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We stood there for two minutes, throwing over with enthusiastic exclamations and cheering Larissa, bit her lip and teeth with blood, then slowly began to free her and ourselves from the close captivity of her body.
First came out Jack, because of the terrible cramped spending on it almost more effort than to get there.
Then I left my wife’s body relatively freely, and John and Henry, each taking a hole, soon plentifully poured them with their white cocktail, and only after that let Larissa go.
Jack and I barely waited for our turn.
Jack immediately

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went to the limit in her bosom, which made a juicy, squishing sound, and almost immediately began to twitch in sweet convulsions of orgasm, arched by an arc.
I, having come from the side of her head, put my giant between her two charming elastic hemispheres, firmly squeezed them with my hands and gave out a few long jets that fell on my wife’s heavily heaving belly.
We again retired to the shower, leaving Larisa to move away from the experiences.
I returned to her first, carefully examining both of her holes.
In appearance, we did not hurt her anything, just stretched her to the impossible.
For a long time Larissa felt a certain discomfort in the administration of natural needs and lovemaking with me, but her gynecologist said that this would soon pass.
Thus, our life has been replenished with another adventure, and the video collection is a super cool program with our (and not only our) participation.
November 2001

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To be continued.
All the events described below are just fiction.
Today Alka returned at about two in the morning.
Brother literally pulled her into the apartment.
Victor, was the name of his brother, adored his sister.
It was obvious how worried he was.
There were bags under his eyes, crust of dried blood covered his lips, and all his nails were chopped and bitten.
-Where have you been, Allochka? Are you okay? the brother asked curiously.
-What is your business! Get off the cable! -Alla! Answer me! Have you been with Pasha again? -Ha! And not only! You’re still a virgin jerk, and I lost her today! Brother turned pale.
But you only.
-What- only? I’m 19 already! ”Alla answered rudely.
Well, quickly in the bath to wash! There’s sperm on your feet, and the mascara is smeared under your eyes! -Vitya smiled.
– I won’t say anything to my mother, I promise! Just fix, you have five more days! Their mom and dad came from Spain five days later.
-What are you talking about, snot? Shcha you talk to me! Talk to Alive crack! Alla
– Broke a brother and took her hand.
-Hands off, idiot! There was a sound of a slap, another, a third.
Alla stopped at the fourth.
– More open hands! And went into the bath for a whole hour.
Vitya remained standing in the corridor with his hands down, with flaming cheeks and a bloody lip.
Probably, Alla touched his crust during a slap with a fingernail and started bleeding.
Lena came out of the bathroom in normal form.
But only.
Vitya decently turned away.
She approached, turned his head to her, and pressed her tightly to her chest.
Vitya escaped.
Alka, mothershit and hooligan, swung again: “Oh, you are a creature !!!” But Victor intercepted her hand.
“Enough!” He said softly.
“if you don’t notice, I’m stronger than you.
So I advise you in a friendly way to go to your room and calm down, and tomorrow we will make peace.
I will forgive you.
Lena hit him in the stomach.
Vitya closed his eyes in pain, but he didn’t squeak.
“Enough!” The brother pissed off.
“I am three years younger than you, but stronger.
I will punish you! “And he led her, naked, into the room, laid her on his stomach and tied him to the bed.
“I will blow you.
“” Vitenka. Teens live stream sex acts.

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