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The eyes of a white tiger that went hunting.
Something exploded inside Sina.
She leaned against the wing of the car to stand on her feet.
From excitement, the oxygen in the lungs turned to ice crystals and helium.
Strange, before she never fell for blondes.
Usually preferred dark-skinned, black-haired men, the closer to the Mediterranean ideal, the better.
Her throat was dry, blood pounded in her ears.
She felt extremely awkward, but could not escape.
Overheated sexual attraction would not allow.
Dizzy, just like at the dentist’s, when she was allowed to breathe nitrous oxide before starting treatment.
Coming to her senses, Sina rummaged around in her purse for a long time, looking for little things.
She felt his eyes, like lasers, run over her.
Gathering her courage, she raised her head.
He studied her, his lips compressed into a thin strip.
And those eyes, the sky-blue eyes of a humiliated and offended angel.
Sina looked away, walked into the thundering darkness of the club.
She did not have to turn around to find out if he was following.
She felt his presence, as if they were tied by an invisible thread.
The walls of a small, smoke-filled club were painted in black light to create the illusion of space.
A rock band was twitching on the stage, hot dancers galloping in front of her.
Reaching the counter, she was amazed to see that the stranger was ahead of her.
And the only free chair was standing next to him.
With a stony face, she sat down, ordered a beer.
Hardly suppressed a scream when he turned slightly and pressed his thigh to her thigh. Sexy webcam xvideos.

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