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For example, by the fact that he will rise again and he will have nowhere to go, since only a high pine forest grew around the lake, and rare bushes were completely unable to hide a person.
The guy took a book from the bedside table, which stood by the bed.
and decided to distract himself from his thoughts with a fascinating study of a certain archaeologist.
The book was devoted to the study of ancient monuments and Assyriology, which the young man was fond of.
He began to read the text, but each paragraph was given to him with great difficulty.
The same sentence had to be re-read ten times, since the mind absolutely did not want to focus on the information contained in the text.
On the contrary, he kept returning to the dilemma of the guy.
Damn, what’s wrong with you today! – He exclaimed, turning to himself, realizing that he was not able to think about anything except women.
The young man was agitated, and this state often makes completely insane ideas for granted.
Andrey got out of bed and left his room.
Once in the corridor, he listened, but there was no sound inside the house.
Just in case, he went downstairs and looked into the living room.
No one.
Then he rose back and, coming to the door of his cousin, listened.
Everything was quiet.
The guy knocked loudly, but there was no answer.
Sorry, I forgot something in your room, ”he said and opened the door.

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Inside was empty.
The young man breathed a sigh of relief and went into the small room of the young guest.
His magnet pulled to the closet where the undergarment so aroused him was hidden.
He was not a fetishist and had never had a craving for collecting items for the women’s toilet, but everything that happened today in a strange way broke his understanding of right and wrong.
Andrey knelt down and opened the top drawer, but there were beacons and blouses in it, and there were no traces of what was being sought.
Then the young man turned his attention to the lower compartment of the cabinet, and his eyes showed a small collection of beautiful sets of underwear with huge cups.
He gently pulled one of the bras and began to examine it.
Black thick fabric was soft and pleasant to the touch.
The laces framed the edges of the fabric and the straps, but they were of little interest to the guy, as he tried with all his might to imagine the chest that would have had such a huge robe at the time.
“He grinned at his guess on the beach.
Once he was with a girl who had a fifth breast size.
Then it seemed to him that this was the largest and most beautiful chest that could ever be, but his cousin’s bra clearly testified that he was wrong.
The guest’s chest clearly exceeded everything he had ever seen in real life.

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“Yes, he is almost twice as big as the fifth size!” Unable to believe in reality, he pulled out a scary one by one, and with each new thing that had been in his hands his mind clouded more and more.
“I can’t take it anymore,” he said, and the guy, folding everything as it was, rushed to his room.
Even in the corridor, he began to shake off his shorts and, once on his bed, he was already without them.
His member rose again, but this time he had no one to be shy, and, pulling back the gum heats, he again began to masturbate, the second time in several hours. World live sex chat.

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