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Hidden camera families sex.
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In the morning Ksyuha said that she would go with Olga for a massage and I went to the beach alone, on my return I found the picture: both ladies naked drink wine and watch Vidic.
I joined them, but did not ask, the male just spoke to me and I wanted to fuck them both, then we got drunk on the board. I went into the shower, and my nymphs kissed passionately about what started there:
I didn’t have such sex, they sucked me, I licked them, had a third breath and woke up.
My wife discovered such a fucking nature in herself, but the most interesting thing was then Olga told us that her husband was here with her, they just settled separately to remove some young married couple, in short, they are experienced swingers.
Husband (Igor) lived another floor higher in the room with a friend of their family (Pavel).
On the same evening we went all together to a disco, then continued in our room, Paul went to bed.
Having once whispered with Olga, Ksyuha came up to me and said that I wouldn’t be surprised at anything, she’s for. Hidden camera families sex.

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