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I had to continue.
To make it easier for me, my aunt spread her legs apart, and, it seemed to me, a little wider than necessary.
Starting from my knees, I slowly moved my legs up.
Having reached the cowards, I, trying not to touch them, hastily completed the work.
My member by this time unless did not smoke, shamelessly sticking out melting.

I caught myself on the fact that for a long time I had unknowingly pressed myself against my tetiny leg.
– Not-ee, Vova, you fool around – your aunt’s voice rang out – you do it well, so as not to miss it anywhere.
Well, if you want it well, it will be good for you.
After putting caution in myself, I began to smear the cream at the very edge of the panties, sometimes climbing shallowly under them on the buttocks, and sometimes the hand slipped between the legs, feeling elastic lips of the labia under the thin fabric.
– Enough, Vova, enough.
– finally she said – now everything is fine.
And come on and I’ll mess you up? Giving her a tube, I lay down on my stomach, trying to position the protruding member so that it does not interfere too much.

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Aunt also decided to start from the back, but settled down in her own way – having thrown a leg over me, she pressed the crotch to my ass and began to smear.
She did it faster and better than me.
– Turn over.
she said, ending up with the back of my body.
– Maybe we should not? – I asked plaintively.
I didn’t want to lie down on her back with sticking out swimming trunks.
– Maybe I will sunbathe today? – It is necessary! Burn more, I’ll tell your mother? Turn over! Turning over on my back, I looked away at the sky, looking away, looking at the rare clouds passing by.
Without commenting on the swimming trunks standing by the tents, my aunt set to work.
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