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On the unstable legs, he and Ron crept closer to their girls.
The invisibility cloak hid the guys from everyone else.
Not believing his eyes, he watched as Ginny fucked Hermione with her tongue, passionately kissed her juicy pussy, swallowing her secretions, pushed her vagina apart with his fingers and played with her girlfriend’s clitoris, buried in her brown hair on her pubic hair.
– My sister.
and Hermione, “Ron croaked.
“Harry, look what’s on their feet!” But no, do not look! Harry himself saw: on Ginny’s left leg there was a tattoo full of: “Hogwarts whore: took 7 members into her pussy.”
The arrow from the inscription pointed between Ginny’s legs – where Hermione had now buried her head.
Ron’s girlfriend licked his sister, literally crushing her vagina on his face: it was completely wet from Ginny’s discharge.
Hermione rubbed her chin, mouth and nose on her girlfriend’s lips, wrapped her lips and licked her wet vagina, thrust her tongue deep inside, caressing the vaginal walls.
Their resemblance to Ginny was complemented by the fact that Hermione also had a tattoo: on her leg the guys pulled out: “Hogwarts whore: took 8 members into her pussy.”
The inscription arrow pointed to where Ginny was working hard.
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