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Me: What’s the difference? Everywhere the same thing.
Only there go naked everywhere.
HE: Generally everywhere !? I: You, as if, fell from the moon! What, on the Internet never read about naturist resorts? HE: Well, it somehow passed me by, Dimych.
That’s why I ask.
Are you not hard to tell? I: Okay.
It’s simple: you take a tour, as usual, you fly, meet, bring, relax.
Everything, as elsewhere.
Only people walk around the hotel, in which the mother gave birth.
HE: And the juicy details? Me: And more specifically? HE: Well, like, – that everybody goes around? I: In the restaurant – in clothes.
The rest – yes.
HE: Cool.
Irka also goes naked? I: Of course! How is she better? Yes, and the point is to fly to the nudists, to walk in clothes!? On the contrary, the buzz, when I flew in, threw off my gear and walk for two weeks without dressing.
HE: Yes? – And in the canteen? I: These are trifles.
In addition, you can eat at beach restaurants, there is no need for clothes.
HE: Damn, funny! Straight so, naked and have lunch? Me: Naked, if it excites you so much.
Pour and look further.
HE: Yes.
I would also like to relax,

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just afraid.

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I: There is no one to be afraid of.
HE: No, I’m not talking about that.
I’m afraid the tower would have tortured me.
Well, I can not not look at naked women! I: So everyone is watching! HE: Yes? And the riser? With an erection how to be !? I: Turned over on his stomach, and all the cases.
Although, many do not care! – It is worth it and worth it.
HE: Yes, I see you, too, periodically, nevermind! Me: What is it? “I’m even excited about my wife, not someone else’s.”
HE: Are strangers not interested in you? And why are you on all the pics or standing or half-standing? I: And maybe I get high on this! – I love it when standing in the fresh air! And my wife likes it.
She constantly pulls me to the end, and that’s the riser.
HE: What, with all straight !? – Masturbates !? Me: Why jerks, definitely? Just touching.
She likes it when I have! HE: Yes, damn it! I’m behind the times.
And how do people react? I: Why people? There are people like me there.
Some come to the beach especially to masturbate on someone else’s chicks.
HE: For all!? I: Zaladil !! – It happens that with all.
Well, at different resorts has its own rules.
In Greece, for example, not a damn, there is a complete jerking off.
See for yourself.
HE: Stunned! Are you all fotkali? How is it possible at all to be photographed? Me: Well, as you can see, we have photos from everywhere! The main thing is that the people do not get into the frame, but they can also take a fotik.
HE: Listen, Dimych, but here you are together.
– This is how they shot? I: Yes, how!? – You approach a neighbor on the beach and ask him to press a button. Cam hub cc sex.

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