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The girl looked at Max.
– You have nothing to be shy – Jeanne smiled – or undress you? The blonde blushed and began to take off her dress.
– Behind you, lockers – said Jeanne – put all your belongings in them.
Includes all decorations.
Irina took off her earrings.

Undressed, the women returned to their chairs.
Irina flowed.
Four naked women in front of strangers to them.
Jeanne opened the box.
– Clothing for cows – smiled red.
Four leather collars of various colors appeared on the table.
Each had a name.
– Choose – said Jeanne.
Irina got a yellow with the name of Daisy.
The blonde got red – Rosochka.
Asian blue – Cornflower.
Lump white – Snowflake.
Also, each cow was given a tag-shaped earring.
Such as wearing real cows.
Irina flowed.
Her wind everything that happens.
A cow in a small herd of the same cows.
How she liked this humiliation.
In addition, cows were given leather straps of their color with funny tails attached to them.
The straps of the woman tied at the waist.
– And now the main thing – announced Jeanne – your hooves.

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I hope no one has the size forty-five shoes? Jeanne began to get out of the box “hoof” cows.
These were specially made boots ending in hoofs.
Cows dressed them.
Tightened the straps along the ankles.
Then Jeanne took out special gloves, also resembling hooves.
She and Max put them on women.
And again tightened the straps.
Irina groaned.
She’s ready.
With real hooves, tail, tag in the ear.
How she liked it.
What humiliation, what a shame.
Irina flowed.
Jeanne pulled four leashes out of the box.
He and Max hitched them to the cows’ collars.
– It is time.
The blonde rose first from the chair and immediately fell to the floor.
Jeanne laughed – Cows do not walk on two legs.
So that you do not forget this and made these hooves.
It is impossible to walk in them.
Wh4thefuck s bio and free webcam.

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