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Dozens of streams, like dozens of fingers, try to cover every part of my body, but your hands and lips, hungrily digging into your chest, interfere with them.
“Do you want us to penetrate your crack?” – and, without waiting for an answer, you feel for a swollen tubercle with your finger.
I want to touch your body, but with one hand behind my back, you squeeze my wrists, and the other you twist the bud: you open and squeeze your lips, press and release the clitoris, push it in and put your finger into the vagina – today you lead.
“I can no longer, I want you” – driven to a frenzy, I try to free my hands.
“And you want her, we have you together” – you know the answer, you are rigidity, she is tenderness, you make it burn, water cools.
You both entered me, forcing me to moan and arch my back, to experience heat and cold.
I open my eyes covered with veil.
My slippery finger along with the juices leaves the well.
Water, without ceasing, pours out of the shower.
How wonderful that nature has given the opportunity to masturbate, filling the head with crazy fantasies.
Winter evening, I sit alone, in the twilight,

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I think of you, I remember your virtual caresses.
And I think it would be nice to experience them in reality.
And suddenly, the doorbell rang, I even jumped.
I think, who could it be, like I am not expecting anyone.
I open it, and there you are.
From where and how I got here, flashed through my mind, and as if you read my thoughts, you said that you thought of me and that was all.
Appeared here what was.
Indeed, even in slippers and jeans.

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I closed the door, after letting you in, kissed you on the cheek, hugged it more correctly, to say that it was you who hugged me.
Tight tight.
And he kissed me right on the lips, I got stuck.
I weakened at once somehow, you lifted me up, moved me into a room and put it on my bed and sat down beside me.
And he began stroking my head and talking.
Well, as you usually say.
I suddenly woke up some wild desire to possess you.
I sat down and began to unbutton your shirt, took it off, ran my hand over your tanned body, you even flinched, apparently goosebumps ran.
She took off her robe (I was completely naked underneath) pressed against you, hugged, kissed.
Then I unbuttoned my jeans, they fell, you took off your own swimming trunks, and indeed, your boyfriend is quite large, even in such a half-standing form, and what will happen when he gets up? We hugged, I squeezed it between his legs.
What would he quickly tense up (I rarely happen with boys, maybe I don’t know.
Maybe you need something different, forgive me).
We kissed for a long time, caressed tongues, then I had a desire to try you.
The taste of yours, I knelt down, He was already swollen, I thought, but how am I going to suck him, how great he is.
He does not fit in the mouth.
Took a hand, opened the head, and licked, sniffed, Smell strange, You probably just washed? And she took it in her mouth, gently with her lips, strange, but he got in, you smile.
I see, I am pleased, I suck you, I suck in myself.
Pleasant taste, and not salty even, as it was thought, incomprehensible.
You said that while enough, and then 27 years of abstinence, and all that, now you will finish.
He took it, lifted me up and put me on a bed, lay down beside me, and I was quick on you, but I was light.
I kiss you, first cheeks, lips, chin.
Throat, gradually going down, already reached the navel, which you all the same.
But you said that it would not work that way, that you yourself also want to do something, not just lie down, get up, throw me off, gently.
(it is not clear how it is, but it just so happened), and he started kissing me, first on the lips (my lips afterwards looked like plums, just as big), then began to go lower, then I don’t remember, because I was in Something of prostration, of pleasure, I remember that you kissed me passionately, I even had traces left behind (I am all aspirated). Couple anal webcam.

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