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Or played a long chiseled leg.
I could not understand what was happening.
I was dying of fear.
And further.
I struggled with the desire, right here and now to knock down this delicious crumb on the floor and fuck all the holes like a goat goat.
And then.
And then, at least a flood.
I’m a man! And I have my limits !!! Glory to the gods, but neither Tanya nor my future mother-in-law, by some miracle, perceived anything.

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As, however, taking control of himself, he tried not to perceive anything and nothing, not to pay attention to myself.
And at night, at home, I again, like a teenager, fiercely masturbated.
Heck!! I have not jerked off with grade 10 !! But now I did it every night when I was not with Tanya to remove this devilish sexual obsession.
After all, the devil has achieved her, – besides my will, – her nude image, in various angles, firmly took its place among my other erotic dreams and fantasies.
And it did not climb into any gate! I loved Tanya.
I wanted to be with her.
And no one else I needed.
And Irka was a disease.
I tried to catch Irka and talk to her strictly.
She must stop immediately! What is it in the end !! Fool, do you even know what you are doing! This is not appropriate! It is not right!! But Irka every time stood and innocently clapped with her eyes, posing as herself a complete misunderstanding and an equally complete, supposedly, lack of a brain.
– she was deliberately my name for a long time, – I don’t understand.
What are you from changing hotiiiieeeee.
How about a wall of peas !!! Every now and again! I gave up trying to reach an agreement with her or get at least one sensible word from her when, after the last conversation with Irka, Elena Igorevna heard us and then she tortured me the whole evening – what was it I, suddenly, raise my voice for the child? I thought maybe it was worth talking about it with Tanya or Elena Igorevna.

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But if, honestly.
then, simply, somehow not found.
And Irka again played with me.
As if mocked.
And manila.
And, each time more and more shamelessly.
I was ready to go crazy.
God knows her! I heard that sisters have this, something like sisterly jealousy for one guy.
But for me, it’s all nonsense.
One thing I knew for sure.
These incomprehensible games of a young child’s foolish fools could easily have destroyed my still failed marriage with his beloved woman.
However, Tanya, I think, would believe me.
But Elena Igorevna’s condescension didn’t count on a millimeter.
I was angry with Irka.
And I wanted her.
At night, I masturbated again and, of course, again dreamed of Irka.
Only now, it was not gentle kisses, long sophisticated caresses and romantic intercourse.
No, now in my mind I wanted to put Irka in front of me on my knees.
And although I am by nature, not at all the kind of person with women.
I have never been tempted by the domination or submission of my partner in bed.
But now, in my thoughts, I wanted to punish this beast.
Yes! Make her hurt.
That night I imagined rough anal sex with Irka.
No, but first, a good tear off the belt right on the elastic milky white ass, so that roared in a voice.
Before the wedding, there was already nothing left for two weeks.
That day, I remember, as now, Ira called me.
I was somewhat surprised, but did not file a view.
She just asked me to come and added that we need to seriously talk.
I hesitated.
What the heck? After all, I knew that Ira is now alone at home.
Elena Igorevna and Tanya in the wedding salon.
And their home will not be another six hours, at least.
My inner voice shouted to me that I just hung up and it was better to go to Tanya.
Instead, I said I would soon.
I got quickly.
Parked the car.
The heart beat like a steam hammer.
And the pleasant warm languor slowly filled my body from the inside.
Yes, I always have, in anticipation of good sex.
I got out of the car and headed towards my bride’s house.
Barbie opened the door for me and.
I was stunned.
she was incredibly sexy.
Light fragrance.
Gentle smile.
Glitter sky blue eyes.
In a narrow skirt-tennis shirt just to the middle of the thigh and a short tops, which was definitely so tight container for her breasts, that it seemed he would just crack on hundreds of stitches.
Ira reached out to kiss me, but I almost recoiled in panic. Online live sex cam.

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