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I took her hair, and began to deeply stick her head on his penis.
A few minutes later I finished, stuffing her mouth full of sperm.
She swallowed everything and smiled wickedly, opening her mouth and bragging that it was empty.
I exhaled and said: “And you are the same Sosalka, Katerina!” Love this thing I look! And how does Vitalik not fuck such a wife ?! I can not imagine! I would have freaked you round the clock, if only my will had been! “So explain to my husband that you must love your wife in every sense of the word.”
Although no, do not explain – he is unlikely to be delighted with my talkativeness.
– Why should he explain it? We with you, in my opinion, cope perfectly well, and without it.
He loves you heartily, and I, let’s do it physically.
– In the lovers you want to sign up? No, thanks.
I am not joking with such things, it is too risky.
– Ok, relax.
I’m going to wash up.
I went to the bathroom, on the way looking into the bedroom to make sure that Acne is still asleep.
My hopes came true. Live sex live.

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