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Now, sometimes he comes to work as pale as a canvas, asks to open the doors of the safes in the corner, put a chair between them and sit down to sleep.
Maybe with a booze? You what? I would go to the lab to ask for alcohol to get drunk.
I never remember that.
From these memories of that talk of a woman Osadchaya is distracted by Starkova’s question: And what are you, my dear, are you coming home so early? Where were you? In the center, I had to buy something, – he suddenly comes up with it, not knowing why, Sasha.
And did not buy anything? – continues to be curious about Starkov, looking at her empty hands.
No, I lost time in vain, – Sasha continues to tell lies.
And she thinks to herself that it’s even good that she didn’t say anything about leaving her husband.

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Why would she know that? Yes, one more thing: God forbid that my guest meet here with her or with someone else who knows him.
Whether he will guess something in that case to think up in the justification? It was necessary, perhaps, during a telephone conversation to warn him, or at least hint that he was not invited to a meeting with his former colleagues, but only with one of them.
Yes, the language somehow did not turn around to reveal everything to him at once.
Although in the first conversation, on the eve of the New Year, inviting him, she spoke deliberately vaguely, so that you could think that it was a question of repeating the March evening, and in the same lineup.
Yes, I still have to go to the store, buy something at the table.
Arriving home, Osadchaya undresses, puts out purchases in the kitchen and goes to take a bath.

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Her thoughts are still occupied with memories.
Kanunnikov’s desk stood in such a way that she and the Motherland were placed behind him.
Then one day she, having intercepted her gaze, frozen on its sending, whispered: What was the girlfriend thinking about ?.
What do you admire? Hairstyle.
And where is he so great hair cut? Do not you know? Claims that at the Kuznetsk bridge and in the “National”.
What can I say, a good head.
Yes, and in itself he is a good boy, sweet.
I admit, I would allow him a lot if he would.
I think, yes.
And suddenly, like a bolt from the blue, the news: leaves for another job.
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