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He parted her legs and, sitting between them, very slowly and carefully entered her.
She screamed.
She howled and scratched, forcing her frightened sister to roll away from her.
Ma-rid leaned on her with his whole body, hugging her with his hands, not for a second stopping smooth, powerful movements.
She bit him in the neck, chest and face, but in return he just purred and licked the fur on her face, as her mother had once done.
Finally, a sharp pain passed, replaced by a dull pulling sensation in the groin.
Marid was discharged inside her, and inside the Randall suddenly filled with hot liquid mass.
He carefully removed his weapon from her, and she watched detachedly at the white trickle flowing from her.
In due time, she gave birth to a child in agony.
Now there were two boys in the tribe.
As already mentioned, the race survived.
For the tenth year since the death of the mother, she was caught.
They jumped out simultaneously from all sides and moved towards her, breaking the stalks and crushing the buds of the flowers planted by her.
To the first one, the most careless and insolent, she turned her neck, having scratched heavily on sharp ed-on scaly neck.
The rest surrounded her, but Randal still managed to send another of the attackers on a short flight with a strong kick.
With an unpleasant crunch, his body collided with the trunk of a tree that had just begun to heal its wounds.
One, then another, the third, touched it with the ends of metal sticks.
Numbness engulfed her, and behind him came unconsciousness.

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Chained by handcuffs welded to the metal deck, with effort of will she sent Kolari’s Wrath to strangers standing in front of her.
The weakest of them collapsed without a single sound.
“Do not be angry, Great,” the words of repentance and submission sounded in her mind.
– We do not know who you are, but we share your goals.

We, born slaves, ask for your help. ”
Having distorted from disgust, she has taken in herself a cold slippery member.
the reptile rolled its pupils of eyes covered with a muddy film, and opened its mouth with a narrow forked tongue sweeping back and forth.
“We have planned the death of the Lord, and are already doomed to long agony and death.
It is inevitable, albeit distant.
But this child will live, and will give a chance to survive our tribe.
We will teach you everything we know, and help revenge, and you take it out, right? ”Like the icy breath of winter filled her insides.
Having waited for her consent, the lizard released her, and bowed before her, stretching her

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stiff limbs.
“Now decide, Great, to live or die.
She cut his skull and threw the body overboard into the dark depths of the Ocean.
Hello! How did you sleep today, will there be wishes, requests? During the long months, Cyron Carter got into the habit of talking with HER, although she never showed that HER is interesting.
He knew that she most likely understood him, possessing a telepathic gift, but that was all.
Just ordinary words, spoken every day by him, helped to keep the sanity when working with the EXTREME.
His predecessor was Jonathan Sayze, a biochemist specialist, assigned to the crew of the long-range cruiser Sir Prayer, the flagship of the Imperial fleet, still hanging in a geo-stationary orbit over the planet he discovered.
Now he was holding in his hands dozens of times he read the first and last report, compiled by Sayz – recognized as violently disturbed, he was taken to Earth, where he died in the psychiatric ward.
Compiled by a professional, he had only one drawback – he did not contain a description of the only reasonable type of this planet, which, in combination, was also the only animal form of life. Sexy tv channel live.

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