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His kiss in the ear is a whisper of vulgarity, his body shuddered with pleasure, and a pulsating member filling it with warm liquid.
Here she again shook her head around, looking for the witnesses, calmly releasing herself as a still hard member.
Turning around, kissing him, wiping out the flowing liquid with a napkin, she sat down on a bench, her legs trembled, her heart was beating furiously, her cheeks were burning, she understood that this was the first, but not the last time in such a place.
I took an half-eaten burger, with a spark of mockery in my eyes, asked quietly: “How was your day, darling?”
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On the night of April 7th to April 8th, where were you in dress, my battery? What a dress, I remember.
I do not remember which one.
However, this is not the case, and I am not about that – the date ran into the memory: the seventh, April.
We say, and in the capter wide open the window.
I remember everything to the smallest details, to the increasing sweet languor in my chest – I remember that we are the same, and everything is in front: I’ll blush now, and Sanya will laugh in response.
Oh my God! so many years have passed.
and I remember everything – for the umpteenth time! – that happy night: the battery without us stepped into the outfit, and only with Sanya together we stayed in the barracks, – laugh.
and drink glass of dry wine.
Where are you, Sanya, now ?.
However, I do not care: in our youth, the army did not return us – neither you nor me.
We are different.
Forget it, I tell myself, so many past winters.
The bird-cherry youth recovered, and the smoke of those fires that had burned out melted long ago.
but spring has come, – and again I opened the window on a dark April night – it rolled, flooded.
I cannot overcome myself; and I yearn, and I see again our happiness – our army love.
I remember drinking wine in the dark.
like a greatcoat spread out.
and we were those whom the philosopher Plato once praised, I remember Sanya.
I remember the acacia in white.
I remember my love – the first! – the one that was in

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my life once upon a time.
After years the window was wide open – I yearn for my youth.
I can’t sleep — outside the window, as then, spring is blazing. Sexy teen webcam show.

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