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I offer purely friendly relations, and do not insist on.
sex? “Anna smiled sarcastically.
“Yes, I am talking about this.
I want to say that I will not insist on anything.
I mean that we are both adults, and we both understand the situation.
Why should we allow some technology to stand between us.
“Anna raised her hand.
“So, just a minute.
I can finally get the word “?” Yes, “- the poor fellow mixed up and was literally ready to fall through the ground.
“Listen, I’ll drink with you.
Just do not build yourself from Hugh Grant in the movie “Four Weddings and a Funeral.”
Honestly, I don’t care for it now, although you’re really a little like him.
And yes – on Sunday evening I am free. ”
Paul was still very pretty.
The sponsors brought balls, skipping rope, crayons, paints, and plasticine to the boarding house on the Day of Unity and Consent.

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The children greeted the guests gloomily and gloomily, knowing that they would hardly be able to play.
The entrepreneurs did not understand the reaction of the children, cheerfully congratulated them on the holiday, drank with the teachers, promised further help and went back to the life unknown to the children.
The same evening, the children had to taste the taste of new gifts.
The guilty girls on the eve were gathered in the hall and, stripped naked, brutally carved out with new ropes.
The boarding house was announced with a childish roar.
Bonyachka got more and hardest about a hundred hot.
Her ass covered with red scars.
Then all the punished girls were forced to eat two crayons and a piece of clay.
Those who choked and spat out were whipped again and forced to eat paints.

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When only the balls were left “unused” from the gifts, the tutors put them in the closet, and the children were taken to walk barefoot and the punished walked and were completely naked.
Sixteen pairs of thin girlish legs kneaded the November ice slush in the yard, enclosed by a high iron fence, light rain cooled the dissected places.
When the children came back, all the girls washed their feet and went to dinner, but the punished were not allowed to wash off the dirt, and immediately took them to the warm linoleum that seemed after the street to the punishment cell.
When the door closed, the frozen girls huddled together on one piece of the old, half rotten sackcloth and began to try to warm themselves in the cold concrete basement.
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