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“This is Len, your bedroom,” I heard my mother’s voice, “And here is Sasha.”
– What a nice nursery, – said Lena, – A cot, a changing table.
– Clothes in the closet.
Understand where that lies? – Of course.
After the nursery, the mother took Lena to the bathroom.
– How many floating toys, – said Lena, – Loves to swim? – And how.
Usually you will not pull out of the bath.
– Do you bathe him every day? – I try.
And if it doesn’t work out, I am thoroughly washing away.
– Ass and between the legs? – Lena clarified, making me blush.
– Yeah.
But it is better to bathe normally.
You can wash your head every other day – Sasha does not like this procedure very much.
Having walked around the whole apartment, my mother and Lena returned to the kitchen.
– Drink milk? Well done! – smiled mom.
“What a cute little son you have,” Lena looked at me with tenderness.
“You haven’t had such big ones yet?” – Mom asked.
– To be honest, your Sasha is my first, – confused Lena confused.
– So you did not work as a nanny before? – surprised mom.
– No, – Lena shook his head, – Only a monthly practice in kindergarten. Webcam chat online sex.

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