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Without forcing myself to ask twice, the second mermaid also dropped her lips to the wine and, a minute later, also took from her an enthusiastic sigh! – Thank you, Vasilis, for respecting us.
– for both confessed to him Julia.
– You are a very unusual satyr.
Beautiful and well built.
With these words, she bummed “loops”, suddenly moved her hand over his wide chest and protruding tummy! She led, playfully scratching the flesh.
long sharp nails! – Yes, no reason, girls.
– He grunted, unwittingly shaking from such a perfidious “flirting”.
– After all, this is your lake, and I have a guest.
– Oooo, you are still a shy man! – Julia exclaimed, with a smile exchanged glances with Inna.
– And we just adore modest! Isn’t it true, sis ?! Hee hee hee! Laughing, the second mermaid lay down on the other side and, soon, they were already together, began to be led with pale palms over his body! “Oh Gods! – only thought Vasilis, pleasantly stiff in these mutual touches of the twins.
– They seem to

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be seducing me! I am a satire! ”Having only gotten stronger from the relaxed“ massage ”of the water sisters, he – even more clearly feeling their fish-flower smell of bodies — only now noticed thin diamond threads on their foreheads, and in their ears, strung rings of silver earrings! – Good, what are you good.

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– suddenly Julia whispered softly, already with the languishing surging intoxication, looking at him through the pomp of eyelashes.
– And since you respected us with music and wine, then we.
We respect you with gratification.
And, he did not have time to come to his senses, as she gently wrapped him in his arms and touched his lips.
in a kiss! In a kiss, in any way, she immediately clashed with his tongue, giving the taste of wine, salt of the lake and pure mermaid spittle! – Mmmm! – only Vasilis mumbled, at once taken aback by such a sweet surprise.
At the same time, he felt the taste of her “mixture”, and his body was agitated with jelly in the wet mud of his hair — he, with a banging impulse of new pleasure, already squeezed the maiden in his arms! He eagerly dug the mermaid into his lips, and, not letting her even breathe, he reverently enjoyed her hops mouth! Enjoyed completely taking possession of his quirky language! – Um-xxx! – at some point, after all, Julia breathed out, managing to break away from his ardent lips.
– And you.
pretty hot.
I am discouraged.
– And then, my “fish”.
– in a baldezha he smiled at her.
– But, I am not Vasi-Lis, but Vasilis! I am a satyr! And, looking at the shameless undine face that had gone down, he resolutely launched his hand into the wet tresses of her hair and.
reunited with her sweet lips! – Hey, what about me ?! – a minute later the voice of Inna mercilessly forgotten rang out.
– I also want to be merciful with you! – Ofcourse honey.
– still looking up from Yulia, he answered her. Hot sex video online play.

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