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I turned the girl on my back and took an artificial phallus.
Having fully entered it, I moved my hand, simultaneously caressing Olya’s chest with my tongue.
She could not calm down, the girl grabbed the phallus and began to fuck herself.
I stepped back, watching it.
Olga lay on the floor spreading her legs wide and satisfied herself.
After a couple of minutes, I felt that my dick is gaining strength.
Lying on the head of the girl, I sent a member in her lovely mouth.
She grabbed him and began to suck him relish, licking the head and playing tongue.
I bent down so that my face was opposite her pussy, and began literally to fuck the girl in the mouth, moving her hips and driving the penis deep into the throat.
With each movement, my cock went deeper into Oli’s mouth, I was afraid that she would suffocate, but she seemed to like that.

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The girl finished again and pushed me aside.
She asked to continue to fuck her turned on his stomach, exposing her delicious ass.
I was damn tired, so, having joined, I turned the girl on his side and continued to move.
This time I quickly reached a peak, as Olya said.
She quickly turned around and, taking my boyfriend in her mouth, began to suck on him intensely, bringing me to orgasm.
I finished cumming shots of sperm in the girl’s mouth.
She took everything to the drop and lay back.
I raised myself above her on my elbow, looking at the girl.
Olya smiled and opened her mouth, showing a decent amount of matte liquid.
Then she closed her mouth and swallowed everything with visible pleasure.
Together we went to the shower, where I washed the girl thoroughly, and she washed my dick, sucking it well.

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But neither I nor she was excited.
Olga said that she had never had such crazy and all-consuming sex.
I agreed with her.
The girl offered to spend the night with her and I agreed.
We lay contented and devastated, smoked and agreed on future meetings.
“Nara, do you really want this?” – Yes.
Beat “Kyle.
He is so handsome, looking at me, and I at him.
My throat was dry, I can not say a word, I can barely answer with a rattle.
Can’t take my eyes off him.
Such lips, cheeks – he is divine.
So you want to touch.
So you want this guy inside.
He says something, I can not make out what, because I hear only the voice.
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