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She, still, not looking up, looked at me.
After a while, I slowly, and gently, began to take off her panties.
Everything happened in such silence that I heard the breath of Vika, Irina and Igor.
But I did not even look in the direction of my wife.
She wag her hips, raised her ass.
Having understood her call, I gently grasped her panties and pulled them down.
When the panties were done, my eyes had a neatly trimmed Vika pussy that captured and attracted me.
Suddenly, she squeezed her legs on the bed, threw off her shirt and stretched out her hands to my pants and unbuttoned the buttons and began to pull them off with me and my underpants.
I helped her, and after a moment, on the couch were two completely naked men: a man and a miniature woman.
I lay down beside me, brought my face close to her, saw her shyly glanced behind me, then closed her eyes, hugged me and pulled me to her.
I found her lips with my lips and began to kiss her.
She immediately responded to my kiss.
When the kiss was over, I wanted to make her happy, and quietly whispered: “I always wanted you as a woman, but I never thought it was possible.”
She kissed me gratefully.
Then she whispered: “they look at us.”
In response, I silently kissed her, she responded to my kiss, and her tongue penetrated into my mouth.
I was lying on her, and her body was tightly pressed into me, and although Vika was much smaller than me, it seemed to me that I was dissolving in her.
I did not react to the hands of Igor, who were ruling in full on my body.
My shirt was already completely unbuttoned, one breast was released from the bra, and the guy’s palm completely captured it.
His right hand, which had long since coped with the zipper of the skirt, penetrated the panties, the fingers tried to penetrate between my legs.
But I unconsciously squeezed my legs tightly, and without taking my eyes off the couple on the couch, I watched the action unfolding before our eyes.

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I saw Vicki look, which she threw in our direction, but was not embarrassed, did not look away and continued to look at them.
Igor slowly pushed me towards the couch, and by the time they were completely undressed, I was standing next to the sofa, putting my feet into it.
Igor, taking advantage of the fact that I had nowhere to move, finally penetrated with my fingers between my legs.
But my panties were constraining his movements, and I still squeezed my legs tightly.
His left hand completely freed my breasts from my bra; moreover, he somehow managed to unbutton him and he fell to the floor.
My breasts swiveled a little under their weight, and froze.
Unlike Vika’s breasts, they didn’t go in different directions, but pressed tightly together.
Without blinking, I watched as the husband caresses another woman,

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as she gives herself to his caresses, and she embraces and caresses him.
Between us there was less than one meter and I, who had never seen live sex from the side, without taking my eyes off, looked at them.
Her husband stopped kissing Vika, rose from her body and looked down.
I saw how his excited member swung and the thread of grease stretched from his head to Vika’s belly.
I was surprised that she did not close her eyes, but on the contrary, having opened them wide, she looked at her husband without stopping, as if she wanted to absorb everything that was happening.
Sergey sat on his knees between Vicki’s legs, and she still looked at him, his cock.
Then, invitingly, she spread her legs and bent them at the knees, silently inviting him.
She whispered something to Sergey, but neither he nor I understood what it was.
But it turns out that Igor understood everything well.
His right hand left my panties, dived into the pocket of his jeans, and he handed Sergey a condom.
Without looking, he took it, ripped the packaging and slowly, without taking his eyes off Vika’s eyes, rolled it over his penis.
She looked at him reassuredly, invitingly spreading her hips.
Suddenly, Igor recoiled from me, I did not react to his movement, continuing to look at the couple on the couch.
And when I felt his hands lay on my thighs, and my fingers, hooking the panties and skirt, pulled them down, I tucked my ass and tummy and at the same time spreading my legs a little, helped him with the movements of his body, dragging them down.
A second later, I stepped over a coward, tangled up on my ankles, sat down on the sofa next to Vika.
I saw how Sergey, having finished putting on a condom, took her by the hips and slightly raised.
His dick poked her crotch a couple of times, from which she flinched and a little painful grimaced. Teen cam dog sex.

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