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The position of the blonde during this time has deteriorated – it seems that the girl was slowly but surely sinking in quicksand – now her legs are bogged down even deeper and the dirt reached her almost to the crotch, in sharp contrast with the light skin of her thighs.
Katya realized that walking could be dangerous, so she did not get up, but turned over on her stomach and crawled closer to Zhenya.
– You get stuck in the sand! Put your hands on my back, I’ll try to dig a hole around your legs.
Lying on her stomach, spreading her legs wide so as not to get bogged down herself, and leaning her left hand on the sand, Katya began to dig her friend’s legs with her right hand.
Zhenya leaned on Katya’s back with one hand, and the second she also began to help.
It was very hard to dig – the sand on the surface was mixed with water and constantly filled the cleared space, and it was necessary to dig with bare hands.
It was especially difficult for a brunette – in order to rescue her friend, she had to dig almost with her head in this muck, her friend leaned on her, pressing the brunette’s chest into the dirt, moreover, her smudged face was now in close proximity to her friend’s vagina, which gave the situation erotic shade.
The girls did not give up, realizing that this is the only chance to get out of here.
After an hour of work, the blonde’s left leg was excavated to about the knee.

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Zhenya tried to pull her out, but even now, the sand held her tight.
– Wait, I’ll try to help you – Kate firmly grabbed Zhenya’s leg just above the knee with her right hand and pulled up.
– Ay! – the blonde screamed when Katya’s hand inadvertently slipped from her thigh and hit her right between her legs.
As soon as Katya touched her girlfriend’s genital lips, she felt that Zhenya was literally running out of grease and extremely agitated.
However, in this situation, she decided that it would be better to pretend that she did not notice anything.
After a moment, Zhenya, too, was pulling her leg up with all her might, and Katya helped her with her hand, until finally, with a squish, the slush released her from captivity.
Still leaning on Kati’s back, the girl bent her knee

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and tried not to lean on her to get caught up again.
But now Katie started having problems – pulling out her friend’s leg, she put her left hand too hard on the sand, as a result, her hand got stuck to the very shoulder.
– Oh.
– Katya moaned from the realization that now she was in a sandy captivity.
With her hand deep in the sand, the brunette could not even lift her head above the surface and helplessly lowered her face directly to the wet sand.
– It is necessary to free your hand – poor, you are also bogged down in this mud while helping me! – Zhenya wanted to rush to the rescue – a naked and all soiled, helpless girlfriend, lying next to her in the mud, caused her pity.
– No, let’s dig you first.
– Katya, despite her despair, understood that at the moment it would be easier for them to free Zhenia until the end, and only then help her – at least they could make a hole around Zhenya’s foot together, and she could dig a hole by herself while she was lying face on the sand, she could not.
– Stand with your foot on my back and try to dig with both hands myself – I can not dig deep in this position. Live streaming sex movies.

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