webcam.

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Two days later, my mother called me and asked if I was going to look into her today.
It was not an invitation, but a question.
Not the first time there was such a situation, but usually she did not call.
Now for some reason I decided to dial, well, I thought, replied that I would be busy.
She gave this answer, judging by the intonation.
At this point our conversation was over.
Well, it means it will be hot in our apartment today.
I’ll drop by at 9 o’clock.
This is exactly what I did.
Further, I watched not the first and not the tenth time.
He quietly opened the door, made sure that she was not alone, over a pile of men’s shoes at the threshold.
The door to the hall was closed.
Something struck me, went into the kitchen, picked up a banana, and only then opened the hall door. Sex mature private.

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Remember these words.
Dark circles, randomness is not accidental – Everything has an answer, an old secret will emerge.
Peretert skeleton, hidden behind the closet, And there is nothing left between us.
Faded lights illuminate the earth, But you are not near, and I am ill.
Crowded brain locked heart.
What about us, eh? Sob little body.
Asmodian assassin, as always, at this time, ran through the tunnel in search of the victim.
Since he was not weak, he was not interested in any goals like Daevi students.
He didn’t touch such people and didn’t respect those who hunt just for young.
Passing by a Hellenic village, he had to cross the river.
By the way, the river flowed between the people of Balaur and the Ellians.
Balaur long grabbed this fortress and are now neighbors in the west with Ellas, and in the north with Asmodians.
This river was crossed by young daevas going on a free hunt.
Here they hunted for Ellas and Balaur and Asmo, the place was bright) Here and there, there

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were bloody PvP, ending in death in 99% of cases.
Our hero – his name was Atmosphere, approaching this place from the tension clenched his fists, with his terrible claws inherent in asmo.
His eyes lit up, as always before the fight, but this terrible red light did not give out his inviza, the Atmosphere could disguise itself.
It was dangerous, experienced Ela were also here, guarding the young and hunting themselves.
But the concentration of the assassin hit by a girl.
She was not Ell, I mean, she was Ell by vocation, but not by birth.
She was from the extinct ancient race of the Elves.

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She was a charmer.
Beautiful girl.
But the reflex worked, and the Atmosphere saw another character.
Asmo, who was from a clan of assassins and was preparing a strike on ale.
The atmosphere hastened to prevent bloodshed.
But all his speed did not help – he did not have time.
Asmo used the skill – “Ambush” and was about to hit with a poisoned blade, as the atmosphere hung 4 marks cut it down.
Taking the elf in his arms, he again went off to the inviz.
The elite could appear at any moment, but the elite could not be killed by the four of us, GAHHH was 4 tons, and HP was gone, and there were 15 to 20 of them on duty.
Having escaped into the distance, the atmosphere called on the air and Tshnul to his home.
Putting the elf-unlucky-zakla)) he went to look for something that relieves stress, because by the fact that she had not left the camp it was clear that she was scared and that this was her first battle.
Finding a liqueur tincture, he lifted the head of the elf, opened his mouth and poured liquid.
Through unconsciousness, she swallowed, and coughed, but then again forgot herself.
The atmosphere sat down beside him, waiting for the beauty.
Now we describe the elf: Ash body, it was amazing! Ash, closer to white hair caused a desire to touch and feel their smell.
The figure is divine.
The face is beyond praise.
From the clothes on her was a woven set – a topic with long sleeves, a long skirt with a cutout in front, stockings, over which were some kind of braided beautiful hoops – golden with emerald.
Similarly, on the sleeves that are expanded in the area of ​​the hands and.
Overall very beautiful.
Assassin appreciated the high level of clothing, and since she could not earn money for medals and AP, the rich family means, and the elves were famous for great clothes, most likely it was inherited from her, but she woke up.
Opening her eyes and seeing a terrible monster in front of her (in fact, an ordinary person with ashy skin, rough, strong hands, and claws), she frightened herself into a corner and looked at the Atmosphere with a wolf pup.
– Hello.
I am the atmosphere – introduced asmo – What is your name? “I am Auri — sinn saw that she was ready to cry — after all, she was already out in the lair of enemies.”
– Do not worry, if I remember you – I saved you. Big tits models pictures.

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Babies are never left alone.
Especially during such a responsible procedure.
“Ah, so what are you talking about?” Jenny laughed.
– Read the book that

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I gave you and do everything according to it, – said Mary.
As if you are not dealing with an eight-year-old boy, but with a stubborn nursery kid.
“Our Danny was really stubborn, like a nursery,” Molly remembered.
– Even as stubborn! – Mary smiled, “I don’t know what it was easier for him: to accustom him to the pot five years ago, at a nursery age, or now – at the age of eight.”
“You won’t scare me with childish stubbornness,” said Jenny. “And I am not going to look for easy ways for the punished boy.”
I grunted displeased, offended that my aunt agreed with all the advice of a neighbor.
“Well, well,” Jenny grinned. “We’ll have Tommino punish by your method.”
Only with a pot I will not rush.
– Of course, do not rush, – said Mary, – First you need to fully accustom the boy to diapers.
So that he, overcoming shame, constantly drenched them and soiled them.
At home, in the car, on a walk in the park, on a visit.
“Or in the store, like this morning,” Jenny added with a laugh, “In public view.”
“So, in the presence of strangers, the best,” said Mary.
“I will give a diuretic and laxative, so that I write and poke more often,” Jenny decided.

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“No medication is needed,” said Mary. “Natural remedies are much better.”
Proper nutrition will provide a good stool.
Give me more dairy products and vegetables with fruits – everything that is rich in fiber.
And with small things even easier – make you drink more and a wet diaper is guaranteed.
“I see,” my aunt said.
“Moreover, what to drink is absolutely not important,” Mary added, “I basically gave Danny regular water.”
Of course, in baby bottles.
– What, just slip the bottle after bottle? – asked Jenny.
– I “refueled” my own as follows, – Mary explained, – First I gave three bottles, and after five minutes two more.
Five ordinary baby bottles are enough, so that an eight-year-old child constantly wrote for one and a half to two hours – every 10-15 minutes.
“It’s so simple,” Jenny grinned.
“You make five baby bottles drink and check in time,” Mary continued, “In the first few days, you have to be there all the time, because after 10 minutes you will begin to be anxious and rush to the toilet.
“I’ll hang locks on all the toilets,” Jenny grinned.
– I have, – said Mary, – I’ll bring you tomorrow.
And today, just stay close and do not let the toilet.
At the same time look how your boy wets the diaper.
For an eight year old child at such moments it is very interesting to watch.
Especially in the first couple of days when he is shy and trying to endure.
Embarrassed, she blushes, strains, crosses her legs.
“Tommy will surely endure,” Jenny grinned. “You can’t imagine how shy he is.”
“She can’t stand it for a long time,” Mary said confidently, “My more than five minutes was never enough.”
And if you do not want to wait five minutes, you can speed up the process.
– How? – asked Jenny.
“Tickling,” Mary explained.
– What, just tickle, if you can see that of the last forces suffer? – asked my aunt.
“Best of all, unexpectedly,” said Mary, “in an instant, she will start writing.”
“Take this technique,” ​​Jenny grinned. Office webcam squirt porn.

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Just do not swallow – said Sophia.

Ilya finished.
I collected all the sperm in my mouth and started kissing Katia.
– It’s time to fuck you, Sophia broke our kiss.
She pressed on my shoulders, put on her knees and put a strapon in Katin’s mouth.
It looks like Sophia is the main one here, I won’t be surprised if she fucks Katya and pees in her mouth and uses her ashtray.
Meanwhile, Sofia, in the meantime, raised July, and I began to suck two cocks, I hooked a strapon myself – I suck three cocks.
Having rubbed me in my mouth, Sophia put me and Ilya in the 69th position from above, Ilya from below and sucked my dick, and she put a strapon in my ass

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My mouth got strapon Kati.
Ilya was forced to masturbate himself.
I lowered Illya into my mouth, Illya lowered himself on his stomach.
Katya collected his sperm with a strap-on and sent it to my mouth.
While I was cleaning Katin with a strap-on from sperm, Illya was lying with his mouth full of my sperm, he was waiting for Katya to kiss.
When they kissed, Sophia took Ilya for pussy and took a smoke break, and I was left alone with Katya.
– She is your home? – I asked right in the forehead.
– Yes – Katya answered confused – it happened somehow gradually, we did not notice.
– Are you an ashtray too? – Yes, and a urinal too, And Ilya, she uses as a stool.

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– And something to change? – I do not know, Ilya seems to like it, and Vanya was attached.
– Let’s go to the nursery, see what happens there? – Let’s go to.
In the nursery, Vanya and Polina played doctor.
She was wearing a toy strobe and a white cap with a red cross.
Naked Vanya was sitting on the armchair, with his feet on the armrests.
Polina with a magnifying glass examined his pussy.
– Yes, the patient – the girl spoke in an instructive tone – You started your farm.
It is bad for you to wear pants and pants.
Run more naked, so pussy aired.
I will write you a referral to a special sanatorium, two weeks like walking naked, plus special jerking courses.
Here it is.
A few months passed since I became a slave to Mrs. Demeter, during which time she taught me to lick her varnished boots with her tongue, developed my ass and made me a deep neck thrusting long and thick dildos in my holes.
Often I spent the night tied to a chain near the toilet, with an anal plug tucked into my ass.
Madam in every way humiliated me, according to her, it brings up loyalty, docility and obedience, but she has to admit she did everything consistently and did not scare me at the very beginning of my slavery, I never even thought about running away from her, although I had many good cases .
Just think what it would be if on the very first day, when I was in her three-story mansion, Mrs. ordered me to do everything that now I began to consider to be the norm.
One game “catch spit” is worth something (when I stand naked on my knees with my mouth open, and Mrs. spits on me until I catch spit in my mouth, and I don’t lick everything that I didn’t catch; in this situation, you start dreaming Harknuli straight into the mouth), and when Mrs. Demeter invites girlfriends and they spit on all sides that half a cup is gathered from the caught saliva from my body and floor. Rockbitch live sex.

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For the next few seconds, I lost all sense of the world.
I swam in pleasure, hovered between the stars, amidst the brightest, purest sweetness.
There was nothing in my life with which I could compare what I felt.
None of my previous orgasm could reach one on the scale of that orgasm that exploded in me.
I soared and soared in pleasure.
I disintegrated into tiny particles, so that each of them was soaked with unimaginable pleasure.
I melted in a sweet sensation, like a snowflake melting in a hot tongue.
After a minute or a year, the sensations of the surrounding world began to slowly return to me.
The youngster member has already left my body.
Apparently, the guy was sitting on the floor, clinging to my leg.
His hand stroked the buttock, but not passionately, but gently and gently.
Then the young man stood up

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He ran his hand over his back, from the neck to the groove between the halves of the priests, hooking the wounded hole, which immediately responded to this touch with a burning sensation.
He broke away from me.
There were heard footsteps, the murmur of a jet of water in the sink, the sound of a tumble dryer.
I lay on the table, gradually recovering.
How much I finished! How incredibly hard I ended! What a bright, sparkling orgasm! I heard the sound of a zipper.
This time from the bottom up.
Then coming steps.

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The guy froze behind me.
I felt the touch of his lips to the buttock.
Jung moved a little and was on my side.
His lips gently, barely perceptibly kissed my thigh near the surface of the table.
And then he suddenly screamed.
He jumped, frozen for a moment, and quickly ran out of the shower room.
What happened? What scared him so much? I thought with horror that he heard someone’s footsteps.
Now someone will come here! I clearly felt sperm slowly running down my legs.
Actually two streams of sperm – from the anus and from the penis – slowly crawled down the thigh.
What does this newcomer see ?! Lying on the table naked Jung with seed streaks all over the body, with a broken, unclosed anus! Now I felt only horror.
Waiting lasted and lasted.
My heart pounded.
No one has appeared.
What’s happening! Is someone coming or not! A few more minutes passed.
I stayed in the shower alone.
Why did that young man run so fast? I began to calm down.
After a while, which seemed endless to me, my eyelids moved.
I saw the muffled light of a shower shining through the fabric of the towel.
After another moment, I was able to move my finger.
Then the leg jerked, and the whole body, having lost its balance, moved to the floor.
I found myself sitting with my back against the wall.
All the weight of the body fell on the ass, and the anus painfully ache.
I jerked and fell to my side.
At that moment, Inna’s voice suddenly rang out.
– We finish with the inspection.
I see many girls already hard to sit.
– So, girls, lie down on the couch, relax and have fun.
– Boys continue to study the body partner.
Try to bring the girls to orgasm.
And do not forget to listen to the girls.
– And you girls do not hesitate to direct the actions of your partners.
– Boys, be careful.
Do not forget about the stimulation of the erogenous zone, but remember that they can be very sensitive.
– And more advice, proceed to the immediate stimulation of the clitoris in the last turn, start with the chest or neck.
– added Michael. Online family sex movies.

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Walter turned and waved at her affably.
The lady stood, listening to our argument, and then came over, with a charming smile, just took me by the arm and led me into the house.
I had no choice but to follow her.
Walter opened the gate and drove my car into the yard.
At tea time, the hospitable lady, who turned out to be the mother of my new acquaintance, talked animatedly with me about the ways of making almond cake, and Walter was silent and smiling embarrassed, looking at me all the time. Free busty webcam.

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Slightly let down her pants, put two fingers into her wet and exhausted hole and quickly began to fuck her, she lasted a minute, then she was covered with ogrism.
I never could have thought that it was so exciting.
She wriggled on my fingers, sat down on them and prayed with her eyes: “Just don’t stop.”
But her convulsions were interrupted by the opening door and on the threshold we saw Marishka. Long porn movies online.

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It’s crazy to look at love games guys.
It may end badly.
Can end with a dick in the ass.
Was I right, taking an exceptionally active position in anal sex with Tahir, because sometimes I was almost ready to surrender to his pressure? Try yourself in the role of a pass, it’s terribly humiliating, especially with a guy two years younger than myself, but with Tahir – with Tahir I, perhaps – Now Tahir fucked Vitya, putting him on his back, on the bench, and lifting his legs.
Then he turned it over on its side and planted at full length.
When Takhir’s kutok entered

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the ensign’s anus completely, Tahir gently stroked his hairy leg and asked him to squeeze it inside harder and hotter.
Vitka without taking his eyes off, looked at Tahir with loving eyes and obeyed.
“My white warrior, my white slave, my white pearl!” I could not hold back any longer, I went to the head of the ensign and forcefully planted him before the glands, he began to choke, then I stuck even more and began to fuck his throat like a jackhammer and – finished.
– Do not be so, firstly, you said that he is mine, and secondly, affection can achieve a much greater effect.
– Teach me more – Having washed the ends, we gave the passport and the money to the unfortunate tourist.
When he left, he looked into the eyes of my Tahir so that it was impossible to describe with words this look.
Then he came up to me and smiled: “I will open you again, Babai!” I thought that he would come next summer specifically for tender meetings with Tahir or invite him to visit me.
As for me, I kicked him lightly and threw him out of our baths by the collar.
He is a cool old man, he is already over ninety, but he is a good joker and optimist.
He lit a cigarette and smiled at us.
– Well, how did the guys, like the mood? We fall under the power of his charm, Akhat-aka is a wonderful storyteller.

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Budyonny’s cavalry rises before our eyes, the first railways and the first Russian Komsomol workers, civil war, the Basmachi, the Communists, battles and ambushes, terrible torture and new constructions – The Akhat family owned this bath since ancient times, they informally continued to control it in Soviet times , showing the underlined loyalty of the new government.
Over time, they were all shot down, but Vahid always came out dry, thanks in large part to Akhat.
They were bound by male love.
Not the gay love of infantils, but the love of two male warriors.
Akhat and Vahid did not walk around the city in a mannered manner, holding hands, did not chirp like girls, and did not kiss passionately at the city gates.
True love is self-sufficient and does not tolerate demonstration! – Akhat-aka, why are you telling us this? – I had a dream today, Vahid called me to his wonderful places full of heavenly pleasures for real warriors.
But if you have meanness and cowardice, envy and deceit, you will never be a peasant, your destiny is to suck the cock of the same slave-freak.
– Since you started talking about this, tell me, how far did your relationship go? – When Vahid kissed me, he whispered that he would fulfill any of my desires and what his slaves to his masters did, he was ready to do to me, just for one smile of mine.
Just one touch to my lips; Vahid tried to kneel in front of me, now I did not let him.
We were young, healthy guys and we fought for the right to satisfy our partner.
Vahid was a little older and taller, my end a little thicker and longer.
We rested against each other with our blades and gave each other caresses with palms and hot kisses, then brought the drawn swords to our lips and gave each other the most delicate caresses.
After discharge, we could watch each other for hours and continue to caress our swords.
It was in the apple orchard, in the wine cellar, in the attic and in this bath.
Vahid was older, and I insisted that he realize his seniority.
When we washed each other in the bath, Vahid inserted one phalanx of his middle finger into me, only one and gently rotated his finger.
From realizing that I am a healthy guy, I allow this guy to do this to another guy, I was ready to die.
We kissed passionately, and I jerked both dick, Wahid’s finger was the key to his love, his power and rule.
I knew that if I was to lead by my thick black eyebrow, he would suck, get up with cancer and give his ass to any peasant I call, but the finger proved his seniority in masculinity and my agreement. Porn in online.

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Starting to slowly lick the cream off her body, I almost finished right on the fur coat! She, too, was excited: “slower.
nipple, yes.
“I sucked nipples, licked the clit, slid lips on the inside of my queen’s thighs.
Finally, she realized that it was time for the main thing.
With the words “now I” she turned me on my back, putting on a fur coat, began to caress me with fur.
It’s unforgettable! My flesh just sang a song of an insatiable youthful body! She sat on top of me, stooped, kissed my lips, and began to move.
She accelerated the pace, moaning with pleasure, I fastened as best I could.
My cock was all Natasha’s grease, and she moved effortlessly.
Finally we finished together.
It seemed that the whole world had disappeared somewhere, and there were just us, lying embracing and languidly caressing each other.
Ten minutes later, she suddenly got up, walked over to the table, and stooping down, said: “Page, I want MORE.”
She wanted in the ass! That I did not expect to admit.
Taking the grease from her vagina, I first smeared a finger and inserted it into this lovely ass of my queen.
Then followed by a member.
Natalia moaned, apparently my penetration was not painless.
However, I just experienced cosmic sensations! My cock seemed to plunge into the hot velvet that covered it with a fire wrap, as softly as possible.
I started moving, and the queen helped me.
When I finished here the second time, she went to the shower.
The sight of the sperm flowing out of the ass so excited me that, having forgotten about persuasion, I grabbed it, threw it on my fur coat, and just fucked it as hard as I could! At first she weakly resisted, but then helped me to achieve another orgasm.

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She collected sperm (I finished on her stomach) and, smearing her crotch, offered to lick her.
It was a double yelling! We lay in one tangle of desire, I licked her bladder bleeding with juice, and she sucked my machine furiously and gently.
We finished again together.
This time she got dressed (I helped her put on a fur coat!) And since then rarely came to us.
Prologue This story was told to me by my friend, also Alexander, like me.
He is 32 years old, he is the director of a grocery store chain in Moscow.
But he lives mainly in Kaluga.
We studied at the same school, he is 4 years older than me, and then we saw him at the state institute where I studied lawyer, but he studied at the correspondence department.
We met in Moscow, where I went to a business trip last fall, by chance, on one of the many Moscow streets.
– Wow, namesake! – He shouted to me, stretching his hand.
– How many years: – And it’s great, – I said, like this meeting.
And not just anywhere, but in Moscow, in the capital itself.
– You’re here, what fate? “And I’m on a business trip,” I replied.
– Here, I went to court to represent the interests of one office.
“Well, of course,” said Sasha Fomkin.
– I suppose, as married, do not walk to the left, do not thump, as before? – No, I love my very much, and I no longer need any.
Do you like on a personal front? – I in turn asked.
– Oh, bro, this is a separate conversation.
Epper Theater: It’s a shame to speak.
I really want to talk to you about it separately, without prying eyes and ears.
Are you in a hurry? – No, before the train is still long.
And in general, I think to go to 19.
07, on the express.
Quick and comfortable.
– Well, let’s go then to a

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cafe, slam a beer, and at the same time I will tell you my whole story.
So that you do not think that I am gay or bi, I’ll just tell you that I live with my GIRLS, with my mother and daughter, do you understand? That’s it.
And it all suits us all.
But I can tell you about it, since you are a normal kid and you can talk about everything with you.
“Well, thanks for the trust,” I replied, startled by his words about GIRL.
– You know, I will not tell anyone.
: We went to one of Moscow cafes. Free online lesbian sex videos.

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The eyes of a young Roman woman shone with delight.
– I have no words.
“And besides everything, madam, these slaves are specially trained to bring pleasure,” blurted Xanif, blurring in a smile.
– They know how to do it gently and rudely – at will, which is not necessarily expressed in words.
Slaves are able to guess and rarely make mistakes.
– True? Specially trained, you say? And they can guess what I want? Interesting.
Do they speak Latin? “Quite a bit of Greek, madam.”
But believe, they will immediately understand and fulfill any of your desires.
– Where do these animals come from? – in the voice of Julia both horror and delight were heard at the same time.
– Also from Alexandria.
They were brought there from Nubia by boys.
Their former owner took care of the training of slaves, and then with great profit sold the distinguished Arimahil, and from him, fulfilling your Negro order, I redeemed.
– Do they have names? “The one with the scar on Magut’s left shoulder.”
The other is Zumga.
Julia once again walked around the Africans.
They followed her, and in the eyes of the blacks it was obvious that the beauty of the Roman woman did not leave them indifferent.
And not only in the eyes.
The members of the men began to grow and filled with power.
At the sight of this, the young woman’s breathing became noisy and speeded up, and her neck and face were filled with fever.

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A heavy lump of desire poured in the abdomen, which required speedy satisfaction.
“Before I cry, I’d like to check them out,” she breathed.
The trader made a disgruntled and offended mine.
“You don’t trust me, madam?” – You asked me for a considerable amount.
I have to be sure that every single sestertia is not wasted by me.
– No wonder the lady! Not in vain! I assure you, the dignity and skills of these slaves will not leave you indifferent.
“Here, hold on,” Julia thrust a pair of golden auras into the merchant’s palm.
“This is for you beyond the stipulated check fee now.”
“Good,” muttered Xanith, perplexed.
He realized that arguing with a lusting woman was useless.
And is it worth it if she pays? – Follow me, madam.
He led her into a small, windowless room.
Here was a wide couch, covered with a large mattress, a pair of coarsely hemmed stools and the same table – massive

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and piled with papyrus scrolls.
Two torches mounted above the entrance gave enough light.
In great agitation, Julia sat on the edge of the couch.
At other times, she would have been jarred on, is in a similar closet, in which she should live only in poverty, but now the Roman was not up to it.
All her thoughts were occupied, only two huge black slaves and their horse phalluses twined with thick pulsing veins.
The lanistas wife got rid of her cloak and tables.
(3) A thinnest flaxed tunic was left on it, only a slender young body tightly adhering, and sandals made of soft, well-dressed leather.
The blacks entered the room quickly and immediately went to her.
Their huge excited members, almost the length of the forearm of a young woman, swayed menacingly.
In the hand of one, Julia noticed the dagger.
Lanist’s wife screamed.
The one named Maguta roughly grabbed the Roman by the hair and tilted her head back. Visceratio webcam porn.

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Masha bit her lip in pain.
Vadik’s member was all in sperm, she was dripping on Masha’s ass.
“Come out, boys,” Lucy told us efficiently.
I pulled my penis out of her, and she jumped off Sergei’s cock herself.
Lucy ran up to Masha, over whom Vadik continued to rise.
“You see what you’ve done,” Lucy said angrily.
Sergey and I got up and went to the bed.
Masha’s back was covered with bleeding scratches, and there were teeth marks on her shoulders.
Her anus has turned into some kind of red mess.
Vadik stroked Masha’s leg.
“Sorry, Masha,” he said, “I got carried away.”
– Wow got carried away! – Lucy pounced on him, – you have to think what you are doing.
She now probably needs to see a doctor.
“No doctor is needed,” Masha said suddenly, “everything is fine.”
Masha hardly turned on her side and looked at Vadik. Free lesbian cam girls.

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Climbing back, I accidentally looked at the

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shelf on which my mother slept, and then almost fell off on the floor.
My mother slept soundly on her back, covered with a sheet only to the waist.
Her bare breasts, invitingly white in the dark, reflecting the faint light from the window.
I looked at the regiment of my sister.
She, too, slept, turned to the wall.
Taking the utmost care so that nothing creaked or cracked, I quietly descended to the floor, and crouched beside my sleeping mother.
When my breathing calmed down a bit, I approached my mother’s body as close as possible, for the first time so closely examining a naked female breast.
Without even noticing what I was doing, I reached out and laid it on my mother’s chest, covering her left nipple with my palm.
Her breasts swayed slightly, but she didn’t even move.
The feeling of warmth and softness at hand, brought me simply to madness.
A member has long stood a pillar, and I just shifted to the side of the pants, letting him out.
Wanting to see more, I gently, completely pulled the sheets, which she had covered, with the mother.
She was not wearing panties, and now I could see her thickly overgrown pubis.
Deciding to test the idea that came to my mind, I turned to my sister and lifted her veil.
As I thought, she, too, slept naked.
Her little ass looked amazingly strong, like a boyish, in which I already knew a lot.
But now, my mother’s body attracted me a lot more, so after returning to the place she was crying, I returned to her again.
Just to see, I was no longer enough, my hands began to eagerly run through the most intimate parts of her body.
Drugged with sleeping pills, my mother did not notice anything, sweetly snuffing.
At some point, my sister turned over, and for a few seconds it seemed to me that she was about to wake up and wake her mother, but she fell silent again.

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I felt completely emboldened, I climbed onto the shelf to my mother, and knelt by holding her between my thighs.
I leaned forward and my cock was on the bed of her pubic hair.
Tightening one of her nipples in my mouth, I began to play with his tongue, slightly biting my teeth.
Soon he was hardened, and I was busy with others.
Enough to caress her breasts, I still wanted to fuck her completely.
Recalling the numerous stories heard from friends, I tried to spread my mother’s legs wider.
When I succeeded, I lay down on top of her, and leaning on my elbows, I began to crawl with my embarked member in her pussy, without getting inside.
After a couple of minutes, I guessed to help myself with my hand, but still nothing came of it.
The head of the penis, just buried under her outer lips, and then, sliding along the richly protruding lubricant, slid onto the belly.
– Try a little, lower.
From the voice of my sister, resounding in the darkness of the compartment, I literally jumped from my mother’s body and fell to the floor.
“Sorry, I didn’t mean to scare you.”
My sister was sitting on her shelf, legs spread out slightly.
The veil fell from her shoulders, revealing a sharp teenage chest, but she seemed not to notice it.
“For a couple of seconds, it seemed to me that my frozen heart would never get stuck again, but now it made the first thump.”
– I say try to stick your thing a little lower.
Look, she has thrown off the blanket over her wide-spread legs with her fingers, she has opened her chink with her fingers.
– Here it is.
With her middle finger, she pointed to the entrance to the vagina.
Seeing that I was not moving, she got off her seat and walked over to the shelf of the mother.
– Come on, do not be afraid.
I will help you.
Still not believing in what is happening, and waiting for some kind of trick, I again climbed onto the mother’s body.
– Like this.
– Sis squeezed my little faded member with his fist, and made several up and down movements.
Seeing my puzzled look, she laughed.
– Yes, I just saw how you do it yourself.
When a member has gained its former hardness, she directed it into the vagina of our mother with a precise movement, while she herself squatted down, carefully watching.
For the first time being inside the female body, I was taken aback by the abundance of sensations received.
My dick plunged into a hot well, with velvety walls literally enveloping it. Cam spy porn.

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No one likes sex in a condom, but the pussy into which my swollen cock flew was so pleasant, cramped, cozy and tender that my thrill could not be spoiled even by a prezik.
I enjoyed entering it at first slowly, savoring every second, in the light of rare lanterns, admiring how her neat petals twist out, hugging and caressing my thick cock.
Then, quickly, listening to how her moans intensify, and how they turn into a scream when I start hammering her sparingly, to the full length of my penis, as I like, hard and hard.
This is unreal excitement when this amazing girl, who has already won my heart, really gives you the first evening of your acquaintance, and when you slow down, give yourself a break, and her pen stretches backwards and starts pushing your hips forward, forcing again you ram her little pussy with all your might when you realize that she likes it no less than you.
And all this in a car, on the embankment, in a place to which this girl can not belong, and where she should not be.
Looking at her writhing back, head thrown back and mouth open from groans, I could not hold back for a long time, with a growl I drove my cock as deep as possible and, shuddering, leaked all the accumulated stock of sperm, imagining that her tender pussy was not protected by anything.
I pulled off the condom, heavy from sperm, and collapsed in the seat, catching my breath from the pleasure I had experienced.
Marinka spun and sat beside her, smiling.
We started kissing again, and again my dick crawled up as her skillful tongue penetrated my mouth. Free voyeur cam sex.

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