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Towards a slender girl.
Sharpened figure, long legs, high chest.
Typical princess.
Contemptuously wrinkles nose in response to interested men’s views.
Alex and Margo look at each other.
Nod to each other.
Make a sign in the direction of the Hammer.
Half an hour later a similar situation.
Oncoming man sneaks a look at Margot’s figure.
And almost stumbles, stumbled upon Alex’s attentive glance.
– In my opinion, it will be a wonderful couple! – whispers Margot Alex, smiling counter.
Again a sign to those sitting in the suspended Hummer.
Alex and Margo went up to the bedroom on the second floor of the villa.
The man and girl chosen by them were already standing in front of a huge bed.
They have already been completely deprived of clothes; Black bags were put on their heads, and their hands were tied behind their backs.
Alex approached the girl and busily began to feel her body.
The girl moaned groaned under the bag.
Her attempts to wriggle out indecent research were easily interrupted by a stiff slap in the bag.
Margo, in turn, squeezed the nature of men in her palm.
The eggs were hard.
“What do you think, dear, the groom will last long enough?” Alex pulled away from the girl, whose breasts and ass had traces of his five.
– I think if it does not stand, we will replace it.
“Okay,” Margo smiled, “or I’m worried a little.”
Alex took the bags from the victims’ heads.
Along the cheeks of the girl stretched stripes flowed from the tears of mascara, and under the man’s eye there was an impressive bruise.
“Handsome,” Margo giggled.

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Shouldn’t we call the make-up artist to put them in order? A man can be completely replaced.

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Something overdone today guys.
– No, no, it’s even more interesting.
Captured with horror, they transferred the disbelieving glances from Alex to Margo.
And they calmly snapped gray collars around their necks.
– Small demonstration.
Alex and Margo simultaneously press buttons on small remotes.
Collars crack electric discharge.
Nude body arches and thoroughly shakes.
The girl even falls to her knees.
After waiting for the victims to come to their senses, Alex continues: “I hope you understand that the slightest insubordination on your part is fraught? Margo, meanwhile, unties the hands of the victims.”
Slaps a man in the ass and cooing in his ear, rising on his toes: – Beautiful ass.
Alex and Margo settle at the head of the bed, then order the man and girl to crawl closer and sit on their knees beside them.
“We decided,” says Alex, “to marry you.”
The girl throws herself up, but just notices in time how Alex’s hand reaches out to the punt.
Biting her sponge, she immediately humbly lowers her eyes.
– Today you have an engagement.
And at the same time a bachelor party and a bachelorette party.
And all in one bottle.
“Here is the ring,” Margo continues, picking up a small box.
– Groom, ask for hands and hearts! The man opens the box, pulls out a ring and gives it to the girl.
“You, what, ofigeli? Margo presses the button, and the groom again arches from the discharge.
– Come on – with a sense-sense-arrangement.
This time the groom is more convincing.
He simply has no choice – Margo’s finger is rapaciously stroking the button.
– Please marry me.
Margot nods in satisfaction, and her foot strokes the man’s thigh.
Type of cheering.
The bride cleverly inserts a brush, and the groom puts a ring on her finger.
– And what is the bride so unhappy? – Alex says.
“Isn’t it unpleasant for you?” The girl’s voice sounds hoarse, there are still tears in it: “Yes, yes, of course!” I agree! All my life I dreamed of marrying you! The girl glances sideways at Alex, will not the punishment follow? But Alex laughs, and Margo, without stopping to stroke the groom’s leg, continues the game: – And now you have to kiss! The bride and groom are somewhat embarrassed looking on each other, but then come closer. Miya bongacams.

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