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Zhenka kisses my neck, shoulders and with a rough palm strokes the stomach, hips and legs, it seems, trying to remember the shape of my body with my hands.
An ironic

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, slightly arrogant expression gradually disappears from his face, his gaze stops focusing on the details.
When desire increases, other human feelings lose their sharpness and importance.
I bend towards his hand, hearing my own breath in the sudden silence.
Zhenka presses her unshaven cheek against my chest and begins, like a cat, to rub against it.
Why do stupid women not like light male unshaven? It’s so erotic and so exciting to the skin.
And, of course, good men’s hair.
This is my weakness.
I run my fingers through Zhengina’s hair, where they immediately disappear and disappear.
– You have a heart.
– He slightly raises his head and I see his face: his dark kind eyes, his slightly irregular nose, his thin lips, misinterpreted in physiognomy, as a sign of harmful nature; and it all seems so beautiful to me that fear moves in my heart.
– And you thought he was not? – I run my hand over his face.
– I did not know.
– He again pressed his ear to my chest.
“But now I hear it beating.”
“It’s because I’m alive.”
– No, it’s because you’re good.
– Zhenka rises above me, looking straight into my eyes and: it seems I screamed.

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I love the moment of the beginning of love almost as much as the moment of its highest point.
No, I will not close my eyes: Well, why do men do it with their eyes open, having the pleasure of seeing the partner’s face in the process, while women’s eyes are treacherously closed.
Or maybe not everyone, maybe just me.
How many times I tried to control myself with an effort of will, but I missed for three, maximum five seconds.
Only up to the moment when animal aggression appears in the man’s eyes, which the woman’s instinct commands not to contradict, and the masochist living in the subcortex lowers her eyelids and selfishly surrenders.
– There is nothing more beautiful than the face of a man who just fucked you well.
– I laughed, clinging to his knee.
– Faces of the saints.
– Eugene corrected, trying to pull the leg out of my arms, – the saints are sinless, but what we are doing is sin, because it is not consecrated by the church.
– Do you want to fuck in church? – Blasphemer.
– God: what? – Maniac some! – Zhenya still broke out.
– It’s in trouble! – I? Yes, I can say the victim! You seduced me, seduced me and took advantage of minute weakness.
– Minute? – Zhenka, sitting on the carpet, began to drink juice directly from the bag.
– If my memory serves me, you didn’t let me sleep at all at our first meeting.
And then, do not la-la.
Nobody used you, it was necessary to whip less “Sangria”.
The phone rang, I did not have time to adequately respond to the enemy attack.
This is called Zhenya.
– Hello, dear.
– Hello.
– The words stuck in the throat for a second, but then, nothing – got out.
– Do not you sleep so early? – Today I am the mother to the dental drive.
Just returned.
Wanted to hear your voice.
– Do you want me to sing to you? – Only not this! – Zhenya laughed – Anything, but not this – Your parents are leaving this weekend to the country? Phim sex hd online.

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