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American sex channel live. Four weeks again I am alone.
Eighth coupe.
Bah, companion! Georgian: “Kaneshno, sit down.
Do you need help? Vmeste we will go? “” No, only the wife “” V to konechnoy? “” Yes “” And I until the end.
Aw, for leaving, vipem wine! “” That you are not worth it! “” Well! Where have you seen it, man – doesn’t he drink ?! ”“ Well, well.
For departure – five grams “” Kaneshno, kaneshno! And – namnogo – for the ladies! “Poured thick glasses of wine into glasses.
“For the departure.
For acquaintance.
My name is Vano, “The mourners are asked to leave the car!” My heart beat hot.
I kiss my wife and quietly whisper: “How is your“ I don’t want? ”“ I don’t know, I don’t know! ”The wife laughs And finishes the rest of the wine. American sex channel live.

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