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She fluttered.
My hand moved forward and touched the fluffy thicket of silky hair.
Spreading them, my finger sank into a wet slit and felt the resilient tubercle of the clitoris, fluttered on it.
Responding to my kiss, Helen involuntarily pushed her ass, pleading and languishing from my caress.
I wanted to hurt her in a dick.
Having lowered panties on her plump hips, I sent a member in her wet slit.
Grueling in my mouth, Lenochka clung to me tightly, turning her hips.
My dick squeezed tender young flesh.
Nastya, a rather successful woman of 36 years old, was in a hurry from the hairdresser to meet with her friend.
At home, in her country mansion, no one except the servants was waiting for her.
Nastya was driving along the avenue, deftly dodging and overtaking.
On the clock 16.
55 and she still has to go through the whole city.
Olga Sergeyevna, this is exactly what they call her in the company, the owner of which she is, a very strict woman of 54 years.
She looks amazing at her age.
Slim figure with height 172 cm.
High breasts of the 2nd size, an appetizing and elastic ass.
Olga Sergeyevna always takes care of herself and demands the same from her subordinates.
She met Nastya in the hospital.
Several years ago, both were in the same ward with a diagnosis of appendicitis.
At discharge, exchanged phone numbers.
Olga Sergeevna was divorced, she did not have children and she devoted herself to the print business.
Nastya, a very high-level lawyer in a large company.
There is nothing for women to share and they very quickly get close.
So much so that none of them could have thought before what they would be doing on a single later.

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“Olenka, I am very guilty, but in the city of traffic jams, I will be delayed,” Nastya told Olga Sergeyevna by phone a few minutes before the appointed time.
“Well, honey, I still have some business to do, so wait for me at the reception.”
Nadia will take care of you.
– answered Olga Sergeyevna Nastya.
Nastya parked, ran into the high building of the publishing house and took the elevator to the 7th floor.
– Hello, Anastasia Igorevna, – Nadezhda reprimanded her.
– Hello, Nadya, – answered Nastya.
– Olga Sergeyevna asked you to wait for her.
Do you need something? – No thanks.
Pour me a cup of green tea.
– asked Nastya.
“One minute,” answered Nadezhda and disappeared behind the door of the living room.
A minute later, Nadia appeared with a tray in her hands.
On the wall clock was already 17:16.
Nastya drank tea and turned over the catalog of printed products.
The door opened to the hostess of the company and Olga Sergeyevna appeared, dressed in a short red koshirovoe coat.
– Hello Anastasia Igorevna, – Olga Sergeevna reprimanded her friend a little bit strictly.
– Good evening, Olga Sergeyevna, – Nastya shook her outstretched hand.
“Nadya, in thirty minutes a fax will arrive from Novosibirsk, put me on the table and you can be free.”
Tomorrow I will not be, I’m on a business trip.
All meetings transfer on Monday.
– ordered Olga Sergeyevna.
– Of course.
Olga Sergeevna.
– answered Hope.
Women left the building and sat down in Nastya’s fully-tinted Lexus.
– Well, hello, love, – Nastya reached out for Olga.
Olga leaned over, hugged her friend by the neck and kissed her hotly.
– Nastenna, how many times have I told you, hire a driver or I will do it.
How much can you drive on the roads? It’s not safe! I do not want to be alone in my old age.
– Olga smiled a little, smiling.
– Do not worry, love, I drive very well.
– retorted Nastya.
– Yes, I saw how you rush.
You would only Formula 1 to drive.
– well, Olga appeased.
– Do not be angry, sweet.
Where to go? In “Paris”, “Bordeaux”, “Versailles”, “Venice”? – Nastya offered a choice of several very expensive restaurants.
– I do not want.
Maybe you or me? – Olga suggested.
– Do you want more? – with a smile asked Nastya

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– To be honest, I want a man! – suddenly answered Olga.
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