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If only for a little.
The day before yesterday went with him to her friend.
So there crap one’s pants.
– Mom! – I protested.
“He doesn’t want me to tell you,” mother smiled, “Shame and disgrace, Sasha!” Only nursery kids can be forgiven.
And you are already big and you know very well how to ask for a pot.
Discussion of my embarrassment lasted another five minutes.
“I completely forgot,” my mother suddenly found out, looking at her watch, “Sasha needs to be brought to the clinic today.”
– What is he sick of you? – anxiously asked Lena.
– I caught a virus a week ago, – mother sighed, – Doctors have all the same diagnosis – ARVI.
For a week, I recovered.
Otherwise, I would not go on a business trip.
– And when you need to be in the clinic? – AT 4.
– Your eighth, yes? – Yeah, the eighth children’s clinic.
Know where she is? – Of course I know.
– District pediatrician – Natalia Andreevna Filatova.
The office on the first floor, right at the entrance.
You will be told at the reception.
Mom rose from the chair. Webcam brother sister anal.

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